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Connor Bradshaw
Connor Bradshaw Mese fa
Kenny I’m disappointed, you had a pick For d and you didn’t take SEKOUUUUUU
Toy Rich
Toy Rich Mese fa
Saw Malik Newman Name , Greatest High School Basketball Player To Come Out Of Mississippi.. 4x High School State Champion
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
JJ Lincoln
JJ Lincoln 3 mesi fa
“69 overall which is very very nice” 😂 then “we got two d’s...that’s fine” 😂😂😂😂😂
Hyunmin 4 mesi fa
Kenny, there was Dennis Schroder for when you picked Ricky Rubio...
Paul Huynh
Paul Huynh 4 mesi fa
U could have just write all the letters out on a piece of paper and then draft the best player that way. For instances, if u draft kawhi Leonard, cross off the letter L on that piece of paper and then keep moving on, u’ll prolly end up with a better starting team than u had and still alphabetically correct. Anyways, love ur vid!!
AirRod 4 mesi fa
what about zhou qi
Dariel Gutierrez
Dariel Gutierrez 5 mesi fa
You could’ve gotten deandre ayton
Gabrielle Banks
Gabrielle Banks 5 mesi fa
i was so sad when he missed clint capela lol
Josh Cooper
Josh Cooper 5 mesi fa
Should’ve gone with DeAndre ayton not Bam!
Spiral X
Spiral X 5 mesi fa
You really made spencer dinwiddie a small foward
THE BROZEFF 5 mesi fa
I guess it was already asked/done but: Do the best of the best challenge: - Get the best players of all time back to every team (team of 13 or 14) and see who will win. Bulls: Rose, Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Gilmore...
Mike Patalano
Mike Patalano 5 mesi fa
If you drafted Zhou Qi the jazz would’ve won the finals 🤦🏻‍♂️
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen 5 mesi fa
The MJ Challenge Win 3 finals and then bench your best player for the next 2 seasons. Bring him back after that and win 3 more
Artis Butler
Artis Butler 5 mesi fa
Dangelo russselllllllllll?!?!! Ricky Rubio 💀💀💀💀 Kenny u make me wanna cry so much
Dubble_Pix 5 mesi fa
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 5 mesi fa
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 5 mesi fa
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 5 mesi fa
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 5 mesi fa
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 5 mesi fa
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 5 mesi fa
make another basketballgm rebuild
Nathaniel Gunter
Nathaniel Gunter 5 mesi fa
So Clint Capela isn't a center huh
Alec Riley
Alec Riley 5 mesi fa
You have to draft them in the order of the alphabet? I thought you were able to draft as long as you have 13 and 13.
Caleb J
Caleb J 5 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to do the “positionless era of basketball challenge” Rules: -Either you or the wheel chooses a height (whatever you think would be best) -Anyone that gets playing time on your team has to be that height -1 to 3 yr to win a championship and complete the challenge Pretty simple but thought it could be interesting :)
I wish You Would
I wish You Would 5 mesi fa
Capela dumb fuck
Lizzie 5 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the only Buying and Contending challenge Do a fantasy draft You must go to team intel and make a list of all the teams that are contending or buying. You can only trade with those teams You can't trade for people lower than a 90 overall
Sjchxh Triskit
Sjchxh Triskit 5 mesi fa
17:10 The letter m: am I a joke to you?
