I Can Only Make Trades Every 5 Wins Rebuilding Challenge in NBA 2K21

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PS2 Gamer
PS2 Gamer 13 giorni fa
con man
con man 15 giorni fa
1:51 you know either Kenny has lighting fast reading orrrrr he just wasn’t reading LMAO.
con man
con man 15 giorni fa
The hat reminds me of when Kenny used to wear the white Sox hat. Who’s with me?
Michael Burney
Michael Burney 16 giorni fa
2k stay disrespecting marcus smart
Tapfuma Saruchera
Tapfuma Saruchera 18 giorni fa
12:29 was 4 lossess?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!
c the winner
c the winner 18 giorni fa
I saw your interview with is morant it was awesome
Mahei Hansen
Mahei Hansen 23 giorni fa
houston rockets
houston rockets 24 giorni fa
Flipping assets challenge: 1. Fantasy Draft 2. You draft your team but what ever team you land on you can’t draft people from that team (E.G. if you get the Rockets you can’t draft any players from the rockets) 3. Have to flip all players on the roster. (Still Can’t trade for players that have played on it for the team you are rebuilding. Hard Mode: Turn trade difficulty up to 75. Keep up the great videos.
kyle Conrey
kyle Conrey 25 giorni fa
If you see this, God Love's you
Spawn 25 giorni fa
"The Agents of Shield" Rebuilding Challenge Phil Coulson: Get a player who cameback from a season ending injury three times. Melinda May: Try get a quiet player like Kawhi Leonard FitzSimmons: Get two players with A or higher basketball IQ Quake: Get a player with 80 or higher Strength and B or higher basketball IQ YoYo: Get a player with 90 or higher speed. Nick Fury: Get a player who will be in the lineup twice then waive him. Hunter: Get a player who came overseas and trade him after a few seasons Bobby: Get a player who is a great defender and trade him after a few seasons Mack: Get a player who has a serious personality Deke Shaw: Get a player who has more of a funny personality
Frank Kilo
Frank Kilo 27 giorni fa
RTV Life Is Lit
RTV Life Is Lit 27 giorni fa
How do u do a fantasy draft on 2k
Jay Link
Jay Link 27 giorni fa
kenny coulda put his best players position to something the opposite so the overall was less and then u can trade trash :)
Gage Washington
Gage Washington 27 giorni fa
Love to see the magic finally win it in a video it seems like they never get a good pick tho
Jace Baldwin
Jace Baldwin 28 giorni fa
Just subscribed. Found your channel a few days ago and had to smash that subscribe button. Love your videos bro!
Jed Siegel
Jed Siegel 28 giorni fa
Idk if you have done this but make a team with only players on their rookie contract and win back-2-back
Baltej Hundal
Baltej Hundal 28 giorni fa
Do a WNBA rebuilding challenge
Can we plz have my league updated the same as play now and not have play now more updated than my league who likes play now come on 2k
Soapy's Thoughts
Soapy's Thoughts 29 giorni fa
Wait, why doesn't Kenny like Vucevic
Ant 29 giorni fa
Yo Kenny love your content thanks for trying your best to make 2k21 actually enjoyable. But I got a challenge for you. I call it the Bust to Boom challenge. Rules: Rule 1: Do a fantasy draft Rule 2: Select the worst player in a randomly generated draft class Rule 3: Rebuild the player from his lowest to his highest overall Rule 4: Win at least 2 championships with the created player being finals MVP Like so Kenny can see!
STH PLASMA 29 giorni fa
2k should add an attribute called: Impact
AJ Marietta
AJ Marietta 29 giorni fa
DeadlyDrifter 42
DeadlyDrifter 42 29 giorni fa
The video doesn’t end until u go 80-2
Denise Kelly
Denise Kelly 29 giorni fa
"1:23" 2k21 VC for free just ChEck it out hug0.monster It's incredible!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
The Goat
The Goat 29 giorni fa
Oh my god Robert Covington is actually shooting efficiently
William Hemling
William Hemling Mese fa
Kenny: We got Derrick Rose and Robert Covington, who can beat us. Everybody: Probably most teams.
