i have $120 to build the most REALISTIC NBA champion in NBA 2K21

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The Challenge here: www.reddit.com/r/nbadiscussion/comments/j3yu33/build_your_own_nba_12_man_roster_challenge/

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Jac Mageles
Jac Mageles Giorno fa
Keep injuries on it was so refreshing seeing you make all the adjustments
terence davis
terence davis Giorno fa
finally got chris paul his ring
Tiko Izzzasu
Tiko Izzzasu 2 giorni fa
i only did a starting 5- lebron duncan robinson klay thompson joe harris porzingis. literally this would be perfect. lebron surrounded by elite shooters
trace hohipa
trace hohipa 2 giorni fa
Ayo Davis $1
Jake Hostetler
Jake Hostetler 3 giorni fa
Kemba, porzingis, vucevic, buddy, Jonathan Isaac, bench- love, kuzma, Ross, biyombo, monk, frank ntilikina, Kevin Knox,
Will Fuller
Will Fuller 3 giorni fa
Was thinkin why you ain’t pick klay for sg. Few minutes later I was like ohhh ok
aero 3 giorni fa
ja morant 33 caris levert 16 michael porter jr 19 christian wood 13 jaren jackson 24 jarrett allen 10 pj washington 9 tyus jones 5 timothee luwawu-cabarrot 1
Derrik Maguire
Derrik Maguire 3 giorni fa
My lineup is: PG: Paul $17 SG: McCollum $17 SF: Thompson $23 PF: Paschall $5 C: Whiteside $7 PG/SG: Murray $13 PG/SGWestbrook $17 SF: Iguadala $4 PF: Aldridge $10 C: Howard $3 PF/SF:Anthony $3 SF/SG: TLC $1 It’s exactly $120
Caysen Hadden
Caysen Hadden 3 giorni fa
The “underdogs” build how to do it 1. Take the best player from a bad team 2. Take a bad player from a good team like Danny Green or Alex Caruso 3. Or from the Nuggets like Michael Porter Junior 4. Turn off injuries and team chemistry
Blake Palmer
Blake Palmer 4 giorni fa
How is Lebron under Kawhi, Kawhi lost in second round, and Lebron won in the finals
Jalen Stauffer
Jalen Stauffer 4 giorni fa
Gang tho, I got bookers jersey before they went Nike
Jalen Stauffer
Jalen Stauffer 4 giorni fa
Kawhi one of the most expensive but lost the earliest...😬
Skully Lol
Skully Lol 5 giorni fa
Bol Bol
Brendan Reedy
Brendan Reedy 5 giorni fa
klay hurt acl not akilis
Ethan Brosamle
Ethan Brosamle 5 giorni fa
how is zion $38
Subversionz 5 giorni fa
My team: PG: CP3, George Hill SG: Brown, Iggy, TLC SF: PG13, Hood, Knox PF: RoCo, Millsap Center: Myles Turner, Biyombo Team should be great defensively in every position and has decent shooters in Brown, PG13, CP3, RoCo and a solid bench spike in Millsap, Iggy and Hill.
yatharth maddirala
yatharth maddirala 6 giorni fa
Jimmy Murray Og Harrell Jarret Allen Eric paschall Gary Trent jr Rondae Hollis Jefferson Austin rivers Nerlens Noel Dennis Smith Jr Terrence ferguson I will take howard for noel but given his age but it's all right And then I will take mario for Dennis smith
Rohan Sinnappan
Rohan Sinnappan 6 giorni fa
i think i win: chris paul, klay thompson, jimmy butler, kyle kuzma, nikola vucevic, garland, caruso, hood, portis, zeller, knox, muscala
adriangrunder 6 giorni fa
won it in year 3 with starters: d. murray, c. sexton, j. isaak, zion, j. nurkic. bench: fultz, garland, bamba, chriss, poeltl, d. smith jr., knox. could win many more i guess
LMZ 6 giorni fa
Ian Dickey
Ian Dickey 6 giorni fa
My 2 teams for 2k not real life Morant $33 Wall $12 Derozan $13 Montrezl Harrell $11 Drummond $11 Rose $8 Fournier $12 Wiggins $8 Whiteside $7 McGee $3 Dennis Smith $1 Muscala $1 Paul $17 Sexton $14 Simmons $35 Nurkic $15 Adams $9 Brunson $5 Trent Jr $5 Paschall $5 DeAndre Jordan $4 Capela $9 Biyombo $1 Clemons $1
Joshua Townes
Joshua Townes 7 giorni fa
Two words Bol Bol
Lucky The Crippel
Lucky The Crippel 7 giorni fa
Kylie is way too low
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 7 giorni fa
Did anybody else see DeMar DeRozan for $13 and started freaking out when Kenny didn’t pick him… No just me,OK
UnknownTy 7 giorni fa
acl not achilles bro
Antonio Vaughn
Antonio Vaughn 7 giorni fa
Klay made the all star team too pay more attention
LieGoated 7 giorni fa
Yo Kenny I’ve been her since like 50k and I love your videos keep doin what ur doing
