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itpost.info sports card investing panini select 2020 sports cards signed jersey

hiphop909 9 ore fa
Yo send me that Lenny Wilkins lol 😂
George Niflis
George Niflis 13 ore fa
I thought this was etika ;( ...
G43LXYFryGz 17 ore fa
Me getting mad because you said that James Harden was a base level😡😡😡😡😡😡
SteelqcxB0 18 ore fa
Lebron /49 like it’s trash lol
William B
William B 19 ore fa
those cards are heading in the same direction as the ratings.... down down and down.....
Jaren Boone
Jaren Boone 21 ora fa
Why you flexing with all those shoes just piled up on your shelves?
brandon kief
brandon kief 21 ora fa
Cool video. What's crazy is the prices you are spending are accurate this year. Everything went up because of the Pandemic! However the Optic Red Auto of Ja Morant the Rookie of the Year in Basketball is a huge pull! Also the Cronicles Box is about the Rookies and has multiple different set cards in it. To pull 3 numbered Zions is fantastic too!
John Blah
John Blah 23 ore fa
That Lenny Wilkins reaction 😂
Jeremy Stark
Jeremy Stark Giorno fa
A good way to figure out the value on a card is go on ebay & search the card u pulled and go to filter at top of page & look for completed/sold items. Good luck in future!
Jeremy Stark
Jeremy Stark Giorno fa
Loving the videos. Glad to see youre having fun and not just in it to make a quick buck. Good luck in the future!
Chris Kaliber
Chris Kaliber Giorno fa
Your vid quality is nice af.
Jonathan Hendricks
Jonathan Hendricks Giorno fa
Like to see him open spectra 2020
Plantpower Tri
Plantpower Tri Giorno fa
That prizm lebron worth $$$$$
Baskets Giorno fa
Joshua Byrer
Joshua Byrer Giorno fa
Elite Hunters
Elite Hunters Giorno fa
Ummm if you don’t want the Ja. I’ll gladly take it and do cartwheels when receiving it. Lol
Chirag Patel
Chirag Patel Giorno fa
Generally speaking as a collector probably a decade and change older than you - you spent that much money bc you and others like you hyper inflate pricing for everything. "Investing", ITpost Videos, lead to ruining card collecting for everyone. That and hype pricing players at a moments notice. Thanks for that, now everything and I mean all card boxes no matter what it is is priced 4-5 times its pre 2020 value and to me thats a bubble scenario where once this moment for cards is over it'll be over paid junk. I look forward to a day when people can just buy again for fun and be able to afford it without spending luxury price range for every panini product.
Antz 2 giorni fa
What’s the point of the gloves if you handle those cards so rough lol
Zach Atkins
Zach Atkins 2 giorni fa
Your Cam Reddish threads is numbered
Zach Atkins
Zach Atkins 2 giorni fa
The first one lol
Derekjab2k 2 giorni fa
That cam reddish at the end was numbered
Flea Market Mixtape
Flea Market Mixtape 2 giorni fa
the 1st cam reddish you pulled was numbered to 145 i think.... it was def numbered though, it was the threads.
beamernz1 2 giorni fa
The way he handles cards makes me mad.
Father & Son Breaks
Father & Son Breaks 2 giorni fa
Bbbrrrrroooo... that lebron /49... worth A LOT!
MJ1980NL 3 giorni fa
Those Lukas letter cards are very cool and that Ja 🤦‍♂️ your reaction bruhhhh 😂
SkyHigh Fadedguy
SkyHigh Fadedguy 4 giorni fa
You gotta hold onto that Ja card, it could honestly become really valuable if he continues to improve
StLoUie67 4 giorni fa
Bro your Trippin, That Ja Morant Auto is worth it period ! not saying its worth 2k but bro, Yeah I cant
Miles Green
Miles Green 4 giorni fa
kenny there was a lebron numbered to 49 thats a nice pull so you should sleeve it.
MrArmenian17 4 giorni fa
how much do those boxes of packs cost? LOL damn
Criley Mane
Criley Mane 4 giorni fa
good vid way you handle those cards got me cringin tho lmao
Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr 4 giorni fa
That Sabonis is nice, but that J-Rich auto!! Edit: BRUH, JA MORANT!?! Also, Lenny Wilkens will bring you in about $30? I’m trying to find out what an autograph board from the 1992-1993 Houston Rockets minus Olajowan’s auto goes for. I just happen to have that. We guys like Tree Rollins, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, Vernon Maxwell, Otis Thorpe, etc. of course no Hakeem tho.
