i turned player progression to 100% in nba 2k21 and it broke the game

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i turned player progression to 100% in nba 2k21 and it broke the game

Arjan Goindi
Arjan Goindi Giorno fa
8th seed Pelicans won Halftime's simulation
Arjan Goindi
Arjan Goindi Giorno fa
Jerry Nguyen
Jerry Nguyen 2 giorni fa
100% player progression challenge Can't pick up or trade anyone who is 80 and above and they cant be 23 or older basically a scouting challenge.
Tom Mcmenamin
Tom Mcmenamin 2 giorni fa
thx for reminding to like so nicely
k c
k c 2 giorni fa
Jesus loves you.
Swazey 3 giorni fa
Alphonso D. Anthony
Alphonso D. Anthony 3 giorni fa
Love your videos bro 💯
aVerySpooky 3 giorni fa
matisse thybulle and dejounte murray both out here? thats more representation for husky basketball than ive ever seen in a video game lol
Anyone gonna notice this!?! 11:12
Max Backstein
Max Backstein 4 giorni fa
Kenny needs to do a Dylan Windler Career sim
PRIME 5 giorni fa
build a ringless team bruh! bring 'em to the promised land! haha
ballaholic fan
ballaholic fan 5 giorni fa
i like how kenny just shrugs of the roty thing
ballaholic fan
ballaholic fan 5 giorni fa
love the shirt
Eric Oneal
Eric Oneal 6 giorni fa
should have put everyone potential to max and shot tendency
steven geli
steven geli 6 giorni fa
Yo it’s crazy how your almost at a milli and I’ve been here since before 200k
dr pepper
dr pepper 6 giorni fa
so what did he change about caruso
Sports Sequence Reserve
Sports Sequence Reserve 7 giorni fa
Yo Kenny is in 2k21? I took Spanish with him in high school, super cool dude!
Berserk 7 giorni fa
Been watching the channel for 3 years. Thank you for all the content
XX savage shark XX
XX savage shark XX 7 giorni fa
My name is kenny😁😁
Davino Da Ninja
Davino Da Ninja 7 giorni fa
Why does Kenny look like he just murdered somebody in the thumbnail 😂
David Aldrich
David Aldrich 12 giorni fa
The reason they plateau is because their is a potential attribute and it’s like their max overall
Aerial Assassin
Aerial Assassin 12 giorni fa
yessir grizzlies
Dough boi
Dough boi 12 giorni fa
Kenny what's the discord
The answer
The answer 12 giorni fa
Nice shirt
Austin Broussard
Austin Broussard 15 giorni fa
“His package; is there”
Mouse On Feet
Mouse On Feet 15 giorni fa
“I will be a video”
Evan Boardman
Evan Boardman 16 giorni fa
2k disrespects the heat so much. And I’m not even talking about the video. HOW IS GORAN DRAGIC A 79 OVERALL
iso Spectic
iso Spectic 17 giorni fa
9:34 Sekou Doumbouya is pronounced Saykoo Doomboya
David Klein
David Klein 17 giorni fa
He wears number 5 also
Matthew Henninger-Vonada
Matthew Henninger-Vonada 20 giorni fa
Did you guys see that in the playoffs/ The Clippers blew a 3-1 lead to the mavericks.
Xiniks 21 giorno fa
I’m late but that Garnett dude on the Celtics who had all those similarities to KG also was #5 like Garnett...