Connor peveril
Connor peveril Mese fa
Need another card unboxing
Charlie twelftree
Charlie twelftree Mese fa
Rov Nathan Caguimbal
Rov Nathan Caguimbal Mese fa
Asking Kenny to go 1 on 1 vs MJ,An about 60 year old MJ,He is currently 57 years old
Highlight Helix
Highlight Helix Mese fa
Change Terry Rozier and Mike Conley to a SG and his overall gos up
Highlight Helix
Highlight Helix Mese fa
Kenny you forgot to change the overalls at the beginning
Jimmy’s Gaming
Jimmy’s Gaming Mese fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to do this challenge rules you have to be on the bucks you only get to start off by trading one player and win mvp with the player if you lose the first year you have to trade your starting 5 you are the best ITpostr get him to won mil by Christmas
Salamander Dude
Salamander Dude Mese fa
You should do some older 2ks
Lynden 69
Lynden 69 Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the all centers challenge Rules: -Fantasy draft Gm picks -Lineup must consist of all centers -Must win 1 championship
Sandra Interiano
Sandra Interiano Mese fa
Day one of asking Kenny to do the dusty Knox challenge Draft a player using the 28th 29th or 30th pick and make that player into a 96-99 overall and the team he is on has to be the number one seed every year for 2 years after he becomes a 96-99
Raging Raptor
Raging Raptor Mese fa
Kenny please do a myteam series
Toby Kehaty
Toby Kehaty Mese fa
I play nba 2k but I don't know how to get a fantasy draft in the beginning can you tell me
Toby Kehaty
Toby Kehaty Mese fa
Day 62 of asking the kenny to do this rebuilding challenge RULES: You have to do a legends fantasy draft You have to make a team full of players that went in to the front office owner GM coach etc. for example dave cowens and if you don't have enough players to fill out your roster you have to fill them in with 75 overall players or less and add these players to your team Like so the kenny can see! Yo kenny you said I don't have to do day 1... I did 62 videos in a row of commenting the same comment and if you don't believe me look thru your past 62 vids just give me some love for that
Rose Howard
Rose Howard Mese fa
"3:17" 2k21 VC for free just ChEck it out hug0.monster It's incredible!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Riley Taylor12
Riley Taylor12 Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the “Around the league rebuild” Rules: do a fantasy draft. trade for Alec Burks. Keep flipping and trading back for him until you have traded him to every team in the NBA. Goal: win a championship
James Tavella
James Tavella Mese fa
The alphabet rebuilding challenge You must at one have at least on player on your team from every letter in the alphabet for example: A- Adebayo B-Jaylen Brown C-Wendell Carter etc. You can only get your players from trade for example in the fantasy draft if you get Luka he is not able to count as your “D” you would have to cut him or trade him however you can trade back for him. (P.S. you can’t cut him and then pick him right back up.) In the end you don’t have to have on player from each letter because you can only have 15 players but you do have to have one at some point. Also you can’t 2 players that have the same letter for there last name like Adebayo and Giannis. ( Also there are 2 letters with no players with that last name Q and X) Your goal is to win a championship You got this Kenny!
Deshon Smith
Deshon Smith Mese fa
I think I have something that’ll challenge you, Kenny. A rebuild for potential. You take nothing but young decent players with good potential. So their age has to be between 19-23 rating can’t be higher than 71-77 ovr and their potential is a B+ and up upon drafting. Once the player gets to their “prime” you have to trade them For draft picks only to maintain your team’s young age.
Gavin Audette
Gavin Audette Mese fa
KENNY I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU TRADE FOR JAYSON TATUM!!! That’s my challenge trade for Tatum and make him your center piece to the team
Kashwin 07
Kashwin 07 Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the “ Send em Back “ challenge Rules: Fantasy Draft You have to trade everyone on your team to a team they used to be on and rebuild like this Say you have the Bucks and have Giannis a guy who has never leaved, you can keep him. ex, 76ers and embid Like so the goat can see and sub 2 him to get him to 1 mill.