Sjchxh Triskit
Sjchxh Triskit 5 mesi fa
The „no Control“ rebuild The ONLY day you can do ANYTHING at all, is on draft day. Everything else must be auto, and you have to let the CPU handle it. However, you have 10 years to do this! (Since you have low control and it’s not a lot to show on screen)
Desmond S
Desmond S 5 mesi fa
Andre Ingram the good days😂
gamingwit yk josh
gamingwit yk josh 5 mesi fa
Kenny do the dead nba team rules: have to make a team of players that are dead
CGB GOAT 5 mesi fa
Girlfriend rebuild rules just like the Kenny rebuild put your girlfriend in 2k and simulate her career like so Kenny can see please
Horchata Gaming
Horchata Gaming 5 mesi fa
He should’ve made nurkic a pf then trade sabonis
Cameron Tichy-Cendejas
Cameron Tichy-Cendejas 5 mesi fa
Day 13 of asking Kenny to do the "Shaqtin' a fool" challenge Rules: 1. Do a fantasy draft and let the gm draft your team 2. Out of all those players you can only keep the one that have been on Shaqtin' a fool (or been in any sorta blooper video) 3. The team has to be current players only 4. You cannot make trades halfway through the season so that means whatever you start the season with is what you end the season with 4. You cannot try to do a trade multiple times 5. Javale Mcgee is is a lot of Shaqtin a fool clips so he has to be on your team and cannot be traded and has to play all 40 minutes of the game 6. Last but not least you have to trade any first round picks you have for no earlier than a second round pick (Also you have to turn player progression all the way down( (Oh and one more thing you have to win back to back championships with the team you make) This is a 3 or 4 year rebuilding challenge
David Carvill
David Carvill 5 mesi fa
Day 58: 1st pick in first round in a fantasy draft and last pick in every round for the fantasy the players have to be 1 (90+) and the rest have to be (75-)
M K 5 mesi fa
Like for kenny to post a my team video
Garrett Weaver
Garrett Weaver 5 mesi fa
Kenny do the color challenge rules: spin a wheel to do a random color then you pick a player by random number generator by the color of the players jersey
Akaki Bitsadze
Akaki Bitsadze 5 mesi fa
hello KOT4Q pliz rebuild Zaza pachulia career . I m georgian.
Jacob Early
Jacob Early 5 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to do the “FIRST TRADE” Challenge: You start normally (random team, fantasy draft) With every one of your individual 15 players, you out every single one of them into the trade finder individually, YOU MUST ACCEPT THE FIRST TRADE IN THE TRADE FINDER. You can start the rebuild once you have a completely different set of players. **you also can’t trade for any of your original players** Like so he can see!
Vivi Vogdopoulou
Vivi Vogdopoulou 5 mesi fa
The challenge challenge Not inserting a day of asking kenny to do the challenge challenge. Kenny has to draft his own team with no fantasy draft on a random franchise. For the next task you overtake all teams to be able to make any trade. Spin the first wheel to see where to trade a player and the second wheel to see for which player you trade in numbered order. In addition to that you have to make a final championship squad out of it and trade for drose and kelly oubre to play both 25+ minutes. rules: every player on the inal squad has to be ringless and needs to be under 32 and over 25. you also have to make drose the first option upvote for kenny to see ahahahahaha
Justin Stearns
Justin Stearns 5 mesi fa
Kenny you should do a series of one position only rebuilds
G Hanauska
G Hanauska 5 mesi fa
michael logsdon
michael logsdon 5 mesi fa
Kenny check out Halftime Productions 2K ITpostrs NBA playoff race.. You be killing it in Houston.
Evan Schaffer
Evan Schaffer 5 mesi fa
Lol never said u had to go in order did it? Like couldn’t he gave just drafted BPA. Like I saw Dame Lilliard up there so couldn’t he have drafted him for L
Gains Before Fame
Gains Before Fame 5 mesi fa
Put together a team full of defenders either through fantasy draft or trade players must be a B or higher at there main defensive positions (guards perimeter defense) (bigs interior defense)
Gains Before Fame
Gains Before Fame 5 mesi fa
Put together a team full of rookies and give yourself 3 years to win a ring and you must keep 8 of those players and start 5 of them.
Ceejaay 5 mesi fa
Imagine flight doing this 😳
Nyeyiey Lual
Nyeyiey Lual 5 mesi fa
Kenny for “P” you could’ve did Porzingis
patrick pa
patrick pa 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do a rebuild challenge : ONLY LEFTIES REBUILD fantasy draft must have a team full of lefties (reserves everything) at least back to back champions
crim6s szn
crim6s szn 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of the “defense first” challenge _ must have all defensive of player _ You have to stick with that team. _ Must Win a champion
Brody Gill
Brody Gill 5 mesi fa
Day 31 of asking Kenny to do a no centers fantasy draft rebuild rules are you can’t have a player over 7ft and you can’t have a player who’s primary position is center
Caiden Zeager
Caiden Zeager 5 mesi fa
play with no all stars.
John C
John C 5 mesi fa
🔥 content dawg
Khameron Gates
Khameron Gates 5 mesi fa
PG vs C have to have a team from the east and the west East is PG West is C You have to make sure they beat the 73-9 warriors rec both teams also have to meet in the finals
That Dork Adam
That Dork Adam 5 mesi fa
Kentucky vs Duke challenge
Micah A. P.
