This Is The Worst Rebuild I've Ever Done in NBA 2K20

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atthallah nadhif
atthallah nadhif 11 giorni fa
how the heck damian a 91 ovr?
Charles Post
Charles Post 12 giorni fa
kenny my boi one year not 3
Crystala alatsyrc
Crystala alatsyrc 19 giorni fa
Peyton Bracolina
Peyton Bracolina 20 giorni fa
24:04 i have said it before, i will say it again,....the man,...the myth,...the legend, kyrie fucking irving
Dr3axler353 28 giorni fa
Kenny is just salty that he lost.
yeet yeeterson
yeet yeeterson Mese fa
In the first year all first team rookie Jay cole
Kayden Taylor
Kayden Taylor Mese fa
I watched this video for 45 minutes just for Kenny not to win a championship
Bradley Scott
Bradley Scott Mese fa
Year 2 Game 3 vs the Raptors was a 57 point loss.
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Daniel MacPherson
Daniel MacPherson Mese fa
"thats the worst offensive possession i've seen... this is a game 7" Bro it was only a couple days ago you can't be doing this to me *cries in thunder*
Andrius Tirevicius
Andrius Tirevicius Mese fa
\GORE-on DROG-ich\
Korey Romero
Korey Romero 2 mesi fa
Kenny should do the Sacrifice Challenge every year u must sacrifice ur two greatest players and take the worst trade option and get two championships and u have to start wit the rockets
SpontaneousCombusken 2 mesi fa
19:34 Congratulations to J. Cole on his contract with the Thunder
ayden falco
ayden falco 2 mesi fa
You know, you could have just gone in the past, then simmed forward to get an alternate universe.
Romans Spride
Romans Spride 2 mesi fa
kenny is the lil tjay of youtube
MrBillyraylopez 2 mesi fa
Idk why I died when Kenny was like “why is he in the game he’s done nothing in his whole career” 😂
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson 2 mesi fa
Day 4 of asking Kenny to build around the backcourt of isaiah cannan and marshon brooks
BBarney 2047
BBarney 2047 3 mesi fa
Raptors have 3 first picks
Cherry Quagsire
Cherry Quagsire 3 mesi fa
In the thumbnail he is sans undertale
devin mccurry
devin mccurry 3 mesi fa
I feel like every team Kevin Durant is on gets worse for some reason 😂😂, damn near like DeRozan
Jay ‘
Jay ‘ 3 mesi fa
Nobody Nobody at all Paul George: 42:34
Phlex Whitedondo
Phlex Whitedondo 3 mesi fa
Winners Challenge: you can only have players on your team who have started and won at least 2 playoff series
Phlex Whitedondo
Phlex Whitedondo 3 mesi fa
He said that’s gonna be an “interesting pair” I’m dead aslll
Tyler Vandersall
Tyler Vandersall 3 mesi fa
Fj Montana
Fj Montana 3 mesi fa
Ok no one can see the score😂
Yahli Savir
Yahli Savir 3 mesi fa
Bro that conference final loss was so dumb
Tristan Frame
Tristan Frame 3 mesi fa
The dedication to these vids are insane thanks kenny
it iz what it iz
it iz what it iz 4 mesi fa
0:13 someone make that a meme
Blake64 4 mesi fa
Kenny - “John Wall plays for Tobias Harris
Inspire Peace
Inspire Peace 4 mesi fa
Dont think I ain't peep the RDC world gear rns 🔥💯💯💯
Lilashawn Coleman
Lilashawn Coleman 4 mesi fa
He said personally ill give this man mvp over oh nevermind those are good numbers lol
Turtle Guy 79
Turtle Guy 79 4 mesi fa
He fr just ignores the fact that there’s a player named Jay Cole
Adam The Turtle
Adam The Turtle 4 mesi fa
*Plays the rookie small minutes* "How is my rookie not 1st team!?"
Maria L
Maria L 4 mesi fa
Nice be friends
Brandon Tong
Brandon Tong 4 mesi fa
Why are all the magic players on the raptors lmaoo
Jake 4 mesi fa
Should have kept Klay and had Simmons at PG, Klay at SG, Tatum at SF, Porzingus at PF, and then got a center but you shouldnt have traded Bol Bol either
Evaggelos Yolo
Evaggelos Yolo 4 mesi fa
How can you do a fantasy draft in my league?
