Ranking Every NBA 2nd Overall Picks Of The 2000s

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mk everett
mk everett 17 giorni fa
i might just be a ksu alum who is a lil too hard on b easy(although i love him) his nba career is a D
Austin Lueck
Austin Lueck 20 giorni fa
off the bat we know what the best is gonna be.
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Lucifer 04
Lucifer 04 Mese fa
Nah man lanzo is not a b- not cuz he sucks but out of the fact that they miss on Tatum Michel Collins bam adebayo and a lot of players that are better right now
Rhalstan Vlogs
Rhalstan Vlogs 2 mesi fa
Kenny u should do a challenge we’re u create the best possible defender, with no offensive skills, put him in the 2020 draft class with lamelo etc. and see how his career will go. P.S no fantasy draft, and u can only do one trade or one signing during the whole challeng
Posi 2 mesi fa
11:52 Here are his career numbers G 224 PTS 2.2 TRB 2.7 AST 0.1 FG% 56.7 FG3% - FT% 57.8 eFG% 56.7 PER 10.3 WS 4.8
ball all day o
ball all day o 2 mesi fa
Begleys a bust
ball all day o
ball all day o 2 mesi fa
Derrick Williams now on the Dallas mavs
Travis Takamori
Travis Takamori 3 mesi fa
IMO, I feel as if Marvin was placed in the C+ category because it was blank and OBVIOUSLY Ja isn’t a C+. I feel that Bagley should belong in the same category as Jabari, C. I know it’s only one category lower, but the reasoning for Jabari belonging to the C category has the same description as MB3, he’s good, WHEN HEALTHY!!!
Will Mitchell
Will Mitchell 3 mesi fa
What website u use 4 this
Cameron Corbin
Cameron Corbin 3 mesi fa
"And then he tore his 2nd ACL. Like how can one guy be so unlucky." Dominic Cruz would like a word.
E 3 mesi fa
Tyson chandler is definitely a b+ tier player he won dpoy
SecondsFromTheEnd519 3 mesi fa
How Evan turner lower than Beasley?!
Hayden Frazier
Hayden Frazier 3 mesi fa
14:07 wtf was that
Infernal Nightmares
Infernal Nightmares 3 mesi fa
That block happy thing for Stromile is so true. Same with Mitchell Robinson and James Wiseman. Part of why he’s very overrated
Eric Campbell
Eric Campbell 3 mesi fa
Day one of trying to get Kenny to do the “last pick in the nba draft” rebuild. Only use the last pick in the nba draft you have three years to get a championship win. You only use the last picks in the draft and trade them to get better players. Like so Kenny can see
Ryan L
Ryan L 3 mesi fa
Day 6 of asking Kenny to do the hardest rebuilding challenge ever: First do a fantasy draft but no matter what pick you have you need to choose the player 15 players below the top player. You are not allowed to use trade finder or check to see which teams are rebuilding or selling. Once you build one trade for a player/players and they don't accept it you cannot try and trade for that player again. You also cannot change a players position to make them better. Next you must accept at least 5 trades during the season that a team offers to you. If you lose any games you must try and make a trade with a random team. (This is the only situation in which you can use trade finder, you can't use it during the offseason). You have 3 years to win a championship Have fun.
Silas Barnes
Silas Barnes 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the “free agency rebuild” 1. Fantasy Draft 2. You must sign a player each offseason that is a 90+ ovr 3. You can only make three trades a season. 4. You must win a championship in 3 seasons (Good Luck) it’s Silas
lI Ryan O lI
lI Ryan O lI 3 mesi fa
didn't want to dislike but there was 68 dislikes so i had to. i'm sorry i don't mean it it's just part of my culture
Diego Swonger
Diego Swonger 3 mesi fa
Ice Cream Shop Challenge •5-7 seasons •Randomly select a team •Trade for a 1st Round Pick from all other 29 teams with at least 5 Lottery picks, 3 ROTY, 2 Championships Don’t know if this is physically possible (or too easy for that matter) but it would be cool to see in a vid Ice Cream Shop because there are so many options or “picks
Jeremy Rose
Jeremy Rose 3 mesi fa
Day 38 of asking kenny for the Steve Kerr Challenge - 3 peat with a team as a player - become a coach and win 3 championships in 4 years
BB PSI_KLAW13 3 mesi fa
I love vids like this, I am getting into the NBA and don't know to much about the history of it, great way for me to learn, can't wait for pick 3 vid to come
Stuart Thorn
Stuart Thorn 4 mesi fa
snub challenge: sim a season and see who was a snub of an award or a team selection, get them on your team and win.