Drew Sovich
Drew Sovich 7 giorni fa
PG: Goran Dragic $9 SG: Klay Thompson $23 SF: Kevin Durant $39 PF: Marvin Bagley $12 C: Montrezl Harrell $11 G: Darius Garland $5 G: Jordan Clarkson $5 F: Julius Randle $6 F/C: Mo Bamba $5 G: George Hill $3 F: Terrance Ferguson $1 F: Kevin Knox $1
Drew Sovich
Drew Sovich 7 giorni fa
PG Chris Paul $17 SG Jordan Clarkson $5 SF Jimmy Butler $31 PF Kevin Durant $46 C Hassan Whiteside $7 G George Hill $3 G DeAndre Bembry $1 F Carmelo Anthony $3 F Marquese Chriss $2 C Dwight Howard $3 O Isaiah Thomas $1 O Damian Jones $1
Big5TICK58 Xx
Big5TICK58 Xx 7 giorni fa
Best lineup possible Westbrook 17 Trey Burke 2 Avery Bradley 5 Jj reddick 7 TLC 1 Kd 39 Dillon Brooks 7 Kevin Knox 1 Sabonis 21 Julius randle 6 Montrezl Harrell 11 Dwight Howard 3
DuncTV 7 giorni fa
Yo drop the doc for us to use smh
Kyesun 7 giorni fa
i agreed with everything except the last two spots, for the last two spots i wouldve taken graham and biyombo
Kyesun 7 giorni fa
mucho respect for picking book thats my favorite player
Alex Parker
Alex Parker 8 giorni fa
The “March Madness” challenge Rules *fantasy draft your roster* - Must build a roster that consists of solely one randomly selected college *example* A roster of all Kentucky players, all Duke players, all Florida players, etc. - must win a championship within 3 years - must only sign, draft or trade for players that went to college of choice - if going the “no college” route must build roster consisting of overseas and/or high school players.
Lil Man
Lil Man 8 giorni fa
We not gonna talk abt how Kenny skipped Devonte' Graham for $1
Ei Cc
Ei Cc 8 giorni fa
PG: DWhite ($11) SG: Klay ($23) SF: Tatum ($44) PF: Grant ($12) C: Ibaka ($9) 6: Reddish ($7) U can fill the rest of the lineup with random role players this team still wins u a chip
Hayden Crush 8
Hayden Crush 8 8 giorni fa
I did a 5 man roster tell me what y’all think 1: Russell Westbrook 2: Klay Thompson 3: Demar Derozen 4: Tobias Harris 5: Rudy Gobert
Itz Joop
Itz Joop 8 giorni fa
Here’s my lineup: I think it’s pretty solid Kemba - 20 McCollum -17 Butler - 30 Isaac - 16 Nurkic - 15 Rondo - 4 Clarkson - 6 Turner - 3 Anthony - 3 Biyombo - 1 Hernangomez - 1 Oquinn - 1 Ferguson - 1
Gerald Rubio
Gerald Rubio 8 giorni fa
Anyone else get mad when he picked up brook lopez over capela
Rodrigo Peralta
Rodrigo Peralta 8 giorni fa
He was on reserved🤣
Aidan 8 giorni fa
How about i get luca giannis 4 1$ players and then i sign bums from free agency to fill my team
Connor Fuxa
Connor Fuxa 8 giorni fa
I know I’m being biased cause I’m a westbrook fan but first off you chose CP3 over him as well as how are walker Lowry fox murray Simmons young and dlo better
SAUCY-LXIX 8 giorni fa
Friendly Amigo • 73 years and
Friendly Amigo • 73 years and 8 giorni fa
Starters: PG: Ja Morant ($33) SG: Duncan Robinson ($10) SF: Brandon Ingram ($28) PF: John Collins ($20) C: Myles Turner ($15) Bench: PG: Alec Burks ($3) SG: Justin Holiday ($4) SF: Timothe Luwawu-Caborrot ($1) PF: Georges Niang ($1) C: Dwight Howard ($3) Isaiah Thomas ($1) Bismack Biyombo ($1) Every one of the starters is a 3 point shooter, which is important as they all space the floor. Ja Morant and Brandon Ingram are young stars who will develop together. John Collins and Myles Turner are great 3rd options. Duncan Robinson is an excellent 3 point shooter who can run off screens and take easy catch and shoot 3s. Defensively they’ve all shown potential as young players to grow into solid defenders. Considering each of the players have less of a load to carry on the offensive end, they can exert more effort into defense. Myles Turner is already good at the rim. On the bench rotation everyone is a great 3 point shooter with Dwight Howard as an anchor. This team will space the floor very well and everyone is a threat beyond the arc. Isaiah Thomas is a risk to take and if he’s healthy he can be a great sixth man and provide some veteran experience. Bismack Biyombo is a solid defender and rebounder to put in.
