Can You Name The Top 5 3 Point Shooters For Every Team This Decade?

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KOT4Q 3 mesi fa
🎯Download FRAG PRO Shooter for free: Get $6 worth of free rewards! X1 gold chest 🎉 + 500 coins 💰 + 50 diamonds 💎
Collington Braham
Collington Braham 3 mesi fa
I had this game since 2019
CoD Mobile Kid
CoD Mobile Kid 3 mesi fa
The link did not give me anything
PrinceSpookii 3 mesi fa
kenny getting the bag you love to see it
QDom10 3 mesi fa
I already play this game broooo!
Conor Steele
Conor Steele 3 mesi fa
Hey kenny I got a video Idea for you so I would like to see a day in a life of kenny. And another idea for you if you want you can do a non edited video. Aye kenny btw love your vids keep up the good work on the road to 800k. Leave a like if you saw this comment
Jack Mincheff
Jack Mincheff 18 giorni fa
Why is frag just battle royale
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli 28 giorni fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
pressure Fade
pressure Fade 2 mesi fa
When find out Kenny only played the game once
Rhalstan Vlogs
Rhalstan Vlogs 2 mesi fa
Kenny u should do a challenge we’re u create the best possible defender, with no offensive skills, put him in the 2020 draft class with lamelo etc. and see how his career will go. P.S no fantasy draft, and u can only do one trade or one signing during the whole challenge
Posi 2 mesi fa
klestkirami 29
klestkirami 29 3 mesi fa
Luca Di Bella
Luca Di Bella 3 mesi fa
more quizes plz hahahahaha. love u Kenny bro
Liam Monteiro
Liam Monteiro 3 mesi fa
CLASH MASTER x3 3 mesi fa
moreheadr 3 mesi fa
More quizzes
Joel.R 3 mesi fa
Yessssirrrrski! Bring the quizzes back bro
brodiezzz7 -
brodiezzz7 - 3 mesi fa
Larry bird?
Bmoney 1020
Bmoney 1020 3 mesi fa
Who wants to see more quizzes
Moked 3 mesi fa
And then I was wrong yay!
Moked 3 mesi fa
Kenny: doesn’t know the answer for Celtics Me:is it a 63 year old Larry Bird Like and subscribe if u think that
Ryan L
Ryan L 3 mesi fa
Day 12 of asking Kenny to do the hardest rebuilding challenge ever: First do a fantasy draft but no matter what pick you have you need to choose the player 15 players below the top player. You are not allowed to use trade finder or check to see which teams are rebuilding or selling. Once you build one trade for a player/players and they don't accept it you cannot try and trade for that player again. You also cannot change a players position to make them better. Next you must accept at least 5 trades during the season that a team offers to you. If you lose any games you must try and make a trade with a random team. (This is the only situation in which you can use trade finder, you can't use it during the offseason). You have 3 years to win a championship Have fun.
Nicholas Carvalho
Nicholas Carvalho 3 mesi fa
Kenny please keep doing quizzes
Dominick Hemelt
Dominick Hemelt 3 mesi fa
Dude it has been so long Kenny that you done a quiz I like it do it more pleas
Tucker Andrrson
Tucker Andrrson 3 mesi fa
More quizzes plz 🙏🙏🔥
Ryan Reznik
Ryan Reznik 3 mesi fa
Kobe for the Lakers
Ryan Reznik
Ryan Reznik 3 mesi fa
Chandler parsons grizzlies
Ryan Reznik
Ryan Reznik 3 mesi fa
Not a pistons fan but this man forgot Brandon Jennings and no I have not finished the video
poop 3 mesi fa
which nba player are you? 1.michael jordan 2.lebron james 3.kobe bryant 4. giannis antetokoumnpo 5.russell westbrook 6.james harden 7.alex caruso 8.brian scalabrine 9.zion 0. D rose
ThatOneWeirdGal 3 mesi fa
You just skipped over Carlos Delfino. Rude
Sven Karić
Sven Karić 3 mesi fa
I started watching you because of quizzes, keep doing them!
whoopsies 3 mesi fa
who else remembers og kenny
ze bostola
ze bostola 3 mesi fa
why the fuck kenny got the kawhi laugh?
