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Sai Desai
Sai Desai 10 giorni fa
Yes trade Danny green me from the future
derozanfan10 26 giorni fa
Why does Paul George go to the Hornets in literally every single MyLEAGUE?
Rome Roberts
Rome Roberts Mese fa
Do just a 82-0 challenge
kaleb A.
kaleb A. Mese fa
We’re not just gonna skip over the fact that 2k believes Chris Paul is a better 2 guard than at PG😳😳😳
Gabe Fife
Gabe Fife Mese fa
You really save my days
Phillip and david gaming
Phillip and david gaming Mese fa
He is a all star
Divino Briseño
Divino Briseño Mese fa
I neeeeed a Kenny no money spent series on myteam
MrCarl Mese fa
That team is stacked.
Brendan Rose
Brendan Rose Mese fa
play mycareer next year
Mangoz Mese fa
you can still do challenges like this in myteam but instead of winning championships just win a game online?
falconsnation845 Mese fa
Do the only foreign player rebuild challenge
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Mese fa
Do The OKC Thunder Rebuild. -Get Stars Strictly from the draft -You can only sign either vets or role players -You can only trade for vets or role players, hell even starters -Get To The Finals By Year 5 At the maximum
Xrg 600
Xrg 600 Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the my team rebuild no untouchables fantasy draft and you get the first pick you can pick 3-4 collections and only use players from that 1 has to be from any premium collection has to win a championship 1-2 year challenge
Eric Du
Eric Du Mese fa
forgot devin harris was allstar back in 09
arnold acosta
arnold acosta Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the NBA ALL STAR WEEKEND REBUILD: You can only have players who have won an all star weekend event/trophy -Skills Challenge -3 Point Contest -Slam Dunk Contest -Rookie/Sophomore Game MVP -All Star MVP -Must have one player from each category! -AND of course a fantasy draft
Copper Newberry
Copper Newberry Mese fa
I would love a new my career on 21 or even a no money spent on MyTeam
NinjaDilz Mese fa
Here’s a challenge “free agents only” personally I think it’s hard but here are the rules 1. Fansaty draft or regular I don’t really care 2. Once u do that release all the players u have on your team 3. Pick up 14 players from free agency before u start the season 4. Sim the season like as normal and then once off-season is here get more players from free agency and see if you can win a championship with only free agents *optional* you can trade your players that you started with for picks and use those picks to draft players* I tried this challenge and it was hard I inproved my record every season 4 times until the 5th where I didn’t then I gave up
SwishCity 18
SwishCity 18 Mese fa
That is a great idea im going to try that on my channel.
Sean Has Rona
Sean Has Rona Mese fa
Do the shoe size challenge Rules: -spin a wheel with every shoe size worn by players in the nba -whatever you land on you have to pick the lowest overall player -You have to win a championship
Anne Spencer
Anne Spencer Mese fa
Do the Bobby Spencer Rebuilding Challenge Rules: Create a 99 overall 7 foot 7 Point Guard You have to start off with every player accept Bobby as a 80 You have to win 15 Championships in how many years Bobby Spencer Plays After 5 years you have to trade all of your picks If Bobby Spencer averaged a triple double 3 years straight you get to make 3 players 97 overalls Like so Kenny sees
Jace Mese fa
devin harris was also a former all-star lol
Jake Gundy
Jake Gundy Mese fa
Kenny do the 'young player challenge' Rules: -Fantasy Draft -from the top 10 overalls that are available pick the youngest player -Must acquire a player 25 or under that has reached a 99 overall in past videos (such as Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Trae young, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka doncic, Nikola Jokic etc -Must win rookie of the year -must trade 2 24 or under player for a all star calibre player Forfeits: -if you don't win rookie of the year trade your best player away for a less overall player -If you don' trade 2 24 or under players for 2 all-star calibre your best starter will start on the bench for the rest of the season Like this so the G.O.A.T Kenny can see this and good luck if you do this challenge
Babushk Bandit
Babushk Bandit Mese fa
I have a rebuild but it’s gonna be hard it’s the “award sweep” rebuild in one season you have to have Coach of the year Mvp Rookie of the year Most improved player Defensive player Sixth man of the year There’s no limitations for who you get but at the end of the season every award winner must be on your team you also must do a fantasy draft but you pick the team
SwishCity 18
SwishCity 18 Mese fa
That is a great idea im going to try that on my channel.