James Tavella
James Tavella Mese fa
Here is a video to react to on Kenny for Real: m.itpost.info/dev/iZCLhKaWa9O6mmo/video
Taylor Mese fa
never thought id see the day kenny sells out for lame paid ads
Isaiah Turner
Isaiah Turner Mese fa
The all-team challenge Rules: all Time fantasy draft Spin a wheel of all the nba teams Whatever team you land on, all of your players and your coach must have played for Coach born there or is from that place(If a coach is not available fire one and rehire it to your team or create a coach is not in the game but was real)(Phil Jackson)
Jack Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the "Slow Down" challenge Rules: - every time you make a trade you up the sim difficulty by 1 That's it. It's simple but it's gonna be interesting what Kenny can do with it
Firepig Mese fa
I’ve been watching him for like 4years and I just noticed I wasn’t subbed
BIGROO Mese fa
HEY KENNY DO the "Every day is Trade day" RUles are 1.NO trades before season 2.no trade deadline 3.you must random trade after every lost and after every 3rd win. Oh carry on with the regular Fantasy draft as usual. And no other trades must be done outside of Rule 3
JFaast1223 Mese fa
Day One of asking Kenny to do the "New Kids on the Block" challenge. Rules: - Fantasy draft... as always - 8 man rotation - Every player on your team has to be in their "senior" season or less.. (last draft class you can use is the 2017 class). - Every 7 loses you have to trade your best player for a random trade offer - Last but not least the GOAT Dylan Windler has to start and play AT LEAST 20 minutes a game on your team (make him earn that ROY). LIKE SO KENNY CAN SEE!! Best of luck to you
Nadine Erne
Nadine Erne Mese fa
Please do the avengers assemble challenge from Martin hu
i DrXp
i DrXp Mese fa
I love your videos bro keep it up🥳 I also just thought of a challenge. The CPU trade challenge. 1. Fantasy draft 2. Do whatever you want to the team 3. Turn CPU trades on 4. Every trade the CPU sends to you then you have to accept it no matter what. 5. You must not trade back for the players you traded away 6. Win a chip
Tatum Pace
Tatum Pace Mese fa
The make 100 trades challenge just make 100 trades and win 3 chips in a row
IDRK TBH Mese fa
None of your players could have ever averaged 20 pts or more throughout there career
JunJay Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the "draft pick" challenge -Ask your assistant gm to draft for you in a fantasy draff -Rebuild the team until your team have the 1st overall pick to the 14th overall If you don't understand, it means that you must have a player that was drafted 1st overall, 2nd overall, 3rd overall, 4th overall until the 14 overall. Like so that Kenny will see this challenge
AJ Wolfe
AJ Wolfe Mese fa
Am I the only one who can't really tell a difference between 2K20 and 2K21?
BaD_VibeZ Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the (Like so kenny sees!) “Lineup Flip” Challenge Here are what the challenge insist of 1. Random Team / Automated Fantasy Draft 2. Players with a Overall higher then 79 must be benched and players with overalls lower then 79 must be starters. (trades are no exceptions) 3. Must win a ring, Good Luck! _____________________________ Optional Rules For Harder Challenge (recommended) 1. Bench Players Must have less then 18 minutes 2. Starters Must have atleast 20+ minutes (completely option) 3. all bench players must be a 80+ overall with less then 18 minutes (completely optional) 4. Repeat Championship 5. Have Fun
Vibe Mese fa
All Rounder Challenge: - No Players over 85 overall (If a player passes this, they must be traded) - No Players below 75 overall - Every player must be able to play at least two positions - Minimum 10 man rotation
Ro1373 Mese fa
did he just ignore at 23:9 Luka was on the bulls?
Christian Jackson
Christian Jackson Mese fa
"Selling the bag" Challenge The first game of every month you jump in and watch the game until one of the players on your team shoots a shot, if they miss they get traded and if they make it they stay on the team. Do a fanasy draft you have 1 year to win a ring.