Da C.
Da C. 4 giorni fa
Lol, she sounded like my wife when I bought a tool off the snap on truck and saw the bill.
Boogphilly83 4 giorni fa
This guys said Lobby box🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Juan Solano
Juan Solano 4 giorni fa
the way he handles his cards gives me anxiety
Bryan Eastlick
Bryan Eastlick 4 giorni fa
My mom is a lunch lady...how dare you laugh at her! J/k awesome pulls...my mom is a lunch lady though
Freddy apex
Freddy apex 4 giorni fa
the Ja Morant card is worth about 2400$ , the Lebron Crusade is 200$, The Zions to /99 together are worth about 500$ the zion to /149 is worth 100$.
Omar Abrea
Omar Abrea 5 giorni fa
Lol how your lady react this time? Tell her yall women spend money on purses.... guys we like cahhhds
Cade Hinshaw
Cade Hinshaw 5 giorni fa
I’ve been wanting to get into sneakers and I am wondering where people get the really expensive shoes like the ones he has on dis play so if anyones knows that would be great
Cade Hinshaw
Cade Hinshaw 5 giorni fa
also, weather or not its effective to use crease protectors
The Astros and Red Sox Suck
The Astros and Red Sox Suck 5 giorni fa
expose shirt fye
Ayaan Saenz
Ayaan Saenz 5 giorni fa
Do it again
Brittany Humphrey
Brittany Humphrey 6 giorni fa
The LeBron is numberd
Austin Good
Austin Good 6 giorni fa
Update video when you get that Ja
Ethan DeBuhr
Ethan DeBuhr 6 giorni fa
He pulled a number Tyler Herro and didn’t notice
Jopeal 6 giorni fa
My man hit a $1000 Ja Morant Auto redemption and was like um ok *shrug* then hit a Lebron numbered to 49 and just glazed past it. You will not find this content anywhere else on youtube. Love it!
Matt Skaggs
Matt Skaggs 6 giorni fa
Why do I have a feeling that all these cards are going to be eventually beaten to hell
Francisco Macias
Francisco Macias 6 giorni fa
1:31 that moment were Zaza Pachulias Career Makes you laugh 🤣 he litterly said bro cut it out. I hate getting cards like that! Lmao
Маргарита Иванова
Маргарита Иванова 6 giorni fa
Damn bro thoose gloves were too big for you.
Free My Boi OJ
Free My Boi OJ 6 giorni fa
These videos are great, would say most don’t care about what you pull definitely my favorite videos on your channel
The- Pokéman
The- Pokéman 6 giorni fa
that ja is a big boy pull
Thna Fam
Thna Fam 6 giorni fa
How much can I pay you for that numbered Tacko card?!!?!!
MrJayhawkfan23 6 giorni fa
Definitely a cool opening. I W as hoping you would do another card opening video. Would love to see another one when next years cards come out for the NBA.
Hqrvey 6 giorni fa
where can you get these
CookingSingle 6 giorni fa
I am about to get back into card collecting. It's in my blood.
emile vezina
emile vezina 7 giorni fa
Respect your shirt i'm from Montreal
mark carrion
mark carrion 7 giorni fa
Nice hit on the ja! /149 big hit!
tigger z
tigger z 7 giorni fa
fun hopefully ja signed his cards to get in the mail
P Studdert
P Studdert 7 giorni fa
*pulls serialed Ja auto* “Gotta change the setting for better luck”
Jjdisk Hobbs
Jjdisk Hobbs 7 giorni fa
Imagine panini actually fulfills the redemption
PineTime -
PineTime - 7 giorni fa
That ja is big big
Shawn O'Neal
Shawn O'Neal 7 giorni fa
I enjoyed the video. More please
JBoyKenobi 7 giorni fa
Why don't you talk about Kukoc?
HeyItsGurm 8 giorni fa
You need to open more packs main reason I subbed to you, You could prob get lucky and hit a target or walmart n get some packs I myself never have
Peter Loew
Peter Loew 8 giorni fa
Did this dude really pull 3 Zions numbered to 150 or less from the same box?
Alex K
Alex K 8 giorni fa
Mike_B 8 giorni fa
please upload more of these
J Lowe
J Lowe 8 giorni fa
Your lucky man. You will be surprised on the value of these
Adam Krissow
Adam Krissow 9 giorni fa
killed it
Young Jaden杨杰登
Young Jaden杨杰登 9 giorni fa
Jay Slays
Jay Slays 9 giorni fa
What size are those gloves? Magnum XXL?
