Every NBA Team's Biggest Mistake In The Past 20 Years

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Scifon Cra
Scifon Cra 2 mesi fa
2 things: Ayton was an obvious choice. No one expected Luka to blossom into that crazy superstar he did. it's not a big mistake, cmon... Also, the Arenas contract? Not the Kwame pick? hmm
Aidan Jones
Aidan Jones 2 mesi fa
Where was the warriors😂
Ronnie James
Ronnie James 2 mesi fa
Wasn’t expecting that full 20 year Sacramento can’t pick part😂😂
Crickett 2 mesi fa
So hypothetical for anyone reading: Let's say you're the Philadelphia 76ers in 2017. You don't trade up, but Jayson Tatum goes #1 overall and Lonzo goes #2. With the benefit of hindsight, who do you take #3 overall for Philly?
Dazrael 2 mesi fa
Donovan Mitchell! Maybe De'Aaron Fox
- Totembot -
- Totembot - 2 mesi fa
KD was never about to stay. Back to back ships ain't bad for the biggest mistake in the last 20 years. The Warriors did pass on Kobe though.
Steve Frank
Steve Frank 2 mesi fa
drafting Ayton was not a mistake. The world will see..
Qynn Marble
Qynn Marble 2 mesi fa
Okay, as a Phoenix Suns fan, there are so many bigger mistakes in the past 20 years than taking DA over Luka.
Qynn Marble
Qynn Marble 2 mesi fa
Haha never watched one of your videos, but you did solid man. I gotta say, I busted a nut when you hit ostracized like a wall. No hate or nothing, just funny haha! Good video
Wehere323 2 mesi fa
So basically every teams worst move ever then
Joe Breezy
Joe Breezy 2 mesi fa
Vince quit on the Raptors, they had to trade him. Guy was passing up every shot and was legit on 16PPG, he scored 27PPG the same season after they traded him. He fucked the raptors over hard and deserved every single boo thrown his way, theres a reason they didn't get good value for him. Yeah the management and rest of the team wasn't great but he still gave up on the team and fans and that deserves disrespect. REAL raptors fans know the worst decision can be explained in three words: BARGNANI #1 Pick
Joe Breezy
Joe Breezy 2 mesi fa
That Pelicans trade was working great and that article is just straight up lying cuz they played really well, but the Pelicans decided not to resign Cousins even for the fuckin minimum because of unlucky injuries
andrew payette
andrew payette 2 mesi fa
Orstrasizing lol
Veji Jahaj
Veji Jahaj 3 mesi fa
A lot of teams should’ve drafted Donovan Mitchell how he didn’t land in Detroit is beyond me
john johnny
john johnny 3 mesi fa
Boston’s biggest L was NOT trading Irving when he had worth. Bringing Kyrie in was a no brained at the time
Master Youngling
Master Youngling 3 mesi fa
I think for the mavs it was not resigning Tyson Chandler
Donald Priola
Donald Priola 3 mesi fa
Love your insights. Drafting Marcus Fizer is up there for the Bulls; he was a huge bust. I also think throwing money at Zach Lavine was/is a mistake (though not of the 20-year variety). He's a high usage, low efficiency player with no interest in Defense. Your franchise follows your highest paid player, the Bulls' culture is really awful right now. As a lifelong fan, watching ownership screw us over has been tough.
sshear4563 3 mesi fa
For the Knicks I'm amazed it wasn't the KP trade, which we did to make cap space for the 0 superstars we signed that off-season. Also the best player we got back was DSJ -_-
The Hybrid YT
The Hybrid YT 3 mesi fa
Atlanta hawks biggest mistake is trading Luka Doncic for Trae Young. Trae young is the most overrated player in the NBA right now and Doncic is the best point guard in the league. As a Nuggets fan, I am furious about how good Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell have become
Evan Green
Evan Green 3 mesi fa
Kenny, my man got a bit of a purple haze. 👾
Lucas Fontes
Lucas Fontes 3 mesi fa
Not giving Gordon Hayward a 5 year deal was the best thing for the Jazz.
