The Most Realistic NBA 2K20 Rebuild You'll Ever See...

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The Most Realistic NBA 2K20 Rebuild You'll Ever See...

Giovanni Aviles
Giovanni Aviles 22 ore fa
please never turn on injuries again.
Neo Fanen-Acho
Neo Fanen-Acho 3 giorni fa
He should have turned down the frequency of injuries and their severity
lito dat
lito dat 6 giorni fa
Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez 8 giorni fa
Levi Hickey
Levi Hickey Mese fa
5:50 2k really?
Alejandro Marmolejo
Alejandro Marmolejo Mese fa
If would’ve been more realistic without the fantasy draft lol
Turner Gillmore
Turner Gillmore Mese fa
2k20 was probably the worst 2k game all time when it came to 3-1 leads and 8 seeds beating 1 seeds
Allen Muller-Hinnant
Allen Muller-Hinnant Mese fa
am i the only one at 5:35 noticed he is 27 years old in second year of pro say whatttt
Leikeize 20 giorni fa
That’s the point
Allen Muller-Hinnant
Allen Muller-Hinnant 20 giorni fa
@Leikeize drafted at 25 years old
Leikeize 20 giorni fa
He was drafted 2020
Noah 21190704146928080506
Noah 21190704146928080506 Mese fa
Challenge: be realistic Kenny: fAnTaSy dRaFt
Zhi xci
Zhi xci Mese fa
Making Westbrook carry Challenge 1. Westbrook in OKC as the first scoring option 2. Andre roberson and steven adams has to start 3. Billy donovan as coach 4. You can pair him with another star as long as that player doesn't have a higher 2k rating than westbrook and westbrook has to be the 1st scoring option 5. Other players should not have a ovr rating higher than 83 6. Westbrook should play the most minutes have 3 seasons to bring okc a championship
Insanity Mese fa
i see that hawks shirt
Vanilla Gorilla
Vanilla Gorilla Mese fa
kid rages in GTA HEIST
ShoexGame85 Mese fa
Lol this video was probably my favorite so far. I play all of my MyLeague games, and Jaren Jackson has been a defensive powerhouse for me. I broke Mark Eatons Season Blocks Record of 456 with him with 460.
Camh_Plays Mese fa
30:35 Portland Trailblazers in a nutshell.
Mr. NBA Talk
Mr. NBA Talk Mese fa
New meme team member: damon Macdonald
Jaguarsforlife2 Mese fa
Fire vid 🔥
Matty C34
Matty C34 Mese fa
I guess mpj really is the next KD
B-ball Fan95
B-ball Fan95 Mese fa
*does realistic and rebuild intro* *does fantasy draft first thing*
Jahmiene L-B
Jahmiene L-B Mese fa
That’s how u know how 2ks broken when u get surprised both 8th seeds get eliminated in the first round
YagTan_30 2 mesi fa
Do the “ 5 95 ovr challenge “ . Try and get 5 95 plus ovr . Do it in 3 years
Leikeize 20 giorni fa
shai supplies
shai supplies 2 mesi fa
Do the dumb challenge Where every player on your team has to have under 75 iq
Tyrisse Silmon
Tyrisse Silmon 2 mesi fa
Oh my gosh*
Tasty Bleach
Tasty Bleach 2 mesi fa
Since when was Luke Walton being COTY accurate?
iSomeTimesCamp 2 mesi fa
My Kings and the Knicks in the finals and my Kings actually drafted Luka over Bagley? Hell yea!!! Yes I’m celebrating even tho it’s not real, as a Kings fan there ain’t much to root for :(
SplinterEffekt57 2 mesi fa
Love the vids man, can you please do a Newbie video explaining which game mode you choose, which settings you generally run, how you build out your rotations and allocate minutes, how to trade and grab free agents, how the salary cap works and how the draft and picks work? That would be awesome bruh keep up the good work
alex 2 mesi fa
When he loses from shortening the rotation 🤦🤦🤦 (he’s team got tired
Don Sanares
Don Sanares 2 mesi fa
3:49 luke perry lookin like smoove out here
Kaleb Pacheco
Kaleb Pacheco 2 mesi fa
Bro what ever happened to Nerlens Noel? Dude had so much hype and he hasn't really lived up to it
Logan Kandel
Logan Kandel 2 mesi fa
This was still not even remotely realistic in the slightest
Kenneth Duran
Kenneth Duran 2 mesi fa
I'm challenging Kenny to do the "6peat challenge'' with a twist Rules: 1. Choose a random team in a Fantasy draft. 2. You get to pick your first round pick and choose a player that will carry your team through the years(Choose wisely). 3. You need to win the championship in your first 3 years, you need to win a 3peat basically. 4. The very next offseason, find the worst team in the opposite conference and trade your chosen player(first round pick) for 1 of their starters and current year's first round pick(s). 5. Then win another 3peat. Twist: 1. you must not make a trade with your old team. 2. Your 'chosen' player must be your highest overall player. 3. If your player became a free-agent, you need to sign him or trade for him if he signed with a different team. Kenny would complete my 2020 if he accepted this challenge
Rhalstan Vlogs
Rhalstan Vlogs 2 mesi fa
Kenny u should do a challenge we’re u create the best possible defender, with no offensive skills, put him in the 2020 draft class with lamelo etc. and see how his career will go. P.S no fantasy draft, and u can only do one trade or one signing during the whole challenge
Gael Ventura
Gael Ventura 2 mesi fa
Do the "foreign players" challenge you can only have players that were not born in the u.s. 1.sim 5 seasons you have to win 2 rings 2 you have to find a way to get luka 3.have fun
DrakeovoJun1or 2 mesi fa
is there a offseason rehab option lol wtf
Bodie Benson
Bodie Benson 2 mesi fa
I like these rebuilds the best
Ibrahim Rather
Ibrahim Rather 2 mesi fa
First vid I've ever seen by you but maaaan this shit was great, I'll be chilling in the subscriber-section from now on
Ye 2 mesi fa
👀 looking for a center in 2k to play wit
Temron Payne
Temron Payne 2 mesi fa
You didn't have Leo Powers either....
