I Brought A Team Back To Seattle and Made The Biggest Trade Ever in NBA 2K21

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The CRAZIEST NBA Expansion Rebuild in NBA 2K21

noah k
noah k 6 giorni fa
Man yall pulled off the craziest comeback in game 3 of the finals and aint even notice lmao
Hugh O'brien
Hugh O'brien 6 giorni fa
Thanks for being expiration man
lito dat
lito dat 8 giorni fa
43-10 and pull off a massive trade to reunite lebron and AD in Seattle crazyyyyyyyy lol
lito dat
lito dat 8 giorni fa
Facts u definitely need to stop that AD to Mavs deal lol good sign up cuz that would’ve been crazy in Dallas
Teppei Fukuto
Teppei Fukuto 8 giorni fa
The Knicks are trading away all their picks again
Garrett Brown
Garrett Brown 10 giorni fa
Michael Mitchell
Michael Mitchell 11 giorni fa
You need to turn off Trade Logic
Sxllsdrip 12 giorni fa
Will I get traded?
Michele Newman
Michele Newman 13 giorni fa
Nobody ever Kenny: 19:51 Before we go FuRDDer
Ben Baum
Ben Baum 13 giorni fa
‘An Number one overall pick isn’t out of the league’ Anthony Bennet: am I a joke to u
Josiah Sklarsky
Josiah Sklarsky 13 giorni fa
am i the only one who thought alec burks when he said what pieces can i trade for lebron
Josiah Sklarsky
Josiah Sklarsky 13 giorni fa
The dominance challenge! Do a fantasy draft and let your assistant do the drafting turn on force trades or whatever it's called rebuild your team however you like if you win a game you take that team's best player if you lose they get your best player win a championchip in 3 years (bonus challenge: go 82-0)
BrycetheGOAT GOAT 14 giorni fa
You the best at rebuilding and best ITpostr
Mahlon Crawford
Mahlon Crawford 20 giorni fa
"KD and Kevin Durant"
Cam is Sus
Cam is Sus 21 giorno fa
He does more trades than play
a.c henson
a.c henson 22 giorni fa
kenny: They got KD and kevin durant
Sebastian P
Sebastian P 25 giorni fa
kenny film yourself framing your new jersey’s
mangosims57 27 giorni fa
The Number 1 overall pick floor is not out of the league Anthony Bennet: Hehehe
Nerdy Geek
Nerdy Geek 27 giorni fa
At 6:36 it said you were under the player limit
j b
j b 28 giorni fa
Found your channel today. Up at 6 am in the UK with my newborn. Thank you 😂😂. QUALITY CONTENT MY GUY
Antonio Lewis
Antonio Lewis 28 giorni fa
They got kd and kevin durant 😭😭
Cameron Hamilton
Cameron Hamilton 28 giorni fa
No one Absolutely no one Kenny:they have kd and Kevin Durant
CobraCN 29 giorni fa
6:37 This trade would put the Sonics under the minimum player limit. The team can do this trade using the active minimum player limit exception that has 14 days left
Trey K
Trey K Mese fa
michael porter jr played in seattle in high school too lol
Torre Colavito
Torre Colavito Mese fa
Your shot for not getting mitchell robinson
Neal neal
Neal neal Mese fa
why did you say ''kd and kevn durant
the mighty Spoiler
the mighty Spoiler Mese fa
It's kinda weird how he doesn't look at the camera
Hari Mese fa
Yo kenny what were u on when u recorded this episode??
GamingContent Mese fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the "KOT4Q Meme Squad" challenge. Rules: 1. You have to get the top 10 kot4q meme players onto your squad 2. You have to keep the top 5 meme players. 3. Try and win a championship in three years the goal is two for you. 4. The meme players must run atleast 20mins Also I have another one you make like Day 1 of asking kenny to do the " Birthday Team" rebuild. Rules: -Make/find a wheel with every NBA players birthday on it. -spin it 14 times for 14 players. -you have three years to win as much championships as you can. -must have all players of different ages (21,23,29,etc.) Goodluck Kenny been a fan since 2k19 videos.
GamingContent Mese fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the " Birthday Team" rebuild. Rules: -Make/find a wheel with every NBA players birthday on it. -spin it 14 times for 14 players. -you have three years to win as much championships as you can. -must have all players of different ages (21,23,29,etc.) Goodluck Kenny been a fan since 2k19 videos.
iMakeGood Mese fa
Start targeting Kris Dunn. Defensive Maestro
Ninjuke Mese fa
Can't nobody touch the pc modding community man, they built different.
