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we all in pain over here lolol
Article Link: www.forbes.com/sites/brianmazique/2020/08/28/nba-2k21-mycareer-mygm-myleague-current-gen-details-revealed/#6d0ce46743e6
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EddyAclown 8 giorni fa
Ronald just disrespected my league again on stream
micah falls
micah falls 13 giorni fa
u experiencing that Sacramento heat to?
Ross Mungcal
Ross Mungcal 26 giorni fa
11:46-12:25 is a great statement hands down.. that is the sad truth that we have to face..
Ross Mungcal
Ross Mungcal 26 giorni fa
2:54 Same question..
Ross Mungcal
Ross Mungcal 26 giorni fa
I'm just disappointed that Jaylen Hands is not in the game, even tho they have his face scan.. I've been waiting for him in MyLeague for so long..
Ry D
Ry D Mese fa
There’s a my league community? Since when
Miles Carter
Miles Carter Mese fa
Thanks for doing this. I won't be buying the game this year. This makes me sad because it used to be the best game mode they offered. If they literally just improved the trade logic and player development I'd be happy. How hard is that?!!!
Raaven Zen
Raaven Zen Mese fa
Don't really gaf about a story in mycareer. I like the path to the draft but some things that are still missing for realism: - Random team drafting (I don't always want to pick where I'm going) - Trades (especially in the beginning before becoming a big deal, have the prospect of being traded mid season) - Teammates nerffing on Hof (I'm for opponents becoming very difficult to beat without high stats and no team play, but when you got Curry bricking 3s like a chump, the immersion is fucked)
You can go to mernards and get a quality air unit for about 600-800$ depending on your state. Just call them tell them what you want and they will have it or order it for you. Once they get it you just drive around back to there yard and pick it up. Once you do that just look up a video how to install it there actually very simple. Fixing them is a lot more costly then just buying a new one but not 3000$ costly your getting scammed. I have done renovating for 3yrs now so I know what I’m talking about and I hate to see people getting taken advantage off cause they don’t know. I hope this is helpful and didn’t come as arrogant 👍 I hope you get it figured out.
Desi Flacco
Desi Flacco Mese fa
They ho-ing us myleague guys it’s wild ..
Motorizedcow Games
Motorizedcow Games Mese fa
Thank you
אלון זידנברג
אלון זידנברג Mese fa
Play basketball GM cause 2k sucks.
David Lopez
David Lopez Mese fa
Lmao every time I've been to Chicago it's been like 60°F 80s is about average for LA it's like 98+ in the summer and like 73- in the winter
melo Mese fa
Big facts
keyboard warrior
keyboard warrior Mese fa
2k20 dlc
keyboard warrior
keyboard warrior Mese fa
Save money on the power bill doe
Joel The Slasher
Joel The Slasher Mese fa
Kobe wall painting is the only thing 2K got right.
Joel The Slasher
Joel The Slasher Mese fa
This is why I play the nba2k18 type games instead.
Snoop Zebra
Snoop Zebra Mese fa
We need NBA live to step up and focus on their offline modes like franchise and a mycareer that isn’t just about the park and cheesing badges but actually about playing in the NBA. Honestly, they’d be stupid to try and make a basketball madden or a shitty 2k counterpart, since the only way they’d be able to compete is to take all the people getting ignored by 2k, namely the offline community. I’ve always somewhat liked NBA live and I’m done with buying 2k, at least until next gen. Honestly, if they don’t add something in next gen, not buying it either. It’s bullshit and no triple A studio should be allowed to do this shit, which is borderline monopoly since they’re the only ones with the NBA license other than EA, who we’re now all counting on now.
Dylan Stafeil
Dylan Stafeil Mese fa
Bruh 2k21 makes FIFA 20 look like the greatest game of all time lmao
99 Overall CommentCreator
99 Overall CommentCreator Mese fa
3:57 I aint even know u can do that wtf smh
Chris Macias
Chris Macias Mese fa
As somebody who almost exclusively plays Franchise/MyLeague across all sports games, it's extremely disappointing that these modes get no love. Not just in 2k, but Madden, MLB The Show, Fifa, etc etc. You said it perfectly, the My League players aren't a constant revenue stream like the MyTeam or Park players, because the "loot box" economy has taken over their priority. I fear that it's only a matter of time until they drop the mode all together.
