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Andrew Sepp
Andrew Sepp 15 ore fa
I think the reason why d rose wasn’t putting up great numbers is because the system match was only 1 star
lito dat
lito dat 3 giorni fa
When u put play thru star I think it was playing thru Ayton cuz his overall higher should’ve put d rose as first scoring option
lito dat
lito dat 3 giorni fa
You should’ve tried to make d rose get finals mvp put the offense focus on him
Eric Lovett
Eric Lovett 11 giorni fa
the fact jason williams isn't HOF is a crime imo
CalZone Dennis
CalZone Dennis 15 giorni fa
Can u do a all time fantasy draft rebuild :)
Samuel Fortier
Samuel Fortier 18 giorni fa
I am a raptors fan but Derrick Rose is one of my favorite players
Jace Baldwin
Jace Baldwin 19 giorni fa
Bro your teeth are SO white. HOW????
Lance 21 giorno fa
"He's about to sell"
DMs Only
DMs Only Mese fa
No one talking about how the suns built probably the best foreign starting 5
Aidan Daugherty
Aidan Daugherty Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the defense challenge Rules: 1 fantasy draft 2 trade for only B or higher defense 3 you have to do a 10 man rotation, no changing it
WhoEvenCares Mese fa
Should’ve signed D Rose and sent him to Washington too
WhoEvenCares Mese fa
24:22 First thing that came to my mind was “he’s gonna trade for Floyd and make sure Derrick Rose wins 6th man”
Max Backstein
Max Backstein Mese fa
Nobody: 2k: gives finals MVP to Ricky Rubio
George Salzano
George Salzano Mese fa
ImFan YT
ImFan YT Mese fa
Day 17 of asking Kenny to do the "Hometown" challenge. Random select a team, whatever team you get, you have to make a roster where every player on the team has to be from that teams state. (you have to win a championship)
Cool guy
Cool guy Mese fa
You should check award races and trade for D Rose’s competition and start then or not play them.
Austin Mendiola
Austin Mendiola Mese fa
D Rose wasn't averaging the big numbers because his system match was the minimum.
Void Formal
Void Formal Mese fa
Day 41 of asking Kenny to do the NBA draft challenge you must start in the offseason and load in the 2020 rookies you must then end up with the top three picks and take the three best players in the draft you can trade 2 of them but one has to start for your team this is a 2-year challenge and you must win a championship you have 1 year to make trades and everything and the 2nd year you must win a championship P.S. Turn off-trade deadline
adzattack1 Mese fa
Day 12 of asking for "Trust The Process" Challenge: 1. Fantasy draft 2. Tank your first season. You cannot send players to the reserves and your best players must always be started. 3. Keep your first round draft pick and use it OR you may trade up in the draft. The player you draft cannot be traded and must always be a starter. 4. No max contracts in free agency. 5. Win a championship in 2 years (not counting the tanking year).
KOT4Q's Plug
KOT4Q's Plug Mese fa
Hi i'm Kenny's plug channel!!
Fun Rush 617
Fun Rush 617 Mese fa
Day 9 of asking Kenny to do the "KD/Jeff Green Sonics Challenge". Rules: -put the Sonics in the NBA through expansion. -Trade for KD and Jeff Green(since they're the last 2 Sonics players in the NBA) -Both should start and play at least 30 minutes per game -Trade away the rest of the team and fill out the roster with 12-13 auto-generated players(you can choose) -Rebuild the team. You can trade the auto generated players but KD and Jeff Green must stay on the roster for the entire challenge. -You can't let them retire either until you win a ring. -Good Luck Kenny!🍀 PLS. LIKE SO THE GOAT🐐 CAN SEE. (P.S. I'M A BULLS FAN TOO CAUSE OF D-ROSE)
Nayte Flaherty
Nayte Flaherty Mese fa
do a rebuilding challenge where you can only use one club players that have retired and you make your team you cant trated for any and you have to get at least 3 championships
Nayte Flaherty
Nayte Flaherty Mese fa
Gus Fochtmann
Gus Fochtmann Mese fa
Anyone else notice that Shaun Livingston retired like 4 years after he did in real life🤣2️⃣k
EJ Mese fa
Day 61 of asking Kenny Only lefties challenge Rules: You have to win a championship in 3 years You can pick any left handed player to start with
Alex VanDierendonck
Alex VanDierendonck Mese fa
Where is knicks D-Rose
Tee Yourguy
Tee Yourguy Mese fa
You should do this challenge but with a newly drafted player
Payten Masias
Payten Masias Mese fa
Brooooo I was gonna do this
GaVe Unleash
GaVe Unleash Mese fa
he belong in the hall of fame
Huh ?
