I Went Back To Rebuild The Worst Team in NBA 2K7...

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VEX ArcTic
VEX ArcTic 10 giorni fa
Yo why don’t you use the draft class tho. Is you stupid?
Austin Zimmerman
Austin Zimmerman 16 giorni fa
Yo anyone else see how both the Spurs and the Lakers missed the playoffs in that 3rd year...
Joey Coffey
Joey Coffey 17 giorni fa
Jake .... Jake. Jake ( longface)
GVS Rex9
GVS Rex9 28 giorni fa
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Yo Kenny! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
D Parker
D Parker Mese fa
You should’ve done some gameplay
glswenson Mese fa
This was my first 2k!
Ben Maddux
Ben Maddux Mese fa
that’s my grizzlies baby
dirtyballs32 2 mesi fa
Might gotta unsub cuz kenny an xbox fan 🤢
Marissa boyd
Marissa boyd 2 mesi fa
Do a fantasy draft
Cade Harvey
Cade Harvey 2 mesi fa
There’s probably already a comment about this but I’m too lazy to look for it but how the generated player faces worked back in the day was they would use 2-3 different players faces (2 most of the time) and morph them together, which is why you see a lot of people’s faces look like current players of the time
3rdEyeWatcher 2 mesi fa
I'll hoop you Kenny!!!
Reign Mystic
Reign Mystic 3 mesi fa
“No gms will call me” Well Kenny, I’m not sure that the cavs would give you Drummond for 3 second round picks and Otto porter You know what it’s the cavs maybe they would go get you that job
Christopher 3 mesi fa
You don't know who Mike Fratello is? The Czar???
Big papa Cheese
Big papa Cheese 3 mesi fa
Why does it seem like the grizzlies and the timberwolves are the worst teams every year lol
XtremeVideoKing 3 mesi fa
Dr Phil @ 15:56.50 just pause the video and run my shit up.
Dylan 3 mesi fa
A master good good
AJA Ryan1994
AJA Ryan1994 3 mesi fa
Next challenge: Turn Anthony Bennet into a superstar.
Donell Jenkins
Donell Jenkins 4 mesi fa
“ Master Good Good “ idk why but that’s so funny to me 😂
KaceInYourFace 4 mesi fa
That one wasn’t butlers face it was Kareem rush
Walter Clements
Walter Clements 4 mesi fa
Never really played the old 2k games. This looks pretty scuffed
Rishabh Madabushi
Rishabh Madabushi 4 mesi fa
do a fantasy draft 2k
R. Biko
R. Biko 4 mesi fa
Guess you gotta get college hoops 2k7 and build from the ground up lol get those real draft classes going
A 4 mesi fa
No hate, but Celtics and heats were easy to win. If you had problems, you suck
A 4 mesi fa
You are good at rebuilds but not this one. Kenny, stay at recent rebuilds.
Leonardo Rosato
Leonardo Rosato 4 mesi fa
“The name Dwayne follows this channel” - Dwayne Neal, - Dwayne Flory, and then Dwyane Wade gets 99 overall....
Gabe Y. Youngblood
Gabe Y. Youngblood 4 mesi fa
Ohhh, he's master good good lol
Ace Daniels
Ace Daniels 4 mesi fa
kenny it is in 2k now you can focus on amything😂
JktwnMatt 4 mesi fa
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle 4 mesi fa
and Webber got a ring!
UniBonber87 4 mesi fa
Didn’t even use the worst team. Weak
jasmarvaughn17 4 mesi fa
Should of took monta Ellis
thetrue star719
thetrue star719 4 mesi fa
make the draft classes your self
Boda 4 mesi fa
In the second round game 7 vs the Suns the score was 106-82 going into the 4th quarter but you outscored them 41-15 in the 4th to win it lmao
RyRy 4 mesi fa
2k12 wuz 9 yearz ago
YFDB 4 mesi fa
2:11 I nearly puked at the sight of the ui
Brennan Witt
Brennan Witt 4 mesi fa
How did I just now stumble on this channel? This is great content.
Cameron Pearce
Cameron Pearce 4 mesi fa
Not impossible just grab a usb and put it on there. Done it with college hoops 2k8
DBFR3SH 4 mesi fa
My boy Anthony Johnson didn’t get no love when he retired 😂
Benjamin Hobbs
Benjamin Hobbs 4 mesi fa
for somebody who does so many nba videos why dont you know how to pronounce anybodys names? haha enjoy your vids man just havin fun
CardCollector 2389
CardCollector 2389 4 mesi fa
I subbed 🔥🔥
alekos xainas
alekos xainas 4 mesi fa
this is the first nba 2k i every played
Sam Jasek
Sam Jasek 4 mesi fa
In the same vein of bringing out the 360, you should try winning a championship with the white jersey thunder in nba live 2009
MonkeyManMods 4 mesi fa
Already remember this it’s the hawks aye
MonkeyManMods 4 mesi fa
Bruh hawks were by far the worst rated team on that game
Austin Mccall
Austin Mccall 4 mesi fa
It’s funny listening to you talk about the all nba teams because until recently that’s exactly how it worked.
