this challenge might really be impossible | NBA 2K20 Rebuilding Bingo

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Mason Donaway
Mason Donaway 16 giorni fa
The nonstop gay jokes were funny
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp 2 mesi fa
Bottom left top right diagonal looking easy enough
DerpyWaffle247 2 mesi fa
Top horizontal is really easy
Kenneth Duran
Kenneth Duran 2 mesi fa
I'm challenging Kenny to do the "6peat challenge'' with a twist Rules: 1. Choose a random team in a Fantasy draft. 2. You get to pick your first round pick and choose a player that will carry your team through the years(Choose wisely). 3. You need to win the championship in your first 3 years, you need to win a 3peat basically. 4. The very next offseason, find the worst team in the opposite conference and trade your chosen player(first round pick) for 1 of their starters and current year's first round pick(s). 5. Then win another 3peat. Twist: 1. you must not make a trade with your old team. 2. Your 'chosen' player must be your highest overall player. 3. If your player became a free-agent, you need to sign him or trade for him if he signed with a different team. Kenny would complete my 2020 if he accepted this challenge
Deven Patel
Deven Patel 2 mesi fa
I did the top row and succeeded Got Ja as ROTY Felicio was in reserves Seth Curry averaged 19 ppg Got 1 seed with 66 wins Had 22nd Pick
Rhalstan Vlogs
Rhalstan Vlogs 2 mesi fa
Kenny u should do a challenge we’re u create the best possible defender, with no offensive skills, put him in the 2020 draft class with lamelo etc. and see how his career will go. P.S no fantasy draft, and u can only do one trade or one signing during the whole challenge
Christopher Richardson
Christopher Richardson 2 mesi fa
Do a challenge where you take the Knicks, turn trade logic off and try and win a championship
Trent Newman
Trent Newman 2 mesi fa
I did the same Column as Kenny but chose DC cuz I’m from dc and I won the challenge😂
Martin Garcia decker
Martin Garcia decker 2 mesi fa
Do the "Starting lineup" challenge: The starting lineup have to play all the game, no six mans playing. Fantasy draft Play whit the bulls
SnowFlame DROWZI
SnowFlame DROWZI 2 mesi fa
Quit saying a buc
Blake Prewitt
Blake Prewitt 2 mesi fa
“In THE row”
maddox h
maddox h 2 mesi fa
I’m sure you know but if you trade for Steven Adams and take on that contract move him to pf and he goes to an 88ovr
Logan Young
Logan Young 2 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do a Second Round Pick Rebuild. Rules: 1) You must only have players that were drafted in the second round on your team (no undrafted players like Fred VanVleet, Jalen Lecque, Tacko Fall, etc.), 2) You must trade all of your first round picks for second round picks, 3) You must do a Fantasy Draft, and 4) You must have the GOAT, Keita Bates-Diop, on your team and make him be a starter. I got all quarantine Kenny. Like for him to see.
Rosalie Santome
Rosalie Santome 2 mesi fa
I don't know if it's just me but I always see a Kyle Lowry-Luka Doncić in majority of Kenny's Rebuild 💁
I haven’t watched ITpost in about a week and it’s so awesome to just watch 4 videos in a row
Aaron Albrecht
Aaron Albrecht 2 mesi fa
The Motto I go by in my daily life is if it's stupid but it works it's not stupid take Shawn Marion jumpshot it looks stupid but it goes in so it's not stupid but take Joakim Noah's jump shot it looks stupid and it does not go in
3adbelt 2 mesi fa
Impossible challenge and kenny those two words dont go together
Jeremiah Chacko
Jeremiah Chacko 2 mesi fa
I did the second column, but the cameras were off LMAOOOO
dst 213
dst 213 2 mesi fa
bro was fed up when he said finish you inside😂😂🐐
E 13
E 13 2 mesi fa
Day 11 of asking Kenny: Left Handed players rebuild No twist to it
Liam McCormack
Liam McCormack 2 mesi fa
5:13 you're welcome
Rocco Salvino
Rocco Salvino 3 mesi fa
Imagine passing up on Steven Adams for you backup center
Luca Fusillo
Luca Fusillo 3 mesi fa
Kenny try the diagonale column from the bottom left corner to the top right corner
David Omene
David Omene 3 mesi fa
My nigga u picked the challenge
David Omene
David Omene 3 mesi fa
I had water in my mouth when he said pause
ShadowStrider 3 mesi fa
kenny: "vertically" ------ "Horizontally" | "diagonally"\
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray 3 mesi fa
15:35 P-Pause
Austin Epps
Austin Epps 3 mesi fa
Still waiting for the flipping assets t-shirt
Rex Hoyt II
Rex Hoyt II 3 mesi fa
You should make this a semi series and try to accomplish every possible bingo
Dominating Gamer Guy
Dominating Gamer Guy 3 mesi fa
3:20 not 10 percent, 20 percent.