Huh ? Mese fa
Is it me or did he already upload this video
Zach Starling
Zach Starling Mese fa
everyone loves derrick rose! i’m not a bulls fan at all
Epic Gamer Girl
Epic Gamer Girl Mese fa
Petition for d rose to go to the bucks to push them to a championship
Bonnie Hughes
Bonnie Hughes Mese fa
"7:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out 123nba2k21new It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Rose Howard
Rose Howard Mese fa
"7:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out 123nba2k21new It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Kookvanjou1960 Mese fa
"7:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out 123nba2k21new It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Diana Alexander
Diana Alexander Mese fa
"7:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out 123nba2k21new It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Bonnie Hughes
Bonnie Hughes Mese fa
Beal Tapes
Beal Tapes Mese fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to do the “Carry the team on my back” challenge Rules: You can only use players who’ve carried their team before (ex: LeBron carrying Cleveland in 2018, Dirk carrying Dallas in 2011) You can’t use team intel You can’t use simcast in the playoffs You have 2 years to win 2 championships! Here’s the catch: your coach has to be an F, F, F and you have to have to run the worst system (aka Jim Boylen) Good luck Kenny
Do a “ Worst coaching staff challenge”. Do a fantasy draft, pick the worst coaching staff(head coach assistant gm, trainer, head scout, cfo, assistant coach), and build a team good enough to win the championship. Good Luck! Like this comment so Kenny can see.
Natasha Dorer
Natasha Dorer Mese fa
Day 9988889999988888999 of asking Kenny to do ab so lute ly nothing
gaticheng 123
gaticheng 123 Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the: Raising of the goat challenge Rules: - draft a player in the draft and raise them to be the goat - must win at least 5 rings 5 all nba appearances and 1 or more dpoy mvp and Roty along with being 99 overall through at least one season andretiring in the hof - use any of the built in feature such as mentoring potential camp etc. to make the goat - bonus draft one of the current top 3 recruits (LaMelo ball, Anthony Edwards, James wisemen)
Devon Harris
Devon Harris Mese fa
rebuild a team to win the summer league tourney
simon Mese fa
why tf did kenny give donte $26 mil a year...
simon Mese fa
why tf did kenny give donte $26 mil a year...
HypedUpPro Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the one year wonder challenge. Rules: 1.You start a fantasy draft and let your gm draft your team 2. You have to turn on every thing you usually turn off 3. Your starting lineup has to be a 84+ overall at every position 4. Drafted players (fictional character’s) cannot be on your team 5. every year you have to release all of your players over a 80 overall until you win a championship 6. You have 3 years. Good luck!
Pulse Kidfox
Pulse Kidfox Mese fa
You should do make the worst nba team and try to win with them
Beyblade Shu
Beyblade Shu Mese fa
Do the blindfolded trades team. You have to trade every player on your team blindfolded and also fantasy draft Day one until he reads
Wyatt Ingram
Wyatt Ingram Mese fa
Day one of asking Kenny to do the win or lose challenge rules do a fantasy draft you can only daft players under a 80 overall every time you when you can make a good trade but every time you lose you have to trade for a 60 overall good luck like so Kenny can see
Wyatt Ingram
Wyatt Ingram Mese fa
Oh yeah you have 3 years to win a championship
Steven Goden
Steven Goden Mese fa
For the last rebuild of 2K20 Kenny you should rebuild the bulls
collin cressman
collin cressman Mese fa
D rose wouldn't retire cause you wouldn't put him on the bulls
Tristan Crew
Tristan Crew Mese fa
Who else remembers keenly back in 2017 good times 😢
Miguel Yoshikuni
Miguel Yoshikuni Mese fa
Kenny use a system that drose had only one star big L
M J Mese fa
Capela/ayton/lopez is awful lol
Amare Stoudemire
Amare Stoudemire Mese fa
Do a regular season but with the 2002 draft class with players like Amar’e Stoudemire and Yao Ming
Josiah Johnson
Josiah Johnson Mese fa
Derrick Rose was playing in a system that didn't fit. The entire video he was 0 or 1 star proficiency in the system that you set. You also should've given D-Rose yearly training camps to improve his 3-point shot
Leo L
Leo L Mese fa
Hey Kenny can we redo the "destroy the superteam" challenge, but for the part where your actually making the superteam, you go all the way with it? By that I mean actually turning trade logic off, first pick obviously, and, just to make it more interesting, make every player untouchable. Because in that one, the super team was aight, but I think it waaayyy too easy for you to beat them. And some of the trades were kinda realistic. But keep up the great content man. Love all the channels. Run it up so kenny can see.