Rahim Bolden
Rahim Bolden 4 mesi fa
Definitely do the fantasy draft
Peter The Teacher
Peter The Teacher 5 mesi fa
rebuinding wihout playing any match 😂😂😂😂
Bland James
Bland James 5 mesi fa
I wish they would go back to real pictures of the players in the headshots, and real pictures of people for the side stuff. It looks way cooler like that.
emgtre 5 mesi fa
“Keep fighting Memphis”💀😂
Xan Malik
Xan Malik 5 mesi fa
still waiting on that 2k7 fantasy draft..
454ffv 5 mesi fa
bro i thought this dude was nate robinson in the thumbnail
Fish Boi
Fish Boi 5 mesi fa
Collab with drew gooden just happened
Veno D313
Veno D313 5 mesi fa
Jake 'Sock-O-leet-tis' NBA legend
Clutch Memes
Clutch Memes 5 mesi fa
Imagine halfway through the rebuild the red ring of death happened lol
Randhika Ikra
Randhika Ikra 5 mesi fa
lmao the bulls rebuild after 98 is completed
J-ETTZ 19XX 5 mesi fa
I can’t watch your videos because you look like Lil Nas X
Daniel Mpatsi
Daniel Mpatsi 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the nets rebuilding challenge Rules : star with a fantasy draft Your team must start with all players being above 30 with no draft picks but you can aquire them later Good luck
Christian Cryder
Christian Cryder 5 mesi fa
As a Grizz fan, the fact that you didn't know who Jake Tsakalidis is, makes me so sad!
BigSlongDong Dad
BigSlongDong Dad 5 mesi fa
Most of this stuff you said they should add is already in the game and has been fixed and made better
NFL Mastermind
NFL Mastermind 5 mesi fa
The 2K draft classes are from the NCAA 2K game, not online
Ross Kimbrell
Ross Kimbrell 5 mesi fa
Aye man Eddie jones had straight clamps, Idrk how I feel about you disrespecting an integral part of the grind house right there
Bryce Querubin
Bryce Querubin 5 mesi fa
Its crazy seeing all the rewards after simming the season is pretty much the same order after 14 years of 2k
Shakil Kazi
Shakil Kazi 5 mesi fa
Matthew Bless
Matthew Bless 5 mesi fa
A world where Kirk Hinrich is a former Finals MVP is a world I want to live in.
Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams 5 mesi fa
Do the fantasy draft in 2k7
Hannezo Wolf
Hannezo Wolf 5 mesi fa
you could make the draft roster your self tho...
Colin Jeffrey
Colin Jeffrey 5 mesi fa
Kenny: we might win a championship. Also Kenny: gets recked in the first round by Phoenix
Jude Hindi
Jude Hindi 5 mesi fa
Rebuild the hornets You cannot do transactions You cannot do a draft You sim everything You can’t resign anyone You can’t sign anyone Good luck
iloveRice ii
iloveRice ii 5 mesi fa
Tell me why I just got a notification 😂
Adam Dunkley
Adam Dunkley 5 mesi fa
normal person: kyle lowry kenny: KAL LAR-REE
Lewis Scott
Lewis Scott 5 mesi fa
Day 12 Ihave a challenge for Kenny called “Your Worst Nightmare” You must get Kevin Love with your 1st pick and you cant simcast at all must get Robert covington can’t get assets and flip them can’t get nobody from Chicago and no 90 overalls must have a 69 overal or lower play at least 10 minutes can not look for who’s selling or rebuilding must get the Knicks get a 60 overal with your 2 pick can not use no picks and got to get cristiono Felicio nobody who even played for Chicago make 60 overal or lower your first scoring option keep your staff the same and win at least one championship. 😂😂😂
Sam Sjobeck
Sam Sjobeck 5 mesi fa
I saw that 360 controller and I was like "Damn, bring me back to middle school in 2010" I still play my ps3 for NCAA Football though.
Not-shady fn
Not-shady fn 5 mesi fa
Do more vids like this plzz
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot 5 mesi fa
the celtics went from the second worst record to a championship in one year irl
Sean Hartnett
Sean Hartnett 5 mesi fa
I've never heard anyone pronounce Dickau that way. Loved the video though.
