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coolsuperhitman 101
coolsuperhitman 101 Giorno fa
Wasn’t D’Angelo supposed to be in the team
Temron Payne
Temron Payne 3 giorni fa
You need to do the wheel and let the season play out with 0 trades then do the rebuild.
imdatboy torres
imdatboy torres 3 giorni fa
kot4q never lets me down!!!
Aiden Meyer
Aiden Meyer 5 giorni fa
Put Simmons at 3 or 4 and Mitchell at 1
Leru 6 giorni fa
This is THE ULTIMATE rebuild. You have 10 years to get every team 3 players with ATLEAST an 85 overall.
alistair shippey
alistair shippey 6 giorni fa
U win some u lose some but u live to fight another day-kenney. I'm gonna live by these words
Yohanes Kifle
Yohanes Kifle 6 giorni fa
Hurts that he didnt put harden at point
DomDaBomb20 11 giorni fa
Second time asking, a defenders challenge. Everyone on the team must have either an all defensive team (1st or 2nd)
DomDaBomb20 11 giorni fa
U get a good one every time u do an example
FetzGaming 13 giorni fa
Still do the Clippers rebuild! I would still love to watch that.
Flash 3
Flash 3 13 giorni fa
Do a bill russell challenge on 2k21
Chrisalanious 1
Chrisalanious 1 14 giorni fa
Great video Kenny. That James Harden spin was suprising!
Tanios Ayoub
Tanios Ayoub 15 giorni fa
Hector Watt
Hector Watt 18 giorni fa
“Draymond Greens a winner” this dude one the worst team in the league averaging 8 points 🧢
Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson 19 giorni fa
Thank you for reminding me to like the vid
Robert Blanton
Robert Blanton 20 giorni fa
Ok I KNOWWWWWWW Kenny didn’t just say he got an ALL STAR caliber player (Ben Simmons) without giving up an ALL STAR player WHEN HE TRADED DRAYMOND GREEN🤦🏻‍♂️HOW does everyone forget that the warriors WOULDNT BE THE WARRIORS without DRAYMOND🤦🏻‍♂️
Dojas virge Ybañez
Dojas virge Ybañez 21 giorno fa
He forgot D russ
Aston Playz
Aston Playz 24 giorni fa
He said 2k 21 in the title but really he was playing 2k20, did he do that on purpose
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 25 giorni fa
My man forget D’angelo Russell
Joe D
Joe D 25 giorni fa
That is a move the t wolves would do
Zach Gunter
Zach Gunter 25 giorni fa
Kenny:"I'm gonna keep James harden, hes gonna be our main guy." Me:"Welp...Kenny failed this challenge.."
Asaf Pelleh
Asaf Pelleh 28 giorni fa
The youth rebuilding ultimate dynasty challenge: 1st pre-season: Trade ALL your players for draft picks. Sign only free agents. Complete the season without any additional trades. 2nd pre-season: You MUST use all your 1st round draft picks. You can only trade picks for better picks. You must sign all your 1st round picks. You can trade all other players freely. 3rd pre-season: You now have 2 seasons to achieve 10 80+ overall, 4 seasons to achieve 8 90+ overall and 5 seasons to achieve a 3peat.
FrenchSimp 28 giorni fa
Who’s a smaller youtuber?? 👍
Michael Cornelius
Michael Cornelius 29 giorni fa
10:30 it's pronounced clique productions
Crayton Wright
Crayton Wright 29 giorni fa
“U win some u lose some but u live to fight another day” inspirational Kenny
Skyler Benner
Skyler Benner Mese fa
Hey yo Kenny big fan your the best you have done so much from teaching me in my league
Kaden Pehrson
Kaden Pehrson Mese fa
i feel like kot4q hate d mitchell
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean Mese fa
What’s the no overtime thing on his sweatshirt what’s that about?
Lane Morris
Lane Morris Mese fa
Bruh he got OSN with the first pick iykyk lmao
Tyler Lol
Tyler Lol Mese fa
Where was dlo?
Mannix Mese fa
30:06 Clippers blew yet another 3-1 lead
Downtown Trickshots
Downtown Trickshots Mese fa
9:52 tbh I didn’t either
Lucas Battles
Lucas Battles Mese fa
Kenny... not Brandon Xavier Ingram 😳
AirresQ 82
AirresQ 82 Mese fa
The fact that he didn’t start Ben Simmons at SF with Harden and Mitchell at the guards is so painful to watch.
Thomas Brady
Thomas Brady Mese fa
Random generated number from every player NBA
Vxzal Mese fa
Glad the surgery went well Kenny! Great video like always brotha!
