I Have $30 To Build The Perfect 82-0 NBA Team in NBA 2K20

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I Have $30 To Build The Perfect 82-0 NBA Team in NBA 2K20
itpost.info nba 2k20 rebuild

Diego Sandoval García
Diego Sandoval García 2 giorni fa
Derrick Rose $1 Gary Payton $2 Klay Thompson $3 Moses Malone $4 Wilt Chamberlain $5
Celtic Wolverine
Celtic Wolverine 6 giorni fa
Shouldn’t Duncan be under Power Forward
Evan Hunt
Evan Hunt 13 giorni fa
He actually did it I don’t care whether he spent $31
Josiah Sklarsky
Josiah Sklarsky 15 giorni fa
he completed the 98-0 challenge
Josiah Sklarsky
Josiah Sklarsky 15 giorni fa
i cant subscribe for some reason :(
Noah Moreno
Noah Moreno 16 giorni fa
Dawg I just subscribed but this channel fye
Avi Yehiel
Avi Yehiel 20 giorni fa
a ring for sir charles..... i love
CJ Snedegar
CJ Snedegar 25 giorni fa
Damn I can't even read the chart and the prices lol
Sebbie Barr
Sebbie Barr 25 giorni fa
Wilt and russell are insane dont get the credit they deserve you can literally look up footage of bill russell jumping over somebody and dunkin
TAG Kriss
TAG Kriss 29 giorni fa
6:01 - 6:03 when the sped kid goes swimming
Trevor Asher
Trevor Asher 29 giorni fa
Russell should've been the antique era, not Kareem. KAJ was still doing a good amount of his damage in the 80s...
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Declan LaMotte
Declan LaMotte Mese fa
he said Gary Payton didn't get a ring
Owen Wallace
Owen Wallace Mese fa
barkley over giannis oof
C.K-da-Kxng Here
C.K-da-Kxng Here Mese fa
You had 7 dollers and you didn’t get Ming and wilt smh YOU FOOL
DomDaBomb20 Mese fa
My team was Stockton Cousy ai David Thompson LeBron melo Blake griffin Sean Kemp Shaq and Yao
Andrew Trinh
Andrew Trinh Mese fa
This challenge was too easy imo. No shade
HadadBeats Mese fa
Where’s Jordan???
HadadBeats Mese fa
Nvm lol
Dribble2much Mese fa
Kenny is the GOAT for that brockhampton tee
Edward Coombes
Edward Coombes Mese fa
mf doom nice
Celtics 17
Celtics 17 Mese fa
16-0 not 12-0
Gibson_100 Mese fa
September and still don't know where to buy Kenny's posters (if someone knows please tell me)
LakersFan81 Mese fa
Where’s Lebron?
Oliver Guardaya
Oliver Guardaya Mese fa
Can u do d all time bulls player on different era in 1 team and go 82-0
Stealth MW
Stealth MW Mese fa
with 7 dollars kenny couldve had wilt and yao and had an extra dollar
Janlouis Zayas
Janlouis Zayas Mese fa
Where’s lebron ?
Ethan the legend
Ethan the legend Mese fa
Charles Barkley looks like MegaMind
Marcos Gutierrez
Marcos Gutierrez Mese fa
Joliet/Chicago gang where ya at?
Amare Stoudemire
Amare Stoudemire Mese fa
He’ll naw you should’ve went with Amar’e Stoudemire
AimAssistIsntOp Mese fa
So lebron is the goat over Kobe 😑
Thomas White
Thomas White Mese fa
Yo, $31
crazyli Mese fa
Yeah, Barkley was never an A- 3pt shooter... like at his peak, he was a decent 3pt shooter... and people give him more slack than he deserves, but A- is in the total opposite direction. Barkley actually has the lowest career 3PT% of anyone to have attempted at least 2000 shots beyond the arc. Thing was that he took a LOT of 3 attempts... like way more than he should have, especially early career. On the Suns, he had a respectable .301... which yanno, isn't really A- tier, but not awful either.
