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Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Brooke Bourque
Brooke Bourque 2 mesi fa
Cow Lowry
Seductive Bard
Seductive Bard 2 mesi fa
Kyle Wiesmann
Kyle Wiesmann 3 mesi fa
That’s the dummest thing ever. Death is a part of life
Carson Libolt
Carson Libolt 3 mesi fa
Did anyone else notice how he couldn’t beat the Spurs in the regular season then swept them in the playoffs.
Asher Sedwick
Asher Sedwick 4 mesi fa
Why didn’t u trade Luka after the shot tendency went down?
SaVagepatYT 4 mesi fa
What's so bad about roco
Galina Kozhevnikova
Galina Kozhevnikova 4 mesi fa
wheel of death
Escobar Furious Sr.
Escobar Furious Sr. 4 mesi fa
Props for the Grantland shirt!
the spiritus
the spiritus 4 mesi fa
Do a team of your least favorite players of all time without trades
the spiritus
the spiritus 4 mesi fa
Do a video with all of the best 3 pt shooters of all time on one team in the 1960s or 90s. No trades
the spiritus
the spiritus 4 mesi fa
Do a team of all the greatest assist men of all time and don't trade the whole season.
the spiritus
the spiritus 4 mesi fa
Do a team of 99 hustle players with no other stats. No trades
the spiritus
the spiritus 4 mesi fa
Do a team of players that "fell off" (Nate Robinson, IT, Melo, Fareed, etc.), no trades
the spiritus
the spiritus 4 mesi fa
Do a team of all time "busts", and no trades
the spiritus
the spiritus 4 mesi fa
Do a team of all 6 foot or lower height players
the spiritus
the spiritus 4 mesi fa
All time, no trades
Bryson Murphy
Bryson Murphy 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a 96-0 challenge. It’s where you have to win every game in the regular season and the playoffs. I think it would be a good and fun video
Ray Shattuck
Ray Shattuck 4 mesi fa
My g had cow lowery and cow kuzma
JDSProductions 2019
JDSProductions 2019 4 mesi fa
Do the wheel of hit or miss Rules: choose a random team and create a team of legends and busts (for example Kobe and and athoney Bennett )spin it to make your team and you must start one bust (you can choose the bust)and you must go 70 and 12 or higher to complete the challenge Like if you want him to do it
JDSProductions 2019
JDSProductions 2019 4 mesi fa
Oh and if you see this another rule is that you must have 4 busts on your team
Wout Cuyvers
Wout Cuyvers 4 mesi fa
RCO is a good player… whuy is it a punishment
GOATED trent
GOATED trent 4 mesi fa
You should do the “OUT OF POSITION PLAYERS” Challenge, Rules: Everyone on your roster must be at their worst Overall position, For example a Center at PG Next you must have Draymond and LeBron bc of the MyTeam Promo. You Have 3 Years to Win a Championship
Jay The Playmaker
Jay The Playmaker 4 mesi fa
Can you go a video with out saying short king stand up when you see someone under 6 foot😂😂😂
Saquon Fan
Saquon Fan 4 mesi fa
Andrei Santos
Andrei Santos 4 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny for “Everyone is at their prime” Challenge Rules: 1.) Simply every player will be at their prime (even 35 y.o and above players should be at their prime)
Exotic Gamer
Exotic Gamer 4 mesi fa
G Cf l
Momo60giants 4 mesi fa
do a only muslim nab team
steve remo
steve remo 4 mesi fa
Hey man i was watching your vince carter rebuilding challenge and got an idea. Give 42 yr old VC all the attributes and tendencies of his 2000s all star stats and build a team around him but nobody else on the team can be rated 90 or over and they cant be associated with him or any of his former teams.
Zach Redgate
Zach Redgate 4 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to do the "last player in the draft" rebuild. -Randomly pick a team for fantasy draft -You select a player in the first round -With the rest of the picks, go back to your past videos and select the last person drafted in the last round -Rebuild the team!! Good luck
Marshall Graham
Marshall Graham 4 mesi fa
I’ve been watching for so long and I just realized I never subbed
Enrique Moniz
Enrique Moniz 4 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do a rebuilding challenge where he controls 2 teams 1 with dusty Knox and another 1 with Dwayne Neal and try and get both of them to a championship against each other
Gilsz WARRIOR 4 mesi fa
0:15 Suffering is worse than death though
Boi Dat
Boi Dat 4 mesi fa
Only OG’s know that the title of this video was changed
Cale Mascher
Cale Mascher 4 mesi fa
Marshall Bartley
Marshall Bartley 4 mesi fa
Love the grantland shirt Kenny!