Abhir Gokhale
Abhir Gokhale Mese fa
Can anyone plz tell me in which kot4q video did Zach lavine clamp up LeBron and hit a clutch shot in the playoffs Plz someone tell me I've been searching for it for a long time With that outta the way who remembers when Kenny called Rudy Gobert "big booty Rudy" 😂😂😅
jelly bean
jelly bean Mese fa
Video 3 of asking Kenny 1. Must do a fantasy draft 2. Must get your team 3. At the all star break must trade your whole team ( edit: and picks ) Must win a championship
Sse 443
Sse 443 Mese fa
"But the numbers we need are W's" Kenny 2020 😂😂😂
Raphael Menorca
Raphael Menorca Mese fa
DJ CROSS Mese fa
Day 4 of asking Kenny to do the best dunkers challenge, rules are you have to do a fantasy draft, every body (everybody) on your team must have to have a dunk rating of 80 and above. You must also have the best dunker in the league on the team and you have to have Vince carter on your team playing at least twenty minutes you have 3 years to finish this rebuild, oh and one more thing out of those three years you have to have at least one of your players to win a dunk contest.Don’t back out if this Kenny.
Oscar Wimmer
Oscar Wimmer Mese fa
You should literally just turn on trade override and see how good you could make a team. That would be a good “outro” for 2k20
Cd Aa
Cd Aa Mese fa
Do a lonzo ball career simulation and try to make him a mvp or mip win him 2 chips Rules :can’t get traded he needs to at least play 38 min Good luck:) Kenny do it pls
Look Its Konscious
Look Its Konscious Mese fa
Yo what about a all time 82-0 rebuild?where uses each time all time roster make some moves and I think the video would be fire
Miguel Aguirre
Miguel Aguirre Mese fa
For me D Rose is much better than Westbrook and a HOF if he never get injured. He still have a chance and I think he deserved like Gran Hill and TMac.
The Boss
The Boss Mese fa
Chase Burgess
Chase Burgess Mese fa
DO THIS WITH ANOTHER PLAYER IDC IF ITS IN 2K21 or redo it in 2k21 with rose again
not cp
not cp Mese fa
he’s playing all game with fatigue on so that’s probably why his numbers didn’t improve first 2 seasons
asap_ethan Mese fa
asking Kenny to do the “extreme asset flipping “ challenge fantasy draft turn off trade deadline and every player you trade for has a total of 10 days not 10 games , 10 days until he is traded again , I think it’s a good challenge to end off 2k20 , and it’s the modo of the channel
Big Ben
Big Ben Mese fa
Damn I was clowning the Ricky Rubio trade 😂😂😂
not cp
not cp Mese fa
d rose forever the goat
ayooosnow Mese fa
Kenny might do this one in 2k21 but look we’ll call this the “Who’s The GOAT” challenge and what you have to do is give each NBA there best player in franchise history at said players highest overall. Next fill your the roster with 60 overalls and turn the star players shot tendency all the way up and then sim to the playoffs. Whoever wins the most championships in 5 years is the GOAT. LIKE SO KENNY CAN SEE
Cody Kirin
Cody Kirin Mese fa
"We need to get more of the W numbers" - Kenny
Prodigy Pheonix
Prodigy Pheonix Mese fa
Does he know that he can turn off league meetings
WGFF_ bricks
WGFF_ bricks Mese fa
2k isn’t ganna change y’all but the console will change it
Christopher Black
Christopher Black Mese fa
All left handed players rebuild , all players must be left handed, win one championship ‼️ Like so he can see
ChrisAI9 Mese fa
W is my favorite number
Disabledcup Mese fa
Day 2 of asking for Pvp my leauge challenge The rules are simple you can grab someone you know personally, you know in general or just someone from the myleauge community and do a simulated fantasy draft also pick a random team for both players After the fantasy draft flip a coin and make them pick heads or tails whoever wins gets to make the first trade. However if one player makes a trade the other player must make a trade right after it same case with free agents unless max players limit pops up The rest of the rules/ set up options are up to you To win one person must have 2 championships Love you kenny your videos are so upbeat and its great content keep working dont have to but if u want shout me out otherwise ill just watch you videos and enjoy
Patriots571994 Mese fa
2k myleague is so trash lmaoo I’m praying 2k21 does ANYTHING to upgrade
Slumpy4dah 2bear0
Slumpy4dah 2bear0 Mese fa
I just wanna say, idk if yall noticed but D Roses system fit was 1 star. I guarantee if he changed the system, D Roses numbers woulda been better
cayden ward
cayden ward Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the Trade Finder challenge all trades can only be done through trade finder