Luffar TV
Luffar TV 4 mesi fa
The "Kobe&Shaq Challenge" You can only have one superstar on your team and you have to draft a player and give him at least 24 minutes his rookie season and 36 minutes after that The player you draft can't be a top 8 pick and not over 77 overall I don't know if you've made a rebuild like this before but if you have it would be fun to see it again Also you can't choose a team that was 4th seed or better in each conference (before the season was suspended).
Shifty Pharaoh YT
Shifty Pharaoh YT 4 mesi fa
Kenny bro I need to know your thoughts on Lonnie Walker man
TPZI 4 mesi fa
Day 3: Challenge for Kenny : You've done the "East VS West Challenge" But now, it's the conference finals challenge. Randomly select 4 teams (2 east, 2 west). Fantasy draft, rebuild them and have ALL FOUR TEAMS meet in their respected conference finals. I get sometimes the seeding might not go your way so you have 3 seasons to get this done or CHALLENGE FAILED! Bonus Rules for added difficulty: Level 1 : Leave sign/trading restrictions on (unable to trade for assets and flip them). Level 2 : Turn salary cap down from 109million down to 99million and hard cap down from 200million to 190 million. Level 3 : Change simulation difficulty to 75. ( edit : please see this Kenny!!! :D )
Jackson Cage
Jackson Cage 4 mesi fa
How did you forget kidd-gilchrest was drafter before Damian Lillard??
Jackson Cage
Jackson Cage 4 mesi fa
Bro you forgot chandler won dpoty too
Matthew Bodony
Matthew Bodony 4 mesi fa
Day 138 of telling Kenny that he is the best ITpostr. Day 6 of asking Kenny to do the “Disappointing rebuild challenge” Start with the worst team in the league Then rebuild using players that are disappointing in 2k, players that have not lived up to the hype, or players that were good in college but not as good in the NBA. You can also use players that got their bag and then weren’t as good. Coach does not matter.
Polo Tjay
Polo Tjay 4 mesi fa
Do 3rd picks
Kool Kid
Kool Kid 4 mesi fa
You should rank 2nd round picks
Danilo Isaac
Danilo Isaac 4 mesi fa
6:22 he really said the atlanta cocks
Kewd 4 mesi fa
ja Morant A or B+
Kewd 4 mesi fa
0:29 yo you got darker
Yousuf Sallam
Yousuf Sallam 4 mesi fa
ja is a b+ and darco is an S tier type player
noscodyperformance 4 mesi fa
Should rank the 3rd overall picks next!
The Football Man
The Football Man 4 mesi fa
Day 9 of asking Kenny to do the "Rising Stars" challenge Rules: - Go to the NBA Rising Stars roster and put all the players on the wheel, spin 13 times and put all those players onto one NBA team. - If you spin Zion or Ja you can not get the other, same for Luka and Trae. - You can do trades and sign players, but only if they're 23 or younger. - Rebuild like usual Goal- 1 Championship Please Like so Kenny can see!!!
RadLukeJukes 4 mesi fa
Troydan sees that lonzos not A🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🤬🤬
Andrei Quiambao Yamat
Andrei Quiambao Yamat 4 mesi fa
Hey kenny, can you do a 20-21 mock draft reaction
GubbNubb1017 4 mesi fa
He said Atlanta c*cks 6:21
Max 4 mesi fa
6:21 wow that Atlanta Cocks team seems pretty good
awesome mason
awesome mason 4 mesi fa
Do a rebuild of only second round picks
NoVa 24/7
NoVa 24/7 4 mesi fa
13:36 Kenny went from a light skin to a darkskin
Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy 4 mesi fa
We need kennnyyyyuu
Benjamin Rosenburg
Benjamin Rosenburg 4 mesi fa
Day 5 of asking Kenny to do the "tall vs short" challenge Rules: randomly select 2 teams from different conferences and let your assistant gm draft them. rebuild them having one team tall and one short and make them meet in the championship.
SalimDeGoatLy Goat
SalimDeGoatLy Goat 4 mesi fa
Am i the only one who thinks that russ curry and durant wouldbe lethal
Ryne A
Ryne A 4 mesi fa
Imagine putting Ja Morant below Aldridge and Oladipo 🤣. Ja and KD an A
RJPD_Official 4 mesi fa
I agree with most of the list. I’d say put Chandler at B, and Ja and BI at B+. Aside from that, I don’t think I’d change anything.
Highlight Helix
Highlight Helix 4 mesi fa
Kenny I miss the 2019 Nets too it sucks he had to get traded
Braedyn Rea
Braedyn Rea 4 mesi fa
When Derrick Williams was such a bad 2nd overall pick Kenny forgot about him Just like everyone else did.