Mike23002300 4 mesi fa
Seeing DeMar come off the bench hurt
Will Farrell
Will Farrell 4 mesi fa
The "Cow" (Kyle) challenge: have a full roster of players with the name Kyle. fill the rest with low overall players. try to rebuild the team and make it to the finals making sure you keep atleast 1 Kyle on your championship team. pick the bulls because they the closest thing to a cow. #CowLowryTheGOAT
jasper wells
jasper wells 4 mesi fa
youtube be tweakin
Typical Wolf
Typical Wolf 4 mesi fa
RoCo is good ok
Josiah Johnson
Josiah Johnson 4 mesi fa
Four team rebuilding challenge: Assistant GM drafts four teams, rebuild all four to meet in the conference finals, good luck!
EJ 4 mesi fa
Day 5 of asking Kenny Only lefties Rules: every player has to be left handed
Yung blood cells Cuh
Yung blood cells Cuh 4 mesi fa
Day one of asking Kenny to do the wasted money challenge. 1. Do a fantasy draft and sum through it, 2. After that you need to 2 out of 3 of these players- Nicholas Batum, Mozgov, Turner. 3. You have to play the 2 players 14 mins. 4. You can’t build your own trade, you have to use trade finder
abdiqadir mohamed
abdiqadir mohamed 4 mesi fa
nobody: Kenny: aND wE BaCK!
TwiZteD Phsyco
TwiZteD Phsyco 4 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking kenny to do the absolutely impossible challenge You can only have 10 players of 92 overall or higher and you have to put at least one 96 or higher overall in the starting lineup but it has to be a superstar out of these chooses Kawhi,LeBron,AD,Giannis or kd
Jibbo 4 mesi fa
That was impressive
Jules 4 mesi fa
The “One Position” Challenge You must: Make a team of only point guards shooting guards etc Make sure there is a reason they are playing that position with those type of players like (Exp) point guard team Ben Simmons is the center or Nikola Jokic is point guard for the centers team Each team must have at least one good player You may flip for other players if you don’t get what you want in fantasy draft Hope you see this BIG FAN!!
Connie Campbell
Connie Campbell 4 mesi fa
Kenny do a rebuild u control 1 team in each conference 1 teams excel in defense and the other 1 at offense they have to meet in the finals and you can make trades between the two
Connie Campbell
Connie Campbell 4 mesi fa
Day 47 of asking Kenny to do a rebuild where his bench has starter minutes and his starters have bench minutes
Tiro Worksss
Tiro Worksss 4 mesi fa
Hey Kenny ,I am asking you to do a “Rookies vs Sophomores” Challenge. 1. Do a Fantasy Draft (Obviously) for 2 teams in different Conferences 2. One team must have only Sophomores and the other must have only Rookies 3. Make sure they meet in the final 3 years in a row Like so Kenny can see❤️. (By the way watching from South Africa)
Darrell Yee
Darrell Yee 4 mesi fa
You gotta do a William Floyd rebuild. Only rule is he has to be your starting PG at 33 mins a game. He’s a make a wish kid hook him up! One love
Griffyn Taylor
Griffyn Taylor 4 mesi fa
The flip flop trade challenge pick two teams when you trade with one you flip to the other team and you have to trade with the team you just traded with.
EJ Walt
EJ Walt 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the "draft only challenge" Start in 2010-2011 season Only aloud to bring in players though drafting, or players under 74 overall to fill out the roster You cant trade for player (over 74 overall) but you can trade for picks Keep going til you win a championship You have start with the kings or the "Bobcats"
Finley van Valey
Finley van Valey 4 mesi fa
Rebuilding challenge: The number order rebuilding challenge, this is similar to the alphabet rebuilding challenge. 1. Select two teams (one east one west) 2. Do a fantasy draft (you must pick the order of the players by there number. For example one team would be 0 to 13 and the other could be 16-29 you can choose. 3. Rebuild the team and keep those number in order by the end of the rebuild and have them meet in the finals That was really hard to explain but I hope u understand. Love the videos keep up the amazing work my man. #roadto1mil
Aljaž Kirbiš
Aljaž Kirbiš 4 mesi fa
Play myteam
briannac41 4 mesi fa
Rebuilding a custom team you have to make them a contender team in the next 3 years
Alec Riley
Alec Riley 4 mesi fa
Day 78 of asking WHY AREN'T YOU SUBSCRIBED?!