Numa Desrues
Numa Desrues Mese fa
Thanks kenny, loving the content and looking forward to staying with you as a my league fan
You Mad?
You Mad? Mese fa
Smh i just bought the mamba forever edition with hopes of a better myleague experience for next gen but sheesh didnt expect it yo be the same should of waited i guess ah well
HiIAmCool! Mese fa
I love myleage and mycareer. I love both so much, and play a lot of both. I am happy about the new mycareer it's pretty fire I say W . But with myleage they did nothing. But still imma play myleage, and I still love it.
Josh Cooper
Josh Cooper Mese fa
Kenny ain’t no sellout 😤
Roel John Bobis
Roel John Bobis Mese fa
No the reason why Current is the whole new is because they want to kick the old team because they don't produce good result anymore.
Dem Ones
Dem Ones Mese fa
This kid is scared to say covid 19
fat guy
fat guy Mese fa
My league does get boring fast
Fearless BLaZ
Fearless BLaZ Mese fa
MyLeague settings coming tonight. #UnlimitedPower
Dark Horse
Dark Horse Mese fa
What if they were going to upgrade myleague but then everybody was talking about a new park and new cards in myteam to the point where they just said myleague means nothing to us lets just make myteam and myleague better like cmon myleague is one of the best thing about 2k
JorGames Mese fa
Yea they don’t care about our community because we don’t have to buy anything to get better at it. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Uncle Dru
Uncle Dru Mese fa
My league/MyGM has constantly been the best game mode in 2k and because it isn't layered in microtransactions and pay to play options it is the least concentrated on mode. It brings them no money post-game purchase so they blatantly show it no attention. These gaming companies shouldn't just be making games with the intention of making you spend more money post purchase. It should be making the best game so that once we do purchase we are willing to spend more money post purchase. Look at rock star or these open world games. The development and attention to detail of games like red dead or gta. They have a certain amount of longevity that once you have covered every part of the game you are 100% invested in buying add ons. Games like 2k are the exact opposite. They endorse each game like it's a new experience promising new things and offering these purchase packs with legends on the cover and 100k vc then a week into the game you've seen everything and are buying more and more vc to play the same things and it feels so pointless. The only reason we still do it is for the love we have of the nba not the game
Rinky Dink
Rinky Dink Mese fa
Going to be a pass from me unfortunately. Nothing new for me... Hey at least it's not Madden.
BuckWild Mese fa
They just need to fix when u sign a RFA to a fat deal and then it forces u to match the dumb ass 1 year 7 mil contract
Tija Williams
Tija Williams Mese fa
This is 2k14 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ we’ve done this before.
jamking 60
jamking 60 Mese fa
See u in my team 😂
andrew rodriguez
andrew rodriguez Mese fa
I have a question what is it that they can change?
Buggooo ENT
Buggooo ENT Mese fa
kenny are yu okay 🥺 ya look stressed.
State of the Franchise Sports
State of the Franchise Sports Mese fa
This is trash man how do they not add a MyLeague/MyCareer at least for the WNBA it ain't even that F'in hard 2K. Hell how about MyCareer without the need of a predetermined story.
Extra Reps
Extra Reps Mese fa
what church are you preaching at? ill be there. I won't be getting any 2k game soon..
Josiah Brady
Josiah Brady Mese fa
These arguments would work just as well relative to Madden's lazy year-to-year output (although that product is actually buggier, less polished & less inventive)... so well said about the relative carelessness 2k brings towards game modes that don't cost more than the original price of the game
Fresh2k Mese fa
Wow kenny i subbed at 100k now you have 818k
zzxcks -
zzxcks - Mese fa
sry bro stay in there
Splash'n'Skillz #37
Splash'n'Skillz #37 Mese fa
Man at this point 2k gotta let us mod the offline part of game
SanFranFan30 Mese fa
Hey at least 2K ain't as trash as Madden but damn sports video games are going to hell in a handbasket.
Bilal Jordan
Bilal Jordan Mese fa
Yea bruh I’m done with sports games they are ruined just like fighting games it’s like a competition to see who can put the most micro transactions in their game they don’t touch franchise in madden or my gm in 2k on purpose they want you to get bored and go spend money on bs that will be irrelevant when the next gm drops everybody wants to hate ea but 2k is just as bad in my opinion they don’t care about the customer all they care about is milking us dry
cjm 2512
cjm 2512 Mese fa
I’ve been wanting online myleague but instead of myleague it’s like offline mycareer that you can have players against your friends in the same league
izak barnes
izak barnes Mese fa
Bro gtfo tb ruined💀
Tastyberger Mese fa
He said at the start of the article that nothing was new why did you expect for something to be different?