Dexter LFC
Dexter LFC 4 mesi fa
Do a second round pick
Conchita sindingan
Conchita sindingan 4 mesi fa
Robert 4 mesi fa
YES do 3rd overalls!!
Deshon Mcknight
Deshon Mcknight 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to react to nba rookies humiliating veterans
Spooky Mooky
Spooky Mooky 4 mesi fa
There are so many ass 2nd picks
CRAZY KID TV 4 mesi fa
You should do this for third overall picks
MiloThaLoser 4 mesi fa
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was the first of MANY mistakes by Michael Jordan
Quesun 4 mesi fa
Hey Kenny idk if you would be interested in playing just a bunch of older games maybe rebuilding or just exploring the older games. I could get my hands just about any older basketball game the college games or nba live or older nba 2ks
Jeremy Cresswell
Jeremy Cresswell 4 mesi fa
I think this list is pretty solid overall. But can’t place Ja that high yet, will definitely be that guy one day soon, but doesn’t have the credentials to be in the same tier as all stars and all nba. Thanks Kenny
LG 4 mesi fa
day 8 of asking Kenny for the Brad Stevens challenge Rules: You have 3 years After each year trade every point guard on your team your starter MUST be an All-Star
Abedaone 24
Abedaone 24 4 mesi fa
Day 7 of asking Kenny to do the "Switching spots" rebuilding challenge. Rules: You choose 2 random teams to control in a fantasy draft season. The team that you think is better is the team you will bring a championship to. Meanwhile, you have to make the other team finish last place. The next season, the team you won a championship with is going to finish last place, and the last place team from the season before will win a championship.You are not allowed to trade between user teams. Example: you are controlling your bulls and my Raptors. The first season: Bulls win a championship and Toronto finishes last. Season 2: Toronto wins a championship and Chicago finishes last. No trades between the Bulls and Raptors.
John O'Hara
John O'Hara 4 mesi fa
Pleaseeeee do 3rd overall picks!!!
Cameron Tichy-Cendejas
Cameron Tichy-Cendejas 4 mesi fa
Day 36 of asking Kenny to do the "Shaqtin' a fool" challenge Rules: 1. Do a fantasy draft and let the gm draft your team 2. Out of all those players you can only keep the one that have been on Shaqtin' a fool (or been in any sorta blooper video) 3. The team has to be current players only 4. You cannot make trades halfway through the season so that means whatever you start the season with is what you end the season with 4. You cannot try to do a trade multiple times 5. Javale Mcgee is is a lot of Shaqtin a fool clips so he has to be on your team and cannot be traded and has to play all 40 minutes of the game 6. Last but not least you have to trade any first round picks you have for no earlier than a second round pick (Also you have to turn player progression all the way down( (Oh and one more thing you have to win back to back championships with the team you make) This is a 3 or 4 year rebuilding challenge
steph ace
steph ace 4 mesi fa
1984 is the best draft class Mj John Stockton Hakeem olajuwon Charles barkley
Ivan Perez
Ivan Perez 4 mesi fa
Aye man don’t sleep on OJ Mayo! Averaged like 18 a game his rookie year! Just didn’t translate over to the nba
Isaiah Prom
Isaiah Prom 4 mesi fa
It's still great to hear dangelo Russell's home is Minnesota
Noah Sarasohn
Noah Sarasohn 4 mesi fa
Its hard to put Bagley ahead of Okafor if you are not basing it off of potential.
Nate Tuohy
Nate Tuohy 4 mesi fa
ESPN sign this kid.
J Puchalski
J Puchalski 4 mesi fa
tyson chandler has to be higher for me
3 point Prod
3 point Prod 4 mesi fa
We need all the picks
Daniel Arias
Daniel Arias 4 mesi fa
I would switch Michael Beasley and Evan Turner but besides that I agree with your spots
Misael Lozano
Misael Lozano 4 mesi fa
Oh no drako
StaySolidSaucy 4 mesi fa
Day 184 (yes I really have been doing this for this long)of asking Kenny to do a rebuild with agents players in the nba.Like spin the wheel and whatever agent you land on you have to spin a wheel of their players.eg you land on rich Paul and then spin the next wheel of his agents then make a team
Mason Pelletier
Mason Pelletier 4 mesi fa
Rank the best 2nd rounder since 2000 and how they rank to the another best 2nd rounders
Jacob Propst
Jacob Propst 4 mesi fa
You should make a team of 2nd overall picks but you have to spin the wheel 14 times then you do yo thing
Jacob Propst
Jacob Propst 4 mesi fa
I mean 2nd round players
Go Grizzlies
Go Grizzlies 4 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the Lottery Challenge: sim the first season all the way to the offseason. Go through the draft lottery and trade for all lottery picks. You have to draft with every pick. Win back to back championships. Like so Kenny can see.
