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Collin Oberst
Collin Oberst 5 ore fa
All I’m saying is keeping bogey would’ve worked out a lot better
Rene Estrada
Rene Estrada 3 giorni fa
Nothing but BANGERS
Princevontheboss 2
Princevontheboss 2 4 giorni fa
thx u for fixing detroit i might say this all the time 313 OUT
lito dat
lito dat 6 giorni fa
I just discovered your channel but I really like it & you seem super cool man I like the way u do things u earned my sub hope your channel continues to grow
Blazing Bat
Blazing Bat 8 giorni fa
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 11 giorni fa
Do you turn off Trade Logic
Always Us
Always Us 16 giorni fa
Why he still don’t got a mill
Lek Viray
Lek Viray 17 giorni fa
Can u try to create a team like pistons no superstars or one superstar like iverson era?
iinfluences 17 giorni fa
Kenny I’m just gonna a pick a player with no bias also Kenny picks jokiam
MrTongamotorhead 19 giorni fa
should have gone for clint capela i think he went down and its easy to get him
DF Gaming and Reviews
DF Gaming and Reviews 22 giorni fa
Heres a challenge: Build a good team using only drafts picked players. 1. U cant sign free agents from fa. 2. Must trade all players over 27 and build from there.
Gustavo Keresztes Abrantes
Gustavo Keresztes Abrantes 23 giorni fa
Luka is one
Myles Colly
Myles Colly 25 giorni fa
‘And we back’ is tooooooooooo goooooood
Young Red
Young Red 27 giorni fa
Kenny’s title: it’s impossible Us: stop the cap, stop the cap right now
Reid Frisby
Reid Frisby Mese fa
Kings fans crying
Gurinder Sekhon
Gurinder Sekhon Mese fa
He Is underated
Gurinder Sekhon
Gurinder Sekhon Mese fa
KD got worse
Bill Galligher
Bill Galligher Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a realalistic sixers rebuild
Michael Litzau
Michael Litzau Mese fa
My dude that shirt is amazing!
Daniel Malone
Daniel Malone Mese fa
@t Here is a link to a petition I started to get Kenny signed on with 2K to help fix MyLeague and the rosters, please feel free copy and past the link, share, do whatever, let's get some signatures!
Nikhil Sahu
Nikhil Sahu Mese fa
Can u please do a sports rebuild. You need to have a fantasy draft. U will draft ur team. 3 -5 year rebuild and u need to have one of the players that fit the role for at least one season. Football: get a player who played football in high school or college Soccer: get a player who is known for flopping. Golf: get a player who is over 36. Tennis: get a player who is getting paid over 20 million dollars Basketball: get a top 20 player in 2K. Baseball: Get a player who is signed with Jordan. Because he played baseball if u know u know Hockey: get a player who has got over 7 techs this season. You also need a kot4q meme player who needs to be on the roster at all times. If you get Robert Covington you can make his offensive tendency a 75. You need to run a 9 man rotation. You can pick the 9th man. In the playoffs you need to keep it a nine man rotation but they do not need to have the same amount of minutes. This took me a while to think of this. Like it up so the goat 13eecham can see.
zhila yaroslav
zhila yaroslav Mese fa
"3:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Gaming With Jay
Gaming With Jay Mese fa
kenny you can spam triangle when editing there positions and make there secondary position what you want
Pika Quack
Pika Quack Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the “Opposite League Challenge” Rules: -Fantasy Draft -All Players Must Be In Their Worst Position -Win 3 Rings Like so Kenny can see
TheBrownGosling Mese fa
can you play with injuries on next video ?
derozanfan10 Mese fa
"Andre Drummond is a cheat code in 2k" - Kenny 2020 Also Kenny: "Rudy is the best guy that fits this challenge" 😂😂😂😂😂
Carenza John
Carenza John Mese fa
"3:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Miguel Muñoz
Miguel Muñoz Mese fa
17:46 Landry Shamet looking like 2K21's Alec Burks
Evan Lipkus
Evan Lipkus Mese fa
Rebuild raptors
Taylor Gwynette
Taylor Gwynette Mese fa
Dang the Celtics really took James harden over luka
Tracy Van Es
Tracy Van Es Mese fa
Blue Chip
Blue Chip Mese fa
Kenny You should do a challenge were your team can only make it to the conference finals for three years straight. No rules besides that. And Keep up the great content.
