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This is the ITpost channel of the King of the Fourth Quarter himself. He is a basketball ITpostr, bball connoisseur, and Cohost of The Through The Wire Podcast. Subscribe for all things basketball!
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Grant Heilmann
Grant Heilmann 2 giorni fa
I know you love Chris Paul but don't be running around saying you love CP. Not a good idea
Joe Edwards
Joe Edwards 3 giorni fa
That dint look like his signature ..
danny chen
danny chen 3 giorni fa
Bruh I am super jelly
le stabby
le stabby 3 giorni fa
yo the dreamteam warmups look clean afffff. anyone know if there are like un-signed versions of them because im feeling it.
Hudson Moss
Hudson Moss 9 giorni fa
I love the bucks
Violates 10 giorni fa
Do these kind of videos more often 🙌🏽
Hunter_ 70
Hunter_ 70 12 giorni fa
2:34 4:45
Colvic 12 giorni fa
His girlfriend standing there:👁👄👁
PS2 Gamer
PS2 Gamer 13 giorni fa
Rachel Rechnitz
Rachel Rechnitz 14 giorni fa
They should give him a robert covington signed jersey lol
Scrood XD
Scrood XD 15 giorni fa
Should’ve gave him a Kobe jersey
Paul 369
Paul 369 18 giorni fa
That was amazing!! What an amazing box full of most of my favorite players 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nathan Arend
Nathan Arend 19 giorni fa
Dominique wilkins is my favorite player of all time let's goooo!!!!
KOJO’S BASKETBALL 21 giorno fa
Sheesh that’s some nice stuff
Brody Games and vlogs
Brody Games and vlogs 21 giorno fa
Chicago bulls best team
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins 21 giorno fa
Chris Paul didn’t wear that jersey. Shaq didn’t wear that shoe. That’s not how this works mane
TEK DEQ lol 22 giorni fa
Bro is finally gettin BIG
jmr 18
jmr 18 22 giorni fa
how much do you want for the kukoc
James Weagle
James Weagle 22 giorni fa
That Dominique jersey is awesome...
Dill R
Dill R 23 giorni fa
Bruhhhh the Magic Johnson warm-up?!?!? 😱
Gabriel Calderón
Gabriel Calderón 23 giorni fa
This has to be one of your best videos. You've earned it, Kenny
Baller 24 giorni fa
wow,KOT4Q is this real this is going to be 1 million dollars combined!!!
Sam Murray
Sam Murray 24 giorni fa
kenny: "You got to treat it softly kenny 2 seconds later: punches box open
Noah Fesperman
Noah Fesperman 25 giorni fa
Kenny is like a kid on Christmas but who wouldn't be
Patrick Engledow
Patrick Engledow 25 giorni fa
I was waiting for him to pull out a signed D Rose jersey You gotta get one of those from when he was on the bulls
rafoso Reis
rafoso Reis 25 giorni fa
Mr Qwertyuiop
Mr Qwertyuiop 25 giorni fa
I want more vids like this
CLOUD_SHDWS 25 giorni fa
I got a artis Gilmore signed hof Jersey
Max Kramer
Max Kramer 26 giorni fa
That a lot more than 2.5k worth of stuff
Dylan 26 giorni fa
For my birthday my I want a signed Kenny Beecham jersey
Mark Sia
Mark Sia 27 giorni fa
Men, zach lavine is my fave player too 🔥
Shawn's Sports Cards
Shawn's Sports Cards 27 giorni fa
Finally! Need nore videos like this bro!
Ryan Cassidy
Ryan Cassidy 27 giorni fa
Donovan mitchell poster🤩🤩
AJ Smith
AJ Smith 28 giorni fa
Gavin Gray
Gavin Gray 28 giorni fa
can i have the donovan mitchel pic email me @gavingray@student,
Major Dynamic
Major Dynamic 28 giorni fa
Lmao why your hair look like that 💀
Adam Kopiske
Adam Kopiske 28 giorni fa
Straight Fire does not do this video justice!!!
Canon Painter
Canon Painter 28 giorni fa
7:44 homie didnt even notice the card
Jack Parkes
Jack Parkes 29 giorni fa
The magic Johnson one was the best
Phillip Campos
Phillip Campos 29 giorni fa
Must be nice. Are you endorsing pristineauctions? Would you purchase an item from them?