Jack Garner
Jack Garner Mese fa
I love the story line in my career when it’s good. Sometimes it’s hit or miss
Evan Macaulay
Evan Macaulay Mese fa
2k21 is gonna suck and you may quote me on that
Zachary Benshoof
Zachary Benshoof Mese fa
I think the only reason they added colleges is cuz madden did honestly
Zachary Benshoof
Zachary Benshoof Mese fa
They did this to madden to
Itz Sippy
Itz Sippy Mese fa
use me as a “At the end of the day” button
big mike
big mike Mese fa
If it really think about it they are only 3 people that make myleague watchable you, Krispy, and Clique’s sooooooo of course it will be unchanged
Jrsportzfan Mese fa
GhisSonny Mese fa
and pepo;e think 2k would save the nfl video game franchise
Heat Btw
Heat Btw Mese fa
First lol
Greg Barnes
Greg Barnes Mese fa
I respect your message to the community. I am a big franchise guy no matter the sport I always have thought of 2k being far and above (even if not touched in a couple of years) everyone else especially madden.
nmarkert01 Mese fa
I play my career like 85% of the time 🤷🏻‍♂️😂
ELBarto3 Mese fa
3000 bucks, what
daniel schmitz
daniel schmitz Mese fa
6:16 when his face changes bruh omg that’s hilarious
Dave King
Dave King Mese fa
These big game companies only improve the mirco transaction parts of there games
Ben McGrath
Ben McGrath Mese fa
Hopefully next gen 2k21 has an updated my league
5k subsribers with 2 video challenge
5k subsribers with 2 video challenge Mese fa
who else has been a subscriber for more than 2 years
Nerd Camp Media
Nerd Camp Media Mese fa
I love my league but this sucks that we cant get a upgrade every year with the game.. Thats greedy. 2k got alot of work to do
zachary mayer
zachary mayer Mese fa
At least my 2ks my league is better than maddens franchise. Both need to get their shit together though.
Champy Mese fa
Imagine being a football fan
Mama Veeds
Mama Veeds Mese fa
They should have like when your drafting you could actually see the real characters, that would be dope.
Hoops AllDay
Hoops AllDay Mese fa
Check out the latest Forbes article that reveals more about my league.
Hoops AllDay
Hoops AllDay Mese fa
Kenny they are adding random progression!!!
Big BananaCongolese
Big BananaCongolese Mese fa
You have the strangest facial hair I’ve ever seen it’s not a beach beard more like a neck goatee
Shane_Mcquaid Mese fa
Become a park player now Kenny
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia Mese fa
PPYT100 Mese fa
EA watching this...
JustMitchell SportsTalks
JustMitchell SportsTalks Mese fa
I think one of the biggest problems is that PC players will ONLY get to play the Current Gen? Why? Specs wise I can handle 2k21 and it’s Next Gen Graphics, why not give us an option to upgrade to the Next gen for like 20 dollars once it drops? That’s something I’ve just been wanting to know
Micah 4:1
Micah 4:1 Mese fa
2K need to bring back the tattoos that you can put on a created player like how they had in 2k13 and before the next gen dropped for 2k14 they need to bring that back iono why they took that out
Big BananaCongolese
Big BananaCongolese Mese fa
Do the white players only challenge
Big BananaCongolese
Big BananaCongolese Mese fa
Layla why? It would be interesting luka, jokic, porzingis, etc
Layla Mese fa
Not good timing for that challenge
Kyzo Mese fa
I'm 13 and I like the my career story
Tyler Hatch
Tyler Hatch Mese fa
2k got rid of the only game mode that doesn't cost VC. This is the final nail in the coffin for me, I'm not buying 2k anymore.