YourMomGot Ligma
YourMomGot Ligma Mese fa
I'd get Pg: damian lillard Sg: mj Sf: LeBron Pf: kareem abdul jabaar Center: wilt chamberlain
FTG dokki
FTG dokki 2 mesi fa
Sorry but you should have got wily he can be fast strong tall and he can touch the top of the backboard (sorry I’m a fan boy)
Gaming vids only
Gaming vids only 2 mesi fa
Julius randle Bobby portis and RJ Barrett combined for 10-31 Shooting which is 32.25 %
Derek Harper
Derek Harper 2 mesi fa
D rose, Cousy. Mj, Brandon Roy, melo, Wilkins, Weber, Barkley, Hakeem, Ewing
ahmed elkadri
ahmed elkadri 2 mesi fa
kenny spent $31..
Dragon Fyre
Dragon Fyre 2 mesi fa
To be honest, he had what he claimed $7 left. I was like: "He better be goin' Wilt and Yao..." He doesn't go Wilt and Yao...
Logstar 26
Logstar 26 2 mesi fa
Lol George mike en
Brenton Guy
Brenton Guy 2 mesi fa
LeBron at the top really? No thanks.
ethoforster 2 mesi fa
Yao at 1 dollar is a steal
Justin BLUMS
Justin BLUMS 2 mesi fa
Anyone realise Shaq has a .500 3-point shot ??
Gideon Aigner
Gideon Aigner 2 mesi fa
Shaq and George were good friends, so I think that would work out.
Carmelo pearman
Carmelo pearman 2 mesi fa
Gary Payton, Kobe, Melo, Yao, Wilt
5koby4 2 mesi fa
PG- DRose, the glove SG- Kobe, Klay SF- KD, Melo PF- AK47, Amare C- Shaq, Yao
Trevor Grady
Trevor Grady 2 mesi fa
I un liked when you called kobe mini MJ
Eric Lovett
Eric Lovett 2 mesi fa
LeBron has the passing of jason williams and iverson has the style of westbrook. The only thing missing is a little steven adams
Karanveer Pahal
Karanveer Pahal 2 mesi fa
Also I have a suggestion make a player named DeAndre Tatum and make him 82 ovr see where he drafts and make a career sim but you have too rebuild the team but cannot trade DeAndre Tatum and put Jason Tatum with him
Karanveer Pahal
Karanveer Pahal 2 mesi fa
I was like shaq shaq shaq shaq and when he said shaq I said YESSSSSSSS
Seth Kettel
Seth Kettel 2 mesi fa
He spent $31
FrostySnook - Football
FrostySnook - Football 2 mesi fa
But when I build a team of Steph, Klay, Giannis, Klaw, and Embiid with Dame coming off the bench I go 75-7
Akiva Shapiro
Akiva Shapiro 2 mesi fa
Why didn't you pick Luka?
Scifon Cra
Scifon Cra 2 mesi fa
NBA 2k's algorythm for All-NBA and Awards is just stupid.
Duck Downey
Duck Downey 2 mesi fa
I thought the 2nd sg was going to be ai
baby girl
baby girl 2 mesi fa
George mikan made the NBA put in the goal tending rule for a head start kenny
LJdaHooper 2 mesi fa
I love how he puts kd in but not the best player in nba history Lebron
Jaylynn Wright
Jaylynn Wright 2 mesi fa
My highest record on 2k is 80-2
Chiefs Cards 29
Chiefs Cards 29 2 mesi fa
Bro he coulda got way better if he got david thompson over riggie thompson was the same bucket getter that reggie was
Silas McDonald
Silas McDonald 2 mesi fa
1:06 watch this in in .25 speed 😂😂😂
Silvio Dionisotti
Silvio Dionisotti 2 mesi fa
Kenny built such a booty team😭
Jadon Lingren
Jadon Lingren 2 mesi fa
I think he meant Horris Grant when he said James worthy because Worthy never played on the bulls let alone with MJ.