Mitcho Mese fa
Champions rebuilding challenge: Build a team with only players that have a ring.
jackson delmar
jackson delmar Mese fa
14:26 Lil mosey🤣🤣
Someone Someone
Someone Someone Mese fa
Why didn't you just get Demar contract instead of Buddy's contract.
Kobi May
Kobi May Mese fa
Do a rebuild with only dad’s.
Mariano Morsa
Mariano Morsa Mese fa
Hey Kenny pls do the "Big 5" Rebuilding challenge. -Start with a fantacy draft - Make sure that your starting 5 are ALL the same overall Like if you agree
Javan Christian
Javan Christian Mese fa
Kardashian rebuild
JAYproductions Mese fa
The comeback challenge rules: - NO FANTASY DRAFT!!!! -Pick any team you want!!! - Put your best player on you bench for the whole season - The second best player can only play at the most 30 minutes - Cant trade for a 90 or higher overall player - Can only make 10 trades - Sim the whole season - If you dont win 60+ games you cant have your best overall in the playoffs - If you win at least 61 games you can have your highest overall player in the playoffs -Have 5 years to do this GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
JAYproductions Mese fa
The comeback challenge rules: - NO FANTASY DRAFT!!!! -Pick any team you want!!! - Put your best player on you bench for the whole season - The second best player can only play at the most 30 minutes - Cant trade for a 90 or higher overall player - Can only make 10 trades - Sim the whole season - If you dont win 60+ games you cant have your best overall in the playoffs - If you win at least 61 games you can have your highest overall player in the playoffs -Have 5 years to do this GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
expecfarma Mese fa
"7:08" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Matthew Treeby
Matthew Treeby Mese fa
How about last chance saloon, all players must be over 33 and not won a championship ring chaser challenge
Anna Tercyak
Anna Tercyak Mese fa
Kenny it’s time for the 0-82 to 82-0 challenge in 2k21! like so he sees this
Devin Blackburn
Devin Blackburn Mese fa
0-82 to 82-0 challenge please continue the series
Bole Bole
Bole Bole Mese fa
Kenny you should first give them their 2k20 overal and them move to other position
Andrew_Dudinetz Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the “OFF BRAND Challenge” rules aren’t simple: 1.) Nobody on ur roster can be sponsored by Nike or 2.) Nobody can be sponsored by 1 of the following: Adidas, Jordan Brand, Under Armour 3.) Must win 2 championships in 3 years. Make sure to like so Kenny sees.
Fraser Posford
Fraser Posford Mese fa
Kenny, please do a 'ring chasers rebuild'. Fantasy draft, rebuild a team entirely with players who've never won an NBA Championship and win a Championship with them. Then create an entirely new roster (trading every single player away) using another set of players who have never won an NBA Championship and win one with them. Like so Kenny and can see!
Cody Stout
Cody Stout Mese fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the hardest expansion rebuild/ rebuild maybe ever! Rules protected players to 14 Trade difficulty to 100 Can only trade finder once Cant see who is rebuilding or selling Gotta have Robert Covington on roster for first year Gotta try to 3 peat Can only have 1 90 overall nothing over 90 And you cant trade any picks unless it's in the one trade finder trade I know you the best and we want you to prove it to everyone else so good luck and stop avoiding it Kenny ik you read the comments
Just Another papaya
Just Another papaya Mese fa
Hey Kenny. Have you ever done a video where you did a fantasy draft with legends included? Would be really fun to watch.
Jax Leggett
Jax Leggett Mese fa
My Team Challenge - Open a 10 or 20 pack box and use the players from the packs as a rebuild on your team
MijiGames :Mizzi007:
MijiGames :Mizzi007: Mese fa
Can you check what it says who won MVP in 2019-20 in season awards
jomar pajila
jomar pajila Mese fa
No 90 above rebuild challenge -must be no 90 and above player -team must be 28 yrs old and above - trade difficult is 70 -must have d rose.