Marc Medina
Marc Medina Mese fa
Who else is playing nba 2k14 in ps3, I cant get anything
BcB Mese fa
Just wanted to talk about MyLeague in 2K21 real quick since maybe you didn’t see this. Forbes released another article and it says they left some stuff out of the other article. So there is some stuff that 2K said about MyLeague, and they said “THIS YEAR’s MY LEAGUE” so I assume that’s current gen. Here’s a copy paste of the relevant info...and I’ll paste the article at the bottom. 2K: This year’s MyLEAGUE features plenty of new additions, ranging from quality of life improvements to major new additions. One of the most notable additions to the mode in NBA 2K21 is the boom-bust progression system, where player progression is now dynamic! This ensures every session is unique and it overall offers a more engaging MyLEAGUE experience. We’re also making some changes based on community feedback, like the ability to customize current arenas (vs. having to create completely new ones) and making original uniforms available after redesigning them. WNBA fans will also be pleased to hear that we’ve added the Edit Player functionality, allowing fans to further create and customize their WNBA experience. Takeaways: The things mentioned here didn’t appear in the initial write-up that was distributed on Friday. They’re great additions that hardcore MyLeague people will appreciate. www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/brianmazique/2020/08/28/nba-2k21-2k-answers-4-crucial-questions-about-myleague-mygm-and-myteam-for-current-and-next-gen/amp/ The MyLeague question is at the bottom. So there is hope in my eyes that MyLeague will be improved in 2K21 current gen, even if it’s just the progression system (for rookies/young guys, or overall) and a couple other small things in current gen I’d be really happy with that personally. It’d be the biggest ML change in forever. Then if they made a couple more changes on next gen on top of the current gen changes that’d be cool. At least they cared enough to try and take some community feedback (it seems) and change some things in ML. I hope this is right. And if it’s not the best change ever day 1 let’s give them time to fix it based on feedback, because we know they always have to tweak changes. So if they do make a change to the progression system let’s just continue to try and help them better MyLeague, because maybe they’re finally listening a bit. And the ML ITpostrs have the most reach. Anyway just wanted to comment that in case you didn’t see it. Hopefully when the game comes out ML is a bit different this year and while they’ll never care about it as much as MyTeam etc. if we can get a few changes every year based on community feedback that’s all we’re asking for! So let’s hope that’s the case. ✌️
BcB Mese fa
(Pasted this same comment on SROS, KOT4Q, Massa, and Crushables videos because I know you guys have either talked about the future of ML or have made videos about it, and you guys are the ML YT’ers I watch.)
Unreleased Songz
Unreleased Songz Mese fa
Two years ago I didn’t have ac or heat for a year also no wifi or cable its sucked so bad 😭
Thunderbolt210 Mese fa
I literally play 2k for my career that’s it
Charlie Jones
Charlie Jones Mese fa
Day 1 Of asking to do a rebuild where u sim a year after every trade. And see how many years it takes to win a championship
Only Baller
Only Baller Mese fa
Im still mad at this dude cuz he was okay wit bleacher report rankings on pgs.
Daniel Gibson
Daniel Gibson Mese fa
I'm out this year, man. No 2k21. I'm not buying a next gen system for the foreseeable future. I guess I'm officially washed up now😂.
David Stock
David Stock Mese fa
Obviously any game not changing a mode at all isnt ok, but im a madden player first and a 2k player second although i think im going the opposite direction as of late and for me i really like the my league/my gm. While they didnt change a whole lot its way more defined than maddens franchise mode. Relocation, coaching trees, a more in depth scouting and rookie system, multi team trades, trading more than 3 things per team per trade, etc. I hope they update my league as for hardcore franchise players im sure it probably feels the exact same way i feel with madden. Im looking forward to 21 either way though
T.W. Bennett
T.W. Bennett Mese fa
Ry D
Ry D Mese fa
There is a myleage community????
Gt-R Cortez
Gt-R Cortez Mese fa
I mean what else could u want u can do basically anything u want in my league already?
Jace Villegas
Jace Villegas Mese fa
rebuild a team on madden
MDR Management
MDR Management Mese fa
Don’t you hate when people beg for likes....... like if you agree
MACBX 1 Mese fa
I just got my account so yeee
MACBX 1 Mese fa
What’s good kenny
Jorgen Bonstrangle
Jorgen Bonstrangle Mese fa
Anyone notice he changed his reaction from kot4q reacts to Kenny for real
Account 1
Account 1 Mese fa
I’ll never leave kenny
XPG MySt Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to start a MyGM series
Benjamin Lannom
Benjamin Lannom Mese fa
you the goat kenny. all love ❤️
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