Vincent Davis
Vincent Davis 4 mesi fa
Lebron has played in as many all star games as that team and the lakers have 37 all star appearances with Lebron, Ad, Dwight, and Rondo
Braden Hicks
Braden Hicks 4 mesi fa
shoutout P for helping kenny with the michael beasley take
Sivaughn Thomas
Sivaughn Thomas 4 mesi fa
Kenny should do a rebuild with 60-80 ovr players and one 80-85 and rebuild them to a championship
Eric Gregory
Eric Gregory 4 mesi fa
this gives me the og kenny vibes when the channel was just quizzes and talking basketball. so good
Angela Akhidime
Angela Akhidime 4 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the "Kenny Hardaway Career Sim"
Alex White
Alex White 4 mesi fa
Day 35 of asking Kenny to do the 8th seed challenge Rules: All you need to do is build a team using the fantasy draft, and try to get them to the playoffs as the 8th seed, while also winning the championship.
mahi ali
mahi ali 4 mesi fa
Day 45 of asking Kenny to do a wheel of wheels rebuild. There will 4 wheels that you can land on. The 1st wheel would be all the contracts in the nba. The 2nd wheel would be countries. The 3rd wheel would be teams, if you get that you spin to get a team (the spin again from 1-15 if you land one 1 you get the teams best player, but if you get 15 you get their worst player). Finally the last wheel is overalls. There are also no specific rules and you don't have to trade for Roco if you dont want to.
Elite Suku
Elite Suku 4 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the 82-0 bulls challenge, you get to pick 10 all time bull players and try to get 82-0 BUT you have to have Cristiano felicio playing pg for 48 minutes
Lik Wrld
Lik Wrld 4 mesi fa
we don’t talk about Beasley anymore
Thunder 4 mesi fa
BI didn’t even deserve that all star game appearance
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the 13th man challenge. Fantasy Draft, Rebuild a team, but you must have a 13 man rotation with every player getting at least 10 minutes. Win a ring
Thunder 4 mesi fa
the atlanta khawks
Jack Lombardi
Jack Lombardi 4 mesi fa
do 3rd overall
Savage Gator221
Savage Gator221 4 mesi fa
You should do the Isaac bonga challenge. Rules: You have to give Isaac 25 minutes. He can be anywhere in the rotation except for injury reserve. And you have to win a championship. Ps: it doesn’t matter how many years it takes
Daboss 18
Daboss 18 4 mesi fa
This was marvin williams birthday
Collin TheCreator
Collin TheCreator 4 mesi fa
I feel like all you did is take the ringer's "redraftables" and change the format from drafts by year to by position as a whole.
41 NEW VAWE est. 1998
41 NEW VAWE est. 1998 4 mesi fa
bro your taint looks amazing in that light ! enjoy your vids alot.
Erin Rupolo
Erin Rupolo 4 mesi fa
Day 7 of asking Kenny to do the GOAT challenge: Choose auto generated draft class, And look at who is the best player in the draft based on overall grade (B+,A-, etc) on draft night look to see what team drafted that player (he may not go first of course because 2K can be stupid) Now control that teams that he’s on. Make sure to do everything in your power to make him the greatest of all time (training camps, trades for help, make him the first scoring option,etc) Just don’t change his overall by that I mean don’t go to edit player and give him more badges, better tendencies, or better attributes. The challenge is over once he retires. You decide if he is the GOAT/ next Dwayne Neal. Good luck:)
Trev 4 mesi fa
The grizzlies actually drafted Kevin love and traded him for OJ mayo on draft night. As a grizz fan, I’ve said “what if” for years. We’ve had a lot of bad draft picks the past 2 decades
RichardDej 4 mesi fa
Where are the quizes Kenny
Vapor_ Swiftyyy
Vapor_ Swiftyyy 4 mesi fa
everyone says that the 2003 draft class was the best of all time, but everyone forgets about 1984 draft class, 2009 draft class, and even the 1996 draft class. 1996 class has a 5 time champion in kobe and the entire class has 3 MVP players. and the 1984 class has arguably the goat in MJ and has hakeem the dream, so tbh i dont think the 2003 draft class is even CLOSE to being the best draft class ever.
Wavo 4 mesi fa
Advanced defensive stats actually say Jabari is a decent defender.
Wavo 4 mesi fa
Marvin Williams shouldent be higher than Evan Turner
David Manion
David Manion 4 mesi fa
Kenny how do you feel that a guy reacts to videos I feel you should make him stop his channel is Extra Crispy.
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