Arkel Da Goat
Arkel Da Goat Mese fa
Give yourself the first pick and pick it to the get one it the mvps
Jonathan Franklin
Jonathan Franklin Mese fa
This can become a series
RobertPerkins Mese fa
bill walton got in with 3 all star appearances, an mvp, a 6moty, and a ring
Jacob Brooks
Jacob Brooks Mese fa
Mess with tendencies more often
Nick M
Nick M Mese fa
asking Kenny to do a rebuild, but be biased towards me THE “BIASED TOWARDS ME CHALLENGE” Only pick players who are one of the following: A. From Canada B. Ex Raptors C. Left handers D. Short Kings (“6’0 or under) BONUS CHALLENGE: I use Donovan Mitchell on blacktop, so you have to use whichever team drafts him. P.S, I just wanna ramble about some basketball with Kenny tbh I’m all aboard the Donovan Mitchell hype train after that legendary series against Jamal Murray who’s from my home area! I’ve been a fan of him since he joined the league and threw down a put back dunk down with some heat against the lakers in his rookie year, man has been quietly killing the game since he got to the NBA, and i’m happy he’s finally getting the love he’s deserved. he proved that he can be an A1 player on a team and lead that team if he has the players around him to (Don’t trade Rudy Gobert, he’s a decent center when he’s playing at his best, and that’s all you need from a center for a lot of teams that are competing. if they can get a really good trade offer for him they should do it, but don’t try to trade him away either.)
Christian Warner
Christian Warner Mese fa
Day 8 ofasking KOT4Q THE GOAT to do the no awards challenge rules: 1. Do a fantasy draft 2.Can't have a single player who won any of the main awards (MVP, ROTY, DPOY, SMTY, MIP) 3.Have to win a championship and win 1 main award Like so he can see
connor Rusnak
connor Rusnak Mese fa
Do the 2k20 Challenge- Rules- Make this the last rebuild of 2k20 -Trade for players that you mainly only traded for in 2k20 for one last hurray in 2k20 -Hire Jim Boylen as your coach for the memes -Put Christiano Felicio on your team -Put yourself on the team -Get as many former bulls/Chicago born players on your team -The challenge is you have to put Dwayne Neal and Rufus Bishop on the SAME TEAM Good luck Kenny let’s get this man to a 1 Million in 2k21!!!
Music Nberyg
Music Nberyg Mese fa
Do challenge were you win every other game
iDrixXp -_-
iDrixXp -_- Mese fa
day 1 of asking kenny to restart to d rose career back to when he was drafted and watch 10 years of his career and see what happens in 2k if he never gets injured
Jackson Lawrence
Jackson Lawrence Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the Robert Covington challenge rules Have Robert Covington on ur team U can make him his primary position Make him ur number 1 option Sign him to a max deal Fantasy draft I’m asking u to do this bc of how well he is shooting the basketball in the bubble and how different his ratings are in 2k Good luck Kenny!
楊智詠 Mese fa
First day of asking Kenny do a “Robert Covington Challenge” -Random team -Fantasy draft -Use your first pick to choose Robert Covington -Trying to make him being a member of 50-40-90 club -Get a ring in five years(roco need to be FMVP) Good luck Kenny !
Joey Santosuosso
Joey Santosuosso Mese fa
i cant believe that pandemic p is in the HOF but d rose isnt
April242091 Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
lyuba pikalova
lyuba pikalova Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
expecfarma Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Gui199753 Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Connor Castle
Connor Castle Mese fa
“and nothing has really changed” 😭💀
Eli Brown
Eli Brown Mese fa
ok Kenny i’ve been trying to think of a challenge and i finally got one... the “Lottery Draft” challenge: First, do a assistant GM fantasy draft as normal, but the goal of the challenge is to trade for 14 players on your rosters all former lottery picks. The catch is you can only have one player belonging to a pick for a roster(ex: only one player who was the #1 pick, one player who was the #2 pick etc) The other catch is that you can only have one player from each draft class example starting 5 (PG: 2014 #5 pick, SG: 2009 #11 pick, SF: 2013 #13 pick, PF: 2019 #1 pick, C: 2011 #4 pick,) for all 14 players
Brandon_Anema Mese fa
27:34 U traded Ricky Rubio for 2 first round picks
Slade Atkinson
Slade Atkinson Mese fa
Kenny you should make a player with everything 99 and try to win a championship with that player
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