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This is the ITpost channel of the King of the Fourth Quarter himself. He is a basketball ITpostr, bball connoisseur, and Cohost of The Through The Wire Podcast. Subscribe for all things basketball!
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Nicholas Barclay
Nicholas Barclay 23 ore fa
How does Kenny start of with just bam and auto generated players?
Aleksandrs Sprogis
Aleksandrs Sprogis 12 giorni fa
This is funny how heat got in the finals this year even without him rebuilding them
Jake Wood
Jake Wood 17 giorni fa
Mr Richard "Randy" Johnson
Daniel Dilawri
Daniel Dilawri 29 giorni fa
Bam is the goat fr
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Yo Kenny! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Amber Stephens
Amber Stephens Mese fa
Do not trade westbrook pls I love his team great vid
Imzefrench 1
Imzefrench 1 Mese fa
7:00 his big old round head. I’m dead 💀💀💀
Karmic King
Karmic King Mese fa
lesson to be learned here: dont trade with the Celtics.
Speedy Ortiz
Speedy Ortiz Mese fa
Love the video but you're not really "exploiting the system" when you are turning off all trade rules lol
Connor Morris
Connor Morris 2 mesi fa
I predicted that he would get the heat and choose bam, I feel so proud
John Buckley
John Buckley 3 mesi fa
Mitchell is the biggest gamma in the NBA
Benjamin Upchurch
Benjamin Upchurch 3 mesi fa
I was hoping for the hornets
Deven Patel
Deven Patel 3 mesi fa
Kenny u should have kept capela and signed a wing in free agency
Deven Patel
Deven Patel 3 mesi fa
The first trade was the same exact trade he did in the last one player rebuild he traded Tatum for Donovan Mitchell and bojan
Dylan 4 mesi fa
The Goat Rondo
The Goat Rondo 4 mesi fa
Ahaha anyone els know john jones
Reece Jhuty
Reece Jhuty 4 mesi fa
Kenny choses richardJohnson Kenny: ohhhhh raaandy Johnson
The Rebuilder Boy
The Rebuilder Boy 4 mesi fa
You've throw away westbrook and capela on a same team with hayward and tatum Seriously?🤔
Louise Obrien
Louise Obrien 4 mesi fa
4:22 Randy Johnson???😯😯😯
Bleed Green
Bleed Green 5 mesi fa
Kenny was throwing hate to my Celtics and got destroyed
Christian Morrow
Christian Morrow 5 mesi fa
Kenny put some respect on Theis’s name he was one of the top defensive centers in the league this season
Tomas Cortes
Tomas Cortes 5 mesi fa
You could have made this harder
George Endres
George Endres 5 mesi fa
Who knows all the John Brown’s from when they had to face off to get pink diamond 98 overall Derrick Rose in historic spotlight bulls challenge
Lewis Scott
Lewis Scott 5 mesi fa
Day 10 ihave a challenge for Kenny called “Your Worst Nightmare” You must get Kevin Love with your 1st pick and you cant simcast at all must get Robert covington can’t get assets and flip them can’t get nobody from Chicago and no 90 overalls must have a 69 overal or lower play at least 10 minutes can not look for who’s selling or rebuilding must get the Knicks get a 60 overal with your 2 pick can not use no picks and got to get cristiono Felicio nobody who even played for Chicago make 60 overal or lower your first scoring option keep your staff the same and win at least one championship. 😂😂😂
Owen Davenport
Owen Davenport 5 mesi fa
Richard Johnson 😂😂😂
Gabe Yarris
Gabe Yarris 5 mesi fa
I never had to watch this video i could just listen to a replay of him saying "get assets and flip em"
BananaBirb 5 mesi fa
H2 SeaPython
H2 SeaPython 5 mesi fa
This video is why I turn up trade slider difficulty
Edward Campanelli
Edward Campanelli 5 mesi fa
Kenny: scrolls by oladipo and capela Also Kenny: ok no great offers for RoCo so we trading for davis bertans
Mo Kush - Hip-Hop?
Mo Kush - Hip-Hop? 5 mesi fa
My homes randy Johnson
FML Editing
FML Editing 5 mesi fa
Nobody: Nobody at all: Kenny: 4:20 rAnDy jOhnSoN
Mikey Iuzzolino
Mikey Iuzzolino 5 mesi fa
How the hell do you not have the rule where you have to have a player for 60 days before trading him again
Cael 5 mesi fa
This is Kennys best shirt no cap
Robert Perry
Robert Perry 5 mesi fa
You can take center and make him a power forward, and it always increases his overall. Same with point guards to shooting guard. This works on PS4, I don't know if it works anywhere else
poonddan27 5 mesi fa
The Draft Only Challenge (Extremely hard if not done right) Rules: Start with a team filled with 40 overalls only (the rest of the league is normal). You can't trade for any players that will impact your team in any way or sign any players in free agency either. You can only get players from draft picks. You have to win the challenge in 5 seasons or you've failed. Some tips are: Get a trainer with an A+ plus rating and use all your training camps on potential camps. If you are in the draft of e.g. 2020, 1 draft pick is worth 2 2021> draft pricks. Try to get as many draft picks in the first year and while picking players, choose the players with the highest potential. Use scouting.