Micah A. P. 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the 82-0 legend challenge Part 1: Remake the "i added one nba legend to all 30 nba teams to see who would be the best" video, but add the legends you forgot (Chris Bosh or Tracy McGrady for the raptors, Jalen Rose or Reggie Miller for the pacers). Simulate the season as usual. Part 2: Pick the team with the worst record, and rebuild them to be an 82-0 team that wins the championship.
Brennan’s Toy Channel
Brennan’s Toy Channel 5 mesi fa
Weird/Uncommon Names Challenge Rules: - only use players who are the only person in NBA history with their name - different spelling = different name (Chris and Khris are two different names)
Jon Mohler
Jon Mohler 5 mesi fa
Rebuild where you must start -Robert Covington -Jontay Porter -Cristiano Felicio and play them at least 20 minutes a game
22Parker West
22Parker West 5 mesi fa do u add picks in trades, idk y for some reason it won’t let me
Jaiden Lee
Jaiden Lee 5 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the unrealistic rebuild just do any trade that wouldn’t make sense for the other team and get any star that isn’t untouchable that you want
Voice Impressions
Voice Impressions 5 mesi fa
Do wheel of every college that has produced a current nba player Ex. Weber State: Damian lillard Kentucky: Karl-Anthony-Towns
Miguel Sanchez Vlogs
Miguel Sanchez Vlogs 5 mesi fa
Bring back would you press the button
SpooCy 5 mesi fa
Ever since Kensistencey ended the world hasnt been the same!!!!
Me for School 399 587
Me for School 399 587 5 mesi fa
Rebuild a team and randomly select a player to rebuild around Please like so he can see this
Daylin Moore
Daylin Moore 5 mesi fa
Any remember the quiz god😂🥺🥺 miss the quizzes 😂
The Highlights with Alex
The Highlights with Alex 5 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the “small ball” challenge. Rules: you have to do a fantasy draft And get people under 6”0 feet tall: one exception, you can get tacko fall
Vorkuzz 5 mesi fa
Your age is you minutes. Your minutes you get it litteraly your age. Fantasy draft on . What ever amount of years you need
Beauchene Heaton
Beauchene Heaton 5 mesi fa
y no Mitchell
Levi Herrod
Levi Herrod 5 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the only trade finder rebuilding challenge. Rules you cannot look at team Intel You can’t create your own trade you must do a Fantasy Draft and trade all your player before you sim
2K Herro
2K Herro 5 mesi fa
Heaviest team ever challenge Rules 1. PG 220 plus pounds 2. SG 235 plus pounds 3. SM 250 plus pounds 4. PF 280 plus pounds 5. C 310 plus pounds
2K Herro
2K Herro 5 mesi fa
Transfer challenge You can only draft players that transferred in college
2K Herro
2K Herro 5 mesi fa
The all star challenge You can only draft players that have been in the all star challenges dunk contest skills challenge or 3pt contest
Whitman Lamb
Whitman Lamb 5 mesi fa
100% Impossible Challenge Rules 100 Sim Difficulty You are a expansion team, each team protects 14 players 3 Team Trades Only Can't Change player position Can't Trade Picks No Starter above 90 and no back up above 80 Every player must play at least 5 minutes Have to have 3 players 65 under overall Must have 3 starters under 85 overall 3 years to win a champion Like so kenny can try to do the impossible
2K Herro
2K Herro 5 mesi fa
Do the Multisport challenge You can only draft players who played in a sport other then basketball ex football, soccer, baseball
Caden Valle
Caden Valle 5 mesi fa
Kenny do the Draft Class Master Challenge: Must attempt to trade for all of the top 15 picks and rebuild the team of rookies to win a championship (like so he can see)
Whitman Lamb
Whitman Lamb 5 mesi fa
First Trade Only Challenge Kenny has to control one team from each conference and get them both to the champion in 1 year Rules He can only build his own trade If his first offer doesn't work he can't do the trade He has 5 trade attempts for each team.
Justin Pham
Justin Pham 5 mesi fa
Day 10 of asking Kenny to do the random rebuild do a fantasy draft then 2 times a month pick a number from 1- how many players on your team and trade them on trade finder and use a random number generator you get one free trade and try to win a championship Like so Kenny can see
tyrie ct
tyrie ct 5 mesi fa
Shoe sponsor challenge? Players who are sponsored by their signature shoe?