Johnny Love
Johnny Love Mese fa
The Timberwolves took R. Kelly
tyler moreno
tyler moreno Mese fa
I love when Kenny does Seattle rebuilds I was raised in Washington so I’m seahawk fan and would be a Sonics fan but there not there no more ask anybody from Washington they would love their basketball team back so watching these video lets me know that some people still care about the Sonics
Synz COD
Synz COD Mese fa
Yo I didn’t know R.Kelly was in the 2021 draft
Jackson Caldwell
Jackson Caldwell Mese fa
bol bol was also not protected
Jackson Caldwell
Jackson Caldwell Mese fa
Do a myleague series of the super sonics
Vedant Narayan
Vedant Narayan Mese fa
13th pick was the liberty which is the other team, and you had the 15th pick which is what u were projected to have I’m pretty sure ur dyslexia kicked in again
Dr Octopus
Dr Octopus Mese fa
Stuff on page two 😂 found out at quite a young age
B2BClutchYuh Mese fa
Kenny: Let's get a better scout *Trainer gets fired* Trainer: Aye, whatchu doin man? You got the wrong guy.
they got Kd and Kevin durant🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jordy Rodriguez
Jordy Rodriguez Mese fa
You can pick two western conference teams and just move new Orleans or memphis or minnesota east
Ricco Racks
Ricco Racks Mese fa
In my Mt career ad went to the Mavs with Luka and KP as soon as I become a starter I’m heading straight to Dallas 😭
Vincent Wright
Vincent Wright Mese fa
Trae Young for mvp yoo fr i hope he does that irl
Tucker Dunagan
Tucker Dunagan Mese fa
The knicks giving out 1st round picks like its candy
Samuel Edwards
Samuel Edwards Mese fa
isnt it weird how in 2k20 and 2k21 in free agency Giannis always seems to go to the spurs, it isn't just his game, it seems like he does that whenever
Craig Finley
Craig Finley Mese fa
why’d he take a 1 and a half star value pick over mitch rob? suprising
Thanos Mese fa
Challenge idea: Spell my name challenge: All players must have their first name be a letter in your name. Fantasy draft Players selected in draft have to make their first initials spell your name in order perfectly. Then you can take the team and flip assets but still have players that have first names with letters in your name. Must try and win a championship. You can make it where you make sure you get Kawhi first to start you off. Have fun!
Matt Doe
Matt Doe Mese fa
The Golden Knights did use that strategy, but a lot of first year players they had were pretty good, so that helped them as well
Jovito Colin
Jovito Colin Mese fa
Skip Gary is better than Jordan and Lebron, dont @ me
Lebron was the greatest addition to yout team lebron and ad are unstoppable
Señor ShaZamy
Señor ShaZamy Mese fa
The thing that popped up said something about being under the minimum player limit
Logan's Opinion
Logan's Opinion Mese fa
How to tell NBA 2K20 and NBA 2K21 appart- If its NBA 2K20 your shots might go in.
jimmytakeswalls Mese fa
who tf is dillon windler
Sunic Mese fa
Banana boat challenge (Add D rose back into the league) Start off as a random team that has no members of the banana boat. You have 5 years to bring all of them together plus a team around them And win a championship.
Sunic Mese fa
Kenny if you read this. What vegas did (im a hockey fan) they had teams some what bribe them to take worse players. With decent prospects that turned out well for Vegas.
TheOCBChannel Mese fa
You should simcast the final game of the championship up until the point you think your team will win/it’s a close game. After all the trades and stuff it would be nice to watch the team you built actually play together (just computer vs computer only)
Eli Taylor
Eli Taylor Mese fa
Honestly wish he would do a rebuild without trading the assets right away and flipping them
TM33 Mese fa
What's on page 2??
Nehemyah Graham
Nehemyah Graham Mese fa
Make a 2k21 series where you control that team you found that has the outside court and you play the games
Xx_Ski_xX YT
Xx_Ski_xX YT Mese fa
“The number 1 pick’s floor isn’t out of the league” Anthony Bennett: 😢
Cal Hart
Cal Hart Mese fa
Tgsogood did it search him to find all courts.... pastorbatman69 for the few I have with jerseys .... make it a video... it will be fire.... rec gym pro am gym and more ....
Huh ?