Tristen Williams
Tristen Williams 4 mesi fa
Tristen Williams
Tristen Williams 4 mesi fa
Yo really gone do my family feeling like that my boy cannon
NothingJordan 4 mesi fa
Kombu Jimmy
Kombu Jimmy 4 mesi fa
If he kept klay, flipped simmons, and traded for bam he would’ve got a chip easy
Yahya Latif
Yahya Latif 4 mesi fa
wiggins put up crazy numbers year 1
Jayden Cadet
Jayden Cadet 4 mesi fa
JJ Highlights
JJ Highlights 4 mesi fa
it was a bad rebuild because kenny didnt say and we back
nate stanford
nate stanford 4 mesi fa
Another great video, Kenny! Your 3-year videos are really interesting because it creates a fun story arc for us to follow. Like losing in 7 to Toronto? Made Year 3 that much more interesting because we were hungry and wanted to keep making our team better. You're such a good speaker, too. The way you teach us your tricks and share with us the way your mind works when you're working out the details of sculpting your team, all the while being fun and entertaining. Thanks Kenny! Can you do a "rebuild" where you start next season as if if AD didn't re-sign with the LA, and how that might play out for LA? Peace!
Daniel S
Daniel S 5 mesi fa
Can we just talk about how the Pelicans pulled a reverse Warriors and went 9-73? 17:12
NillA BeanE
NillA BeanE 5 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the “LIMIT YOURSELF CHALLENGE” fantasy draft, you can only do 8 trades and you can only use 1 draft pick a trade
Suave Aj
Suave Aj 5 mesi fa
“Kelly oubre and Dwight Howard... ummmm that’s gonna be a interesting pair”😭 I’m dyinnnn
steve remo
steve remo 5 mesi fa
Go to they have listed the top 50 players for each position. i challenge you to build your team from there. Rules are you have to build a team with the guys listed but they can only be below the top 25 i.e 26-50 and have siri randomly pick a number. out of 15 picks you can choose in the top 25 twice, you pick the position but siri picks your player. Make all the trades you want but you cannot have anyone in the top 5 of any position. Win a chip.
Michael Thomson
Michael Thomson 5 mesi fa
32:30 ben simmons dropped 53 and kenny didn’t notice
Caden Pate
Caden Pate 5 mesi fa
I was just so annoyed when he was sitting in front of the game clock and could not see it😤😡🤬
EJ Fishing Adventures
EJ Fishing Adventures 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the 69 to 99 overall rebuild Rules: you start with a 69 overall on the team and trade finder him for a higher overall player until you get to a 99 overall or the highest overall in the league. You can add other players and picks to the trades to get better players.
Jesiah 5 mesi fa
man said Malik Beasley when it was Micheal Beasley
esingh 5 mesi fa
Ben Simmons isn’t good in 2k simulation. He hogs the ball
Ronick 2K
Ronick 2K 5 mesi fa
now he knows how Lebron feels
blehlike 5 mesi fa
when you realise he could have done a fixed draft
Rocky Snow
Rocky Snow 5 mesi fa
next video “I can’t stop this video until I win 5 championships in a row”
Falbright54 5 mesi fa
Start The Bench Challenge (all bench players
JAY2K 5 mesi fa
Reggie Jackson and Dennis Scroeder are both the Spider Man meme pointing at each other
Jimmy - TLOPO
Jimmy - TLOPO 5 mesi fa
Never trade bol bol lol he becomes a GOAT level 6th man
Darrell Small Jr
Darrell Small Jr 5 mesi fa
Kawhi and pg13 pacers days redo see if they can win a championship and repeat
Chris Ricky
Chris Ricky 5 mesi fa
Violated dwights big ass 💀💀💀
Chandler Clay
Chandler Clay 5 mesi fa
when you hop in the game to watch you always cover the score board so we dont know the score or time. Love you still tho Kenny
kidmagic8 5 mesi fa
That RDCWorld1 tee tho
Baltaj Parmar
Baltaj Parmar 5 mesi fa
Kenny said Malik instead of micheal
Joshua Gosnell
Joshua Gosnell 5 mesi fa
I think Kenny is thinking about this all wrong. You thought he was rebuilding the Heat but instead he was actually rebuilding the Spurs so therefore he succeeded and won a championship
haydeis 5 mesi fa
You can’t win a chip in 2k with Ben Simmons. S2g I’ve never been able to do it.
