The ULTIMATE Worst Draft Rebuilding Challenge in NBA 2K20

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5 mesi fa

Its back :)
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DJ Noah
DJ Noah Giorno fa
Santiago Rodolfo Torres Aguilar
Santiago Rodolfo Torres Aguilar 7 giorni fa
Heres the meme: COW LOWRY
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Yo Kenny! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
ball all day o
ball all day o 2 mesi fa
One time I traded for LeBron in 2K I gave up Westbrook and 4 first rounders
Bailey Sutherland
Bailey Sutherland 2 mesi fa
Dominic Dellarocca
Dominic Dellarocca 2 mesi fa
Kenny pat bev becomes an 82 if you put him at sf
Hatch McNabb
Hatch McNabb 2 mesi fa
Where’s Kenny hardaway
roie laor
roie laor 3 mesi fa
Do it again
Jamaurion Burnette
Jamaurion Burnette 3 mesi fa
2:16 lets hit it from the back.😂
Ocean Gypsy
Ocean Gypsy 3 mesi fa
Cow Lowry ;)
Kaeden Phillips
Kaeden Phillips 3 mesi fa
Jakob Shiplett
Jakob Shiplett 4 mesi fa
Comment at 23:57 didn't age well
Thomas Newlin
Thomas Newlin 4 mesi fa
You traded for Drummond when you couldve had Vic and Sabo.. interesting
Lijun Ma
Lijun Ma 4 mesi fa
Cow lowry
Leo 4 mesi fa
i remember the days of 2k16 kot4q lol
DLO Aryan ,
DLO Aryan , 4 mesi fa
2019: Kevin Love was trash 2020: Robert Covington is trash
Dawson Coleman
Dawson Coleman 4 mesi fa
“Cow Lowry”
f5 love fortnut
f5 love fortnut 4 mesi fa
Kenny cow Lowry Klye lowry-l am a joke to you
Jessica Tomblin
Jessica Tomblin 4 mesi fa
Mans got cowley lory
Lucca The Baller
Lucca The Baller 4 mesi fa
Nobody gonna mention rudy gobert's 22 rebounds in game 6
Green Light Official
Green Light Official 5 mesi fa
Pelicans and Mavs in first round Kenny: Luka and Zion match up Roco on Pels
Nomill 5 mesi fa
Did he really just decline a cow Lowry for d lo trade
Hsiao-Tung Chu
Hsiao-Tung Chu 5 mesi fa
As I lebron fan I'm just sad that the Lakers lost by 1 in game 7
Agent Big Bean
Agent Big Bean 5 mesi fa
kenny asked what player he was thinking of that had a 90 overall 3 it was trae young jj redick seth curry rodney hood that is one player by the way
BIT3Q Harris
BIT3Q Harris 5 mesi fa
Hey Banes and Rose KOT4Q always is always gets them
Lewis Scott
Lewis Scott 5 mesi fa
Day 11 Ihave a challenge for Kenny called “Your Worst Nightmare” You must get Kevin Love with your 1st pick and you cant simcast at all must get Robert covington can’t get assets and flip them can’t get nobody from Chicago and no 90 overalls must have a 69 overal or lower play at least 10 minutes can not look for who’s selling or rebuilding must get the Knicks get a 60 overal with your 2 pick can not use no picks and got to get cristiono Felicio nobody who even played for Chicago make 60 overal or lower your first scoring option keep your staff the same and win at least one championship. 😂😂😂
Asaf Pelleh
Asaf Pelleh 5 mesi fa
10 seasons challenge: 1st season - Get 12 players 80+ and keep a 1st round pick. 2nd season - 12 players 82+ and 2 1st round picks. 3rd season - 12 players 84+ and 3 1st round picks. 4th season - 12 players 86+ and 4 1st round picks. 5-7th - Get a 3peat. 8-10th - Break E-V-E-R-Y single NBA record.