Huh ? Mese fa
Bruh what’s the music 6:41
tklestk Mese fa
Please download a draft class I ain’t wanna see no random people
FlamingTaco Mese fa
Kenny: gets 8th and 15th pick Also Kenny: “we have to 8th and 13th pick”
FlamingTaco Mese fa
“Coach of the year went to Mike Budenholzer. Not happening in real life, let’s keep it a BUCK”
BriscoeKid Mese fa
My fave rebuild is always the expansion rebuild. Nice work!
Will Master54
Will Master54 Mese fa
7:25 The nets got KD and Kevin Durant not Kevin and Kyrie. The is the Dyslexia kicking in
Kyraan sookhoo
Kyraan sookhoo Mese fa
Kenny in the beginning of the video 2k21 is trash v.s. Kenny at the end of the video i had fun
WIlliam Strang
WIlliam Strang Mese fa
The thing that popped up said This trade will put the Sonics under the minimum player limit.
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad Mese fa
The thing that popped up was the sonics were under the player limt
Zachary Talbott
Zachary Talbott Mese fa
The moment when Kenny skips out on a trade to get Clint Capella and a 2023 1st round pick (guaranteed) and chooses to trade for Draymon and a 2022 protected pick......... COME ON SON!
Kiss My Axe
Kiss My Axe Mese fa
In nba2k20 on the Xbox there is a outside court, thought he knew lol
LarryKoopa 64
LarryKoopa 64 Mese fa
coments 50% challenges 50% making fun of kenny
Stewart Morgan
Stewart Morgan Mese fa
Kenny: the number 1 picks floor isn’t outta the league Anthony Bennet: Hold my beer
Aj messmer
Aj messmer Mese fa
You said Louisville wrong 😭😭😭
Amir Lumumba
Amir Lumumba Mese fa
he said kd and kevin durant
Alejandro Vang-Johnson
Alejandro Vang-Johnson Mese fa
im from Seattle
carlos silva
carlos silva Mese fa
The “Number Rating” Challenge: - Make every player the same rating as there jersey number - Sim 1 year and rebuild the worst team - Try and 3 peat
Ryan Wolfe
Ryan Wolfe Mese fa
Do a career rebuild of Arthur Woods
Reece Lapczynski
Reece Lapczynski Mese fa
Luka averagin 40😬
Brian Gumns
Brian Gumns Mese fa
Would have been interesting if you could have brought back Kevin Durant to Seattle. Overall great video, keep this going even if the product isn't great your videos are (Go Bulls!)
Pull Up Jay
Pull Up Jay Mese fa
Can we get a NBA 2k21 Kenny Hardaway MyCareer🙏🏻
Jaquavias Zintavious
Jaquavias Zintavious Mese fa
Let's be honest the floor for the number one pick is not out of the league Anthony Bennet:😢
MstrChamberlain5 Mese fa
Kenny the king of clickbait
Zakari Haider-Bierer
Zakari Haider-Bierer Mese fa
do a challenge were one team is all small ball and one is tall players for there position and have them meet in the final
katie fite
katie fite Mese fa
Kenny: number one pick isn’t out of the league Anthony Bennett: am I a joke to you?
Jake Landes
Jake Landes Mese fa
I think the player/out of league potential means it could be either. It plays into the “boom or bust” thing they added.
Filipe Soares
Filipe Soares Mese fa
Kenny why you never use the custom drafts?And i prefer the rebuilds when you use the real rosters.Keep your good work men.
Green Machine
Green Machine Mese fa
and we back just feels.. right
Dylan Brady
Dylan Brady Mese fa
there was an outside court in ps4 2k20
Bradley Scott
Bradley Scott Mese fa
The Vegas Golden Knights took bad players from team but got 1st round draft picks in return. They had 4 1st round picks in 2017 but traded one
JoshBLT Mese fa
An NHL mention in a Kenny video? Dude what
It's Mr. C
It's Mr. C Mese fa
Nobody: Kenny: they got kd and Kevin Durant
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Mese fa
Day 7 of asking Kenny to do the “2k’s way” challenge -you cannot change overalls -if 2k wants to start someone, let them -keep a 10 man rotation -you cannot make your own trade. You always have to trade finder Ps. Please wear a green shirt for the green screen.
MR GoLdeN Mese fa
Kenny you hired a trainer🤣🤣🤣
Marcus Mese fa
KOT4Q - “The number one overall picks floor is not out of the league” Anthony Bennett - “bet”
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Mese fa
Check to see if Robert Covington is still bad
A.J theKiDD
A.J theKiDD Mese fa
bro how did you get the head scout confused with the trainer, KOT4Q a real goat
Austin Petolillo
Austin Petolillo Mese fa
Kenny spit 11:32
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