Chippa 48
Chippa 48 Mese fa
Has more Kenny to watch :)
Malic Coleman
Malic Coleman Mese fa
Christian Jackson
Christian Jackson Mese fa
wheel of conferences
Valentin Ortega
Valentin Ortega Mese fa
Kennyy I saw u on IG with Ja
Marlon Stabler
Marlon Stabler Mese fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to Do an all contending challenge -Do a fantasy draft -put every team on contending -win to championship
MLGV Migz Mese fa
The Underrated player challenge: Rules: 1. Fantasy Draft 2.Use Any Roster 3. Pick the player that you think is the most underrated 4. Only 2 trades for one season 5. Every time you don't win a ring you have to trade your second best player and a first round pick!
Daren Moon
Daren Moon Mese fa
Porzingis is broken in 2K. The dude is ridiculous.
John Ernest Lim
John Ernest Lim Mese fa
May I ask if where can I post cause I have a challenge for kenny.
ToxiccTae Mese fa
Day 4 of Asking Kenny to do the “Foreign Isn’t Boring “ challenge: -Fantasy Draft -Can Only Keep 1 U.S born player -Rest of the team must be foreign -Can only have 1 92+ player -Only allowed to make 20 trades total -Win a Ring I Know U See This King 👑, Stop Running
Aria Khosravi
Aria Khosravi Mese fa
1st day of asking kenny to do a mygm series
Kombu Jimmy
Kombu Jimmy Mese fa
I’ve been watching for months and thought i was subbed, but wasn’t until now
Jacob Bolstad
Jacob Bolstad Mese fa
Cap Kenny back
Michal Bernáth
Michal Bernáth Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the "Small Ball Challenge" - You roster can only have players with their natural position being PG, SG or SF. - One exception is ONE center, however his minutes must be maxed at 10 minutes per game - You have three years to win a championship with following requirements: 1st year - must reach at least conference finals 2nd year - must reach at least NBA finals 3rd year - must win at least one championship at this point FIRE AWAY!
Alex Rangel
Alex Rangel Mese fa
This was a quality video. Ty Kenny for curing my boredom 😃
Zac Hansen
Zac Hansen Mese fa
G'day from Australia! Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the Ben Simmons rebuilding challenge Rules: Must have at least 1 Australian born player on the roster (Must get minutes) Everybody in the starting lineup must be 6'10 or taller Must have a player who went to LSU for college Must have a player who has a connection to philly How many years you go is optional WIN A RING
TheNexCoolGuy Mese fa
Sim speed tho 👀 literally only thing 2k did right lmao
crllo Mese fa
The Class of 2021 Rebuilding Challenge Your 10-man rotation must consist of 2021 players and you have to try to win a Championship . (5 years Max) Because we love the longer videos. No Salary Cap because these rookies will possibly want insane contracts. Harder choice. Starting lineup from 2021 and your backups are all from the same class (after 2021)
D Ned
D Ned Mese fa
Dang this was Definitely the best challenge in awhile 🤩🤩🤩
Braden mayle
Braden mayle Mese fa
U were kinda mean to rusty
Andrei Quiambao Yamat
Andrei Quiambao Yamat Mese fa
"Rising 🌟 Challenge" All your players should be 25 below. Simple.
Isaiah Turner
Isaiah Turner Mese fa
The Chicago challenge Rules: Fantasy draft Everyone on your roster must have connections to Chicago or played for a Chicago team or was born there PS: AD’s on the way
Isaiah Turner
Isaiah Turner Mese fa
The same number challenge Rules: Go to random number generator and generate a number between 0-35 Everyone in the ROTATION must have worn that jersey number in their time in the league (doesn’t matter if they don’t wear anymore)
Isaiah Turner
Isaiah Turner Mese fa
The same age challenge rules: Fantasy draft Go to random number generator and generate a number between 19 and 35 Then trade until every person on your roster is the same age(it doesn’t matter if they’re birthday is in the middle of the season)
Isaiah Turner
Isaiah Turner Mese fa
The trade all challenge Rules: you have to trade every man on your roster individually and you cannot get them back and trade every pic you have until you have no pics
Isaiah Turner
Isaiah Turner Mese fa
Generator challenge Rules: do a fantasy draft then go to random number generator and generate five numbers then trade those five players(One being the best on your team)&(only can trade three pics)(cannot trade non-number generator players with generated number players)(you have to build at least one trade)(all trades must benefit your team or at least be better than the previous player)
ownedweezybaby Mese fa
Having to trade Jokic sucked!