If that Anderson signing is the worst for the Rockets? Morey the goat! Anderson was 🔥 his first year and helped land CP so 🤷‍♀️ Anderson was great but he was never gonna match that contract and that’s why he didn’t work out
ghappy C
ghappy C 3 mesi fa
I think the Wizards biggest mistake is trading away Chris Webber or drafting mfg Kwame Brown
bthomas1997 3 mesi fa
Not bad for the Celtics. Danny would never fuck up THAT badly
rome8180 3 mesi fa
The Warriors have slipped in the last year or so. It's not just running off Durant. It's giving up a pick to get rid of Iguodala so they could make room for Russell. And then just a few months later flipping Russell for a much worse player in Wiggins.
Omega Man
Omega Man 3 mesi fa
Ostrich sizing
playa0789 3 mesi fa
na for the hornets its either trading shia gigelous alexander for bridges OR not accept 4 first round picks from the celtics and taking frank kamisky
Adrian Enrique Arenas Roth
Adrian Enrique Arenas Roth 3 mesi fa
The Joe Johnson deal really wasn't that big of a mistake. Yes, it was a massive overpay, but the fact they basically got out of the contract before his game declined pretty much meant that it didn't handicap the team in any shape way or form. Passing on Chris Paul for Marvin Williams is a much bigger mistake.
Scott M
Scott M 3 mesi fa
As a suns fan, there are teams with less mistakes in the 20 years than us in the past 5
unown unown
unown unown 3 mesi fa
joe johnson might not have been worth the 124 million but hell if i had to choose any nba player of the last 20 years to have on my team to shoot the game winner it would be him. dude was clutch as fuck.
Brody Allen
Brody Allen 3 mesi fa
*Ostracizing* "Ahh-st-rihh-size-ing"
we're did 2k go wrong
we're did 2k go wrong 3 mesi fa
Watch in the next ten years 76ers biggest mistake is trading away fultz watch just watch that happen
Tyler S
Tyler S 3 mesi fa
You know you got a good fan base when there’s no “Ore-stra-sty-zing” comments
JacquizzZ 3 mesi fa
I think not trading for Steph was worse for the Bucks, but not drafting Embiid is up there
Aaron Luricina
Aaron Luricina 3 mesi fa
Bro like you didn't read the article before making a video 🤣 you acting like you have knowledge but there's no way you won't read an article before making a video about it
Gary Montgomery
Gary Montgomery 3 mesi fa
Trygve 001
Trygve 001 3 mesi fa
Had the Jazz given Hayward that contract he wouldn’t have had that leg injury and he’d still be a top player in the league
z z
z z 3 mesi fa
The biggest mistake the spurs made the last 20 years is taking Tim Duncan out of the game and letting Bosh get that offensive rebound
SyFe Deadeye
SyFe Deadeye 3 mesi fa
that lighting tho
JWAC Cards and Reactions
JWAC Cards and Reactions 3 mesi fa
Donovan Mitchell wouldn't have fit in Denver
Owen West
Owen West 3 mesi fa
Kenny where did you get that shirt?
Gustavo Paim
Gustavo Paim 4 mesi fa
Portland trail blazers biggest mistake is sam bowie before michael jordan in 1984 draft
Max Baker
Max Baker 4 mesi fa
The shirts fire
Escape Chzy
Escape Chzy 4 mesi fa
The hornets traded Kobe wtf😂 how is that not there biggest
Alex B
Alex B 4 mesi fa
Spike shirt is 🔥
alessandro zarra
alessandro zarra 4 mesi fa
In the Magic trade they trade an horse too, that was the real big mistake
Dre Westbrook
Dre Westbrook 4 mesi fa
I highly doubt buddy he old would have changed the pelicans future they would have still been losers and ad was leaving
FIG 4 mesi fa
The knicks worst move is the kristaps trade
Ben Xenos
Ben Xenos 4 mesi fa
For the Lakers it's trying to make Dwight an offensive option instead of Pau in 2013 (which also ruined Kobe before his time)
Ben Xenos
Ben Xenos 4 mesi fa
For the Warriors I would've taken the Biadrins extension or deciding to take Corey Maggette from the Clippers instead of Elton Brand.
