NBA 2K20, But There's No 3 Point Line

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Deathtrap 101
Deathtrap 101 Giorno fa
Should of took off everyone’s shooting badges Kenny
Tyreek Mahomes
Tyreek Mahomes 7 giorni fa
Should have taken away all the shooting badges too
Son Goku
Son Goku 10 giorni fa
Kenny:lebron wth are u doing messing up my experiment :lebron sorry Kenny that what goats do🐐
Gabe Fife
Gabe Fife 12 giorni fa
I love Kenny’s energy during his videos, he always keeps me distracted
Robert Ronning
Robert Ronning 15 giorni fa
Gabriel Medrano
Gabriel Medrano Mese fa
Kenny smokin that packkk
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Ilja Cederhout
Ilja Cederhout Mese fa
should've gone for only PF/C with this
Shamal Jnnoel
Shamal Jnnoel Mese fa
kenny: wheres demar *scrolls past him* me : ._.
Jeremy Reynolds
Jeremy Reynolds 2 mesi fa
The "Big Man Challenge" you have a 10 man rotation, all players must be 6'8+, and you must set them all to center, you have 3 years to win a championship, good luck!
Lil Axey
Lil Axey 2 mesi fa
You would have to take badges off because some people still have catch and shoot and clutch shooter which probably helped make shots
CodyOsteen5 2 mesi fa
Looked for Korver but you weren’t in the Ks. Then you looked for DeMar and scrolled right past him.
Kevin Teets
Kevin Teets 2 mesi fa
wonder what the 3 point contest would be like
K J 2 mesi fa
Embiid is someone who also would work really well
Globe OS
Globe OS 2 mesi fa
20:33 is what u came for 😀😀
LBZ 2 mesi fa
The ONE rebuild you don’t need the 3. Kenny: ima take Jokic
wenis prinkle
wenis prinkle 2 mesi fa
kenny: takes away three point line ben simmons:😏
Up Da Smokke
Up Da Smokke 2 mesi fa
The.reason some threes were going in is because badgez
Eu Num Ligu
Eu Num Ligu 3 mesi fa
Why I'm the only one that's talking about Lebron making 3pointers with 0% chance?
Austin Hunt
Austin Hunt 3 mesi fa
He forgot to take badges off
Tai Tasso
Tai Tasso 3 mesi fa
Can’t you remove 3 pointers during the league meetings
Machai Christopher
Machai Christopher 3 mesi fa
You past him when you were looking for him
Jake 3 mesi fa
You should’ve taken away the three point badges
Otaku Akuma
Otaku Akuma 3 mesi fa
ethan barnes
ethan barnes 3 mesi fa
where is the nigel williams goss video
JT19 Playz
JT19 Playz 3 mesi fa
Abdullah 3 mesi fa
2:53 there is Kyle Korver (Age 36, 67 rated)
Sam Vicente
Sam Vicente 3 mesi fa
You can just turn off the 3 point line
tyler daugherty
tyler daugherty 3 mesi fa
Kenny:looks at players whose having no 3’s hurts them James harden: Am i a joke to you?
TRASH CAN 3 mesi fa
kenny getting the nigel williams-goss flash backs
Jake Wood
Jake Wood 3 mesi fa
10:29 did anyone hear his phone ding, he got a message in the middle of the video lol
Carson Libolt
Carson Libolt 3 mesi fa
I think some players still make threes because of badges
Kenny do an only 3. Same as this but turn the 3 tendency all the war up and everything else to 0:)
yahia salem
yahia salem 3 mesi fa
you should do a rebuilding where you can only take late 2nd rounds or undrafted players
Jakub Ryl
Jakub Ryl 3 mesi fa
OGs remember Nigel William goss clutch 3 in the finals
Drew Malihan
Drew Malihan 3 mesi fa
2:53 Hi there Kyle Korver
Kenny you should’ve also gotten rid of badges because with a badge like catch and shoot clutch shooter stuff like that it would boost their ability to make threes
ShaqtiNoah 3 mesi fa
Ankle Drew
Ankle Drew 3 mesi fa
Aint he shocked curry leading ppg
Xiao Ming
Xiao Ming 3 mesi fa
starts playing at 20:43 thank me later
Nathaniel Yilma
Nathaniel Yilma 3 mesi fa
J_Chanco 4 mesi fa
lebron made a 3 with the lowest possibility to make it... mj could never
wombo combo
wombo combo 4 mesi fa
10:10 that’s what the rockets were like trading for russ
Kyle Wiesmann
Kyle Wiesmann 4 mesi fa
The reason they are making threes is it might be because of their badges
DeMarvelous DeGoesIn
DeMarvelous DeGoesIn 4 mesi fa
N.A.C ent
N.A.C ent 4 mesi fa
In real life with No 3pt shot you gotta be nice with that contested mid the best players to thrive will be players like kawhi,demar,Melo,lebron,Durant,PG13,Cp3,kyrie,Aldridge,embid ,Tatum and AD there are a few young players that can hit that mid well but most players aren’t gonna be nice especially in the post it’s kinda a lost art
Yaboi Death
Yaboi Death 4 mesi fa
Wouldnt aldridge be a great pf if there wouldnt be a 3pt line?