Zachary Benshoof
Zachary Benshoof 3 mesi fa
day 20 of asking kenny to do the rainbow wheel rebuilding challenge. Take a wheel and put 1 team from every color of the rainbow on that wheel Example: red= bulls orange= knicks yellow= lakers green= celtics blue= magic purple= kings u can use those teams or any other teams with those colors as long as there is one team from every color of the rainbow next make a wheel of all 5 positions lastly make a wheel with BENCH OR STARTER spin all the wheels get your players and rebuild that team Example: (first wheel spin) lands on red/bulls (second spin) lands on shooting guard (Final spin) lands on starter your player would be zach lavine. keep up the good work love your vids
Erin Rupolo
Erin Rupolo 3 mesi fa
Day 22 of asking Kenny to do the GOAT challenge:No fantasy draft, Choose auto generated draft class, And look at who is the best player in the draft based on overall grade (B+,A-, etc) on draft night look to see what team drafted that player (he may not go first of course because 2K can be stupid) Now control that teams that he’s on. Make sure to do everything in your power to make him the greatest of all time (training camps, trades for help, make him the first scoring option,etc) Just don’t change his overall by that I mean don’t go to edit player and give him more badges, better tendencies, or better attributes. The challenge is over once he retires. You decide if he is the GOAT/ next Dwayne Neal. Good luck:)
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda 3 mesi fa
Day 3141592 of asking Kenny to do the Detroit Pistons challenge -No 90 overalls -Only one player above 86 overall allowed. -Must have a defensive system. Goals: Win one championship. Bonus challenge: Must have a rookie in the rotation (Darko)
Bowling900Series 3 mesi fa
I feel like second row from the top going across is doable...
Dodo Domagoj
Dodo Domagoj 3 mesi fa
Day one of asking kenny "all star break challenge" Rules: turn off trade deadline From start of season to all star break you need to have 0 wins and after all star break you need to have 0 loses Ps: you cant sign bam adebayo Sory if my english is bad
ImBadAtRanked 3 mesi fa
Kenny please make this a series or at least revisit this board great bideo
ownedweezybaby 3 mesi fa
You need to try this again!
Cam Smith
Cam Smith 3 mesi fa
The impossible Scorer Challenge Day 92 of asking Kenny to do a challenge where after every 10 games he has to trade his top scorer. no trade deadline cpu fantasy drafted team need to win championship
YT: Edwin PG3D
YT: Edwin PG3D 3 mesi fa
Jalen Brunson is from Illinois he went to the same high school as my friend’s brother
maddux valencia
maddux valencia Mese fa
Hound Of Justice
Hound Of Justice 2 mesi fa
I met him at nova
Noah The Emu
Noah The Emu 2 mesi fa
Vikas I went to Vernon hills. Just graduated😂
Vikaas Ranganathan
Vikaas Ranganathan 2 mesi fa
Lol I went to Stevenson, I was actually a year younger than Brunson
Noah The Emu
Noah The Emu 2 mesi fa
Stevenson High school
littlemike 79
littlemike 79 3 mesi fa
day one of asking my boy Kenny to do a rebuild with max sim and trade difficulty
Void Formal
Void Formal 3 mesi fa
Day 19 of asking Kenny to do the NBA draft challenge you must start in the offseason and load in the 2020 rookies you must then end up with the top three picks and take the three best players in the draft you can trade 2 of them but one has to start for your team this is a 2-year challenge and you must win a championship you have 1 year to make trades and everything and the 2nd year you must win a championship P.S. Turn off-trade deadline
8Rahme24 3 mesi fa
Day 20 of asking kenny to do the second round challenge rules : you can only use players that were drafted in the second round fixed fantasy draft you give yourself the last pick and can only trade second round picks you have to win a chip
Eidriane Bernardo
Eidriane Bernardo 3 mesi fa
Asking kenny to use caris levert on a rebuild and make him a starter on the team
Duhstox 3 mesi fa
Bru you know you can go diagonal and sideways not just up and down
You should have did the right side corner through the middle them was easy
Draymond green
Draymond green 3 mesi fa
What if Lebron was 5’8?