Noyce Gaming
Noyce Gaming Mese fa
I play a lot of MyLeague and has been playing it as the main since MyPlayer went to the ground after 2K16.. Can't believe they release the same thing without any new stuff, Thank God for content creators like KOT4Q who continues to come up with fun ideas to play the mode. Usually when I wanna play some myleague and I've no idea what to play I'll just find his theme and do them myself! If y'all got any good suggestions how I could continue to enjoy MyLeague do suggest em' to me man! Hopefully 2K would release a patch to change it a little or something smh
real_life _mimidia
real_life _mimidia Mese fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to do the "Jim Boylen challenge" You have to sign the worst possible coach in the entire game and give him as much money as possible Build a team around that coach so they can clinch the No1 seed and the Coach Of The Year award. You have 3 seasons to also win a championship with this coach. Like so Kenny can see it
Eran Dren
Eran Dren Mese fa
Kenny went full coach Thibs for the last series
Fun Rush 617
Fun Rush 617 Mese fa
Day 16 of asking Kenny to do the "KD/Jeff Green Sonics Challenge". Rules: -put the Sonics in the NBA through expansion. -Trade for KD and Jeff Green(since they're the last 2 Sonics players in the NBA) -Both should start and play at least 30 minutes per game -Trade away the rest of the team and fill out the roster with 12-13 auto-generated players(you can choose) -Rebuild the team. You can trade the auto generated players but KD and Jeff Green must stay on the roster for the entire challenge. -You can't let them retire either until you win a ring. -Good Luck Kenny!🍀 PLS. LIKE SO THE GOAT🐐 CAN SEE. (P.S. I'M A BULLS FAN TOO CAUSE OF D-ROSE)
corvetteandco Mese fa
"7:08" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Joshua Held
Joshua Held Mese fa
Ok so usually for my birthday I buy madden and the 2k. This year I don’t want 2k 21. My favorite game mode is my league but they didn’t do a thing. So I can just play 20. It’s like BRUH! Love your videos man!!!!!
Guilherme Almeida
Guilherme Almeida Mese fa
Do the mamba challenge. Have one player avg 30+ppg while winning back to back championships with only 1 other all star in your team
Jerbo Mese fa
Day 1 of asking all the non toxic people to sub to me
CharlesMFie Mese fa
do a madden 21 franchise video and rebuild the worst team
Jerbo Mese fa
Best content creator on ITpost
Yadon Tramel
Yadon Tramel Mese fa
Only have players that were in the bubble. Not just on the team but actually in the bubble. Like you couldn’t trade for Lakers’ Avery Bradley.
Fiberki Mese fa
Rebuild challenge: win a championship by only using left handed players
BoyyouHilarious Mese fa
How many times have we seen kenny trade a player and then all of a Sudden they're hooping the next time you see them🤣🤣
imStevoo Mese fa
where does this dude buy his shirts they so mf clean
justin bonilla
justin bonilla Mese fa
Bro , please respond. What type of camera are you using? That shit is beyond crisp
Michael Ramos
Michael Ramos Mese fa
Shamm God
Shamm God Mese fa
Paul George
Maria Bermudez
Maria Bermudez Mese fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do The Titans rebuild challenge. Rules: Point guard must be 6'6 or taller. Shooting guard must be 6'7 or taller. Small forward must be 6'10 or taller. Power forward must be 6'11 or taller. Center basically has to be Kristaps or boban. (7'3 and taller) Correction I forgot about the boy tacko fall. 3 years to complete. Changing position is allowed. Fantasy draft. Good Luck kenny! You are the goat!
Hidogcool Bro
Hidogcool Bro Mese fa
No video today :(
Ryan McDowell
Ryan McDowell Mese fa
Anyone know what happened to Kenny hardaway
Imnotpopular Mese fa
Russell Westbrook had a great year last year but still drops ok 2k
Sean Riggins
Sean Riggins Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the “Keep It Simple” Rebuilding Challenge!! Rules are simple: -1 year challenge only -Can only use trade finder(no proposing ur own trades) -No switching up the trade in trade finder(What u see is what u get.) -No untouchables -No free agent signings -Win a Championship🏆 Like so Kenny can see❤️
That One Shammy
That One Shammy Mese fa
The “rival rebuild challenge” Fantasy draft Every three losses you must trade a player, but you must trade them to their biggest rival No trade deadline Must win 2 championships for the longer vid 😂 Better hope you get lucky
Kodak Blue
Kodak Blue Mese fa
What difficulty do you play your mygm/myleague on??
Cashes Walker
Cashes Walker Mese fa
If Kenny can’t do it it’s impossible
Sidthekid Playz
Sidthekid Playz Mese fa
Day 1: of asking Kenny to do the "get them boards" challenge. Rules: every player on your team had to average (6+ rebounds for the guards) and (8+ for the forwards and centers) this season and has to win 2 championships.