SixthKageKakashi Mese fa
Love that Dominique Wilkins Jersey!!
Christopher Welch
Christopher Welch Mese fa
L No Kelly Oubre stuff
Luke Walker
Luke Walker Mese fa
Who else saw MMG video first?
Aiden Oclair
Aiden Oclair Mese fa
Kenny idk if your gonna see this but I’m being deadass how much for that derozan jersey he’s my favorite player of all time I gave his raptors, college, and high school jersey I would pay money for that jersey if you see this DM me on insta @oclairaiden
Tim Cordier
Tim Cordier Mese fa
That magic warmup gave me chills.
252 Chad
252 Chad Mese fa
Are you doing 2k21 my career
Relax Gaming
Relax Gaming Mese fa
Love how each time Kenny just looks into ur soul when he reaches in then puts his hands on his hips
Free WiFi
Free WiFi Mese fa
I was just waiting for a signed Roco jersey
Kick him In the face
Kick him In the face Mese fa
I’m surprised you didn’t get anything from Derrick rose
erwindycity23 Mese fa
I like pristine, sometimes they have mystery boxes to bid on but with my luck I’ll end up with Felicio/Caruso caliber memorabilia 🤣
T-O Mese fa
wish the dolar in my country wasnt so expensive, if i were to buy a box like this would be like 15,000 without the taxes
Chimera Flex
Chimera Flex Mese fa
Kenny Hardaway MyCareer 2k21
dobie is fat
dobie is fat Mese fa
Kenny how much for the pop
Mosballin Mese fa
So fire! 🔥 not sure why I didn’t click on it before but happy for you! You are so worthy!
Justin Curtis
Justin Curtis Mese fa
i want some more IRL pack openings!
Michael Rost
Michael Rost Mese fa
How tf you get this😭😭😭
Coop Doggydog
Coop Doggydog Mese fa
The editing in this is amazing
Navibroncos98 Mese fa
Is there anyway I could get that Donovan Mitchell auto he’s my favorite player and last time I was at a jazz game I was right there but these 2 people were being rude and wanted me to move and they ended up getting the auto so I was hoping to get that one I’ll trade buy anything I just want the Mitchell
Order Mese fa
1- seems like the total isn’t worth 2.5 racks. 2- how many people watching would spend this kind of money on memorabilia? because it only decreases in value as the guys sign more and more stuff. They are making money off this, you are better off coping individual items. Remember this is nothing more than a 10 minute ad.
Rynard Gordon
Rynard Gordon Mese fa
Hey Kenny I’m from Cape Town and I’m 13 years old, I love your vids and I’m the same height as you😂 keep up the good work
Magnus Stevens
Magnus Stevens Mese fa
Both Kenny and Matt both got pristine auctions signed stuff in the span of a day
Christopher Nordman
Christopher Nordman Mese fa
Yuh we gon need that basement tour NOCAP
HajjidaGr8 Mese fa
Throw away defrozens jersey SMH then it's a Spurs jersey 🗑️
kryz Mese fa
They gave this to mmg too
Tristan Hildreth
Tristan Hildreth Mese fa
Him and mmg
Shmuel Mese fa
I'm not even 15 and I wear size 11. Do I have big feet or does Kenny have small feet?
Xavier Davidson
Xavier Davidson Mese fa
Pristine Auction: *sees chris paul jersey* Meet....... Chris Ball Im so tired please help....
elc Mese fa
OMG you are sooooo lucky! DEMAR is my fav player! I would die if I was sent anything like this! WOW!!! I can't believe you have Shaq's shoe & Debo's jersey!
P enis
P enis Mese fa
kenny is such a sports nerd and i love it
Iso- Byte
Iso- Byte Mese fa
Bro I am so happy to see you this excited about everything... granted, I would be ecstatic too. Now I gotta go see if I can find a Paul Pierce signed jersey on Pristine Auction.