Alejandro Mende
Alejandro Mende 9 giorni fa
I also collect basketball cards and football card and I have 2 rookie cards
Eigan Jimenez
Eigan Jimenez 9 giorni fa
I hope you can give a way some cards or box hahaha
josh robbins
josh robbins 9 giorni fa
My brother just created an app called CardScanApp that is available on the App Store. It allows the user to scan the back of their sports cards and simultaneously pulls up prices from the internet to let you know the value of the card. It also allows you to save your card with a picture of it and the price at which your card is currently going for. It's a really unique app and is going to change the sports card market. Go check it out!
Carson Cowley
Carson Cowley 9 giorni fa
Pulls $1700 card “Oh nice”
C McCormick
C McCormick 10 giorni fa
I enjoy watching you open cards. But piece of advice be careful with corners. You bent the Zion Marquee bottom left corner
noah erickson
noah erickson 10 giorni fa
He Pulled a lebron purple crusade to 49 and didn’t even see lol!!! Card is $$$$
Travis Holmes
Travis Holmes 10 giorni fa
and ur threads zion last sold for 175 usd lol
Travis Holmes
Travis Holmes 10 giorni fa
the numbered zion sells for over a hundred lmao
Marc M
Marc M 10 giorni fa
That disrespect on John Paxon ... Unless you didn't really know who that was
theumpirestrikesback 10 giorni fa
lol @ "My boy Taco, look, he too long to even fit on the card."
theumpirestrikesback 10 giorni fa
lol @ "But nobody's out there looking for Lenny Wilkins cards, bro."
PESHeadFC 10 giorni fa
Bro you easily made you $ back, with the Ja and the zions.... get them graded... and make 5k+....
Red-Blooded American
Red-Blooded American 11 giorni fa
You almost made your money back on that red Ja alone. Wow
Meghan Aguerreberry
Meghan Aguerreberry 11 giorni fa
bro made his money back. fire last box mojo. dodnt even see lebron
Dennis Sanchez
Dennis Sanchez 11 giorni fa
That Ja is 1000+
Philippe Berthiaume
Philippe Berthiaume 11 giorni fa
Tyrone Savage
Tyrone Savage 11 giorni fa
I thought u got the model 3 when you upgrade to model x!! Real shit respect got my model 3 speedin with that acceleration
George's Urologist
George's Urologist 11 giorni fa
First off, your camera is amazing. And your card box choice is on point. If you ever wanna trade or sell the ja, LMK !!!
cantcme 11 giorni fa
I would say you could legitimately make your money back if you send to get those cards graded. Numbered Zions, that Ja too
Jeremy E
Jeremy E 11 giorni fa
The wheaties box killed me at first ...”I need to get a...cereal box holder...for this”
Emerald404 11 giorni fa
That Ja Morant Optic Red auto redemption card is about a $1200-$1800 card so you did very well. Grats!!
Ryan K.
Ryan K. 12 giorni fa
Congrats on the LeBron pull that is a huge hit (All serial numbered LeBron is pretty big FYI), and that Ja Morant wow......really lucky nice pulls!!
Nicholas Thayer
Nicholas Thayer 12 giorni fa
That ja when redeemed gonna be like a 2500$ card man!! Good shit!!
Nates Hot Takes
Nates Hot Takes 12 giorni fa
Also share all videos! Whether you hit or not! People will watch!
Nates Hot Takes
Nates Hot Takes 12 giorni fa
That Ja Morant was a sick sick pull!!!
Nates Hot Takes
Nates Hot Takes 12 giorni fa
All redemptions are Autograph cards! Insane pull!!!
Quinn Biedrycki
Quinn Biedrycki 13 giorni fa
I would get the Ja Graded. Can only go up in $$$$ if it grades 9.5-10!
GameBroskii 13 giorni fa
I opened 5 contenders boxes and got shit. You open one and get a red ja morant auto.... jesus christ.
Diego Cook
Diego Cook 13 giorni fa
If you sold those cards you would probably make profit
Diego Cook
Diego Cook 13 giorni fa
I’m sorry but how you handled the cards🤣
Sportsfx 13 giorni fa
Two of my favorite ITpostrs working together, love to see it😊
Luau66 13 giorni fa
mans is repping the expos tshirt respect!!!
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