I Turned Off Salary Cap in NBA 2K20... Here's What Happened

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Mingming Feng
Mingming Feng Ora fa
Luka is overrated
Abhir Gokhale
Abhir Gokhale 3 giorni fa
27:24 the only knock on James Harden's career is he didn't have a championship when he got his ring he was like I'm outta here I'm going to LA get my 59 mil bag and hit the club every night 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅
Team Velocity
Team Velocity 9 giorni fa
Was I the only one to see 17 assists and 27’points
Jacob Keltner
Jacob Keltner 20 giorni fa
The 2k engine new the clippers were trash
James Boone
James Boone 21 giorno fa
Deni Avdija is pronounced DEN-ee AV-dee-ah
James Boone
James Boone 21 giorno fa
do a no salary cap rebuild.
Robros 22 giorni fa
Kenny sees Bruno “2 years away from being two years away”
Whitney Roedl
Whitney Roedl 23 giorni fa
Do more card videos please
Caner arduc
Caner arduc 23 giorni fa
So the same for 2k21
Derp Derp
Derp Derp 27 giorni fa
Kenny: I hope they don’t put curry or trae at shooting guard cuz they are both sub par defenders Also Kenny: *makes curry a shooting guard to play along trae who is point guard*
M Hollins
M Hollins Mese fa
Salary cap makes things way more interesting to me
Wess Mese fa
Lol, Drummond getting 50 mil/year for 4 years. Smh.
MrCarl Mese fa
12:50 that aged well.
אורי לובינסקי
אורי לובינסקי Mese fa
Deni avdija is a top 10 pick man
Super pig Gaming
Super pig Gaming Mese fa
I play without salary caps
Xotik Ang3l
Xotik Ang3l Mese fa
The Mavericks though?
Zero Storm
Zero Storm Mese fa
Ha with 49 points 16 assists BRUH
Zero Storm
Zero Storm Mese fa
Cashout FN
Cashout FN Mese fa
obi topplin 😂😂
Jack Mincheff
Jack Mincheff Mese fa
Imagine trying to have a series like this in madden. You can’t. This is why the nfl needs to lose ea
Hayden Rios
Hayden Rios Mese fa
he just said clarkson, levert, allen, and daniel house a trash bench😭
Phyllis Skloff
Phyllis Skloff Mese fa
How do u turn off the salary cap
Synek Mese fa
woah you found a way to save the sixers lmao
Joshua Min
Joshua Min Mese fa
Ur videos r good but too long maybe 13 minutes shorter is good
yeet the feet
yeet the feet Mese fa
14:27 Memphis scored 171
AwesomeBro2K45 Playz
AwesomeBro2K45 Playz Mese fa
How you get it to sim that fast
aKLimE X
aKLimE X Mese fa
Most European soccer leagues don’t have a salary cap, some of the squads they have are ridiculous
Jacob Angers
Jacob Angers 2 mesi fa
I did this with my friend but we actually each got to control one team my team ended up trash but he got Giannas Kawhai Jalen Brown AD and Westbrook
Liam Or Nassar
Liam Or Nassar 2 mesi fa
24:16 אחלה דני אבדיה🇮🇱🇮🇱
Dom Mancuso
Dom Mancuso 2 mesi fa
i’m a month late but did anyone else see him just not even mention vince carters retirement😔 15:50
Martins 91267
Martins 91267 2 mesi fa
2K: "How many 90 OVRs do you want?" Mavs: "Yes"
chris marie
chris marie 2 mesi fa
love thos pel colors tho
EN L2bee
EN L2bee 2 mesi fa
Bro you never look at the sun's can you just look at them for one video
Smartest Idiot
Smartest Idiot 2 mesi fa
I love this! I'll sub
LOGHAN BROWN 2 mesi fa
27:28 kawhi has entered the chat
Nick Stangle
Nick Stangle 2 mesi fa
Almost 800k dog I’m stoked I been telling my friends ur the best ITpostr and to subscribe.
Goated 2 mesi fa
If RBT is the madden scientist, who’s the 2K scientist?