Conor Sheehan
Conor Sheehan Mese fa
Day 83 of asking Kenny to do the “Out of Place Challenge” (I know he has done one similar but this one is still different) Rules: Turn off the trade deadline and Fantasy Draft your team. Make trades prior to the start of the season until you have a team you like. Create a wheel of all positions and spin it for each player in your rotation, then make whatever the wheel lands on that players position. Simulate 30 games. After 30 games make whatever trades to help better your team if needed, spin the wheel for the new players acquired to see what position they get. Simulate until there’s 1 game left in the season. Make anymore trades to help your team in the playoffs, then spin the wheel again to change their position. Play until you win a championship, Good Luck!
JC Reactions
JC Reactions Mese fa
1 day of tell kenny to do the I know rebulid olny one rule can only trade for that you meet or have a player jersey that is sign
Miami Heat
Miami Heat Mese fa
All of the comments are “It makes me sick when all I see in the comment section is rebuilding ideas”
Alex Cousins
Alex Cousins Mese fa
“3 Peat Divisional Challenge” Rules: After the draft, build a team of players who all currently in real life play in the same division. After Season 1 and hopefully winning it all, you have to trade your whole team away and pick a new division, and then after that season do it one more time to go for the 3-peat.
Challenge: The above 30 challenge Every player has to be above the age of 30 Must win one championship And one of your players must win MVP
Ben Mese fa
How does his simulate so fast?
Rov Nathan Caguimbal
Rov Nathan Caguimbal Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the "worst team to win an nba championship'rebuilding challenge -Fantasy Draft -10 man rotation for the whole season(and playoffs)( the 11-15 man it is ok if they have 1 of these cuz they wont play anyway) you should not have a single player with these things 1.nobody must have Quick First Step silver or above 2.No player must have a A- 3pt or above 3.Nobody should of made the all star game more than 3 4.nobody sould have participated the dunk contest or 3pt contest 5.Nobody should be above a 90 ovr or higher 6.Nobody should have the intimidator badge silver or above 7.Nobody should have been an nba champ 8.Nobody should of won any award 9.Nobody should not have average more than 8 reb in their career 10.Nobody should have an A- or above Per D Like so Kenny Can See!
Justin Ruby
Justin Ruby Mese fa
You should do a realistic fantasy draft rebuild, where you try to draft the best team possible for a 3-4 year stretch. Minimal trading unless you drafted someone who doesn't fit your teams style or you're trying to get picks / a small upgrade. No flipping traded players over and over. You're an NBA GM, so you're gonna want to treat your drafted team as such. All of the trade sliders options would be set to on, (Stepien rule, recently traded, recently signed etc..)
John Tant
John Tant Mese fa
Hey Kenny can you please do a 2001 wizards rebuild and try to get MJ another ring or two?
Wesley M.
Wesley M. Mese fa
"The Dream Team 82 and 0 rebuilding challenge." Rules: It must have every dream team player. You can stop when you go 82 and 0 and win a championship. You can trade any player you want with normal trade difficultly.
Cole Harness
Cole Harness Mese fa
day 1 of asking kenny to do the ig filter challenge Rules: Do a fantasy draft (as usual) Get on instagram and use the "2k build" filter The players you trade for have to match the type of build (ex if you roll a stretch 5 you have to trade for a stretch 5) When at least 1 championship Like so Kenny can see!
Childish Cambino910
Childish Cambino910 Mese fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do my challenge 1. 5 min rebuild 2. Lose 5 games you must random trade finder your starting 5 3. Win 10 you can make any trade you want 4. Win a championship Good Luck, You will probably fail
Raphael Littwin
Raphael Littwin Mese fa
Kemba and jokic
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