Epic Deer
Epic Deer 3 mesi fa
Lowest of Lows challenge, Simulate a year into the future and rebuild the worst team, fire all the staff and hire the worst possible, when the draft comes around must draft the worst prospect (if you have any picks left) , must win two championships. :Optional: Must sign the lowest overall free agent and start then 25+ minutes
Gamer Tool
Gamer Tool 3 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to do the no picks rebuild 1. Must do a fantasy draft 2. Cannot sign anybody you have drafted 3. Cannot use picks in trades
Orlando Figueroa
Orlando Figueroa 3 mesi fa
He should do each row and column
Michael Bracken
Michael Bracken 3 mesi fa
you could've had your 10th, 11th, 12th men playing like 2 minutes per game, bro
John Berry
John Berry 3 mesi fa
Do the “All Generations” Rebuild - Have a roster of 15 players five from each generation - The generations are next generation (25& under), prime generation (26-29), and the old generation (30+) - At least one player from each generation has to start and 3 from each have to get over 10 minutes - Also each position has to player from each generation (so you have 3 point guards one from each generation) - Do a fantasy draft, randomly select your team, and win a championship (you can sign free agents to make it easier)
MaursdahumieYT 3 mesi fa
U should have actually did bingo with the board and the first bingo u got is what u had to do
Hoop Fam
Hoop Fam 3 mesi fa
I have a IRL challenge start lifting weights and shooting and playing defense so you can be a g league player and add to the list of short kings in the NBA! I believe in you Kenny!
edxniel 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of Asking kenny to do the: Can superstars do it? rebuild, so what you have to do is make simulation difficulty 100 and put trade override on, build a team of superstars and try to win a championship with 100 simulator difficulty.
Cyber 3 mesi fa
Day 64 of asking Kenny to please attempt my version of the Impossible Challenge To complete this challenge, you must make a team of all 40 overalls and turn them into a championship team. The team must win 5 championships in a row, with the streak starting whenever you win your first championship. By the end of the challenge, your top 5 players must have 2 99 overalls, 2 players that are 92 overall or higher, and 1 player that is 90 overall or higher. During the streak, you must have 2 players win MVP, and one of your championship runs has to be a 16-0 sweep of the playoffs. You should probably make a checklist for all of the goals.
Markus Cervantez
Markus Cervantez 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the no trade finder challenge it's simple no trade finder
Matthew Jackson
Matthew Jackson 3 mesi fa
I want to see Kenny turn off salary cap and try to create a god squad but turn sim difficulty up to 100
Jaxx_ Eclipse
Jaxx_ Eclipse 3 mesi fa
Day one of asking Kenny to do the: Shoes challenge Rules: 1: You can only trade for players that have a signature shoe, or have had one in the past 2: Win a championship (Optional) To make it a little easier, you can trade for players that have contracts with brands, but not shoes. Like so Kenny can see. (Option 2) You can only trade for players that you own a shoe of. (Or merch)
Harry Potter635
Harry Potter635 3 mesi fa
Day One Of Asking Kenny To Do “Tim Duncan Challenge” Rules: -Do a Fantasy Draft -Must Have The Same Star Player For Every Year -Must Have Star Win At Least 1 MVP -Must Win A Title At Least Every 5 Years for 15 years Bonus Challenges: -Have Player Win Rookie Of The Year -Have at Least 3 Drafted Players In Your Rotation After Year 5 until the End -Have A DPOY -Have Main Star Be A Drafted Player
Rell Wyatt jr
Rell Wyatt jr 3 mesi fa
Day 12 Of Asking Kenny To Do The “Golden State Challenge” Rules: 1-Get Two Stars (Must Be Over 90 Overall) 2-One Of The Stars Must Win Two MVPs In A Row 3-You Have 4 Years To Get 3 Championships I Know It’s Lengthy But We Love The Long Rebuilds, Good Luck!!!