Isaiah Dewberry
Isaiah Dewberry 8 giorni fa
chris paul should be at least 20 dollars tho he is overrated and underrated
Isaiah Dewberry
Isaiah Dewberry 8 giorni fa
westbrook should be 5 dollars
Dylan Flournoy
Dylan Flournoy 8 giorni fa
Hey Kenny what’s ur ig?? Bc I see to many and I do t wanna follow a fake one
Oliver Brattemark
Oliver Brattemark 8 giorni fa
Bruv I can’t believe you didn’t pick Bol Bol
Tyler Mordente
Tyler Mordente 9 giorni fa
Cp3 d booker kevin Durant draymond green javeial McGee btw I know it is a starting five
Nathan Horan
Nathan Horan 9 giorni fa
I know Kelly Oubre gets a lot of attention because of his looks. But how is he gonna be the same value as Royce O’Neal. Kelly is a bucket and I believe he’s a top 10 SF in the league.
Zay Wright410
Zay Wright410 9 giorni fa
If you didn’t get Russ and Levine for that cheap
BG Bros T.V.
BG Bros T.V. 9 giorni fa
Yo I had a dream Kenny got into the finals for the lakers and all I remember seeing is him adjusting his shorts 10-20 times 😂😂
giorho 9 giorni fa
Doncic over Harden? 😳😳😳💀
Rielly Monaghan
Rielly Monaghan 9 giorni fa
Here’s a fire challenge: Make a wheel with every team on it, go through every position and whichever team it lands you will take their starting (whatever position) and do the same for the coach until you get a 12 man rotation
Bailey Casey
Bailey Casey 9 giorni fa
11:15 did anyone see on Dwayne Bacons name it has &!
Kyle Moran
Kyle Moran 9 giorni fa
pg) jamal murray-12 sg) donte divencenzo-9 sf) klay thompson-23 pf) jaren jackson jr-24 c) mo bamba-5 jerami grant 12 marcus morris sr 7 matisse thybulle 7 serge ibaka 9 myles leonard 3 monte morris 6 taco fall 1 lmk what you think @kot4q
Alec burks on the team made me happy
Ricky Urban
Ricky Urban 9 giorni fa
I would have picked westbrook over cp3 for the pg
Sports Cards 753
Sports Cards 753 9 giorni fa
DROP THAT DOC - Thx Kenny Great Vid - The doc u made!
Wearied Galaxy
Wearied Galaxy 10 giorni fa
You don’t know how much I have to see google docs during school
TXC ShrimpDubzz
TXC ShrimpDubzz 10 giorni fa
Bruh julius randle for 6 bucks wow way too low
Advait Amdekar
Advait Amdekar 10 giorni fa
Why is Russ $17
cal kestis
cal kestis 10 giorni fa
Just go for young cheap players, guys like ja are 25$ and we have 5 seasons, a complete steal
REF TACO 10 giorni fa
westbrook 17 mccollum 17 derozan 13 Harrell 11 Drummond 12 Bench Whiteside 7 Wall 12 Capela 9 Monk 3 rose 8 dunn 5 timithew Bla bla 1Thy went 63-19 won the final in 5
Let's it
Let's it 10 giorni fa
Hol up, that’s Dame not Bron in the thumbnail
reef spinks
reef spinks 10 giorni fa
we need to KOT4Q to 1 mill subs
CALEB RODRIGUES 10 giorni fa
C.K-da-Kxng Here
C.K-da-Kxng Here 10 giorni fa
Jonathan Isaac can run the 3 4 &5. That’s who I woulda picked
Zion Brumfield
Zion Brumfield 10 giorni fa
John Collins 8 dollars is a steal
Rov Nathan Caguimbal
Rov Nathan Caguimbal 10 giorni fa
My biggest problem right now: I only have 2k20 and not have 2k21 to do this,Nah,I'll try it on nba 2k20
Aboodi Sadiq
Aboodi Sadiq 10 giorni fa
My roster: starters: Curry, harden, KD, akumpo, Jokic Bench: Damian Lillard, luka, bron, ad, embiid Why? Cause im just built different..