Matthew Bodony
Matthew Bodony 3 mesi fa
Day 136 of telling Kenny that he is the best ITpostr. Day 6 of asking Kenny to do the “Disappointing rebuild challenge” Start with the worst team in the league Then rebuild using players that are disappointing in 2k, players that have not lived up to the hype, or players that were good in college but not as good in the NBA. You can also use players that got their bag and then weren’t as good. Coach does not matter.
AgaGabriel 3 mesi fa
is noone gunna talk bout draymon scoring more threes than KD
Samuel Ennis
Samuel Ennis 3 mesi fa
he said hes so behind i dont even know who some of these people are
Logan B
Logan B 3 mesi fa
A QUIZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lil Logie
Lil Logie 3 mesi fa
When u put covington at sf he goes from 80 to 85
King Malik
King Malik 3 mesi fa
Gtg when I saw DeRozan 😂😂
Daegan Caines
Daegan Caines 3 mesi fa
more quizzes
Sebastian Rayner
Sebastian Rayner 3 mesi fa
do a weel of seasons played rebuild challenge.
jacob jauregui
jacob jauregui 3 mesi fa
Why don't you start a series of you retaking older quizzes that you've done, and see if you can beat your Original score, or the "Old Kenny"
TTV Grimz
TTV Grimz 3 mesi fa
Only OGs can like this comment
Swaggy J
Swaggy J 3 mesi fa
I was screaming d lo for the lakers idk why
Someone Out there
Someone Out there 3 mesi fa
6:12 BLAKE GRIFFIN (no disrespect) Also 7:02 Reggie Miller
Patrik Kolak
Patrik Kolak 3 mesi fa
Use me as "leave a link of quiz in desription" button
Criffty 3 mesi fa
Day 5 of asking Kenny to do the "spend it all challenge" Requirements are -has to spend all the teams salary (every single penny or as close to everything) -must use a 12 man rotation -must win 3 championships in 4 years -must sign Robert Covington. Like if you want to see this video.
JoshTheOne1 3 mesi fa
Challenge idea Draft Matters: Rules: The team u draft is the team u have to stick with u can’t trade u have to be lucky and get I high pick at the start and or do bad so u get a good player on yo team in the next draft Like this so he can see it guys
Angad Kanwar
Angad Kanwar 3 mesi fa
Did anyone else notice the color change of his shirt at like ~15 mins???
Max Max
Max Max 3 mesi fa
Let’s go , More quizzes
Marcus Ganiso
Marcus Ganiso 3 mesi fa
Yesssaaaa we back with the quizzes
Jillian W
Jillian W 3 mesi fa
Kenny: *mentions Pistons fans* Everyone: *cricket* noises
Terrence Harper
Terrence Harper 3 mesi fa
Hey kenny for my bday I want to do video can you please respond thank you kenny your the goat
Henry Cippoletti
Henry Cippoletti 3 mesi fa
Am i a og subsciber i subsibe to u lst year
Kester Azriel Kim Melanio
Kester Azriel Kim Melanio 3 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking kenny to do the best three point shooting team rebuild. Rules: 1. Do a fantasy draft and let your asst. gm draft your team(of course) 2.Must have silver or higher range extender badge 3.Must shoot above 35% from three this season 4.Must have 80 or higher rating from 3 5.You have one year to get the challenge done