Sho Chak
Sho Chak 3 mesi fa
Kenny do the "Flightreacts" Challenge Fantasy Draft, You must use the Warriors and turn on sim difficulty to 60 and trade difficulty to 70. You can only use players Flight has mispronounced + Steph Curry. One year rebuild challenge. Here is a list: Giannis "Akumpo" "Zeeon" Williamson "J.A" Morant Rudy "Goburt" Luka "Donakick" "Javalee" McGee Pascal "Syakum" Nikola "Joke-ic" Bam "Abayo" Zach "Lavyne" "Damontise Saybonis" "Dennis Skrooder" Spencer "Dinwhydy" Matthew "Delladova" I probably missed a ton so leave them in the comments and I will edit them in.
Margarita Javier
Margarita Javier 3 mesi fa
Kenny do a 0-82 to 82-0
Mr.gaming 3 mesi fa
Day 4 of asking kenny to do the 2003 nba rebuild. Ruls: u put the 2003 roster(the earliest roster with all the 30 nba teams we have today) and u rebuild a team from 2003 till 2020 in a long video that we will all love to watch. U need to put player progression on 35 because they improving like crazy
Y Y 3 mesi fa
Kenny you should do a challenge where you control 2 teams 1 one In the east One in the west and you have to get them both to the finals against each other
Michael O’Neil
Michael O’Neil 3 mesi fa
xJeRee like if u know
Jax’s Gaming channels
Jax’s Gaming channels 3 mesi fa
I wish kenny would do an irl video
Kasen Dickerson
Kasen Dickerson 3 mesi fa
Kenny missed Steven Adam's lol
DrewTheTigerGamer 3 mesi fa
New Kids on the Block Challenge: Start as an expansion team in a fantasy draft, Win a championship in the first 5 years while only using young players on their rookie contracts, You have to trade away any player who's rookie contract expires,
zacary haskins
zacary haskins 3 mesi fa
Challenge idea: all nba team challenge Rules; 1:simulate the first season 2:trade for the entire all nba first team 3: everyone but the 5 from all nba first team must be 77 overall or less 4: must win 2 championships
MJ Classic Pulls
MJ Classic Pulls 3 mesi fa
"I'm Better Than the Team I play For" Challenge! LOL!
Matt Don't
Matt Don't 3 mesi fa
it just said 12 man rotation you didn't need to give them that much minutes you could have given them 1 minute
DatBoy JB
DatBoy JB 3 mesi fa
Can u do the I have 15$ to create the best center of all time I think it would be really fun
Ihsan Yumak
Ihsan Yumak 3 mesi fa
The mobile challenge: Have a regular fantasy rebuild on nba 2K20 Mobile
Brandon Henson
Brandon Henson 3 mesi fa
Challenge idea: Win at least one championship in 5 years without going over the salary cap 👀
Eli Blechner
Eli Blechner 3 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the luka challenge you must have luka on your team surrounded by scrubs and try to win a championship
Courtney Fentress
Courtney Fentress 3 mesi fa
Since that was so hard i want you to do a easy rebuild simulator and trade difficulty put at 15 and start off with the first pick in the fantasy draft and the draft lottery
Baller Productions
Baller Productions 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the "Underdog Challenge" Rules: 1. Do a fantasy draft as usual 2. Your roster must consist of players that drafted outside the lottery 3. You must win back-to-back championships 4. Have fun Like so Kenny can see!