Eric Hernandez
Eric Hernandez 5 mesi fa
F: Taco got to be me Kenny nah
Will Kidman
Will Kidman 5 mesi fa
Where does Kenny get these shirts I want some
Fifa Barca guy
Fifa Barca guy 5 mesi fa
The one position challenge: - Every player on your roster must be the same position. - You can't change the position of players - You have to let the CPU decide the rotation (so you can't decide who plays which position)
2K Herro
2K Herro 5 mesi fa
Most underated youtuber
David Redfern
David Redfern 5 mesi fa
rebuild all the teams in the nba try to win a championship every time
Kushal Karelia
Kushal Karelia 5 mesi fa
The “Robert Covington Challenge”😂 Rule 1: Pick robert covington as your 1st pic and make him a starter and play him atleast 35 mins and he should get the 1st preference Rule2: You can only get 2 all star in a trade for the whole video
JEORgames 5 mesi fa
Who was the finals MVP? ITpost recommended a video and I can't see lol
D'angelo Russell
D'angelo Russell 5 mesi fa
Rebuild the 2015-16 LA lakers for kobe and win a championship!! Love from the philippines🙌❤
Nickawn Abdolmohammady
Nickawn Abdolmohammady 5 mesi fa
OVERALL CHALLENGE Rules: you draft a team using 2k MC central but you will need to draft the lowest ovr and put the rating in 2k down as well witch means that you bring down every attribute by the ovr. EX: if you draft a 90 ovr curry you need to bring down his ovr and his attributes down by 6 . like if you want to torture Kenny.
Jeremy Rodrigues
Jeremy Rodrigues 5 mesi fa
Who else just get bored when Kenny doesn’t post and goes back to his old old videos like the MyGM Minnesota twolves
Brandon Hardesty
Brandon Hardesty 5 mesi fa
The Isaiah thomas rebuild you got to make him play at least 25 minutes and must be your starting point guard and try and him get back tto all star status u get 2 years
Brandon Hardesty
Brandon Hardesty 5 mesi fa
Short kings stand up
Your Man
Your Man 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the age challenge Rules: Fantasy Draft✔️ You need to have players that are 20-30 or 30-40 you can choose 😁 8 man rotation Pg is your youngest player Sg is a year older Sf is a year older than the Sg and it goes on until the 8th man Like so he can see🔥
gavin zimmerer
gavin zimmerer 5 mesi fa
14:08 kenny made sure to tell us that HE KNOWS that "n" is after "m" in the alphabet LMAO
Martin Quinn
Martin Quinn 5 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to do Clyde waters carrer sim with 99 potential
gabe ramsey
gabe ramsey 5 mesi fa
Kenny play my career like so the 🐐 can see
Faigy Augenstein
Faigy Augenstein 5 mesi fa
bring back my team sunday like so kenny can see
RJ 5 mesi fa
Asking kenny to do the one position only challenge. Rules: spin a wheel to randomly pick a position, do a fantasy draft. Either let your GM pick and rebuild to only have that one position, OR, do it yourself and only draft players of that position. You cant change a players position once you have them. You can have players on your roster that aren't that one position but they can't have any minutes. Like so Kenny can see
Brando 5 mesi fa
he didn’t necessarily need to draft in alphabetical order? he could’ve drafted john wall first right?
Chip 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the College conference challenge, rules: final roster has to only consist of players from SEC, continue serious until powerful conferences are complete (ACC, Big10, Big12, Pac12)
Bailey Coutts
Bailey Coutts 5 mesi fa
Kenny where do you get all these vintage NBA Tshirts???
Emīls Apšs
Emīls Apšs 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the teo team trading challenge 1)Pick 2 random teams in different conferrences 2)Let your assitant gm draft both teams 3)You can only trade between both of the teams you control 4) challenge is to win both teams a championship
mahi ali
mahi ali 5 mesi fa
Day 9 of asking Kenny to do a wheel of wheels rebuild. There will 4 wheels that you can land on. The 1st wheel would be all the contracts in the nba. The 2nd wheel would be countries. The 3rd wheel would be teams, if you get that you spin to get a team (the spin again from 1-15 if you land one 1 you get the teams best player, but if you get 15 you get their worst player). Finally the last wheel is overalls. There are also no specific rules and you don't have to trade for Roco if you dont want to.
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CHOIX - Saison 01 - Episode 03 - 19 Octobre 2020
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