Chase Brooks
Chase Brooks 2 mesi fa
Rowen 2 mesi fa
thats the only way to sim game
Samuel Ennis
Samuel Ennis 2 mesi fa
do all Chicago challenge evey player had to have played for chicago at somepoint in their career including college and high-school
Carlos Dansby
Carlos Dansby 2 mesi fa
Great point about the 85 rated, minute less player
John Watson IV
John Watson IV 2 mesi fa
you should do this as a full on series and play the full dynasty mode to see how many total championships you can win
kaм 2 mesi fa
SHAMAR BURCH 2 mesi fa
Both of the 8th seeds got eliminated in the first round u mean the 1st seeds
Khory Copeland
Khory Copeland 2 mesi fa
Where is Kenny hardaway
LilChinYT 2 mesi fa
Day 6 of asking for the Seventy-Five challenge- You get to draft and trade- But at least half of your players have to be 75 or lower overall
Mansour HADDAD
Mansour HADDAD 2 mesi fa
Bro legit fire the guy taking care of players that's why they keep getting injured
Scifon Cra
Scifon Cra 2 mesi fa
be honest, Kenny. The whole injury riddled months were just karma accumulated from not having injury on from other rebuilds. Also, one of the best so far.
Matt Chabot
Matt Chabot 2 mesi fa
Do a realistic bulls or wizards rebuild
Dztboy 2 mesi fa
Anybody else see that rui hachimura said that he feels worse than the time he tried to play a hoops game not made by 2k?
Dztboy 2 mesi fa
You can see it at 5:50
Mendy Flohr
Mendy Flohr 2 mesi fa
Should be called "2019 Yankees" cause of all the injuries
I Do Basketball
I Do Basketball 2 mesi fa
Injuries to 45?
I Do Basketball
I Do Basketball 2 mesi fa
The first 3 years should have proved that realism in 2k can never exist
Dima Pokhnatiuk
Dima Pokhnatiuk 2 mesi fa
injuries in 2k is such sh** nobody gets injured every flocking week
cxsmyy yt
cxsmyy yt 2 mesi fa
Kenny 2020- 20,21,23 I guess that’s fine with me B A R S
QMLinkM 2 mesi fa
"the most realistic nba 2k20 rebuild you'll ever see" everyone gets injured.
Kieran Regehr Reddy
Kieran Regehr Reddy 3 mesi fa
in the 23-24 season now you see what it’s like to be nick nurse with the raptors squad injuries
Samuel Paradis
Samuel Paradis 3 mesi fa
It is me or Luka Doncic always win MVP in 2k??😂
Inspirational Distancing
Inspirational Distancing 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to the "Kenny killer challenge." Rules: Must have injury's on. Do fantasy draft. Must draft robert covington with your first overall pick. Then christiano Felicio with your second overall pick. Can only trade for the players in real life that are on the Knicks, Magic, Heat, Cavaliers, Nuggets, Kings or PIstons. You have three years to win a championship.
Gevorg Shakhmelikyan
Gevorg Shakhmelikyan 3 mesi fa
Thats how i always rebuild
Inspirational Distancing
Inspirational Distancing 3 mesi fa
20:42 Badge says: deadeye Kenny: deadass
No Play Zone
No Play Zone 3 mesi fa
why are the raptors always so unlucky, never picked by kenny, usually a bad team, and if it isnt, they lose in the first round anyway
BYT Beats
BYT Beats 3 mesi fa
I never change any of these and I still get a 3peat 😂
Luke Noose
Luke Noose 3 mesi fa
Day 38 of watching kenny
Morgan Delva
Morgan Delva 3 mesi fa
You didn't need to have the recently signed restriction. Signing trades exist.