-_- crxz3
-_- crxz3 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the high flyers challenge. Rules: 1:all players must have a 80+ dunk rating. 2:You must turn the inside shot tendencies up. 3:And you have to have at least 3 players from the past 5 dunk contests
Taequan Jenkins
Taequan Jenkins 3 mesi fa
Jalen Brunson is from New Jersey but he did play for a team in Illinois back in High school
Nolanist 3 mesi fa
day 1 of asking Kenny to do the lob city challenge you must have blake griffin and cp3 and all your other player must either have and 80 plus dunk or 80 plus pass
Darrell Yee
Darrell Yee 3 mesi fa
I only do my rebuilds on 60 sim and trade. Makes you put together god squads. Do the "Make A Wish" Challenge Fantasy Draft Pick William Floyd first and then draft the rest of your team Start him at PG with 33 mins a game Make him 1st option Win a title
Two brothers And beer
Two brothers And beer 3 mesi fa
Day 10 of asking Kenny to do the Bill Russell challenge. Oh how could I forget the twist you have to use the current day Celtics (because that’s the team Bill Russell played for The rules are simple You have to win eleven championships in thirteen years (using the Celtics) :)
Raptors clutch Hoops
Raptors clutch Hoops 3 mesi fa
Dear Kenny, could you do a 1 year Canadian rebuild. Only allowed to trade for Canadians or FORMER raptor players. Coach has to be nick nurse, team has to be the Toronto Raptors . Goal: win a championship in one season
Dominick 5511
Dominick 5511 3 mesi fa
Kenny can you do the ring challange the only rules are you need a 11 man rotation and all have to have 1 ring and you need at least one player with 2 rings
Dominick 5511
Dominick 5511 3 mesi fa
When I do rebuilds kyrie is always mvp and he always avid 50 7 and. 3
Sam PerDieu
Sam PerDieu 3 mesi fa
Did this man just trade Delon Wright and a first round pick for Bam?? Like bruh 2k
ZigZagZuby 3 mesi fa
day # 1 of asking kenny to do the reservation challenge Rules 1. Have to turn injury on 2. only alowed to make trade at the start of the season 3. have to turn injury up to 60 You can tweek these if u think it is t ohard or u want to make it harder I had a struggle because i dont play with injury but i know kenny can do it!!!!
Dombom 23
Dombom 23 3 mesi fa
Bingo part 2?👀👀👀
Anita Mazaragos
Anita Mazaragos 3 mesi fa
Do the white men cant jump rebuild rules All youre players have to be white and all the players have to less than a 65 vert
swish mode
swish mode 3 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking kenny to do the all rookie team-rules no player over the age of 21
Mshoe 3 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to do the “One and Done Challenge.” Rules: Everyone on the roster must be one and done from college and every playoff series is one game good luck
3rdEyeWatcher 3 mesi fa
Day 2 Of 1v1 Me v Kenny Ht: 5'8 WT: 280 Ambidextrous
Alex Luckhaupt
Alex Luckhaupt 3 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the "every team rebuilding challenge" 1. Chose two teams, one east one west 2. The Eastern conference team must have one player from every team in the east and the western conference team has to have one player from every team in the west 3. The two teams have to meet up in the finals
Michael 3 mesi fa
Do a "Bro-mance" Challenge. Love watching Luka and Trey highlights. So do a fantasy draft. Take control of each team that took Luka and Trey. Make sure one of them is in the west and the other east. If both are in the same trade one to the west and take over for that team. Make sure they meet in the finals for 5 years in a row. Bonus points if you can lead the league in scoring with Trey or lead the league in triple doubles with Luka.
Drayson Fisher
Drayson Fisher 3 mesi fa
Just try this challenge again until you can complete it
C W83
C W83 3 mesi fa
There were 2 horizontally that looked more manageable. #2 and #5. I like these tough challenges. I believe you can do one of them Kenny. Would like to see you try again on one of the others.
Ethan Whitfield
Ethan Whitfield 3 mesi fa
Can you make a prank video
Fahad Jamal
Fahad Jamal 3 mesi fa
Day 59 of Asking Kenny to do the "Impossible Knicks Challenge" You have to rebuild the New York Knicks. You have 5 Years to win a championship. You can only trade for players less than an 85 ovr. You can only sign free agents who are less than 85 ovr. Any players who are 83 or more on the current Knicks roster have to be traded.(Mitchell Robinson)
Gabriel Lóss
Gabriel Lóss 3 mesi fa
kenny do the real life challenge: you can only pull off trades that happened irl you can add your picks and stuff but the main piece has to be the same. for example westbrook for cp3 or drummond for john henson
Ree Pee
Ree Pee 3 mesi fa
The second row seems likely the easiest for sure. Kenny might have done it already
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