Disabledcup Mese fa
Pvp my leauge challenge The rules are simple you can grab someone you know personally, you know in general or just someone from the myleauge community and do a simulated fantasy draft also pick a random team for both players After the fantasy draft flip a coin and make them pick heads or tails whoever wins gets to make the first trade. However if one player makes a trade the other player must make a trade right after it same case with free agents unless max players limit pops up The rest of the rules/ set up options are up to you To win one person must have 2 championships Love you kenny your videos are so upbeat and its great content keep working dont have to but if u want shout me out otherwise ill just watch you videos and enjoy
Eyo Kefela1
Eyo Kefela1 Mese fa
The zero value challenge 1.Pick up udonis Haslem, pau Gasol and Vince Carter with you top 3 picks and sim the rest of the draft. 2.Give nick young and Isaiah Thomas the most money possible Get a chip in five years with no valuable assets or money Good luck!
david Inglis
david Inglis Mese fa
What kenny 1:11
Thinking’Out Loud
Thinking’Out Loud Mese fa
Upload a video of you playing in the Rec so we can see how good you really are...
Get into it Bucket
Get into it Bucket Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the no trade challenge you can’t trade you can’t draft your team but when you do that no trades SIMPLE
Theonemelon Your mudda
Theonemelon Your mudda Mese fa
I will not be
Jeremiah Chacko
Jeremiah Chacko Mese fa
Greg Monroe didn't play for the raptors last year LMAOOO
Riley Slocum
Riley Slocum Mese fa
Go out with a bang The hardest rebuilding challenge Must win DPOTY or MVP one 3 team trade A past ROTY oh yeah ur bench must start and ur starters gotta come of the bench
3adbelt Mese fa
Do myteam
Joaquin Samson
Joaquin Samson Mese fa
This vid is super firee 18k likes in 2 days damn
X-Force Josh
X-Force Josh Mese fa
Please start doing myteam videos in 2K21!!!!!
Salaar Faiz
Salaar Faiz Mese fa
just rebuild the 76ers
Yandapanda Mese fa
i miss quizzes
z a
z a Mese fa
4:50 "while we're in The Process of doing that"
Killer Keller Gaming
Killer Keller Gaming Mese fa
Kenny we love u man. I can’t say this for everyone but I’ve been here since u we’re doing the nba quizzes and I loved every single one u did and I enjoyed them a lot. Even now when u started doing challenges I liked it and liked how u branched out. We’re always gonna be here for you not matter what, not only do we love the content no matter what but we love u as a person and like watching your take and reactions. We’re always gonna be with you so don’t worry, the real OG’s will never leave
Pound Cake
Pound Cake Mese fa
Devin Harris was all-star back in '09
Elijah Dobey
Elijah Dobey Mese fa
Teammate Of the year, we counting that.
Devin Hutchins
Devin Hutchins Mese fa
I wanna see a kd LeBron duo career sim
S1X6 Boomy
S1X6 Boomy Mese fa
Day 4 of asking for the Draft Only Challenge rules are no trades or signings, start with all 40 overalls, goes till you win a chip
2k warp zonne 2KMTCentral 4
2k warp zonne 2KMTCentral 4 Mese fa
No matter what game mode you play I’ll be happy with your content 🤗👍
Stephen Pollard
Stephen Pollard Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the "King of The 4th Quarter - Season Edition": 1) Do a fantasy draft and simulate the first 61 games (or 3/4 of the season) 2) Take the 10th seed in Western and/or Eastern Conference. 3) Turn off trade deadline. 4) Take them to a championship. 5) Bonus point if you get the 1 seed Like so Kenny can see
I thought I commented the awards rebuild challenge
Reynaldo Bailey
Reynaldo Bailey Mese fa
I was here before 700k
joeybaggadonuts1214 Mese fa
bring back kenny haradway for 2k21
Ethan Gotsch
Ethan Gotsch Mese fa
Anybody else look at Kenny’s eyes with those glasses on and think of MJ in the last dance? 😂
JJ Ross
JJ Ross Mese fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the short kings challenge: - your center must be under 6’ 10” - your power forward must be under 6’ 7” - your small forward must be under 6’4” - your shooting guard must be under 6’ 2” - your point guard must be under 6’ 0” And you must win 2 championships in 4 years
Branden _
Branden _ Mese fa
Changing the positions makes it harder to trade. Why would a team want Embiid when he can only play pf. At least change their positions back after the trade so he isn’t playing pf the whole season
Devon Harris
Devon Harris Mese fa
rebuild a summer league team and win the tournament
ROKON500 Mese fa
Is there a setting that enables to trade a player immediately after you trade for him ? cuz when i try to play myleague it tells me to wait 60 days until i can trade him again
fallbackb42 Mese fa
I’m gonna try this challenge right now