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage 5 mesi fa
Title should’ve been “I copied Mike Korzemba”
Steven Medina
Steven Medina 5 mesi fa
Really don’t feel like that cat is actually a basketball fan.
Owen Francis
Owen Francis 5 mesi fa
why dis nigga look like ja morant
Bulgarian Daniel
Bulgarian Daniel 5 mesi fa
Not gonna lie. That was one of the most suspenseful simulations ever!
Taco Bell
Taco Bell 5 mesi fa
Alex H
Alex H 5 mesi fa
Even in 2011, Udonis Haslem was an old man. It was only seven years into his career, but he was 29.
Dylan Burrowes
Dylan Burrowes 5 mesi fa
When he was looking for a trade, cp3’s name popped up and he ignored it
Asaf Pelleh
Asaf Pelleh 5 mesi fa
You know, in Europe, where they play real basketball, big men hit threes since something like the past 70 years...
Kollin Walsh
Kollin Walsh 5 mesi fa
that 2k7 fantasy draft would be sick
Mete Inci
Mete Inci 5 mesi fa
WORLD WIDE Kenny you should do this very hard challenge called the World Wide Rules: every player on that team has to be a different nation every player is from a different country and every year when you lose you have to pick another player from that nation but if there is no one. Else from that nation you can keep and u have 3 years to complete this challenge
Tony Davila
Tony Davila 5 mesi fa
You telling me you don’t know Stromile swift🤦🏽‍♀️
Pineapple Cuber
Pineapple Cuber 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny: Do the world vs USA challenge Rules: Use two teams ( one from east and one for west) One team has to be all from USA and the other must be around the world( growing up there not born there) Must meet in finals Min 2yrs max 4 yrs After meeting, trade all then rebuild again
Josh Nickens
Josh Nickens 5 mesi fa
you should have gotton kobe
gamingwit yk josh
gamingwit yk josh 5 mesi fa
Kenny do the dead nba team rules: have to make a team of players that are dead please do
Jordan McGrady
Jordan McGrady 5 mesi fa
Kenny thanks so much for making me spit out my drink from laughing so much with the draft comparisons!
DZ TV 5 mesi fa
Nobody Kenny: 1:21
Brian Streety
Brian Streety 5 mesi fa
did anybody else notice that kobe was 6'7
Cameron Tichy-Cendejas
Cameron Tichy-Cendejas 5 mesi fa
Day 12 of asking Kenny to do the "Shaqtin' a fool" challenge Rules: 1. Do a fantasy draft and let the gm draft your team 2. Out of all those players you can only keep the one that have been on Shaqtin' a fool (or been in any sorta blooper video) 3. The team has to be current players only 4. You cannot make trades halfway through the season so that means whatever you start the season with is what you end the season with 4. You cannot try to do a trade multiple times 5. Javale Mcgee is is a lot of Shaqtin a fool clips so he has to be on your team and cannot be traded and has to play all 40 minutes of the game 6. Last but not least you have to trade any first round picks you have for no earlier than a second round pick (Also you have to turn player progression all the way down( (Oh and one more thing you have to win back to back championships with the team you make) This is a 3 or 4 year rebuilding challenge
David Carvill
David Carvill 5 mesi fa
Day 57: 1st pick in first round in a fantasy draft and last pick in every round for the fantasy the players have to be 1 (90+) and the rest have to be (75-)
LeBronWonAndWarriorsBlewA3-1Lead 5 mesi fa
I saw mehmet okur at the store a few months ago and he was so surprised because I’m only 12... lol
george mcpige0n
george mcpige0n 5 mesi fa
Petition for Kenny to do a Dwayne Flory career sim
Will Vodder
Will Vodder 5 mesi fa
No mention that the SONICS were the first seed season 1
ReidRobFishing 5 mesi fa
I mean isnt this Grizzlies team in 2k20
Henry Duffy
Henry Duffy 5 mesi fa
Do the Multisport challenge You can only draft players who played in a sport other then basketball ex football, soccer, baseball
Mahari Craven
Mahari Craven 5 mesi fa
all bulls fans know Kirk Hinrich couldn't win finals MVP
Logical Gaming
Logical Gaming 5 mesi fa
This championship reminded of thr mavs heat finals, even though it didnt go 7. The theme of one team being better than another by a drastic amount, (late prime (imo) dirk tyson chandler and jason terry vs dwade, lebron james and chris bosh, with the fact both lesser talented teams won the finals.
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