William lukens
William lukens Mese fa
Flex Crayon
Flex Crayon Mese fa
More wheel stuff plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Emerson Donaldson
Emerson Donaldson Mese fa
The Impossible rebuild *Rebuild Philly*
Sammy Mese fa
If y’all dislike the video why you watching then ?
Bohdan Meyer
Bohdan Meyer Mese fa
Idk why but “Fax Im mad” edited in sent me at 1 AM
Keegan Musgrove
Keegan Musgrove Mese fa
You forgot sabonis
guy fuchs
guy fuchs Mese fa
Wait how is draymond a 79. A 79 2k trippin heavy
Carter Grinstead
Carter Grinstead Mese fa
Centers only challenge
ThatOneWeirdGal Mese fa
2K has Ilyasova ABOVE Wes Matthews?!?! Huh 2K??? Cmon man!!
owen ross
owen ross Mese fa
U can only use non American players
HallofLegends Mese fa
why do none of the comments talk about him going “offensive consistency!!??? if he was consistent he’s get PT”😂😂 his face tho when he said it was hilarious
LG Mese fa
NBA Best of the bubble wheel Rules: Best bubble players on a wheel 3 years to win a chip Good Luck GO Nuggets
Kenny Jones
Kenny Jones Mese fa
I mean the warriors got 73 wins and LeBron stopped them...
ThatGuy Will
ThatGuy Will Mese fa
The KOT4Q challenge: this is a pretty simple challenge, here it is need a12 man rotation 2. your starting 5 need to spell out KOT4Q (pg: name starts with K, sg: name starts with O, sf: name starts with T, pf: number 4, center: name has a Q in it 3. Win the Chip
dirtydan30 Mese fa
How come Ersan Ilysova low key look like Romanian James Franco?
El Generico
El Generico Mese fa
Hey Kenny! I love your videos, I really want to get in to rebuilding teams on 2K too (one can only play mycareer for so long lol), do you think you can maybe do a beginner’s guide to rebuilding or something? Or good strategies? It’s really fun to watch you do it but when I sit in front of the tv and try to rebuild I can’t get anything to work even on a basic level, like coaches, strategies, player signings, etc. even if it’s a quick 5 minute video or even a reply comment to go over basics to keep in mind, that’d be awesome!
Soapy's Thoughts
Soapy's Thoughts Mese fa
Yeah, you win 73 games and you expect to win a championship.
GeoGraphicDesigns Mese fa
Golden State Warriors Challenge: In this challenge you have to rebuild a fantasy draft team and accomplish these goals in the span of 4 years: 1. Have at least one player on your squad win MVP once 2. Have at least 4 out of your 5 starters be in the all star game in the same year 3. Win 3 championships with the team 4. Have fun doing it...
Swavey Mese fa
That’s not Chris Silva, that’s OSN 😂
Hoodie HBK
Hoodie HBK Mese fa
Why is malcom brogdons overall higher than oladipo ik he was hurt like atleast he should be one overall higher bc like kenny said all star very good at times all star
Brandon Cordova
Brandon Cordova Mese fa
U always trade for Jokic, embiid, and KAT
Nikhil Sahu
Nikhil Sahu Mese fa
Can u please do a sports rebuild. You need to have a fantasy draft. U will draft ur team. 3 -5 year rebuild and u need to have one of the players that fit the role for at least one season. Football: get a player who played football in high school or college Soccer: get a player who is known for flopping. Golf: get a player who is over 36. Tennis: get a player who is getting paid over 20 million dollars Basketball: get a top 20 player in 2K. Baseball: Get a player who is signed with Jordan. Because he played baseball if u know u know Hockey: get a player who has got over 7 techs this season. You also need a kot4q meme player who needs to be on the roster at all times. If you get Robert Covington you can make his offensive tendency a 75. You need to run a 9 man rotation. You can pick the 9th man. In the playoffs you need to keep it a nine man rotation but they do not need to have the same amount of minutes. This took me a while to think of this. Like it up so the goat 13eecham can see.
Tyler Milligan
Tyler Milligan Mese fa
Yooooo my guy BC!
Shink Mese fa
Kenny out here spittin i got luka but no dońic
Marcel Evans
Marcel Evans Mese fa
Make a sharpshooting slasher
JoRitter98 Mese fa
Do not really get why Americans always use Double-u to express the word 'win', because if you're being completely honest, 'win' definitely is shorter than 'double-u' , can someone explain?