Marc Aiz
Marc Aiz 21 giorno fa
NIce 9029
NIce 9029 21 giorno fa
Why not do the opposite? 0 progression but 100 regression
fat boy
fat boy 21 giorno fa
this is by far the best camera quality i think ive ever seen. it looks like a video game man
KARRSON FIELDS (Student) 21 giorno fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do this challenge -Create a player that you think plays just like you and add him to your team - You can trade for any body that is under 90 overall -But you can only trade 5 times -Win finals MVP with you created player -If you don't win finals MVP first try then you have to trade every body on your team - But now can only trade for people that are 80 overall and under -The moment you lose a game with the 80 and under overall team -THE VIDEO ENDS
Slizo Breeze
Slizo Breeze 22 giorni fa
That Bob Garnett dude averaged 8 rebounds and a block and a half at 6’3 dude was a beast
BabyBoyJay 22 giorni fa
Since you was nice I subbed good video bra lol
kevin. 22 giorni fa
1:00 what was that chat in the corner lmao
Zackary Bogle
Zackary Bogle 22 giorni fa
Go to 12:49 and tell me he doesn’t sound like Stephen a smith
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad 22 giorni fa
Should have looked at who was the lowest ovr
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad 22 giorni fa
Dwayne gaines was litreally a 67 ovr and is now in the middle of the 80s mo rush was a 64 and became a 78 damn lmafo
Bobert Flubbington
Bobert Flubbington 22 giorni fa
14:52 is why Kenny don’t have a logo
James Traynör
James Traynör 22 giorni fa
You get the like after I watch the video Kenny
Sicheng Feng
Sicheng Feng 23 giorni fa
Bob Garnett wears number 5 too 🤯
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad 23 giorni fa
DlO always averages 30 alot
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad 23 giorni fa
Did not say anything about chris celmons jumping by 7
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad 23 giorni fa
4 days late rip
RNG Swarm
RNG Swarm 23 giorni fa
“Who’s scoring on y’all” who’s scoring at all
Braxton Felumero
Braxton Felumero 23 giorni fa
2k needs a player morality Where they watch the news and media and how good it goes in with the team and make sure it’s like they don’t switch teams like check in
The Goat
The Goat 23 giorni fa
You see the second year Luka AD and porzingis lost in the first round
miggies bruh bruh bruh
miggies bruh bruh bruh 23 giorni fa
you should put eveyones shot tendancy up to 100 and see what happens
Matthew T
Matthew T 23 giorni fa
Can we see 100% regression as well?
Hugh O'Brien
Hugh O'Brien 23 giorni fa
‘you may turn from a good rookie to a superstar in one season’ luka: 🥱🥱🥱
Night Paralysis
Night Paralysis 24 giorni fa
Why tf was it so hard to say Samuels 😂
Jared Poetsch
Jared Poetsch 24 giorni fa
Botched tendency challenge: Make a team of players You think their tendencies are wrong and put them to the tendency You believe it right I.e(Roco, Matisse Thybulle)
Jakes Custom Shoes
Jakes Custom Shoes 24 giorni fa
Something I’ve noticed with 2k21 is AD always goes to Mavericks and Kawhi always goes to grizzlies
Dominic Bridges
Dominic Bridges 24 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the max tendency challenge Rules : Everyone with a 40 or lower has to have their tendencies pit to 80 for every tendency
Luke O'Brien
Luke O'Brien 24 giorni fa
They did my boy wall wrong
Doctor J
Doctor J 24 giorni fa
This is the NBA version of when somebody makes a new MyPlayer and buys 200,000 VC and upgrades them before getting badges
lildisabilitycheck 24 giorni fa
"Old Head" Challenge : Rebuild a team with only players 32 years old or older. Nobody under that age. No rookies allowed. Try to win a championship in 3 years
VapoR Quik
VapoR Quik 24 giorni fa
“from a good rookie to a superstar the next season” sounds a lot like luka doncic
Depressed Dolphins Fan
Depressed Dolphins Fan 24 giorni fa
At 27:10 Bob Garnett is also wearing #5😂
Cash I
Cash I 24 giorni fa
Floor greg monroe/ Out of league
Jack Quinn
Jack Quinn 24 giorni fa
New challenge idea sim until bulls won a championship
Jaridan Finch
Jaridan Finch 24 giorni fa
Do a rebuild with 100% progression and 100% regression but you can only have 1 rookie 2 people 30 and under then the rest 31 or older
Hisao Nakai
Hisao Nakai 24 giorni fa
High Archbishop of Tea Tasting
High Archbishop of Tea Tasting 25 giorni fa
Wait what if you just had everyone have 99 potential would it just keep having massive jumps or would it slow down after the first couple of years?
Andre Harris
Andre Harris 25 giorni fa
you should quick edit and start giving a 5+ to every one tendencies every year
Zac Margolis
Zac Margolis 25 giorni fa
29:11 Kenny: I can guarantee you, that is not Kevin Garnett’s son Roy Garnett: I was adopted 😐
Zach McDowell
Zach McDowell 25 giorni fa
Bob Garnett was also wearing number 5 on the Celtics
Spawn 25 giorni fa
"The Agents of Shield" Rebuilding Challenge Phil Coulson: Get a player who cameback from a season ending injury three times. Melinda May: Try get a quiet player like Kawhi Leonard FitzSimmons: Get two players with A or higher basketball IQ Quake: Get a player with 80 or higher Strength and B or higher basketball IQ YoYo: Get a player with 90 or higher speed. Nick Fury: Get a player who will be in the lineup twice then waive him. Hunter: Get a player who came overseas and trade him after a few seasons Bobby: Get a player who is a great defender and trade him after a few seasons Mack: Get a player who has a serious personality Deke Shaw: Get a player who has more of a funny personality
Tyler Holland
Tyler Holland 25 giorni fa
You asked nicely, so i gave you a like homie :)
Adam Warner
Adam Warner 25 giorni fa
Bob Garnett was also wearing #5 for the Celtics 👀
Hudson Schaller
Hudson Schaller 25 giorni fa
Even in every my career I make Anthony Davis ends up on Mavericks
Joaquin Jurado
Joaquin Jurado 25 giorni fa
Hear me out! Miami's Big Three Rebuilding Challenge! Rules: 1) You have to be the Miami Heat. 2) Fantasy Draft. 3) Your 3 best players must have been selected in the top 5 places in the same year (if it isn't possible, top 10). 4) You have to make it to the finals 4 years in a row. 5) Win AT LEAST 2 rings. 6) In order to make it easier, you could make everyone tradable. Come on, man, do it for Argentina, do it for Manu! I love your videos!