Sam Teets
Sam Teets 10 giorni fa
Here's a link to a google sheet with the same format Kenny used in the video, listing all players by position and dollar amount docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mGFdN4VLUHuWefPVn3rd2LmEjhRUiNY2GAtyW4X7RKY/edit?usp=sharing
Hde The Disgracer
Hde The Disgracer 10 giorni fa
My Team got conference finals first year
Floki5000 10 giorni fa
This is fun and inspired content. Big fan, love it. And your camera is so HD haha
Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro Lopez 10 giorni fa
Can you pls make ur vids longer I enjoy watching them so much and never want them to end !
Green Beam King
Green Beam King 10 giorni fa
Thats $130 not $120
ps 10 giorni fa
Here’s my lineup Pg Westbrook $17, sg Klay Thompson $23, sf jimmy butler $30, PF Blake griffin $16, c Drummond $13 Pg rondo $4, Sg Gary Trent $5, sf Trevor Ariza $4, PF melo $3, c Dwight Howard $3 11. Jr Smith $1, 12. Biyombo $1 Team can score, rebound, DEFEND, Blake’s a question mark (could be a steal if he stays healthy), bench is strong, team has toughness, if Westbrook struggles, rondo can take over at pg. this teams winning. JR there for the afterparty
Rov Nathan Caguimbal
Rov Nathan Caguimbal 9 giorni fa
@ps I meant if were talkin about 2k,It's not great
ps 10 giorni fa
Rov Nathan Caguimbal what’s wrong with my bench? Rondo and Dwight are playing great in the playoffs, Gary Trent is a good ass scorer and finished games with the blazers, Ariza old but a good 3 and D guy and Melos been improving defensively and he can get a few buckets too
Rov Nathan Caguimbal
Rov Nathan Caguimbal 10 giorni fa
Andre Drummond is $12 not $13,U gotta improve ur bench tho
RAP 4LIFE 10 giorni fa
Buy Giannis and Curry and put both of them as your main and secondary option for scoring. The rest are nobodies that will help on the defensive end👌
Side guy Volume Zero
Side guy Volume Zero 11 giorni fa
-17 Chris Paul 103 -15 Blake Griffen 88 -13 Demar Deron 75 -12 Devote Graham 63 -10 Brook Lopez 53 -7 Mattisee thybulle 46 -7 Hassan White side 39 -5 Jalen Brunson 34 -5 Eric Paschall. 29 -3 Rodney Hood 26 -3 Boban Marajanovin 23 -3 Carmelo Anthony 20 -1 Terrence Ferguson 19 -2 Gary Trent 17 -17 Russell Westbrook 0 My team hella fire
2k Cheese
2k Cheese 11 giorni fa
Terence Ferguson for a 5 year challenge is a steal
RUBIKS COOBS 11 giorni fa
Lol brook Lopez got a 3rd team all nba vote. Check the fax
Void Formal
Void Formal 11 giorni fa
Day 67 of asking Kenny to do the NBA draft challenge you must start in the offseason and load in the 2020 rookies you must then end up with the top three picks and take the three best players in the draft you can trade 2 of them but one has to start for your team this is a 2-year challenge and you must win a championship you have 1 year to make trades and everything and the 2nd year you must win a championship P.S. Turn off-trade deadline
ImSadSaint 11 giorni fa
how tf do you not have fred vanvleet in this list
King Lebron
King Lebron 11 giorni fa
7:22 *ACL
King Lebron
King Lebron 11 giorni fa
Wait! Is your favorite player cp3 and not drose?? I'm confused
Logical Gaming
Logical Gaming 11 giorni fa
im gonna do this challenge it looks super fun.
Logical Gaming
Logical Gaming 11 giorni fa
@KOT4Q next gen reaction on ps5? Please bring back your MyCareer for next gen?
