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Envy -_- Pumpz
Envy -_- Pumpz 9 giorni fa
Kenny pls do this challenge It’s the “Love Challenge “ every play has to have a wife or girlfriend and have been in a relationship for 5 or more years. Extra challenge. Must have a kid
Cooper Mitchell
Cooper Mitchell 19 giorni fa
Connor McLain
Connor McLain 20 giorni fa
Imagine disliking a kot4q video.
Sebbie Barr
Sebbie Barr 25 giorni fa
It just the way 2k is they always screw you just finished a game where my players were havin stupid turnovers which some shouldn't have been a turnover and had klay hit a 100 contested 3 on kat then i hit a 3 with the last second but it wasn't a 3 cause 2k made me move forward just a lil over the 3pt line
Tdestroyer33 Dixon
Tdestroyer33 Dixon 26 giorni fa
He put force win bruh
z DuKeMaN z
z DuKeMaN z Mese fa
I was hoping the offensive team would have Booker and Lavine. I’m sad now
Sarah Bedil
Sarah Bedil Mese fa
Fun fact: Lebron was listed as a shooting guard his rookie season, Kenny’s first L with his basketball knowledge
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Defense wins games lol
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Joseph Rink
Joseph Rink Mese fa
Hi kenny just lettin u know i luv u no homo
Lachlan Coumbe
Lachlan Coumbe Mese fa
(challenge) 82,0 challenge but you must go 0,82 then 41,41 and then 82,0 in three consecutive years then to win a chip in the last year.
Deven Patel
Deven Patel Mese fa
lol the minnesota pick was used by the timberwolves to get d lo in the first place lol
Gabe Fife
Gabe Fife Mese fa
My man Kenny is funny bro
rema tadelle
rema tadelle Mese fa
Lebron was actually a sg as a rookie and i've played 2k3 before and he was a sg
coletk Mese fa
Drinking game: Take a shot every time Kenny says “offensive-minded”
shrimptoast Mese fa
what’s with Robert pack being the picture for a bunch of guys on 2k
Flash 3
Flash 3 Mese fa
Kenny do all players who commits a lot of falls rebuild if he gets failed out 3or times u have to trade him with your valuable pick and get a second round draft pick and with that second round pick turn him from zero to hero
Eli Burgess
Eli Burgess Mese fa
At 16:12 why is Brandon Clarke’s picture that old ass dude? 😂
Eli Burgess
Eli Burgess Mese fa
Dude why would you put LeBron at pg and d lo at sg and lavine at sf? D lo ain’t a good sg.
BigBodyWetWipe Mese fa
He has to get 2 untouchables and everyone else needs to be under 75 ovl called ' the carry challenge'
Savage Clips
Savage Clips Mese fa
U should have done lebron for luca
Maddawg Knight
Maddawg Knight Mese fa
You should’ve acquired gobert, he’d clamp the whole league😂😂
K Williams
K Williams 2 mesi fa
I’d give up Harden in a heartbeat for 35 yr old Bron
Goose Mese fa
K Williams why
Michael Hurst
Michael Hurst 2 mesi fa
Future of the NBA challenge: must trade for Giannis Antetokounmpo, Luka Doncic, and Zion williamson. Win 3 championships in a row.
JOBAMAN 2 mesi fa
yo anyone else realize how he had to rebuild the warriors with a good offense who had one of the best offenses of all time and pistons with defense who had one of the best defenses of all time
Hordika 5
Hordika 5 2 mesi fa
This was a really interesting challenge, I’m gonna have to give it a try myself.
SGx Genesis
SGx Genesis 2 mesi fa
Honestly I reckon if you ran lebron at small forward and ran lavine in the pg you would've got it
Caleb Guy
Caleb Guy 2 mesi fa
How you be getting that tnt scoreboard in game 7
Kaiden Hanna
Kaiden Hanna 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the historic rebuild no fantasy draft
Kaylen Lyons
Kaylen Lyons 2 mesi fa
Kenny saying fit me but he is 1 inch tall and .1 pounds
Kami 3 mesi fa
I feel like Kenny could have got the Offensive team to the Finals if he kept the 1-3 at their natural positions.
Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph 3 mesi fa
your an idiot for trading rudy gobert for ben simmons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colton Stelloh
Colton Stelloh 3 mesi fa
Giannis ended up back with the bucks giannis your never leaving my team I'll pull a la clippers DeAndre Jordan 🤣🤣
Jack Fabian
Jack Fabian 3 mesi fa
Was thinking about this challenge. The “Cleveland LeBron Challenge” Rules: Can only have one 90+ Overall Can only have two 82-85 Overalls The rest must be lower than a 78 Must win the Finals (Not like LeBron but you know just to win) in 2 years!
shawn d
shawn d 3 mesi fa
do a bad players have bad d challenge
Derek Loucks
Derek Loucks 3 mesi fa
How do you do the fantasy draft now on 2k? I used to be able to and now there’s a bunch of menus and I can’t find the fantasy draft function. It sucksssss
Caleb Arris
Caleb Arris 3 mesi fa
Kenny we don't have enough assets for karl-Anthony-towns but I'll trade for jokic who is a higher over all then KAT
Brady Kitchen
Brady Kitchen 3 mesi fa
Ah yes, My favorite player in the league Eauhkpe udoh
Bifrostdecay 3 mesi fa
Challenge lol become the teacher and teach people the best way to do rebuilds
Perez James. Gozen
Perez James. Gozen 3 mesi fa
Anthawn Nichols
Anthawn Nichols 3 mesi fa
is it sad that I'm happy it the Spurs team that messed up this challenged #InPopWeTrust
Jack Connell
Jack Connell 3 mesi fa
Joey D'Anna
Joey D'Anna 3 mesi fa
Kenny say pistons fan but there are none
vector prime66
vector prime66 3 mesi fa
Thank you for giving piston fans something to smile about we haven't been happy since 04
Jake The snake
Jake The snake 3 mesi fa
Every basketball coach ever: “Defense wins championships”
Susan Santana
Susan Santana 3 mesi fa
You're a God at rebuilds.
Lucid Clipz
Lucid Clipz 3 mesi fa
Day one of asking Kenny to do the “Rookies vs Vets challenge” The rookies must not have played for over 3 years in the NBA and the veterans cannot have played for less than 12 years in the NBA build a squad to see which team us better like so Kenny can see
Slevin 3 mesi fa
Offense gets you to the playoffs but defense gets you rings.
Moe Hasan
Moe Hasan 3 mesi fa
Hey Kenny, as much as jumping into games provides more entertainment, I have a feeling the engine behaves differently. Simming a game doesn't allow for the in-game mechanics and their flaws to show up, whereas when you jump in the fate of a game could be decided by something as stupid as a bump steal. Just some observations, thanks again for all you do
Andrea Welyczko
Andrea Welyczko 3 mesi fa
22:04 Giannis Antetokounmpo DPOY 22:33 i'M GUESSING IT Was Kawhi Because Kawhi Wins it all the time
Deven Patel
Deven Patel 4 mesi fa
John Collins was almost 60 40 90 club
Deven Patel
Deven Patel 4 mesi fa
The Minnesota pick was traded for D’angelo Russell in real life and Kenny was about to send it right back for d lo 🤣
Sherwin John
Sherwin John 4 mesi fa
Literally was thinking I’m betting Ben Simmons is getting on the defensive lineup and the last second he added Ben
Burak 4 mesi fa
Hello guys I just shoot my first MyLeague video can you please help me to grow all help by you will be appreciated:)
CRUMP 4 mesi fa
30:32 the defensive team's system fit was actually better than the offensive team's, u probably didn't notice that Zach Lavine and John Collins weren't too good of a fit compared with everyone else
JQ Plays
JQ Plays 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the no all stars challenge. You can’t use any players from the all star game from this season and last seasons all star game. Do a fanatsy draft and win 2 ships in 3 years. Good like and keep up the good work :D
Dark D
Dark D 4 mesi fa
These arm graphics look like 2K10. Whats up with that?
Derek Jennings
Derek Jennings 4 mesi fa
Defense wins championships
Zane Modzelewski
Zane Modzelewski 4 mesi fa
Mike Fowler
Mike Fowler 4 mesi fa
Sometimes Kenny pulls off insane trades, but I don’t understand some of them. Pascal Siakam is not worth Trez, Nickell-Alexander Walker and 3 1st round picks 😂
Brady Wuertz
Brady Wuertz 4 mesi fa
How do u get the mods
Oscar Williams
Oscar Williams 4 mesi fa
How does his game look different
Wesley M.
Wesley M. 4 mesi fa
You should put the 1990's bulls with jordan, pippen, and dennis in 2020
LG 4 mesi fa
day 3 of asking Kenny for the Brad Stevens challenge Rules: You have 3 years After each year trade every point guard on your team your starter MUST be an All-Star
Mark Lawrence
Mark Lawrence 4 mesi fa
U have to change the HC and system to fit what u want the team to play like. Also u can do all out for best D team but to have the best Off team u only go after 3 great scores and make them the 3 go to players on the team. Everybody else on the Off should be 2 way playmakers or something close to it with high playmaking. That way they play around ur big 3.