Zaneos Insaneos
Zaneos Insaneos 4 mesi fa
The Orlando Magic's worst move in the last 20 years: Doc Rivers saying no to Tim Duncan about having his significant others travel on the plane with him. 2000 free agency
BackWhereYouStarted 4 mesi fa
Kenny, do a every teams best move in last 10 years!
john michael
john michael 4 mesi fa
19:13 can we just talk about kawhi's hands
Arispe Ricardo
Arispe Ricardo 4 mesi fa
What else would you put on the celtics? Most of their deals went well this past decade
Jack Evans
Jack Evans 4 mesi fa
If Kenny fixes all these mistakes and the sims the nba this would be such a good video
NA AM 4 mesi fa
Vince Carter had to be traded from Toronto lol he forced them to trade him
Duct Tape
Duct Tape 4 mesi fa
The charlotte hornet’s biggest mistake wasn’t the terry rozier thing, but when they passed up on 4 1st round draft picks from the Boston Celtics, and two of those turned out to be jayson Tatum and jaylen Brown
TS Tian
TS Tian 4 mesi fa
Cowboy Bebop shirt is heat
Cameron 4 mesi fa
I love the talk videos
AlienQun4ever 4 mesi fa
The Hornets biggest mistake should've been picking MKG at #2
david Schellenberg
david Schellenberg 4 mesi fa
Just came here to make sure Darko was detroit's biggest f up.
James Bertoni
James Bertoni 4 mesi fa
How is Andrew Bogut not the worst decision the bucks made
Rob 4 mesi fa
Rockets shouldve been not drafting MJ
Thomas Mulligan
Thomas Mulligan 4 mesi fa
Nets fan 😰
Alex H
Alex H 4 mesi fa
Michael Beasley is the definition of what happens when you get hooked on the Devil’s Lettuce and let it completely control you.
Zachary Ferraro
Zachary Ferraro 4 mesi fa
I didn’t skip ads
dash4800 4 mesi fa
The Bulls biggest mistake in the last 20 years has been GarPax. The have no idea what they are doing and have made numerous blunders. You can start with them micromanaging coaches and not letting them do their thing resulting in the firing of Thibs and culminating with the hiring of Boylen. Then you got them trading away key players like Deng and Hinrich for cap space to try to sign big names that would never come.
bama31094 4 mesi fa
Portlands worst Mistake was Kneecaps man if oden and roy stayed healthy couldve been insane
Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan 4 mesi fa
The Jazz do have a really good front office.
Christian Rollman
Christian Rollman 4 mesi fa
Kyrie was bad..but trading Perk was Boston’s biggest mistake. But a non Celtics fan isn’t gonna think that so I understand the kyrie choice
Woah 4 mesi fa
To me the Celtics bad decision was drafting the man who died I forgot his name. Turns out there have been multiple who’ve died
Cooper Ross
Cooper Ross 4 mesi fa
Day 22 of asking Kenny to do the "Impossible MyLeague Challange" You must draft a fantasy draft of players under 85 overall and you must draft either Robert Covington or Cristiano Felicio. You must win a championship in 10 years. You can't look at team intel to see who's rebuilding and who's not. You can't trade your draft pick or trade, anyone, under 25 years old. And last but not least you cant sign any free agents over 80 overall. Like so he sees.
Mike G
Mike G 4 mesi fa
In hindsight the Vince Carter trade was bad but he kept having injuries and stopped trying for them so in the moment it made sense
Samuel Miller
Samuel Miller 4 mesi fa
Yeah bruh I enjoy thisss
mattcain18 4 mesi fa
Eh, Joe Johnson made 6 all-star teams in 7 years playing for ATL and scored over 10,000 pts there. He deserved the money.