DTS 18
DTS 18 5 mesi fa
Watching Kenny’s vids remind why I make my own rosters because the Official Rosters are infuriating Westbrook is a 89!! Drummond is a 85!!
Mano Jansen
Mano Jansen 5 mesi fa
Make a freakshow rebuild, with the biggest freaks of the NBA like gannis, tacko or bol
Jaz Palmer
Jaz Palmer 5 mesi fa
Kenny got finessed😂😂😂
Bostino BadDog
Bostino BadDog 5 mesi fa
When you do videos like this, where does the rest of the roster go?
Big Dick Willie Timberlake
Big Dick Willie Timberlake 5 mesi fa
Rebuild without using any of your 1st rd picks. You can use any picks that you acquire via trade but you cannot use any of your own.
Joel Mordekhai
Joel Mordekhai 5 mesi fa
Day 9 of asking Kenny for the “No Trade Finder” challenge. You are not allowed to use trade finder and you have to build your own trades. Try to win a championship.
GOATED trent
GOATED trent 5 mesi fa
You should do the “OUT OF POSITION PLAYERS” Challenge, Rules: Everyone on your roster must be at their worst Overall position, For example a Center at PG Next you must have Draymond and LeBron bc of the MyTeam Promo. You Have 3 Years to Win a Championship
Devin Kraemer
Devin Kraemer 5 mesi fa
Bro please do a bam and Jimmy rebuild for the Miami heat.also make it like the lebron James challenge and try to get them to the finals 8 seasons in a row.also get Derrick rose on the heat with bam and Jimmy.
David Carvill
David Carvill 5 mesi fa
Day 55: 1st pick in first round in a fantasy draft and last pick in every round for the fantasy the players have to be 1 (90+) and the rest have to be (75-)
Gary Cowart
Gary Cowart 5 mesi fa
Day 44 of asking Kenny to do a 85and below draft rebuild
Jordin Davis
Jordin Davis 5 mesi fa
Day 3: of me asking Kenny to plz plz plz plz plz dm me back on ig the card I have can make an amazing video
Cory Dericks
Cory Dericks 5 mesi fa
4:25 2k:Richard Johnson Kenny: RANDY JOHNSON
Yousuf Sallam
Yousuf Sallam 5 mesi fa
Could you do a "tri-team" challenge do a fantasy draft instead of taking over one team take over three you have one year to make them the best you can you have to have to have made at least 5 trades between the three teams take each of them to the finals
Max Hinds
Max Hinds 5 mesi fa
I have a challenge for u and it’s similar to the 12 mil or less challenge but this time it’s 12 mil or less but nobody on your team can be on their rookie deal
Darrell Yee
Darrell Yee 5 mesi fa
Can’t be a 6’3 SF and think he gonna do anything. Plus KP is crap
RepeckiSZN 5 mesi fa
day 1 of asking kenny to do the “chip challenge” ! Rules are that you have to take control of each team. then you make every team bad but the bulls. finally see how many chips you get with that team in a row. LIKE THIS FOR KENNY TO READ PLEASEEE!!
Mitch Moses
Mitch Moses 5 mesi fa
day 1 of asking Kenny to do the snake challenge. pick a random team by spinning a wheel and play as that team, But do not win the championship. Then, have your best player move to the team that you lost to in the playoffs and try to win the chip with that team. It's your choice if you wanna rebuild, but there is 2 rules you cant trade your best player until the offseason (only applied for the first year) and if you don't win a chip your second year you start over from that team.
Legendary Fizz
Legendary Fizz 5 mesi fa
Danny Ainge strikes again 😂😂 You shouldn’t have dealt with the Celtics
Saddysamy 5 mesi fa
If anyone else is interested in an editor then please reply to this comment
Steve Davidson
Steve Davidson 5 mesi fa
Somebody should make a 10 hour loop of Kenny saying the 60 overalls' names.