Nugget The god
Nugget The god 4 mesi fa
Roooooo-cooooooo is back!!
ldkyler 4 mesi fa
Kenny why dont you put players secondary position at the position you want them to play so you can have them there without their overall dropping? Is it juss something you dont like to do?
Soja 2.0
Soja 2.0 4 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to remove the Robert pack pics from random players
Fusion PL4TINUM 4 mesi fa
Kenny I have a challenge put every player in the league int here prime overall and age and free agents in prime to like boogie and Linsanity and put them in a fantasy draft
ebgoat88 4 mesi fa
The comeback challenge : rebuild a team in the regular way (fantasy draft) but when you get to the playoffs you must force 3 wins for the other team every round.
Jay King
Jay King 4 mesi fa
WHOS BETTER GIANNIS OR HARDEN??!! 🤔 Go check this podcast gives great points...
iGot_TheJuice 91
iGot_TheJuice 91 4 mesi fa
lucas lucas lol
Stephen White
Stephen White 4 mesi fa
Lucas Lucas the legen iykyk
tomtom1373ify 4 mesi fa
Why do most of the players have Robert Pack’s headshot?
Shakey 4 mesi fa
Passport Challenge: Rules: Have the CPU draft your team in a fantasy draft. All players must be born in a different country. Must win a championship in 1 year with that team!
Max Kasuba
Max Kasuba 4 mesi fa
28:20, why is Jokic jacked?
LG 4 mesi fa
day 4 of asking Kenny for the Brad Stevens challenge Rules: you have 3 years after each year you trade every point guard on your roster your starter every season must be an all star
K H I 4 mesi fa
Do this again 🥺
Ben Flis
Ben Flis 4 mesi fa
28:19 why is jokic jacked 😂
Sharp Young
Sharp Young 4 mesi fa
cool video Kot4q. Sharp Young/basketball#47/Sharpshooter$4713/+ millions more stats/recors/balller!!!!!!!!!!
nickolas shaverdian
nickolas shaverdian 4 mesi fa
Kenny I don’t know if you did but make a realistic rebuild
Jenna Geyen
Jenna Geyen 4 mesi fa
You should have montrez a power forward so it would make more sense
J0SH Sm1th
J0SH Sm1th 4 mesi fa
Build a team of Chicago born players or any players affiliated with Chicago
King cup Series
King cup Series 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a long term bulls rebuild
Cain Breidenthal
Cain Breidenthal 4 mesi fa
Darryl morey retweeted your video rebuilding 2010
Trifty 4 mesi fa
Have a league with all of the all time teams and than rebuild the hornets
Kenji 4 mesi fa
28:18 Look at Jokic what in the fucking hell is that
FmLOG 4 mesi fa
28:19 Yo Jokic is swole bro wtf
Ricky Muniz
Ricky Muniz 4 mesi fa
Best midrange shooter challenge
Ahmad Ashour
Ahmad Ashour 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the only conference challenge The challenge is that you do a fantasy draft and you can only use players in a specific conference of your choice or of what team you become if get Chicago you have to do only east if you do this i would really appreciate
Zacharya Volosov
Zacharya Volosov 4 mesi fa
Only white guys rebuild
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker 4 mesi fa
I want to see a draft rebuild. You do a fantasy draft sim. You can make any trades during the first season that you want but the second season, your team must include at least 4 players drafted in the 2021 draft and two of them must start and the other 2 must be in your 9 man rotation. You have until 2023 to win a championship.
sheakuddes 4 mesi fa
Kenny: "there were other offers like Paul George" Paul George: "I'm literally on your second team"
Nicholas Christodoulou
Nicholas Christodoulou 4 mesi fa
"And then another second"
Oliver Church
Oliver Church 4 mesi fa
Yo Kenny do the CashNasty rebuild you create one of the worst players and put them in a draft. You slowly rebuild a team around them and let the player progress overtime eventually win multiple rings and complete the challenge
Neeks Beaks
Neeks Beaks 4 mesi fa
Shoutout Lucas Lucas @clique
Maddox Zolner
Maddox Zolner 4 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the paint beast challenge. In this challenge you must only use players with an A or A+ in inside and/or midrange. *bonus challenge* try to threepeat or repeat titles.
ethan_from_football 4 mesi fa
Video idea: you have to rebuild 2 teams you can’t stop simulating season until they both have one a championship or played each other in the finals
ThatOneWeirdGal 4 mesi fa
If aint have Lou Will come off your bench for the Warriors? Also, no Smart on the Pistons? That's ridiculous...
KanDret0 4 mesi fa
Hairline clean af NGL
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