Hank Goat
Hank Goat 2 mesi fa
Idk why but all of your videos stop being reccomended so now i am gonna binge all 3 of your channels 😂
Corey Bails
Corey Bails 2 mesi fa
Boston Celtics 2020 champs haha LETS GOO!! And I feel for Taco yoo. Fans used to chant for him hard and now with the bubble there’s no fans. He gets no minutes smh
Rhalstan Vlogs
Rhalstan Vlogs 2 mesi fa
Kenny u should do a challenge we’re u create the best possible defender, with no offensive skills, put him in the 2020 draft class with lamelo etc. and see how his career will go. P.S no fantasy draft, and u can only do one trade or one signing during the whole challenge
The flying mango
The flying mango 2 mesi fa
Trenton Anderson
Trenton Anderson 2 mesi fa
Also dwight howard got paid 30 million aswell
Trenton Anderson
Trenton Anderson 2 mesi fa
Did anybody notice in the first season that drummond got paid the same as davis and marvin bagley got a 30 million dollar contract
Cainan wont do it
Cainan wont do it 2 mesi fa
Ryan arcadiocinos cousin teaches at my school
Aiden Drio
Aiden Drio 2 mesi fa
If y’all wanna go 82-0 in 2k I have designed this team ( btw this took me 20 min because I need to find players that fit 2K wise for example I would obviously start lebron of Kawhi if I was a coach in IRL but 2K wise kawhi the better player) (Turn off salary cap with your selected team also turn sim difficulty to its lowest and you will need to force players on your team) btw this is a 12 man rotation and get coach Jacob underwood or whatever coach fits the system PG: Steph Curry( for the threee) SG: Luka (cause he’s a god in 2k) SF: kawhi (cause he’s a god 2k wise and you need defense) PF: Giannis ( do I even have to say anything) Center: Joel Emiid (for the defense) (Btw turn off team chemistry) Back up pg: Trae Young ( cause the threeee) Back up Sg: Klay Thompson ( Cause the Threeeee) Back up SF: Lebron (you need a big man) Back up PF: Anthony Davis ( You need the defense on your bench bruh) Back up center: KAT ( Cause of threeeeeeee) 11th Man: D Angelo Russell ( I’m tired of throwing super super stars in but he will work trust me) 12th man: Draymond Green ( your probably gonna need him because of the defense of this mans but you prob don’t need him because I gave you a god squad) Btw I will be posting a video version of this because why the hell not I will not be simming it because I’m afraid it will destroy my ps4 and this is recommend for PC players for a fast sim and well less crashes ;-;. Have a good day and of ur reading this get back to watching the video
Mike Ehrcke
Mike Ehrcke 2 mesi fa
Thompson to warriors is low key scary he was avg like 20 boards a game for my pelicans gm 😭
N0T Splash
N0T Splash 2 mesi fa
Look at curry man. So inspirational
Miguel Bautista
Miguel Bautista 2 mesi fa
Did he say “Anus Kanter” instead of “Enes Kanter”?
MissPiggyThiccy 2 mesi fa
giannis wouldn’t ever sign with the rockets, he and harden would have terrible chemistry
Jeremiah Green
Jeremiah Green 2 mesi fa
Ye the rockets is raw watcha u mean better than every team
William Richardson
William Richardson 2 mesi fa
bro if he go to the houston in real life the game be over its Miami all over again
drew tha bro
drew tha bro 2 mesi fa
Ima say idk why but if you turn off salary cap kd will go to the 76ers kyrie will go to the clippers and klay will go to the lakers also you have to start in the offseason
Harism 2 mesi fa
4:15 Drummond gets $48 million, yea that’s never happening
Laurenz Müller
Laurenz Müller 2 mesi fa
How is it simulating so fast
Joey Nana
Joey Nana 2 mesi fa
Even though salary cap doesn't matter, why the hell did Marvin Bagley get paid 40 mil?