Gundy Wundy
Gundy Wundy 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to a wheel of heights challenge. Rules bouta be a little different. You have to make a wheel of teams, and an additional wheel of jerseys 14 spins. You have to spin for your team, and have a wheel of the numbers, and what ever number you land on, you have to take the player from that team that wears that jersey number
Bob William
Bob William 5 mesi fa
Do a challenge where u have to win a chip with players who won the National chip in college
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts 5 mesi fa
The ‘Trade your best player after every loss’ challenge. The game is in the name, every time you lose a game you have to trade your best player. Turn the Trade Deadline off and try to win a championship. You have 3 years to do so, good luck! The idea is one @Korzemba recently did!
Cade Christner
Cade Christner 5 mesi fa
Every time you lose you make a trade for that teams highest scorer, so let’s say they have steph curry and he scores the most for his team and they beat you, you have to trade for steph curry
SempiternaL 5 mesi fa
Rudy Gay goes up to an 81 I believe if you make him a SF
jason constantin
jason constantin 5 mesi fa
The overall all challenge Kenny has to spin the wheel from the overall of 60 to 85 overall and can't change the position of the players and win a championship
CJ Jacutin
CJ Jacutin 5 mesi fa
I think USA VS THE WORLD REBUILD challenge would be cool. rules - You have to manage 2 teams 1 from the east and one from west. One team must consist of an entire line up of international players and the other one must all be from the USA and try to get both teams into the championship
KYRIE IRVING2 5 mesi fa
Day 1 Bring Back The Irl Rebuild Challenge !
Xander Mercado
Xander Mercado 5 mesi fa
Day 6 of asking Kenny for the Michael Jordan rebuilding challenge Rules: win a threepeat then go 0-82 then win another threepeat
Chrisbevill 5 mesi fa
do a modern Bad Boy pistons rebuild where you take the guys in the current nba that like to start fights and stuff like that
DerrickRose4MVP 5 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the "Build an average player challenge" Rules: The player's overall must be between 70-75 The player has to be from Cuba (because there has never been any cuban players in the NBA) Put him in the 2020 draft class See how his career goes LIKE SO KENNY CAN SEE IT
Akira Jan D. Pagsibigan
Akira Jan D. Pagsibigan 5 mesi fa
The 70 Overall rebuild challenge Your Team must be full of 70 overalls Your team must not have Rookies This is a multi year challenge And Must start atleast one 70 overall with 30 mins every season if you see this goodluck
Insane Goat
Insane Goat 5 mesi fa
1st day of asking Kenny to do the Torture kenny challenge so first you pick Felicio the next pick you pick Roco then pick the worst guys in the league
No username
No username 5 mesi fa
Kenny react to plays you have not seen before from kingswish
devol lol
devol lol 5 mesi fa
No one: Litterally no one: Kenny: RaNdY JoHnSon
Matazs 5 mesi fa
Everyone Plays Rules: You got to have a long rotation (13 i think) and let everyone play atleast 5mins
Cash 5
Cash 5 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking for a "Rebuild War" The top 5 my league ITpostrs (SROS,Massa,KOT4Q, Krispy and Jiedel) have to do a fantasy draft with the 30th pick in each round and whoever wins the most chips within 5 years is crowned the real Rebuilding KING. Please like so he can see.
Mayank Arora
Mayank Arora 5 mesi fa
Can you do more quizzes because this channel is turning into a channel like every other 2k my Leauge channel
jackson matt
jackson matt 5 mesi fa
kenny can you do this for me please can you trade DeAndre Jordan and Taurean Price and 2020 first round pick and 2026 first round pick for Nikola Jokic (nuggets)
TheRealComeback 5 mesi fa
Kenny do a one player rebuild with only Cameran Payne
Christopher Clendenin
Christopher Clendenin 5 mesi fa
Earth to Kenny, Do the free agency only rebuilding challenge. Rules: •Fantasy Draft current players (Challenge doesn’t start until you have simmed through one season) •All players you acquire can be only be gotten through free agency •However you can choose one year that you make trades throughout •Go until you have won a championship Kenny the 🐐💯💯
Goku Goku
Goku Goku 5 mesi fa
Do the only 6th man roster
Kyleaholic 5 mesi fa
Hall Of Famer Challenge: Difficulty: HOF Must have an Average GENERATED Rookie Must progress him to 90+ overall Win MVP atleast once but if you can twice Win a ring Must ONLY have 1 ALL-Star back up You must start him Must win Finals MVP No Fantasy Draft MAN UP AND ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE
Travis Takamori
Travis Takamori 5 mesi fa
Every time he says RANDY Johnson, I cringe a little each time...
Joe S
Joe S 5 mesi fa
Kenny do a liliolty rebuild your a bulls fan you can only trade or sine currant bulls or former bulls.