Daniel Liñán Molina
Daniel Liñán Molina 5 mesi fa
15:18 "Nobody is safe except for the people that are safe"- Kenny Beecham, 2020
Davin Lynch
Davin Lynch 5 mesi fa
Is it just me or are these ai's getting worst. They shoot terrible shots the coaches when you jump into simcast always have your best players out in the 4th for some reason it just be pissing me off
Jose Diogo Silva
Jose Diogo Silva 5 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do a “One trade per Season” challenge Rules: -You can only do one trade per season -Build your team using one wheel to select the team then use a number generator to pick a player Challenge ends when you win a Ring
Michael Nshanian
Michael Nshanian 5 mesi fa
He never gets the first pick
Michael Nshanian
Michael Nshanian 5 mesi fa
Michael Nshanian
Michael Nshanian 5 mesi fa
Kenny got the first pick!!!!!!
FrankRodriguez Sports
FrankRodriguez Sports 5 mesi fa
It looks like Kenny Was on the raptors
mahi ali
mahi ali 5 mesi fa
Day 17 of asking Kenny to do a wheel of wheels rebuild. There will 4 wheels that you can land on. The 1st wheel would be all the contracts in the nba. The 2nd wheel would be countries. The 3rd wheel would be teams, if you get that you spin to get a team (the spin again from 1-15 if you land one 1 you get the teams best player, but if you get 15 you get their worst player). Finally the last wheel is overalls. There are also no specific rules and you don't have to trade for Roco if you dont want to.
Playboii Ay
Playboii Ay 5 mesi fa
42:34 he did the Paul George
Asaf Pelleh
Asaf Pelleh 5 mesi fa
Shout out from Israel! #Bullsfaithful
Virinity 5 mesi fa
Y’all thought that five to 1 lottery was the best but only the og viewers remember when he went from 12 to 1 on the bulls rebuilding series
2K Head
2K Head 5 mesi fa
Can we get a rebuild battle Kenny Vs Korzemba???
ryuijin aida
ryuijin aida 5 mesi fa
Yeetusfameetus1 5 mesi fa
He didn’t start with “And we Back”
El Ethan
El Ethan 5 mesi fa
Krispy needs to see this
GOATED trent
GOATED trent 5 mesi fa
You should do the “OUT OF POSITION PLAYERS” Challenge, Rules: Everyone on your roster must be at their worst Overall position, For example a Center at PG Next you must have Draymond and LeBron bc of the MyTeam Promo. You Have 3 Years to Win a Championship
King Kezzaa
King Kezzaa 5 mesi fa
That Toronto game in the 3rd season sums up how much the 2k my league is broken
Brooklyn Grow
Brooklyn Grow 5 mesi fa
best vids ever
Michael Oliveira
Michael Oliveira 5 mesi fa
Kenny didn’t realize that they hit a 3 with a second left; and only lost by 1
bittu bosky
bittu bosky 5 mesi fa
Kenny literally just flipped klay Thomas ok he’s good and terence gehhdbsjjwbso and Johnny smith you And a first for KEVEN DURANT
Cboeck11 5 mesi fa
It's fine with me if you trade for Bam
ajvsthewrld 5 mesi fa
🐐 love your vids man I’ve been here since the quizzes and the White Sox hat 😂
andrew long
andrew long 5 mesi fa
This rebuild made me think. Imagine a draft that each round was a different order. Round 1 all teams are in a hat you draft when your team is picked out the hat. 2nd round all teams go back in hat and repeat. That could make for some interesting teams
andrew long
andrew long 5 mesi fa
Small ball rebuild team must be under 6’8
Owen Lorentz
Owen Lorentz 5 mesi fa
I feel your pain but that’s just 2k
Basketball Geeks
Basketball Geeks 5 mesi fa
Kenny you need to move your facecam so we can see the score
Chilly Plays
Chilly Plays 5 mesi fa
Chris Paul George
a normal guy
a normal guy 5 mesi fa
Day #1 of asking Kenny to do the "The GOAT Rebuild" Make a fantasy draft and try to win six chips BUT... U have to draft the next GOAT and make him to lead his team to 3 chips in a row with 3 FMVP then trade him away play 2 more season without him and without winning a chip and then get him back and win 3 more chips in a row with another three FMVP. That's hard, but challenges are hard. Love u, greetings from Costa Rica
JKorn Boys
JKorn Boys 5 mesi fa
Do a 85-overall rebuild.Pot together a team with 85 or lower players n 2K
The Gucci Boys
The Gucci Boys 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the double champion challenge Rules: you have 3 seasons to win a nba championship and a summer league championship so you need good rookies and a good team good luck
Ashton Watsin
Ashton Watsin 5 mesi fa
If you can get bam get bam please😭 it killing me when you don’t trade for him
TBS Respect
TBS Respect 5 mesi fa
Gordon Hayward looks like patty mayo
Gilchrist Dunks
Gilchrist Dunks 5 mesi fa
Kenny called Michael Beasley Malik beasley
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