Noah Hanson
Noah Hanson 5 mesi fa
You should do this but you get to pick everyone and try and win 5 rings in a row
gamingwit yk josh
gamingwit yk josh 5 mesi fa
Kenny do the dead nba team rules: have to make a team of players that are dead
Cameron Tichy-Cendejas
Cameron Tichy-Cendejas 5 mesi fa
Day 11 of asking Kenny to do the "Shaqtin' a fool" challenge Rules: 1. Do a fantasy draft and let the gm draft your team 2. Out of all those players you can only keep the one that have been on Shaqtin' a fool (or been in any sorta blooper video) 3. The team has to be current players only 4. You cannot make trades halfway through the season so that means whatever you start the season with is what you end the season with 4. You cannot try to do a trade multiple times 5. Javale Mcgee is is a lot of Shaqtin a fool clips so he has to be on your team and cannot be traded and has to play all 40 minutes of the game 6. Last but not least you have to trade any first round picks you have for no earlier than a second round pick (Also you have to turn player progression all the way down( (Oh and one more thing you have to win back to back championships with the team you make) This is a 3 or 4 year rebuilding challenge
Dylan Burrowes
Dylan Burrowes 5 mesi fa
Who else searched up his gamertag on xbox and couldnt find it?
Dallas Brinton
Dallas Brinton 5 mesi fa
Idea Draft whoever you want then fantasy draft assisstant gm then trade for at least 8 of them pls use in video
Gary Cowart
Gary Cowart 5 mesi fa
Day 45 of asking Kenny to do a 85and below draft rebuild
TankTheGreatOne 5 mesi fa
And I quote "big Ws"
Kp 5 mesi fa
4:49 does he know he picked Bobby Portis?
Jonathan Kaufmann
Jonathan Kaufmann 5 mesi fa
i konw
Flame eclipse
Flame eclipse 5 mesi fa
Derik rose is a all star in a few seasons
thevolpe2 5 mesi fa
“Kyle Lawry”
Spyros G
Spyros G 5 mesi fa
Have you ever thought that roco plays so badly because you change his position if you keep as a pf he is ok
Zxttings 5 mesi fa
"lets hit it , from the back" WOWOWOWOW CHILL
The Yellow Mamba
The Yellow Mamba 5 mesi fa
Day 9 of Asking Kenny to do the teamwork challenge -Maximum overall disparity of 15 -Lowest overall must be 75 or less -Everybody gets at least 12 minutes per game -Everybody averages at least 2.5 points per game -You must have the league’s assist leader -You must have the league’s most assists per game -You must be top 5 in defense -You must have the DPOY -You must play one game and a player must get 10 assists -You have ten years (all criteria must be achieved in the same year) -You must have Robert Covington and Cristiano Felicio, but they are exceptions to the overall rules (Covington/Felicio does not count as the worst player)
Ari Smith
Ari Smith 5 mesi fa
Yo man you've been killing it love to see it!
Dragon King
Dragon King 5 mesi fa
Subscribe to my ITpost channel please
AJ Wolfe
AJ Wolfe 5 mesi fa
The dismay to pure joy when seeing the 85 is Luka
Sahil Johal
Sahil Johal 5 mesi fa
Malpal 5 mesi fa
Oldy team rebuild: draft the oldest team possible and when you trade finder do it for the oldest player
Erik Hoeft
Erik Hoeft 5 mesi fa
Day 13 of lol i gotcha
FrostBite 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the "current" rebuilding challenge Do a all time fantasy draft and you only are able to players who played in the 2019-2020 season. You cannot trade for the all time players either
Jon Mohler
Jon Mohler 5 mesi fa
Do a rebuild but you must have -Cristiano Felicio -Robert Covington -Jontay Porter in your starting lineup. At least 20 mins a game
Michael Jusino
Michael Jusino 5 mesi fa
his lineup shouldve been: lowry,rose,luka,gallinari,gobert
Anomatic 5 mesi fa
I want a get assets and flip em tshirt
poonddan27 5 mesi fa
The Draft Only Challenge (Extremely hard if not done right) Rules: Start with a team filled with 40 overalls only (the rest of the league is normal). You can't trade for any players that will impact your team in any way or sign any players in free agency either. You can only get players from draft picks. You have to win the challenge in 5 seasons or you've failed. Some tips are: Get a trainer with an A+ plus rating and use all your training camps on potential camps. If you are in the draft of e.g. 2020, 1 draft pick is worth 2 2021> draft pricks. Try to get as many draft picks in the first year and while picking players, choose the players with the highest potential. Use scouting.