Barry b Bensen
Barry b Bensen 5 mesi fa
You already know Kenny had fun editing this
Barry b Bensen
Barry b Bensen 5 mesi fa
@Greg The Egg yea that's edits just weren't it
Greg The Egg
Greg The Egg 5 mesi fa
Barry b Bensen he hired an edited and the feedback was bad
Barry b Bensen
Barry b Bensen 5 mesi fa
Oops wrong vid the other one from today was deleted
Izaak L
Izaak L 5 mesi fa
the toronto raptors rebuilding challenge: 1. you have to win a championship with no players drafted in the lottery 2. you MUST acquire Kyle Lowry 3. you have to trade your best player for a better player (ex. demar for kawhi) 4. HAVE FUN!!
Jacob Rhodes
Jacob Rhodes 5 mesi fa
*"Former All-Star, Current Day All-Star, Two guys with all-star potential, a defensive juggernaut, a laser shooter, a playmaking god....... daniel theis." LMAO*
Alex Parra
Alex Parra 5 mesi fa
Day 9 of asking Kenny to do the everybody chipping challenge The challenge is you have to get every nba player on your team at some point and win each of them a championship You don’t have to do give players that just got drafted
isaiah johnson
isaiah johnson 5 mesi fa
That last trade blew it tbh🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Big Yeet
Big Yeet 5 mesi fa
Nobody: ... Absolutely Nobody: ... Richard Johnson: ... Kenny: RANDY JOHNSON!!!
shad216jf 5 mesi fa
Detroit Pistons rebuild??👀
mahi ali
mahi ali 5 mesi fa
Day 5 of asking Kenny to do a wheel of wheels rebuild. There will 4 wheels that you can land on. The 1st wheel would be all the contracts in the nba. The 2nd wheel would be countries. The 3rd wheel would be teams, if you get that you spin to get a team (the spin again from 1-15 if you land one 1 you get the teams best player, but if you get 15 you get their worst player). Finally the last wheel is overalls. There are also no specific rules and you don't have to trade for Roco if you dont want to.
SOF-_- JC__.
SOF-_- JC__. 5 mesi fa
I have a challenge, the chalenge is that u have to call 5 friends to make pick a player and those player will be traded even if there the goat and with those five players of trdain u need to make a team that will win the championship and u have 3 years to win a championship
Connor Coffey
Connor Coffey 5 mesi fa
Asking kenny to do the injuries challenge. Turn injuries on and have all injury sliders to 100. Must have Derrick rose, blake griffen, and chandler parsons starting
Donovan Holmes
Donovan Holmes 5 mesi fa
Yo Kenny how do u trade for an asset then flip it cause I'm tryna use the Alec Burkes method with Jones Junior but it says I can't trade him for another 60 days
Greg The Egg
Greg The Egg 5 mesi fa
Donovan Holmes do what he said
Teeneesz2013 5 mesi fa
Donovan Holmes you need to go to settings and turn of the recently signed and recently traded restrictions off
Dominik Zak
Dominik Zak 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny : The Draft Challange: Normaly you use picks as assets to flip them, in this challange your task is to flip all your other assets and future picks to get all 30 2020 First round picks in the first season Rules: -No Fantasy Draft -Random team Good Luck
C10WN 5 mesi fa
Do a Cassius Stanley career sim that would be sick
Brady Doak
Brady Doak 5 mesi fa
Turn off private mode on your vids
Hayang 5 mesi fa
Not a challenge, but a cool simulation you could do. Rusty Buckets dropped a vid in a what if for the bulls about LeBron, Wade and Bosh in 2010. It would be great if you could do a what if simulation for these bulls.
Tyte Moody
Tyte Moody 5 mesi fa
Day 12 of asking Kenny to do medium challenge Rules take the 80's overall only take Robert Covington don't trade him make him a starter 30 min
Bread Stealer
Bread Stealer 5 mesi fa
Idk what to call it challenge. Rules: 1. You can only have 1 superstar 2. Your second best player has to be 87 or below 3. The rest of your players are 83 or below
Angjelos Salca
Angjelos Salca 5 mesi fa
Kenny, I really hope you see this because it's important. You have 728k subscribers, almost a milli!!! Imagine what power you have from that. 1 million people would come to your channel to listen to you speak. I think you should use that power on real-life problems, like for what happened with Ahmaud Arbery, you could have an influence on thousands of people and make a change. Even if all the viewers do not make a difference or even care about what you say, remember, your platform is way bigger than the ones that turn you down!
Alex Pajakowski
Alex Pajakowski 5 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking kenny to do the all star weekend rebuild Rules You must have at least one player on your team end up on each all star weekend event Win the championship You have 3 years
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