k beezy440
k beezy440 Mese fa
The worst worst rebuild u take the worst player from each of the worst 15 teams in the league and fill out a full 15 man roster with them and also try to win a championship/rebuild that team in 4-5 years👀🤔
STCGaming Mese fa
i don't like 2k21 but i had to watch the annual wheel rebuild challenge
Evan Goldberg
Evan Goldberg Mese fa
hi kenny
3G Wave
3G Wave Mese fa
Kenny: You win 73 games and expect to be grinding out with LeBron? Warriors fans: *Vietnam Flashbacks*
Dominic Carlin
Dominic Carlin Mese fa
Shoulda traded harden for luka
Bonnie Hughes
Bonnie Hughes Mese fa
"3:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Brian Franzwa
Brian Franzwa Mese fa
Bonnie Hughes I saw comment on a anther vid it a scam
Caiyah Johnson
Caiyah Johnson Mese fa
Hi kenny what wheel do you use? lol
Vulturee Mese fa
I’m high asf didn’t even notice the green screen wasn’t there either 💀
Oj Oj
Oj Oj Mese fa
“You win some, you lose some, but you live to fight another day.” -Kenny Beecham, 2020
Jaimer Why
Jaimer Why Mese fa
These heights though they're wrong 😂😂
Chocolate Juice
Chocolate Juice Mese fa
Do this again but you have to trade them back to their original team to rebuild.
BismackBiyomboFan22 Mese fa
Jahlil Okafor is good, his post up play style just don’t fit the offence and his D ain’t great no homo
Kay Meller
Kay Meller Mese fa
day 72 of asking Kenny to do the "draft challenge" 1. No Fantasy Draft. 2. build through the NBA Draft, Your 13 player squad must be drafted by you through the NBA draft. (through a five years) 3. You can sign a free agent on the 5th day as an asset each year will increase by a day (For example: in 2020 sign on day 5, 2021 sign on day 6 etc...). 4. You have five years to win a Championship with the 13 players you drafted. Like so Kenny can see!
Jay OHalloran
Jay OHalloran Mese fa
Is Donovan Mitchell only 6’1 I coulda swore he was taller
Andrew Tidey
Andrew Tidey Mese fa
I really enjoy this videos Kenny
Pika Quack
Pika Quack Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the “Opposite League Challenge” Rules: -Fantasy Draft -All Players Must Be In Their Worst Position -Win 3 Rings Like so Kenny can see
Pika Quack
Pika Quack Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the “Opposite League Challenge” Rules: -Fantasy Draft -All Players Must Be In Their Worst Position -Win 3 Rings Like so Kenny can see
Erdion Lajiq
Erdion Lajiq Mese fa
sarah1271 Mese fa
I think this is my fave wheel video so far! Love this idea! You should do this one again :)
Tatum Curry
Tatum Curry Mese fa
“U win 73 games what u expect” Us warriors fans: we don’t talk abt that😂
Ryan L
Ryan L Mese fa
The Best Trade Asset Challenge: Do you're usual fantasy draft and all of that. Next either trade for Alec or get him in the draft. When you make a trade you have to include Alec Burks. Then after the trade is done you need to trade back for Alec Burks and trade him again. So every trade needs to include Alec Burks. Like so Kenny can see!
Nito Shadow
Nito Shadow Mese fa
Do the wheel rebuilding challenge but after you get your team you only could make 1 trade a year Try to win a championship within 3 yrs
gman rod
gman rod Mese fa
Has he done a wheel of minutes
Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith Mese fa
Your name is 🔥🔥
SouthSide 60
SouthSide 60 Mese fa
This is a certified KOT4Q classic
Splash Mese fa
Kenny: *wins the chip* “what’d you expect we won 73 games” Curry Klay and Draymond: 😐
Sarah Bedil
Sarah Bedil Mese fa
Do well of shoe
BerryBlue X
BerryBlue X Mese fa
I see Kenny w the No Overtime
Xavier Mese fa
anyone notice he forgot Dan'gelo Russel? also i might have messed up his name 😂
Adrian Bryson
Adrian Bryson Mese fa
I was listening to Clique's monotone voice when you reminded me to like the video.
cruz mcauliffe
cruz mcauliffe Mese fa
do the from zero to hero challenge Rules: start with a 40 overall player (or worst player on the list) and trade with all the way to the highest over all you can. you that player and win a championship were that player has to be finals MVP
Josia Cliffor
Josia Cliffor Mese fa
Why kenny be looking so white tho?
me me
me me Mese fa
Kenny got OSN with the first spin lol
Abdulla Abdulla
Abdulla Abdulla Mese fa
the chances of him getting new orleans twice in a row is 1/900
Garegin Mkhitaryan
Garegin Mkhitaryan Mese fa
if only james harden can do in real when playing the lakers in the playoffs but can't because my team is in WCF but rockets going home LMAO !!!!!!!!
Ali Sajjad
Ali Sajjad Mese fa
How did he clear the hornets roster?
Bailey Tavendale
Bailey Tavendale Mese fa
leshgo it was my birthday yesterday and i got to watch kenny my life is amazing
Will Marple
Will Marple Mese fa
Kenny please get the mic out of the picture please
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