Jonathon Yohn
Jonathon Yohn 25 giorni fa
Rj barrett never gets kept on the Knicks they never pick up his option.
blazes brother
blazes brother 25 giorni fa
In my mycareer ad is in the mavs and kawhi is in the grizz. Seems like 2k is unoriginal
AdrenalineUnlimited 25 giorni fa
Idk why you can't see KAT is bad.
xander Mattingly
xander Mattingly 25 giorni fa
Challenge for Kenny Rule 1 Draft a team all 85 and under Rule 2 turn trade difficulty to 80 Rule 3 trade for a team all above 85 overall Rule 4 must win back to back championships
Wesley Stephenson
Wesley Stephenson 25 giorni fa
Just started the video but i gotta feelin 2k gonna crash within like 6 years
IT’z Nafi
IT’z Nafi 25 giorni fa
IT’z Nafi
IT’z Nafi 25 giorni fa
Rap W
Rap W 25 giorni fa
Dwayne Gaines looks like Jimmy Tatro 😂
Guthrie Scoblic
Guthrie Scoblic 25 giorni fa
can we recognize that Bob Garnett went from undrafted to 99 overall in 2 seasons
Andrew Parsons
Andrew Parsons 25 giorni fa
Do my career
Eclipse 25 giorni fa
The offseasonish challenge In this challenge you are gonna have a lot of fun during the offseason start in the offseason or regular season idk if you can if so just start the challenge in the offseason The objective:you have to do all the tasks and Win a championship sorry but this challenge must be at least a 4 year rebuild 1.the worst part about this challenge is all of your incoming trades have to have a pick on it this is for every trade (but to make it easier you can flip the picks this includes best for worst ect) 2. at the end of the season no matter what you have to have the first overall pick and cannot trade it away ​3. you​ can only have one player over the overall of 89 the rest have to be lower and you HAVE to get him in free agency 4.only trade finder trades 5. just for fun you have to get BOL BOL(shoutout clique) 6. you have to pull one player out of retirement 7.also for fun get lonzo (shoutout troydan) 8.last but not least wanna draft well) And your done do the challenge DO IT Like this so kenny can see it
Fetrotmg 25 giorni fa
Lowell terry career sim 💪🔥🔥🔥
Jezreel Bansil
Jezreel Bansil 25 giorni fa
Road to 1M 😍😎
Eli Webb
Eli Webb 25 giorni fa
15:00 u can hear the notification
Codey Duval
Codey Duval 25 giorni fa
Your awesome bro keep up the good work been loving the simulations lately 💯💯💯
Rov Nathan Caguimbal
Rov Nathan Caguimbal 26 giorni fa
13:38 Spencer Dinwiddie looks surprising
D Ale
D Ale 26 giorni fa
kenny bro you forgot that KG was also #5 when he played for the C’s... so bob comes from college (which is minnesota, KG old squad) and they both end up playing for the C’s lol.
PewDieCry 26 giorni fa
I want to see a bob Garnett career simulation
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing 26 giorni fa
Anyone peep the stream comments
Clayton Schofield
Clayton Schofield 26 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a timberwolves Rebuild
FastKat 7
FastKat 7 26 giorni fa
And we back is the greatest quote of all time
Boompa World
Boompa World 26 giorni fa
bro gotta set his phone on do not disturb
Bruh_Sound_Effect_9 BOI
Bruh_Sound_Effect_9 BOI 26 giorni fa
did u ever answer the dudes question that was in the chat tho?
Dev Bhakta
Dev Bhakta 26 giorni fa
They upgraded the speed simulation In playstation
Keoni Gaskin
Keoni Gaskin 26 giorni fa
My Cavs finally made the video
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