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the Surprise TEAM Challenge You can only have players on teams that YOU (solely based on YOUR opinion who you thought was surprising) thought were surprising this season. Examples that fit: CP3, Bam ( because I thought he was surprising but I also thought that the Heat in general were surprising Examples that don't fit: Sabonis (I thought that Sabonis was phenomenal, but I feel like the Pacers as a whole team, weren't really surprising) You have to win 1 championship Good luck and have fun
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
This was the 6th submission
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the Free Agent Challenge You can only have players that are either free agents right now or would be in the 2020 free agency Examples: Boogie, AD, I think Jimmy Butler, etc. You have to win 1 championship Good luck and have fun P.S. its 1:27 in the morning right now and this is like my 7th different challenge submission tonight (different chalenges, not 7th day asking for this)
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
This was my 5th submission behind 1: KOT4Q NBA Meme Team Challenge 2: Realistic Rebuild Challenge 3: 6th Man Challenge 4: Every Team Wheel Challenge
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the every team challenge Spin a wheel with all teams, then spin a wheel with all players from that team (there should be 31 wheels(1 with teams, 30 with players)). Then spin the wheel again to see who they would be trading with. Example: Wheel one: Rockets Wheel two: Harden Wheel three: Warriors You would have to acquire Harden as the Warriors for a package that the Rockets would except You have to do this where you trade a player from all 30 teams meaning 30 different cycles of the wheels In the end you spin the wheel again to see what team you are going to Watch (or rebuild that team again, just with a weird NBA now) You have to win 1 championship Good luck and have fun I think this would be great long content, and you know we like the content Kenny Kenny if you dont get it but you see this just comment on my comment what you dont get and I will try to explain it
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
This was my 4th submission
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the 6th man challenge Rules are pretty simple: you have to only use players that have won 6th man in their career or bench players from the 2019-20 season Examples: Harden(since he was a 6th man), Lou Williams, Montrezl, etc. You have to win 1 championship Good luck and have fun
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
This is the 3rd submission
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the Realistic rebuild challenge Rules are pretty simple: it's a normal rebuild but you have to keep Stepien rule on and you have to turn team chemistry on You have to then turn trade difficulty to 65 and sim difficulty to 65 You have to win one championship Good luck and have fun
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
This was my 2nd submission
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the nba Meme team challenge Rules are simple: everyone on your team has to be a meme on the KOT4Q Channel Examples: RoCo, Christiano Felicio, Cedi Osman, etc. You have to at least make the finals because I wouldn't expect you to get to far with your options😂
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray Mese fa
This was my 1st submission.
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores Mese fa
B Eazy Da Goat
B Eazy Da Goat Mese fa
Anyone else also watch mmg’s vid
Gavin B
Gavin B Mese fa
How do I get one of those boxes
The Shawshank Inception
The Shawshank Inception Mese fa
Oh my god this dude really is short
Frederick Mese fa
Kenny is geniunely a good guy
Jackson Adams
Jackson Adams Mese fa
the ninja turtles in the back lowkey fire LOL
CJ Schmidt
CJ Schmidt Mese fa
I’m a size 12 and 12 years old kenny got small feet bruh
Wynton Buerstetta
Wynton Buerstetta Mese fa
Bro I just watched MMG do one of these pristine auctions thingy
Lil Boat
Lil Boat Mese fa
do a giveaway
Rachel Rechnitz
Rachel Rechnitz Mese fa
I. Can't wait for the room tour
Luke Kwon
Luke Kwon Mese fa
Where is Dwayne Neal's signed jersey?
Joshua Volfson
Joshua Volfson Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the getting assets and flipping them chalenge. Start off with a full fifteen man roster of al 70 overalls. You have to trade up and up and up until you have 4+ 85 overalls and at least one more 90 on ur roster and of course u have to win the chip.
Pete DuhAwesome
Pete DuhAwesome Mese fa
Get another one please
marcus Blakely
marcus Blakely Mese fa
Kosta Kokos
Kosta Kokos Mese fa
I have an Hakeem Olajuwon game worn autograph shoe
Gavin Peek
Gavin Peek Mese fa
I have a signed Ja Morant Jersey
Thomas Arrosi
Thomas Arrosi Mese fa
i was not expecting that, at all
thereallife baller
thereallife baller Mese fa
Anyone else see Kenny’s tattoo 👀
cynxz is a cutie
cynxz is a cutie Mese fa
I love how happy he is
Bryce Baker
Bryce Baker Mese fa
Where all the people at watching after Giannis won mvp again
BON jouring
BON jouring Mese fa
Hmmm too fake. The box too old.
Dominic Koetter
Dominic Koetter Mese fa
I wasn’t going to watch this but it was worth watching
Calistic Mese fa
Dude all of that is way over 2.5k probably big props for them giving that much out for free
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