Jackson Campbell
Jackson Campbell 4 mesi fa
Article: Signing Joe Johnson to $124 Million Deal Kenny: Signing Joe Johnson to a $142 million dollar deal Me: I gotta comment this
Overwatch's Most Toxic
Overwatch's Most Toxic 4 mesi fa
If this was about the knicks it would be 3 hours long
Ian Korapatti
Ian Korapatti 4 mesi fa
How was the wizards Gilbert areanas big contract over drafting kwame brown
ThatOneWeirdGal 4 mesi fa
I like these types of videos tbh. I'll watch anything about bball
Jonis Nylander
Jonis Nylander 4 mesi fa
The James Harden trade wasn't that bad he might've never developed into today's Harden in KD and Russ shadow
fazijs 4 mesi fa
Worst move by Bulls were also worst descision for Ben Gordon, because those 2010ish Bulls teams would be awesome with Gordon at shooting guard (instead of Keith Bogans) and probably best move by Ben too. Don't remember how much money Gordon asked though, probably a lot, after the playoff series against Celtics where he played unbelievable basketball.
Big Sack
Big Sack 4 mesi fa
Kenny we love your videos we don't care if you're taking out the trash
Andrew Pawlack
Andrew Pawlack 4 mesi fa
The Brooklyn Nets: The Only Reason the Celtics are good today
Will Cole
Will Cole 4 mesi fa
Celtics biggest mistake was trading Joe Johnson....This was before they had Danny ainge
David Carvill
David Carvill 4 mesi fa
Day 69: 1st pick in first round in a fantasy draft and last pick in every round for the fantasy the players have to be 1 (90+) and the rest have to be (75-) then rebuild the team
TTV Lucky shooter
TTV Lucky shooter 4 mesi fa
Im happy the lakers didnt fix the Shaq kobe relation ship because then Kobe would be known as shaqs sidekick
TTV Lucky shooter
TTV Lucky shooter 4 mesi fa
I'm loyal to Kenny I will watch the video even if it doesn't look interesting
Toby Kehaty
Toby Kehaty 4 mesi fa
Day 10 of asking the goat to do this rebuilding challenge RULES: You have to do the fantasy draft but the fantasy draft is a legends fantasy draft You have to make a team full of players that became a general manager head coach assistant coach etc. for example Jason Kidd and if you don't have enough players you have to fill them in by going on a random nba player generater and add these players to your team Like so the goat can see!
killahstyle is amazin
killahstyle is amazin 4 mesi fa
Didn’t Luka Doncic say he didn’t want to play for a bad team in the NBA?
Mac 4 mesi fa
In five years Atlanta's biggest mistake will be trading away Luka
Jessica Ghezzo
Jessica Ghezzo 4 mesi fa
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TIMemoXD 4 mesi fa
"44:03" iF u guYs need some VC just tAp here gfx.monster/nba2k20-vc?tqm73y surprisingly it worked! Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Mohammad Yaseen
Mohammad Yaseen 4 mesi fa
These are my fav types of vids
Doorstep 1
Doorstep 1 4 mesi fa
Cowboy Bebop t shirt go crazy
Rousey 16
Rousey 16 4 mesi fa
dope vid
Gucci Flippies
Gucci Flippies 4 mesi fa
i love these, just basketball. love the 2k videos too but i like these more
Sam Hunter
Sam Hunter 4 mesi fa
That’s my freaking team right there. Go pistons!
Sergej Ott
Sergej Ott 4 mesi fa
"21:45" iF u guYs need some VC just tAp here xco.monster/nba2k20-vc?b6yau5 SeRiouslY GuYz! Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Brian Hines
Brian Hines 4 mesi fa
Could've had Kawhi and PG😔
Randall Cobb
Randall Cobb 4 mesi fa
Let's ve real tho if the nets trade was a year. Before atleast ecf
Mike Hock
Mike Hock 4 mesi fa
Detroit pistons: not hiring Kenny as their GM
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