Joseph Chapman
Joseph Chapman 4 mesi fa
Kenny:”And we back” Me:😂😂😂
Ty3 Roblox
Ty3 Roblox 4 mesi fa
15:13 Bars lowkey.... we need a KOT4Q album
TGpug 4 mesi fa
I wonder who won the 3 point contest 🤔🤔
yes D
yes D 4 mesi fa
Honestly no 3 point line could be beneficial for sharpshooters because teams expect layups and midrange
Romeo 1270
Romeo 1270 4 mesi fa
That "Sekouuu" was the most horrifying and unexpected thing I've ever experienced. I'm shook...
Nahom Haileselassie
Nahom Haileselassie 4 mesi fa
Day 15 of asking Kenny to do the Africa vs Europe rebuild 1 Fantasy Draft 2 Must control 2 teams in different conferences and make them meet in the finals 3-Everyone in the rotation has to be from the continent (reserves can be Americans) 4-And for players like Giannis and Sekou Doumbouya they can on either Africa or Europe Good Luck Kenny
Derek Torres
Derek Torres 4 mesi fa
15:12 did anyone notice him rhyming rondo Lonzo Rubio
Daniel Liñán Molina
Daniel Liñán Molina 4 mesi fa
Bro in which world is DeMar DeRozan not an A+ mid range shooter?
Max Nation
Max Nation 4 mesi fa
Do a rebuilding challenge where you turn the offensive skills all the way down or the defensive skills all the way down and try to win a championship. I assume the scores being really low if the offensive abilities are all 25 and there tendencies being 0.
Ethangelo 4 mesi fa
Asking kenny to do the "Help Kenny Challenge" Rules are: ofcourse fantasy draft You get to draft whoever u want But u have to draft Felicio and Covington You have to keep them on the team U cant trade u have to make the playoffs at least 3 times to win the challenge thank you.
Nadiv Meltzer
Nadiv Meltzer 4 mesi fa
Giannis benefits from the 3 point line maybe more than any other player if u think abt it
Taven Beuke
Taven Beuke 4 mesi fa
asking Kenny to do the "Rookie to MVP" Challange Rules: draft any rookie in an auto-generated draft It has to be in a fantasy draft The challenge can take as long as you would like P.S the rookie better have a cool name.
FetzGaming 4 mesi fa
Man Kenny, I wish you had gone for a guy like AD or Giannis when you have DeAndre Ayton instead of settling for Jokic. When you said “you know it’s Jokic”, I actually didn’t know because you were wasting a top trade piece, Ayton, on Jokic who is way worse without a three point shot. I love watching you when you go for the best players, like Giannis or Luka or KD.
Noah Pink
Noah Pink 4 mesi fa
That is a hard challenge for Steph Curry
Matty D
Matty D 4 mesi fa
I’m pretty sure everyone on kennys team got their first ring except og in that video
Darling Boy
Darling Boy 4 mesi fa
Might have to remove 3pt badges in order to get rid of 3s completely
Ryan L
Ryan L 4 mesi fa
Day 4 of asking Kenny to do the hardest rebuilding challenge ever: First do a fantasy draft but no matter what pick you have you need to choose the player 15 players below the top player. You are not allowed to use trade finder or check to see which teams are rebuilding or selling. Once you build one trade for a player/players and they don't accept it you cannot try and trade for that player again. You also cannot change a players position to make them better. Next you must accept at least 5 trades during the season that a team offers to you. If you lose any games you must try and make a trade with a random team. (This is the only situation in which you can use trade finder, you can't use it during the offseason). You have 3 years to win a championship Have fun.
Mamadou Diop
Mamadou Diop 4 mesi fa
Be passed demar LMFAO❤️🤣🤣✊🏿
SanFranFan30 4 mesi fa
Kenny: Let me find a player in a list *Dyslexia kicks in*
Adrian Kupinic
Adrian Kupinic 4 mesi fa
Hi kenney
GRSY- 4 mesi fa
Kyle Korver was a 67 overall with his 3 pointer taken away
iamthetruth456 L
iamthetruth456 L 4 mesi fa
Do one when they can only shoot 3s
Johnny Pesos
Johnny Pesos 4 mesi fa
Should’ve took away shooting badges probably would’ve helped
bob bob
bob bob 4 mesi fa
Was I just me or was Kenny’s voice not matching his lips moving in the last few minutes of the video???