SheluvZAY 3 mesi fa
It’s a quiz 🥺 I miss da old kot4q
Lil Nol
Lil Nol 3 mesi fa
Dawson Petkunas
Dawson Petkunas 3 mesi fa
Do a rebuild 5 teams. 1 team all PG 1 team all SG 1 team all SF 1 team all PF 1 team all C
Ben Sackrey
Ben Sackrey 3 mesi fa
Who remembers Kenny’s old old setup with the picture in the back and the closet on the side with the white Sox’s hat
Skyelar Limburg
Skyelar Limburg 3 mesi fa
Derek Wang
Derek Wang 3 mesi fa
lol i spelled patbev's name wrong
Gabe Tinebra
Gabe Tinebra 3 mesi fa
Man really said X 1 chest like it was the name of the chest
Ben Tilbury
Ben Tilbury 3 mesi fa
This man Kenny really almost forgot about Wesley Matthews smh
Lawler Fish
Lawler Fish 3 mesi fa
you aren’t sorry to pistons fans don’t give me hope kenny :/
Braydon The Awesome
Braydon The Awesome 3 mesi fa
Asking kot4q to do the 87 overall challenge rules You can only have players who are in 87 overall or lower
The_dark_side_3 3 mesi fa
Kenny why I fell in love w ball
John Mclane
John Mclane 3 mesi fa
Evan S
Evan S 3 mesi fa
Only true ogs remember the bulls rebuild series on No Overtime 💀
Matt & Bobbie Young
Matt & Bobbie Young 3 mesi fa
i like quizes but rebuilds are 1000% better
Aidan Powell
Aidan Powell 3 mesi fa
i love these quizes keep doing them
TornadoFN 3 mesi fa
Damn bro I was here when the nba logo quiz back in the day cane out don’t remember the subs I think I was here when you first hit 14k tho keep it up hope you get 1mil
TTHEBEASTY 1 3 mesi fa
I hate how me and Kenny thought of oj mayo at the exact same time so much. I hate it
GD Magical
GD Magical 3 mesi fa
Yes quizzes are back
Only og’s remember Marco
EJ 3 mesi fa
Day 27 of asking Kenny Only lefties challenge Rules: Every player has to be left handed
Jadon Vandenberg
Jadon Vandenberg 3 mesi fa
Real og’s remember the shoutout of the day
Edward Segal
Edward Segal 3 mesi fa
"And we back" has gotten me through the quarantine
Real Baskets
Real Baskets 3 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to rect to shake the foul
Javier Angel
Javier Angel 3 mesi fa
Hey Kenny I really liked your Bill Russel rebuild! Could you make a similar video? Like you can do Micheal Jordan 6 year Rebuild or a Kobe 5 year Rebuild?
Hyunmin 3 mesi fa
Kenny, u forgot Jeremy lin bro
Kolby Blaisdell
Kolby Blaisdell 3 mesi fa
Kolby Blaisdell
Kolby Blaisdell 3 mesi fa
Doorstep 1
Doorstep 1 3 mesi fa
Ark Genesis
Ark Genesis 3 mesi fa
so yeah why isn't larry bird aka top 3 best shooter of all timw not on this list?
Everything About The NBA
Everything About The NBA 3 mesi fa
The Rookie Challenge: Start in the off-season and trade every player on your roster (turn off Stepien rule) for the top 15 draft picks, draft players and rebuild from there.