Peter Byrne
Peter Byrne 3 mesi fa
You broke the rule and traded two consecutive firsts in the beal trade
Someone Someone
Someone Someone 3 mesi fa
You shouldn't have sim casted and maybe you would have won
James Orr
James Orr 3 mesi fa
Have you ever done a fully realistic bulls franchise? Real draft classes and all.
ItsAnfernee 3 mesi fa
This video was so stressful to watch
anthoney franklin
anthoney franklin 3 mesi fa
Your reactions to the injuries are spot on! This is how most of us play 😄😄😄😄
Madx 3 mesi fa
6:20 so we’re just gonna pass by Giannis going down to a 92
eagle badger
eagle badger 3 mesi fa
Everyone gets injured because you need a deeper rotation
Delusive ✓
Delusive ✓ 3 mesi fa
At a certain point in the video I was just expecting: “Injury Report: Leo Powers is dead hehe, sincerely yours Ronnie 2K ;)”
virtual anime girl
virtual anime girl 6 giorni fa
Sounds like some 2k16 nonsense
Torres IQ
Torres IQ 3 mesi fa
how does he sim so fast
Marko Ilic
Marko Ilic 3 mesi fa
Most realistic rebuild wouldn’t be a fantasy draft😂
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 3 mesi fa
It isnt the most realistic with trades at 50 lol cmon man, there's little sliders like that that make a world of a difference if you change
Ray Beals
Ray Beals 3 mesi fa
I put my injuries down to 16 and still experience a huge amount of injuries
saintfredoo 3 mesi fa
good video myles
Surraka Surovec
Surraka Surovec 3 mesi fa
I appreciate how you didnt try to go for a godly starter squad instead kept it fairly balanced between starters and your bench
Alberto Morales Jr
Alberto Morales Jr 3 mesi fa
I guess I’m playing for the okc thunder lol
Antonio Ibarra
Antonio Ibarra 3 mesi fa
It’s cause you have so much practices it gets them beat, you can edit the practices and take them off or just lower the amount
Nicholas Trainor
Nicholas Trainor 3 mesi fa
Do a realistic rebuild......first things first Fantasy draft 😂😂😂
ATIT PATEL 3 mesi fa
Kenny blew the series when he made changes
garydesnail101 3 mesi fa
do a rebuild where injuries are at 100
PapisN 3 mesi fa
Does anyone know how 3 way trades happen in the nba?
Real Slim Bobby
Real Slim Bobby 3 mesi fa
“Gonna throw him a baggy, cause we need a coach” LMAO
Bryce Mcdonald
Bryce Mcdonald 3 mesi fa
Shout out Damon McDonald that’s McDonald’s my last name
mjwoodworth 3 mesi fa
You should do a MyTeam cheeser rebuild. 5 man star rotation, no minutes off the bench, no subs. (I'll allow injuries off haha)
Ashton Vaughan
Ashton Vaughan 3 mesi fa
Isaiah Roby is 85 and he hasn't played a minute in the NBA.. Hmmm reminds of Zion who's only played 19 games this year and some got that wack OVR
Dom Panetta
Dom Panetta 3 mesi fa
Kenny do this w/o a fantasy draft and with real rookies🙄 come on now bruh
Rishi B
Rishi B 3 mesi fa
Leo Powers looks like Dave from Flight of the Conchords
Jalen Baker
Jalen Baker 3 mesi fa
Day 20 of asking Kenny to do the “no trade” challenge. You have to use a team on the east (except the bucks and 76ers) and you are not allowed to make trades. You can only sign free agents. You need to have at least one 93 (or higher) overall on your team. You have 6 - 8 years to win a championship. Good luck!!!
Levi Robinson
Levi Robinson 3 mesi fa
2K really needs to fix their shit though, because that amount of injuries is NOT normal
Slite 3 mesi fa
Am I the only one who was begging Kenny to trade Josh Hart? The 6’5” SF??
Coolkid123 3 mesi fa
none of the above I only buy Lamborghinis
Oscar Jongebreur
Oscar Jongebreur 3 mesi fa
Do the ‘injury prone challenge’. Injury slider all the way up to 100 and all players must have had a previous injury. Goal is to win a chip.
JimGoKrazy 3 mesi fa
“Most realistic rebuild” “Luka Doncic and the Nicks win the finals”
Colby Jack Cheese
Colby Jack Cheese 3 mesi fa
You should do the trade the Injured guys Rebuild 1 year challenge every time somebody gets injured On your team You trade then instantly and No trade deadline try to Win the championship but once the playoffs hits you can turn off injury
logan o
logan o 3 mesi fa
10:36 Kenny can rhyme pretty good
Clarke Livesay
Clarke Livesay 3 mesi fa
At 13:39 u could have gotten Owen James!
Legends Never Die
Legends Never Die 3 mesi fa
KOT4Q: MOST REALISTIC REBUILD EVER does a fantasy draft and doesn’t load draft classes
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