nochilltayyYT Mese fa
could’ve flipped those players for picks 😭
Fun Rush 617
Fun Rush 617 Mese fa
Day 6 of asking Kenny to do the "KD/Jeff Green Sonics Challenge". Rules: -put the Sonics in the NBA through expansion. -Trade for KD and Jeff Green(since they're the last 2 Sonics players in the NBA) -Both should start and play at least 30 minutes per game -Trade away the rest of the team and fill out the roster with 12-13 auto-generated players(you can choose) -Rebuild the team. You can trade the auto generated players but KD and Jeff Green must stay on the roster for the entire challenge. -You can't let them retire either until you win a ring. -Good Luck Kenny!🍀 PLS. LIKE SO THE GOAT🐐 CAN SEE. (P.S. I'M A BULLS FAN TOO CAUSE OF D-ROSE)
Gett off meee. 1 second ago
Gett off meee. 1 second ago Mese fa
Sub to the egg who has the most likes on IG
Thomas Villet
Thomas Villet Mese fa
Are we just ignoring the fact that cp3 won rookie of the year
Nathan Hayes
Nathan Hayes Mese fa
jeff teague was an all star
Nathan Hayes
Nathan Hayes Mese fa
shoulda gotten ryan anderson as mip
Nathan Hayes
Nathan Hayes Mese fa
can’t believe he didn’t get mcw for roy lol
Adam Derdarian
Adam Derdarian Mese fa
Day 17 of asking Kenny to do the You Just got Robed challenge Rules: all of his starters have to be averaging at least 5 steals a game or blocks a game You have to have the best record in your conference You have to get defensive player of the year for one of your players You have to sweep the first and final round of the playoffs You have to get a coach who specializes in defence Also if you lose you have to restart because you got robbed
Josiah B
Josiah B Mese fa
Let get Kenny to 1 MILLI
Yashay Smith
Yashay Smith Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Greeny Wolf
Greeny Wolf Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
pauluskka Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
beanbag290 Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Mohamed Nur
Mohamed Nur Mese fa
who else was triggered the Kenny didn't mention the 8th seed making the finals
Carson Libolt
Carson Libolt Mese fa
I’m glad you’re opening more doors because I don’t think I’m getting 2k21 but watching your videos could change my mind
It’s YaBoiYee
It’s YaBoiYee Mese fa
Most valuable asset challenge Rules: trade ales burks 10-13 times You can use other players to trade with him Highest ovr 96 I hope you see this
Invis Genius
Invis Genius Mese fa
I love Igy so much, he’s honestly the most unselfish super star ever and he’s always willing to give up his first, second, third, and even his 4th role if that means he can help someone else’s carrier
Tony Jeong
Tony Jeong Mese fa
Kenny you should do a MyCareer series on 2K21! We miss Kenny Hardaway
Danger Cloak
Danger Cloak Mese fa
Play my team in 2k21
Fraser Posford
Fraser Posford Mese fa
Kenny do the "Jim Boylen-Garpax Rebuild". Fantasy draft, fire all of your team's staff and replace them with the lowest rated person in all positions (e.g. Coach has F-Offence F-Defence). Start rebuilding and see if having bad staff will stop you from creating a god squad and getting a championship. Like so Kenny can see!
Jsports Mese fa
Do the “Unknown” challenge All the players on your team has to fit at least 1 of these: A two star recruit or lower out of high school D2 College A non-lottery pick
Porter Kendall
Porter Kendall Mese fa
10 bucks to everyone who likes this if kenny doesnt say “wE wOnT fIrE dWaYnE cAsEy aFtEr hE wInS cOaCh oF tHe yEaR tHiS tImE”
thevolpe2 Mese fa
Do the Luka Doncic challenge. Put Luka Doncic on every team and win a championship.
Logan Young
Logan Young Mese fa
Do a Second Round Pick Challenge Rules: 1) You must only have players that were drafted in the second round on your team (no undrafted players like Fred VanVleet, Jalen Lecque, Tacko Fall, etc.), 2) You must trade all of your first round picks for second round picks, 3) You must do a Fantasy Draft, and 4) You must have the GOAT, Keita Bates-Diop, on your team and make him be a starter. Like for Kenny to see this comment.
RJPD_Official Mese fa
Haven’t watched yet. I just think it would be funny if Kenny got Tyreke Evans for his ROTY because he’s banned, but he is still in 2k
TheRealJoey44 Mese fa
Hey bro, I left this suggestion before on another video but it probably got lost in the millions of comments you receive. Basically, I pondered how certain players who didn’t have a traditional NBA body type would’ve faired if they had won the genetic lottery as well as the talent lottery. What if A.I. Was 6’ 7”, 220 lbs.? What if Charles Barkley was 6’ 10”, same weight? What if Wes Unseld was 7’ tall? What if Mugsy Bogues was 6’ 2”, 200 lbs.? I think this would make for a fascinating video with the brilliant insight and spin you put on it.