Scott Meyer
Scott Meyer 5 mesi fa
JEORgames 5 mesi fa
Kenny I have a challenge for you, it's called the "Internacional rebuild" you need to win a championship with the more internacional players you can have, BUT, they have to be 90 Overall or worse, you have one spot only for a 90+ american, then you choose who will be the leader, that's it, peace.
Louis 5 mesi fa
Kenny you're right og used to have a 90 3 point
Marijus 12
Marijus 12 5 mesi fa
Day 4 of asking KOT4Q to do a wilt chambelain challenge You have to draft wilt chamberlain and win the championship wit only doing 1 trade in 2 seasons in the draft you have to draft worst player possible and in free agency you can only re-sing your players
Soupie 5 mesi fa
JJ 5 mesi fa
“Cowl lowlry” 😂
makis papachristou
makis papachristou 5 mesi fa
Kenny, if you have an issue with Covington, why don't you improve him and his 3pt rating to make it more realistic??? Covington in real life is a beast.
Stuart Thorn
Stuart Thorn 5 mesi fa
snubs rebuild rules: sim a year and see you was a snub of an award or a team selection and win
thereal eht543
thereal eht543 5 mesi fa
“Let’s hit it .... From the back” Woah Kenny
MJanssenArt 5 mesi fa
DAY 45 of asking Kenny to do the Team Recreation Challenge Do a rebuilding challenge where you recreate super teams from the past. For example, you would have to try and get Russ, KD, and Harden back together, or try and recreate the big 3 in Miami with players similar to Wade, Bosh along with LeBron. And win a championship of course. Like so he sees!
Conor Steele
Conor Steele 5 mesi fa
TTHEBEASTY 1 5 mesi fa
How in Doug dangledongs dangle dingling. Did Kenny just get LUKA FRICKING DONCIC.
Connor Cornwell
Connor Cornwell 5 mesi fa
Kenny who is worse, Karl Malone or RoCo
Kevin Arcovio
Kevin Arcovio 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the 9-man wheel of chance challenge... Rules: 1. Add all 30 teams to the wheel 2. Spin, the first team you land on you take thier top overall guy 3. Second team you take thier second overall guy etc etc until you have a 9 man rotation. 4. Non-rotational players at this point are untradeable. 5. You may trade ONLY those in your 9 man rotation (can trade with picks attached) 6. Once you have traded one of your 1-9 guys that position may not be traded again. I.e. if you trade your starting PG you can NOT trade that position again. Goals: -Win more than 60 games 1st season -Win NBA championship Extra Credit: -The following season trade 1-9 again and repeat. I watch your vidoes daily bro, I know you can do this and it would be awesome. GET ASSETS AND FLIP EM'!
Keanu Carew
Keanu Carew 5 mesi fa
Phil Jackson Challenge: -20 years, make the playoffs every year -First 9 years, win 6 championship (two threepeats) -Switch teams and win 5 more championships in 11 years -Must win 6 championships in a row, at least 11 championships total OPTIONAL: 5 star triangle proficiency
Ayden White
Ayden White 5 mesi fa
17:54 Covington is asking to be traded on bottom news bar 😂😂
Bryson Barberio
Bryson Barberio 5 mesi fa
Kenny what are you thinking brother with cov
Carter Copeland
Carter Copeland 5 mesi fa
DO a part 2 please
McThicc 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking for the no trades rebuilding challenge
Denzel Standfield
Denzel Standfield 5 mesi fa
kenny do you play on PC?