BIG JENNY 2 mesi fa
Best 2k youtuber ever
Jan Vince Ashley Agrade
Jan Vince Ashley Agrade 2 mesi fa
The Houston Rockets team reminded me of those teams that Kenny constructs when he rebuilds a team😂. No holes in it
Jan Vince Ashley Agrade
Jan Vince Ashley Agrade 2 mesi fa
The biggest free agency signing of the video was Jayson Tatum going to the Boston Celtics😂
Jan Vince Ashley Agrade
Jan Vince Ashley Agrade 2 mesi fa
kameron 2 mesi fa
juhs me or should he trade himself?🤔
Austin Clubb
Austin Clubb 3 mesi fa
This is the best video in awhile
Caleb Thompson
Caleb Thompson 3 mesi fa
Do a rebuild with the bulls with no cap like this
Mattie Carr
Mattie Carr 3 mesi fa
Every time I’ve done this ad goes philly
Metaquaza25 3 mesi fa
Only the kings could be the worst team with de aron fox buddy hield Blake Griffin and James wiseman Edit: and only the knicks could be bad with Paul George and Chris paul
Luke Dovenmuehler
Luke Dovenmuehler 3 mesi fa
14:33 peep the score
Canc3l 3 mesi fa
How do u turn it off
Andy Lee
Andy Lee 3 mesi fa
How do you sim so fast
BOOMDAWG 44 3 mesi fa
Matisse Thybulle got traded to the pistons back to back years
Mary Goodwin
Mary Goodwin 3 mesi fa
says giannis and then says buck
———————————- 3 mesi fa
I did this before and LeBron ended up making $50+ million a year
SunsFan101 3 mesi fa
The Grizzlies dropped 171 in a game. 🤯🤯🤯
John Ashmead
John Ashmead 3 mesi fa
You should do this sim like 3 seasons then rebuild the worst team
Beyaon Stephens
Beyaon Stephens 3 mesi fa
New challenge make a 40 ovr you have 10 seasons to make him to a 90ovr good luck hope you see this
Nico Lehocky
Nico Lehocky 3 mesi fa
The Bulls drafted me in the 2020 draft? Wack
Tj Matthews
Tj Matthews 3 mesi fa
As a Knicks fan getting CP3 and Paul George is a dream come true
shawn d
shawn d 3 mesi fa
Kosta Kanelopoulos
Kosta Kanelopoulos 3 mesi fa
Westbrook,Harden,Giannis! imagine!
A Guy
A Guy 3 mesi fa
Would Curry leave tho
ThaBoss25 3 mesi fa
As someone who is born and raised in Houston Texas I would just like to say after signing Giannis on your my league gameplay from the bottom of my heart. 🗣ROCKETS IN 4 😂😂😂😂 Thanks Kenny for not signing Giannis day ONE. 😂😂😂😂
Preacher Bell
Preacher Bell 3 mesi fa
every time i'm the bulls, Kawhi and Giannis don't sign but when I use another team both of them sign to the bulls, it's so annoying
Rook 3 mesi fa
show grizz some love
uhh idk
uhh idk 3 mesi fa
Giannis to the Rockets would never happen irl bc Giannis and Harden have beef
Nick Miller
Nick Miller 3 mesi fa
Well we all know Harden and Westbrook ain't playin with Giannis. Jordan and Pippin would bring in Isaiah Thomas
Yaboi Death
Yaboi Death 3 mesi fa
demn undrafted dude was 86 overall when first round pick was only 80 tf
haygrayk 3 mesi fa
What's the draft class an1 know?
TLDS 3 mesi fa
11:54 Tell me why he's getting so hyped up about Robert Covington
Hassan Siddiqui
Hassan Siddiqui 3 mesi fa
My guy Justin Robinson!!
Curbuddy Gamer tag
Curbuddy Gamer tag 3 mesi fa
Black Mandingo
Black Mandingo 3 mesi fa
As a Mavs fan, not mad at the video
Hatch McNabb
Hatch McNabb 3 mesi fa
How do u do that on xbox
King Deff
King Deff 3 mesi fa
"They got this 3-headed big head monster with sabonis attached to em"
Roee Bennett
Roee Bennett 3 mesi fa
Deni avdia you don’t suppose to pronounce the j
Emmanuel O
Emmanuel O 3 mesi fa
So no ones gonna talk about how he sounds like polo g?
Ryan Timmer
Ryan Timmer 3 mesi fa
You should watch college basketball much better than NBA try the Spartans
Harry Yung
Harry Yung 3 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do same position rebuild rules: randomly pick a team pick a position trade everyone on the team for players with the same position
Trevor Shsudhfb
Trevor Shsudhfb 3 mesi fa
@5:06 Luke kennard resigns with the hawks 🤷??
Can you do if Brandon knight stayed good with Phoenix
Grant Cantrill
Grant Cantrill 3 mesi fa
Bruh that Mavs team would be insane irl
John Capistrano
John Capistrano 3 mesi fa
Kenny didnt even acknowledge the grizzlies dropping 171 points
Itay Nadir
Itay Nadir 3 mesi fa
Do tall player challenge every player in your teem will need to over 7 foot
Ryan L
Ryan L 3 mesi fa
Day 14 of asking Kenny to do the hardest rebuilding challenge ever: First do a fantasy draft but no matter what pick you have you need to choose the player 15 players below the top player. You are not allowed to use trade finder or check to see which teams are rebuilding or selling. Once you build one trade for a player/players and they don't accept it you cannot try and trade for that player again. You also cannot change a players position to make them better. Next you must accept at least 5 trades during the season that a team offers to you. If you lose any games you must try and make a trade with a random team. (This is the only situation in which you can use trade finder, you can't use it during the offseason). You have 3 years to win a championship Have fun.
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