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard 3 mesi fa
Use my comment As a Bring back My Team Sunday
Campbell Frazz
Campbell Frazz 3 mesi fa
kenny: 2/10 for pistons and raptors me: really it's 2/5 and how didn't he get billups
TAZe Camo
TAZe Camo 3 mesi fa
Finally a quiz
Meer The winner
Meer The winner 3 mesi fa
Only og s remember Kenny’s old box cut
Nahom Haileselassie
Nahom Haileselassie 3 mesi fa
Day 23 of asking Kenny to do the Africa vs Europe rebuild 1 Fantasy Draft 2 Must control 2 teams in different conferences and make them meet in the
Lewis Scott
Lewis Scott 3 mesi fa
Day 3i have a challenge for Kenny called “The goat of rebuilding best challenge ” You must get Kevin Love with your 1st pick and you cant simcast at all must get Robert covington can’t get assets and flip them can’t get nobody from Chicago and no 90 overalls must have a 69 overal or lower play at least 10 minutes can not look for who’s selling or rebuilding must get the Knicks get a 60 overal with your 2 pick can not use no picks and got to get cristiono Felicio nobody who even played for Chicago make 60 overal or lower your first scoring option keep your staff the same and win at least one championship at least in 7 year’s. Can i get likes please
doozerman88 3 mesi fa
You should do a video tell P to do the same quiz and see who wins.. I think that would be a big DUB of a video for this channel for your big fans.. and I think you'd win with the basketball knowledge my younger brother **it talking ass think P **it talking ass would win... I wanna see it
Toke Sadolin
Toke Sadolin 3 mesi fa
Kenny plz start making more quizzes again. :D
Zayne Smith
Zayne Smith 3 mesi fa
Only OGs remember quiz KOT4Q
Cody Richardson
Cody Richardson 3 mesi fa
Kenny you should do a tier list of every team’s gm
Taylor Miner
Taylor Miner 3 mesi fa
Didn’t even notice how much you blew up I’m an og road to 1 mill
Bryson Welter
Bryson Welter 3 mesi fa
Day #7 of asking Kenny to do the only 3pt challenge: Rules: Do a fantasy draft, and let your assistant GM pick for you You can rebuild the team in any way you want Once you have put together your team you must put all shot tendencies as low as they can go Every player's three-point tendency must be set to 100 Goal: Win a championship P.S. If it will make the challenge better, you can make the first pick you have in the draft but your assistant GM has to pick the rest.
Nate the Castle
Nate the Castle 3 mesi fa
Kenny gets one right " ahh that's a clutch one "
Cameron Tichy-Cendejas
Cameron Tichy-Cendejas 3 mesi fa
Day 42 of asking Kenny to do the "Shaqtin' a fool" challenge Rules: 1. Do a fantasy draft and let the gm draft your team 2. Out of all those players you can only keep the one that have been on Shaqtin' a fool (or been in any sorta blooper video) 3. The team has to be current players only 4. You cannot make trades halfway through the season so that means whatever you start the season with is what you end the season with 4. You cannot try to do a trade multiple times 5. Javale Mcgee is is a lot of Shaqtin a fool clips so he has to be on your team and cannot be traded and has to play all 40 minutes of the game 6. Last but not least you have to trade any first round picks you have for no earlier than a second round pick (Also you have to turn player progression all the way down( (Oh and one more thing you have to win back to back championships with the team you make) This is a 3 or 4 year rebuilding challenge
Asaf Pelleh
Asaf Pelleh 3 mesi fa
Day #2 of asking Kenny: Trade all your players for 1st round draft picks and sign 15 free agents in the 1st season. Use all your draft picks for drafting players, no trading picks in the 2nd season. Start a 3peat on your 3rd season.
Dylan Regier
Dylan Regier 3 mesi fa
Kenny I have a challenge for u. You must create an expansion team. And that expansion team must have all auto generated players. But here is your twist. You get 1 nba all star. One bench player. And one solid role player that aren't auto generated. For example. You can have like chris Paul, devonte Graham, and like dwight Powell for ur 3 players of choice. One more thing. U are only allowed 3 trades per season. After choosing ur 3 real nba stars. Ur goal is to build a team and try and get ur auto generated players to progress enough to win a championship. Good luck.
Davi Souza Barreira
Davi Souza Barreira 3 mesi fa
Kenny fell off??? Lmao
Sagacious One
Sagacious One 3 mesi fa
Shout out to Brandon Roy
Spodey Btw
Spodey Btw 3 mesi fa
Man said stephonson
Rowdy Wolfy
Rowdy Wolfy 3 mesi fa
KOT4Q is turning into FlightReacts IQ hopefully that not gonna happen
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