Braydon The Awesome
Braydon The Awesome 4 mesi fa
Asking kot4q to do the 87 overall challenge rules You can only have players who are in 87 overall or lower
MDR Management
MDR Management 4 mesi fa
Do a wheel of numbers rebuild
Harlan Sivapalan
Harlan Sivapalan 4 mesi fa
You need to take off shooting badges he said thiccccc Nikola
Mr. Dude
Mr. Dude 4 mesi fa
You should’ve took away the shooting badges of every player also it would’ve affected how many threes I made
Matthew Bonner
Matthew Bonner 4 mesi fa
Kenny Jxmy Highroller said D Rose wasn't the best player in the 08 draft
Diego Swonger
Diego Swonger 4 mesi fa
Ice Cream Shop Challenge •5-7 seasons •Randomly select a team •Trade for a 1st Round Pick from all other 29 teams with at least 5 Lottery picks, 3 ROTY, 2 Championships Don’t know if this is physically possible (or too easy for that matter) but it would be cool to see in a vid Ice Cream Shop because there are so many options or “picks”
Chandler Minnard
Chandler Minnard 4 mesi fa
the NO FREE AGENT challenge 1. cannot sign any free agents (unless filling out squad and you can only sign below 65 overalls). 2. Have to start with one of these teams (CAVS, HORNETS, KNICKS). 3. No FANTASY Draft. Cannot sign any free agents above a 65 overall. Have to trade and draft to form your team.
Adam Burgess
Adam Burgess 4 mesi fa
Get the nets a championship
Tate Maier
Tate Maier 4 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the “no players over 90 challenge”. Kenny can not have any players over 90 overall on the team. If a player gets to a 90 overall he has to either trade him or release him. Fairly simple challenge but fairly difficult.
Tyler Pruitt
Tyler Pruitt 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to complete the "Best of the Blue Bloods Challenge" This would require you to rebuild 4 teams. These teams are made up of players from Kentucky, Kansas, Duke & North Carolina. 2 teams in the East and 2 teams in the West to see who finally is the true NBA factory. I have below the number of NBA players per college. UK - 29 KU - 11 (Fill the roster with scrubs) Duke - 23 UNC - 13
Nick gamer
Nick gamer 4 mesi fa
Kenny rank every Chicago bulls head coach
Joshua Rivera
Joshua Rivera 4 mesi fa
Should of taken the badges away
Hoodclassicmikey Hoodclassic on Tōp
Hoodclassicmikey Hoodclassic on Tōp 4 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking kenny to do a switch rebuild
Chidi Ekeke
Chidi Ekeke 4 mesi fa
day 13 of asking can you just make a super long video of you rebuilding a team. i love when you just do a long rebuild with no side challenge
Chidi Ekeke
Chidi Ekeke 4 mesi fa
day 13 of asking can you just make a super long video of you rebuilding a team. i love when you just do a long rebuild with no side challenge
Chidi Ekeke
Chidi Ekeke 4 mesi fa
day 13 of asking can you just make a super long video of you rebuilding a team. i love when you just do a long rebuild with no side challenge
Chidi Ekeke
Chidi Ekeke 4 mesi fa
day 13 of asking can you just make a super long video of you rebuilding a team. i love when you just do a long rebuild with no side challenge
Derrick Dadzie
Derrick Dadzie 4 mesi fa
Kenny , I want you to make a challenge where , you build a team around a rookie after a tanked season and try and win a championship after 3 seasons with the rookie winning finals mvp in the 3rd season
Jeremy Rodrigues
Jeremy Rodrigues 4 mesi fa
On twitch you should stream older nba games and we could watch them with you!!
Elisha Neikrug
Elisha Neikrug 4 mesi fa
my team
Elisha Neikrug
Elisha Neikrug 4 mesi fa
dynamic duo challenge -you need to get both of the players in the dou -they at least need to play together for 2 years 4 mesi fa
I still dont understand why he hates robert Covington
Max Francois
Max Francois 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do a wheel of players jersey numbers . . first you make a wheel of every jersey number used in the nba right now and use a number generator to pick what nba player of that jersey
Tanzeem Islam
Tanzeem Islam 4 mesi fa
edxniel 4 mesi fa
Kenny make a video where you control 5 teams and rebuild all of those teams. one team with all PG’s, all SG, all SF, all PF and all C and see which team did the best.
Bruhaps Ur Mom Gay
Bruhaps Ur Mom Gay 4 mesi fa
Sims for 10 years, players start getting good at shooting 3’s and then in 50 years it’ll be back to normal
A13X- 4 mesi fa
Did you take off shooting badges?
Nick gamer
Nick gamer 4 mesi fa
Do a the worst free troww line challenge
Owen Swisher
Owen Swisher 4 mesi fa
The echo on sekou got me 💀
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