4q3p OT
4q3p OT Mese fa
Bring Kenny hardaway back
Jacob Molina
Jacob Molina Mese fa
5:35 big facts whose with me 👇
Nat Buskirk
Nat Buskirk Mese fa
The 1 Year one Move Rebuild Rules: Fantasy draft You can make AT MOST 1 trade a year. You can make an extra trade on draft night, but it has to be for picks, not a players You can only sign a free agent if you lose a free agent and they have to be in the same overall area. For example if you lose a 90+ overall you can sign any replacement. If you lose an 80-89 overall you can only sign players in that range or lower. You have to simulate until you win a championship. NO WAY AROUND THIS RULE. YOU MUST WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES
bazzigoplay297 Mese fa
Why didn't you trade finder Joel and a 1st? Probably some untouchables could have shown up
Spaz. Galaxy
Spaz. Galaxy Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the "Sidekick Rebuilding Challenge" Rules: - Do a KOT4Q career SIM but as a sidekick - You have to be the second best player on your team - You have to use the wheel to decide what team you will play for - You have to be a second option to either Giannis, LeBron, AD, Kawhi or Luka, - Turn Trade Override on for a little bit and get either of the 5 people above on your team Try to win 2 titles in 5 years! Good Luck! Like so the GOAT can see this
Spaz. Galaxy
Spaz. Galaxy Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the " Family Rebuilding Challenge" - Fantasy Draft - Have an 8 man rotation (Or 10 if you want to make it harder) of a couple of Brothers in the NBA, the other 5 (or 3) people have to be under a 70 overall Examples of brothers: Giannis and Thanasis Antetokounmpo Marcus and Markieff Morris Tyler and Cody Zeller Steph and Seth Curry Robin and Brook Lopez Use this team of brothers to win a title in 4 years. Good Luck! Plz Like so the goat can see this
Jake Morris
Jake Morris Mese fa
Kenny, you’re the goat
Avery Dauer
Avery Dauer Mese fa
Raj Tomarrr
Raj Tomarrr Mese fa
LEFTIES ONLY CHALLENGE only use left handed players
Big DJ
Big DJ Mese fa
The Alec Burke rebuild Rules: You have to trade for him at least 3 times sorry I don’t have much
JxK Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the KOT4Q NBA 2K 20 rebuilding challenge: Rules: -Your team must be the Chicago Bulls - You must have Alec Burks on the roster -You must sign Joakim Noah - You must sign Cristiano Felicio - You must have Derrick rose on the roster - You must run a nine man rotation -You must have a 3 peat - Fantasy draft Good luck!
GJC GJC Mese fa
Day 2 of same mcollege only challenge. Rules: Players have to be from the same college example: you could have Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram on the same team because they are both from Duke
JJ Balong
JJ Balong Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny for the "First Time Challenge" for your first upload with NBA 2k21. Do a rebuild using players who haven't been in the playoffs yet. Use the Sacramento Kings (being the team with longest playoff drought) Have a rookie to be a starter on their 'first' year. Have a player be selected as a 'first' time all-star. Have a player be selected to All-NBA 'first' team and/or All-Defensive 'first' team. Have a player be a 'first' time winner of any of the major awards. (MVP, DPOY, 6th Man, ROY, MIP) Be the 'first' seed of your conference and have the best record in the league. Win a championship. Complete the challenge within your 'first' rebuilding season. Goodluck. Fun videos. Love from 🇵🇭 ❤ 🏀
The Chosen One 529
The Chosen One 529 Mese fa
You should do a Dwayne Neal and Rufus career sim
Liam Monteiro
Liam Monteiro Mese fa
You make my day Kenny
Ben Owen
Ben Owen Mese fa
play park
Ben Owen
Ben Owen Mese fa
play mycareer
Charlie Biskupiak
Charlie Biskupiak Mese fa
What’s up Kenny, please do the “Mediocre player rebuild” - Fantasy draft (obviously) -trade so that all of your players are under 85 overall - there is no limit to how many players can be over 80, if there was it would be almost impossible to win a championship Keep up the good work bro
Eldon Rankins
Eldon Rankins Mese fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the “weak bill Russell challenge “rules -must make the finals 9 straight times -must go for 14 years no cutting the video short -must win a ring 12 times “I know you failed the bill Russell challenge so here is redemption.
Jay Kennedy
Jay Kennedy Mese fa
Cant wait for that 2K21 kenny beecham mycareer! 🔥🔥🔥
TheKiidVic Mese fa
Upload some more MyCareer videos
HDProductions Mese fa
Trash MVP Challenge - Fantasy Draft - You draft - Draft a player under 90 ovr with your first round pick - 3 year challenge - Make the playoffs 2x - Have your 1st round pick win MVP 1x and make an All NBA Team 2x
Vacca - IDGAF (Prod. Neblo)
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Vacca - IDGAF (Prod. Neblo)
visualizzazioni 21K
iPhone 12 Unboxing Experience + MagSafe Demo!
Marques Brownlee
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Il Discorso di Conte | SECONDA STAGIONE
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