N L 4 mesi fa
Do a rebuild where you use the Randomizer website to get a roster of 14 NBA players. However, you must start with a random roster/team and you need to trade for/sign the players to create the roster that was given to you randomly from the website. After you get the team, you need to win a championship
Mr Guy who exists
Mr Guy who exists 4 mesi fa
The hops challenge Rules: your guards have to have 90 or higher driving dunk rating Your small forward has to have at least a 80 standing dunk rating and at least 90 driving dunk rating You have to have at least 3 players that have won a dunk contest. Please do it.
coolwhtboy 4 mesi fa
Jesse Phillips
Jesse Phillips 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of challenging the all Kentucky Wildcats rebuild. This gives you a lot of your favorite players to trade for like bam, AD, KAT, Devin Booker, etc. The only exception is if the 4 players listed are all untouchable then you can restart. Goal is to win a championship.
ForeiignJayy 4 mesi fa
Kenny: Puts Lukas shot tendency at 45 Also Kenny: Leaves Luka in the starting line up when donovan mitchell was on the bench
Chad Johnson
Chad Johnson 4 mesi fa
Wow some bad spins
Unboxing Bros
Unboxing Bros 4 mesi fa
Day one of asking Kenny To do the I hate this challenge rule number one Fantasy draft Rule Number two sign/trade for Robert Covington and start Him for at least 15 minutes a game rule three Sign/trade for Cristiano Felicio Play him for 15 minutes a game And you can’t Trade for anyone above 90 overall And you can’t have Bam Adebayo on your team so if you get him in fantasy draft trade him right away And the last rule put the game Difficulty on 75
Daughtry Jackson
Daughtry Jackson 4 mesi fa
Low key you should do a challenge where your rotation has to be allstars at one point of there career
Carter Grinstead
Carter Grinstead 4 mesi fa
Second round players only challenge
Darrell Small Jr
Darrell Small Jr 4 mesi fa
Asking kenny to do the pacers rebuild when they drafted khawi and had pg13
Thomas Bernier
Thomas Bernier 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to change his profile picture on ITpost
Noah Torres
Noah Torres 4 mesi fa
Should have called it weel of not alive
TheRealAlbie_T 4 mesi fa
Change Luka to a SF
Ryan Cheung
Ryan Cheung 4 mesi fa
do the 'trade for fans favorite players' challenge
Nicholas Hamm
Nicholas Hamm 4 mesi fa
Day one of asking Kenny to do the "comparison challenge" How to do it: You go into 2kmt central do a random player generator when you get your player you have to find current players that were compared to that player then count how many people were compared to that player and make Siri choose a number 1 through however many players there are. rules are there are no duplicates.
Wolfer The Gamer
Wolfer The Gamer 4 mesi fa
Challenge : The No 90 overall players can't shoot 3s Rules : Have a Fantasy Draft. Win a chip 2 times back to back. No 90 to 99 overall players. Cannot have a player better than a 85 3 pointer. Please like so Kenny see
Kobe The Goat 24
Kobe The Goat 24 4 mesi fa
Kenny saying reserve instead of reverse 🥴🤦‍♂️
John W. Davis
John W. Davis 4 mesi fa
I would start DLo at 1, Mitchell at the 2 and Luka at 3.
John W. Davis
John W. Davis 4 mesi fa
John W. Davis
John W. Davis 4 mesi fa
We all love you Kenny but I believe the phrase you're looking for is two videos in a row. :)
Swift Aspect
Swift Aspect 4 mesi fa
Gave up to much for towns
Dennis Kallianezos
Dennis Kallianezos 4 mesi fa
Rebuild the worst wnba team and gi for a threepeat
Riku Osawa
Riku Osawa 4 mesi fa
Hey kenny been a fan for a bit now but it's getting a little boring man. I dont know how but gotta spice things up.