Christian Warner
Christian Warner Mese fa
Day 18 of asking KOT4Q THE GOAT to do the no awards challenge rules: 1. Do a fantasy draft 2.Can't have a single player who won any of the main awards (MVP, ROTY, DPOY, SMTY, MIP, all NBA and defense team, championship, scoring title) 3.Have to win a championship and win 1 main award Like so he can see
Silas Wellenius
Silas Wellenius Mese fa
Asking Kenny for the Kyle Schultz rebuilding challenge Before you start pick your Kyle Schultz he must be 95+ Rules 1. Kyle Schultz must be there the whole video 2. The first 3 years you must 3peat with a duo 2 95+ OVR’s where the rest of the team are 80- 3. In year 4 you 2nd member of the duo must be RELEASED 4. So your left with just your Kyle Schultz get 3 more 90+ OVR’s who come from bad teams 5. Repeat in year 5-6 after year 6 trade those 3 new players for a totally new roster exept Kyle Schultz 6. Those new players must all be on there rookie contracts 7. After year 8 trade everybody but Kyle Schultz for new players 8. Win the chip year 9 9. With the exact same roster be last in the confrence so like changing positions in year 10
The one trade per year challenge
PTCSP Raptor
PTCSP Raptor Mese fa
Challenge for Kot4q- Black Panther(Chadwick Boseman) Challenge 1. Make a my career player named Chadwick boseman and make him your star player. 2. Give him attributes such as high vertical and agility. 3. Have him get hurt during the season and replace him with another person during free agency, draft, etc. 4. Then, have him come back stronger than ever and win the championship. You can change it a little bit if you would like. 😀
Evan S
Evan S Mese fa
You should do the Happy Rebuild: you can only use people who are smiling in their picture
D Yoshizumi
D Yoshizumi Mese fa
Hi I'm a fan and I got a challange the 1 postion and this is the postion the play in real life like point guard shooting guard and powerfoward to center this has to be how they trade and play during the regular season and playoffs please do it i
D Yoshizumi
D Yoshizumi Mese fa
I meant they play it I. The playoffs and regular season and to get traded in that postion sorry typing mistake
Arjun Beeravalli
Arjun Beeravalli Mese fa
Can u make the builds from ur 2k demo video in lark plz
Matt Horenci
Matt Horenci Mese fa
How much for that shirt
Drew 30
Drew 30 Mese fa
No bench😂
Glitched Mese fa
Kenny do a rebuild with jiedel
Dh Dheg
Dh Dheg Mese fa
The “make history” challenge 1. Build an amazing team and beat the record for wins. 2. Once you get into the finals you have to force win the other team 3 games. 3. Try to come back 0-3 like so he can see
Juju Burst
Juju Burst Mese fa
Do a rebuild where you random select a team and you put yourself on the team and try to go 0-82 and then 82-0 and win MVP and a championship
Zakari Haider-Bierer
Zakari Haider-Bierer Mese fa
luka went down two overall
MJF 03
MJF 03 Mese fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, and desert challenge Breakfast= 3 point guards Lunch = 2 Superstar sidekicks Snack = No centers Dinner = Robert Covington Desert = as many superstars as you can get (minimum 2 superstars) Use the pistons Coach=DwyaneCasey You must win 3 championships representing the 3 Pistons championships(1989,1990,2004)
Young Ant
Young Ant Mese fa
Day 6 of asking Kenny to do It Takes 6 To Win A Ring. 1. Do a fantasy Draft as usually. 2. Use the CPU given lineup meaning you cannot change players positions like change someone from SG to PG to make the overall better and cannot change the lineup at all. (You cannot switch players minutes at all.) 3. Somehow make your sixth man make NBA First, Second, or Third Team. (P.S. I know how you like to make challenges harder, so either make your Sixth Man win MVP or Defensive Player of the Year.)
Reid Hecox
Reid Hecox Mese fa
Asking Kenny if he can do the reunite challenge Rules -have to get Westbrook, Harden and Durant on the same team -have to win a championship with those three -have to start them all -fantasy draft
Griffin Kirk
Griffin Kirk Mese fa
You must make everyone on your team the position that they have the worst rating, you also need to win the campionship
Christian Birriel
Christian Birriel Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the Chicago bulls rebuild you can have any current or former Chicago bulls players and try to win at least 2 championships and bring the bulls back to greatness love the content
Elite Caleb
Elite Caleb Mese fa
300lb-400 roster rebuild challenge
Elite Caleb
Elite Caleb Mese fa
300lb rebuild challenge
Dill Pill
Dill Pill Mese fa
Kenny you’re the best but I had an ad every 4 mins of this video. And I’m not playing it can’t happen again
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