Jordan Chaitoff
Jordan Chaitoff 5 mesi fa
i literally commented this yesterday
astr0.take0ff 5 mesi fa
what is the website called bcuz i cant find it
Clutchklover 888
Clutchklover 888 5 mesi fa
I didnt know 2k mt central had 2k20 packs??
3MW 5 mesi fa
Kenny currency is always Alex Burks
TheSithai 5 mesi fa
Asked kenny plz do trade ur best player everytime you lost a game until the end of the regular season and still try to make the playoffs and bonus if u win a championship
BillikenBaller3 5 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the “All About the Awards” Rebuilding Challenge. Rules: You must win every end of season award stat. You must have a player on your team that wins MVP, ROTY,6th man of the year, Defensive Player of the year, Most improved, and coach of the year.
RBO x DP YT 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to trade for 5 all stars and have them all come off the bench and try to win it all!!!!
FS 3o4_Chris
FS 3o4_Chris 5 mesi fa
It wasn't the refs fault the saints lost this game. This game went into overtime, were the SAINTS lost. This was a horrible no-call, this wasn't the sole reason the Saints lost this game
coltin 5 mesi fa
Rudy with 22 boards & 5 blocks in the last game of the finals 25:42
coltin 5 mesi fa
The strat is: Trade for 80 overall RoCo Make him 85 overall SF Flip him for more than you gave RoCo is a powerful tool when used correctly lol
Johnny Parsons
Johnny Parsons 5 mesi fa
Kenny do more old school videos for the people that cant afford Nba2k20
Jonathan 123
Jonathan 123 5 mesi fa
Ryan Youngelson
Ryan Youngelson 5 mesi fa
11:33 if you look on the left on "Laid Back" You will see R.I.P 24 Me: True Fact est in peace mamba
Aiden LM
Aiden LM 5 mesi fa
what if u keep ro-co as a PF
Ricardo Durán
Ricardo Durán 5 mesi fa
how is the siulation too fast
Hagan Hill
Hagan Hill 5 mesi fa
17:55 Lmaooo look at the news bar on the bottom as soon as Kenny hits the trade deadline its like he knew
Andru Perez
Andru Perez 5 mesi fa
The hardest rebuild challenge you have to do a fantasy draft and can only take 79 or lower
ya boi Matthew
ya boi Matthew 5 mesi fa
Day 19 of asking Kenny what his background music is.
BRAYLEN the Bulls fan
BRAYLEN the Bulls fan 5 mesi fa
Keny hates Robert Covington
Robert Quinn
Robert Quinn 5 mesi fa
2:17 chill Kenny
Zymir Mckoy
Zymir Mckoy 5 mesi fa
Day one of asking Kenny to put the worst player build and best player build on the same team an sim🔥
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety 5 mesi fa
Re-upload. I watched the bad audio version a couple days ago.
Kolbee Cupples
Kolbee Cupples 5 mesi fa
Lowry is the goat
Jerry Rennspies
Jerry Rennspies 5 mesi fa
Imagine Robert Covington goes off and then eliminates his former team
Owen Yelton
Owen Yelton 5 mesi fa
If you make drummond a power forward, he becomes a 90 overall.
TRS SSicho
TRS SSicho 5 mesi fa
Day 8 of asking kenny to do a dunkers only rebuild rules You have to have players on your team that have been in the dunk contest or u can players that have a dunk rating of 85 and up Like so kenny can see
Jordan Vitiello
Jordan Vitiello 5 mesi fa
Pls give him a break it not his fault it’s 2ks fault to make Robert Covington trash they under estimated him don’t blame the guy
Giacomo Jacobs
Giacomo Jacobs 5 mesi fa
I love how hes like luka will have more assists after he trades roko but in the end he doesnt
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