Shane Jones
Shane Jones 2 mesi fa
PG - Payton - $2 PG - D Rose - $1 SG - MJ - $7 SG - David Thompson - $2 SF - Lebron - $7 SF - Mullin - $1 PF - Webber - $2 PF - George McGinnis - $1 C - Hakeem - $6 C - Mikan - $1 Total - $30 50-70 players - 3 80-90 players - 5 2000 players - 2
Gonçalo Cruzeiro
Gonçalo Cruzeiro 2 mesi fa
I took penny hardaway instead of reggie miller, scottie instead of james worthy and dwight howard instead of shaq
Loren Flaum
Loren Flaum 2 mesi fa
Mr Fishing
Mr Fishing 2 mesi fa
I would have grabbed Luka instead of Reggie
Ultra Razer
Ultra Razer 2 mesi fa
You spent 31$ dollars Gary Payton was 2 dollars not 1
Harry Barr
Harry Barr 2 mesi fa
Did anyone notice Kobe wasn’t on there? 😔
William McGannon
William McGannon 2 mesi fa
David Keese
David Keese 2 mesi fa
Hey Tim Duncan is a power forward the power forward of the last 3 decades come on now
ggs ggs
ggs ggs 2 mesi fa
S Pg rose B Pg cousy S sg Kobe B sg David Thompson S SF kD B sf mullin S pf McHale B pf nance sr. S C wilt B C dikembe And some money left
Tanzeem Islam
Tanzeem Islam 2 mesi fa
I like both canlanen
Selwyn Valley
Selwyn Valley 2 mesi fa
To Shaq's defense he has hit only 1 three in his career. So 2k probably just let him have that 1 three
PG D-Rose SG Allen Iverson SF LBJ PF Anthony Davis C Shaq 6 Luka 7 Bob Cousy 8 Melo 9 George Mikan 10 Blake Griffin
Dean McWilliams
Dean McWilliams 2 mesi fa
Dean McWilliams
Dean McWilliams 2 mesi fa
Why wasn’t me on there?
Joey Baer
Joey Baer 3 mesi fa
Kenny: D’angelo Russel didn’t even make the playoffs! Karl-Anthony Towns: ...
Iced Feeling
Iced Feeling 3 mesi fa
No homo but ur skin is clean and clear af
Hipsher Boys
Hipsher Boys 3 mesi fa
How is Allen Iverson not on this list
Benjamin Upchurch
Benjamin Upchurch 3 mesi fa
I really like this set up. You can easily mix and match offense and defense PG Curry/Payton SG Thompson/Ginobli SF Middleton/Iguodala PF Giannis/Larry Nance C Ewing/ Gobert
Harrison D
Harrison D 3 mesi fa
Bro how is peak Yao a $1 option
The God
The God 3 mesi fa
I’ve went 82-0 millions of times
Bigmarian 3 mesi fa
Brother take the hint, what is stuff your eyes :). You funny 😂
Climbingbee4750 3 mesi fa
It was me
Gabe Cross
Gabe Cross 3 mesi fa
*Was pissed when he got Shaq rather than Wilt.*
Cory Tomchesson
Cory Tomchesson 3 mesi fa
The little oof when he checked Dame and Kyries stats compared to MJ’s had me rolling
Amber Dunkerton
Amber Dunkerton 3 mesi fa
NO YAO MING!!!!!!!!
Pack Bros
Pack Bros 3 mesi fa
Bro Yao was $1 that’s a mad steal but he is blind apparently
Exotic Rule
Exotic Rule 3 mesi fa
kenny is very bad at math
J̶S̶G̶P̶L̶ΔY̶S̶ツ 3 mesi fa
Really? Iggy over Melo?
Özgün Çalışkan
Özgün Çalışkan 3 mesi fa
You are doing these kind of videos using 15 for starting 5 so I think for a 10 player rotation you need to use less than 15 for the second unit because normally starting 5 must be better, so try doing this for 25 for example, it will be more fun and challenging I think
Johnny Parsons
Johnny Parsons 3 mesi fa
Kenny u gonna tell me where you get them goggles
Vilhelm Bendtsen
Vilhelm Bendtsen 3 mesi fa
Where is mj
Nathan Munson
Nathan Munson 3 mesi fa
Shawn Kemp never getting no love😭
Derek T
Derek T 3 mesi fa
Starting 5: PG: D. Rose SG: J. Dumars SF: J. Worthy PF: KG C: Hakeem O. Bench: PG: G. Payton SG: D. Thompson SF: P. Arizin PF:C. Webber C: N. Jokic Look up Thompson and Arizin if you haven't heard of them, really good players and Worthy is grossly underrated What do you think Kenny? #KOT4Q
devaprabha Ganguly
devaprabha Ganguly 3 mesi fa
Do this with current players
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 3 mesi fa
Shaq looks like he's picked up an extra chromosome from somewhere
Nathan Tadros
Nathan Tadros 3 mesi fa
we fine with u using ur bulls
IBrazyy 3 mesi fa
When he says d rose was better than heat lbj 😭😭😭
Andy 3 mesi fa
I didn’t know you were a DOOM fan!
Andy 3 mesi fa
Kenny I didn’t know you were a BH fan
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