Jordon Krek
Jordon Krek 11 giorni fa
The no chance in hell challenge: win a title having only one star(88 ovr and above) the rest of your roster must be comprised of guys who were drafted in the 2nd round or undrafted. Only 1 of those players can be rated between 80-87 the rest must be 79 or lower
NickRichardson 11 giorni fa
korver just don't exist anymore ? 😂
Evan MacNamara
Evan MacNamara 11 giorni fa
Kenny we need your version of the organized doc brooo
Maximilian Wendland
Maximilian Wendland 11 giorni fa
KD was 2 more expensive than booker... And he took booker anyways
AdrenalineUnlimited 11 giorni fa
Kenny, Karl Anthony Towns is terrible. You're tripping man
Joey 11 giorni fa
My Team: Russell Westbrook PG $17: An absolute steal. Yes, he's coming off a really bad playoff series, and he has some weaknesses that he hasn't ironed out in 10+ years. But he's a superstar that can get you a 30 point trip dub on any given night. An absolute steal at 17 bucks. Kevin Durant SF $39: You need superstars to win a championship. Yes, KD is coming off a gruesome injury, but I need a first option and KD is cheaper than all the rest. If he pans out, I can get a 6'10 three level scorer that plays good d for 20 bucks less than all the other guys at KD's level. Serge Ibaka C $9: What can I say, he blocks shots, rebounds, and shoots amazingly. He's a great complement to Russ and KD. I can't imagine anyone not winning a championship with these three players on their team... Lamarcus Aldridge PF $10: He can be the third star to KD and Russ. yeah, he's old but his post up game and three point shooting ability (39% on 3 attempts this year) can open up a new dimension to the team's offense. Also, he's really cheap. Jaylen Brown SG $24: Great on offense, defense, and is super athletic. Can shoot, can play the 2 or the 3, can get you a bucket in the iso, on the break, and spotting up. Can share third option duties with LMA. A guy who completes this starting 5 by giving the rest of the starters anything they need. The Bench: Goran Dragic 9$: The 6th man off the bench, plugs all of Westbrook's weaknesses. He's a great shooter, and is bona fide floor general. Offers playmaking and floor spacing if the team manages to gameplan for Russ, and can also take over and go for 20 on any given night. If the team wants to go small, he can even start alongside Russ with him (Russ) at the 2. Igoudala $4: A vet with championship expereince, high bball IQ, and still an amazing defender even at his age. Can switch in for Ibaka or LMA when the team wants to go small, or shut down the opposing team's best wing player for 15-20 minutes a night. Melo $3: The complete opposite of Iggy. While Andre offers defense off the bench, Carmelo offers offense. Can get you some buckets in isolation or by spotting up from the 3 for 10-15 mins a night. Marco Belinelli 2$: A great spot up shooter that can offer floor spacing if the team needs. He's not great for much else, but hey, he was super cheap. Dennis Smith Jr $1: The third string point guard. Super athletic, still young. For 1 dollar, we could do worse than him, and if we're lucky he might improve over the next 5 years. Alex Len $1: 3rd string center. He's decent. Is a big enough dude that maybe we can throw him at Embiid or Jokic just to tire them out for 5-10 mins a night. JR Smith $1: Just wanted a wing player for 1 dollar. JR can get hot sometimes. Maybe he'll randomly have a game where he can catch fire and make a few threes, if not, he was only 1 dollar.
Tyler Murray
Tyler Murray 11 giorni fa
I’m sorry but terry rozier averaged 18 points a game last season and they had him lower than monta Morris and Tomas satoransky like wtf that’s so stupid
Bo LaValley
Bo LaValley 11 giorni fa
Mine is kinda goated PG SG Drose Wiggins Lonzo Devencenzo SF PF PG13 Adebeyo Torean prince Beyombo C MO Bamba Damian Jones 11th/12 Keita Bates Diop Jacob evans
Benjamin Ferguson
Benjamin Ferguson 11 giorni fa
Kyrie $28 pg Rose $8 Durant $39 sf Montrez Harrell $11 pf Drummond $12 c Total for starters $98 Kris Dunn $5 backup pg Dwight Howard $3 backup center Aaron baynes $5 backup pf Malik monk $3 Backup sg Thomas $1 backup pg Ferguson $1 11th man Hernangomez $1 12th man
Bo LaValley
Bo LaValley 11 giorni fa
Looks good tho
Bo LaValley
Bo LaValley 11 giorni fa
Backup SF?
Faded Psycho
Faded Psycho 11 giorni fa
LMAO HE DIDNT SAY WHEN KLAY GOT 38 POINTS IN A GAME LOLOL anyway this is not a hate comment
Lawrence Alipante
Lawrence Alipante 11 giorni fa
How is King James behind leonard?
Peppersonic 12
Peppersonic 12 11 giorni fa
My Line Up PG: Lonzo SG: Victor Oladipo SF: TJ Warren PF: Bam Adebayo C: Steven Adams 6 Andre Drummond 7 Darius Garland 8 Carmelo Anthony 9 Marquesse Chriss 10 Isiah Thomas 11 Jr Smith 12 Ed Davis
Bo LaValley
Bo LaValley 11 giorni fa
Please check mine
Bo LaValley
Bo LaValley 11 giorni fa
Cameron Buck
Cameron Buck 11 giorni fa
I was expecting him to take niang
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