Nibba Man
Nibba Man 4 mesi fa
Can you do a regular rebuild of the wizards because you haven’t done them in over a year.
TheLegendOfTheEast 4 mesi fa
Do the heelie challenge Win with players who have torn their Achilles in their career 💀😌
Yoda Gaming
Yoda Gaming 4 mesi fa
Everybody is commenting/asking Kenny to do their rebuilding challenges but nobody is commenting about the video 😧 Great video Kenny 🖒
Steve Kirk
Steve Kirk 4 mesi fa
Can you do the bill Russel challenge in NBA live 19
Stuart Thorn
Stuart Thorn 4 mesi fa
snub challenge sim a season and see who was a snub of an award or team selection and get them on your team and win
Ryan Kopmann
Ryan Kopmann 4 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the “Mr. Clean” challenge. Every player in the rotation cannot have tattoos Must win a championship in the first year No editing gameplan in the playoffs
Zachary Murray
Zachary Murray 4 mesi fa
First rounder challenge: - get all first round picks in a draft for atleast one year - get a chip
SnowFlame DROWZI
SnowFlame DROWZI 4 mesi fa
Asking Kenny do the demar derozan challenge : I see that when you are looking for a small forward you see demar and you pick someone lower overall than him why do you hate on him . But anyway build a team around him he has to be you’re best players and number one option: like the video so Kenny can see
King -Kaii
King -Kaii 4 mesi fa
Rebuild a team that has players with NO PLAY OFF APPEARANCES. Rules: You Can only use players that has never been to the playoffs their ENTIRE career
Morgan Trottier
Morgan Trottier 4 mesi fa
Have your girlfriend draft your team for a rebuild
ChrisAI9 4 mesi fa
Epic Gamer Girl
Epic Gamer Girl 4 mesi fa
This is the beginning of a challenge idea. Feel free to add more/tweak it. It’s the Kelly Oubre Challenge. 1. You have to have Kelly Oubre on the team (He has to play 45 minutes.) 2. You need to have one other player on your team that Kelly Oubre has played with in his NBA career, but they can not be over a 83 overall. (They also need to play 45 minutes.) To spice up the challenge you can only trade one first round pick, and before the trade deadline you have to trade the third highest scorer on the team for someone with the same or lower overall. (Unless this player is Kelly Oubre, or his current/Former teammate. (You can choose to trade the second highest scorer if you want to make this challenge harder.)
Ryan Schulze
Ryan Schulze 4 mesi fa
reserve starting 5
Prakhar Karulkar
Prakhar Karulkar 4 mesi fa
Kennyyy! You must make this a series!! It’ll be okay to make multiple videos for this series because of the complete randomness of draft and wheel. You don’t go through all the spins in one video and we would love to see how you face different punishments. Peace!
Raymund Zavala
Raymund Zavala 4 mesi fa
i dare kenny to do a team with steph james harden lebron giannis and joel and only trade for them
David Johnson Jr
David Johnson Jr 4 mesi fa
Kenny u know u are a bulls fans Zach and Wendell was definitely the worst trade
Cooper Drews
Cooper Drews 4 mesi fa
asking kenny to do the GOAT challenge. you have to win a championship with Alex Caruso and Tacko fall starting and playing 40 mins a night
Tyler Hart
Tyler Hart 4 mesi fa
He traded Wiggins for KAT and KAT for Dlo lol
Aaron Golka
Aaron Golka 4 mesi fa
Day 13 of asking Kenny to do the no rings challenge where you do a fantasy draft and rebuild a team to get to the finals but you do not win the chip and I love your videos and please use the twolves
lilhatty 4 mesi fa
Kenny: We already have a all-star four Me: Yeah, if only mitch was better Kenny: With khris middleton bein in there as well Me: hol up wait a minute sum aint right
Floz xoski
Floz xoski 4 mesi fa
Asking kenny to do the clothes challenge you can only pick players that you have your cholthing
Matt Bulla
Matt Bulla 4 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the Salary Cap Challenge No players on the Roster can make more than 15 Million dollars a year. Go multiple seasons if you like
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