Zero to Hero Challenge in NBA 2K20

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Segev Griffith
Segev Griffith 37 minuti fa
LMAO when Kenny stepped out of bounce lol
PuMpZ team _
PuMpZ team _ Giorno fa
He call New Orland the bucks
N4mus_allday Gaming
N4mus_allday Gaming 2 giorni fa
He’s not a 86 overall he’s a 68
רועי לנגר
רועי לנגר 12 giorni fa
Yo kenny why didnt you use the training feature? Does it not rrally effect the player?
MOG263 12 giorni fa
Yo Kenny you should do a career sim of a bunch of your viewers.
xdWalnuts 13 giorni fa
Ignas Brazdeikis really pulled a reverse Michael Jackson...
Odin Reviews
Odin Reviews 13 giorni fa
YOOOOOOO, KENNY, YOU PREDICTED THE PLAYOFFS MATCHUPS, in the minute 2:40 you can see that the playoffs matchups are the same as in real life!
EX_WKEYS YA 14 giorni fa
What high school did Kenny go to???
Duane Lent
Duane Lent 17 giorni fa
99 overall and the rest are 60 3 peat challenge
xSphinxZz 18 giorni fa
12:32 STOP SMOKING WEED 2020😂😂
Cohen Brubaker
Cohen Brubaker 20 giorni fa
14:30 86 overall yes definetly
Axel La Flamme
Axel La Flamme 20 giorni fa
Kenny "he's an 86 overall" wow he didn't even pick up on that huh
SnapBackBoy1999 21 giorno fa
Can’t u get the rookies with face scans and stuff on the PC❓
Cooked Salad
Cooked Salad 22 giorni fa
I did the exact same thing with the exact same type guy before I saw this video
Yuan Yuan Zhuang
Yuan Yuan Zhuang 25 giorni fa
He's 86 overall! (Shows 68)
RawstickIsBack 28 giorni fa
18:34 Nobody is talking about the Rockets blowing a 3-0 lead as the 8th seed?
Chace R
Chace R 29 giorni fa
No cap, I’ve been leaning towards my league for a while now and this vid sealed the deal for me. It showed aspects of the game that I wanted more info on which was helpful. Good looks.
Jaiden Johnson
Jaiden Johnson Mese fa
Show my comment bro
M J Mese fa
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
trent clark
trent clark Mese fa
coming back to this seeing 2k got all 16 teams correct and perfectly got the west side perfect
Daithi Quinn
Daithi Quinn Mese fa
do all under 80 overalls and win a championship
Joshua Coleman
Joshua Coleman Mese fa
@ 14:48 you mistook his overall for an 86 when he was a 68. Dyslexic showing lol. Nothing but love man
Its Zawawae
Its Zawawae Mese fa
14:34 nice 86 overall kenny. Credit to alphaaFTW
marric johnson
marric johnson Mese fa
86? 68?
Omenaomppu Mese fa
2:44 look at the west. Look familiar?
Get Shaggy'd
Get Shaggy'd Mese fa
Kenny: Dave bing, Chauncey Billups, I cant think of any more point guard Isiah thomas: I AM RIGHT HERE!
Jadon Antwi
Jadon Antwi Mese fa
My name jadon
TikToks Trends
TikToks Trends Mese fa
Do a wheel challenge where u do a birthday wheel but months only
Nicolas Rotaetxe
Nicolas Rotaetxe Mese fa
Kincks rebuild
Travis Takamori
Travis Takamori Mese fa
I’m seriously concerned whether Kenny is dyslexic or mixes up his numbers and isn’t aware of what he’s saying. He was talking about Logan having a rating of “86,” BUT it was ACTUALLY “68!!!!” Think I’m tripping because he would scramble up words randomly. Just curious.
Joey Vaillancourt
Joey Vaillancourt Mese fa
Can we talk about how the West is the exact seedings of the playoffs this year. Minus OKC at 4 and Houston at 5 but still
Weirdos and Basketball
Weirdos and Basketball Mese fa
Gbutler 88
Gbutler 88 Mese fa
kenny looks 5 years younger with his glasses on
itskalebboi !
itskalebboi ! Mese fa
Kenny try to make 2k youtubers and sim a couple years and see how good they are
Derek Abbey
Derek Abbey Mese fa
He saw 68 and said 86
Sir Cartier
Sir Cartier 2 mesi fa
Bro the west playoff spots are the same in real life and this was 2 moths ago
Ben Healy
Ben Healy 2 mesi fa
8:47 philly blew a 3-1
Zaineddin Qubbaj
Zaineddin Qubbaj 2 mesi fa
Who else realized it predicted the playoffs for the bubble.
Peaceful Gardens
Peaceful Gardens 2 mesi fa
All 40 to 99 for an entire team 20 trades max
Jordan Carter
Jordan Carter 2 mesi fa
2:44 i'm watching this from the 2020 playoffs and the west matchups are literally the same is this a coincidence?
che 2 mesi fa
Select a random team trade for devontae graham and try to rebuild around his team and you have 5 years to win a championship If u lose you have to Realese ur best player
KM_1 2 mesi fa
how bout you do tallest player in 2k???
KC Ace 2k
KC Ace 2k 2 mesi fa
Damn, you got me to subscribe 😂 I should’ve a long time ago but I felt like you were talking to me when you said to subscribe
Ephraim Mangunga
Ephraim Mangunga 2 mesi fa
21:11 Kenny Says 2025 nba game, while at the top of the screen it says 2023
Ephraim Mangunga
Ephraim Mangunga 2 mesi fa
Ephraim Mangunga
Ephraim Mangunga 2 mesi fa
9:19 got me laughing for weeks
Max Levine
Max Levine 2 mesi fa
Has anyone realized that the western conference side of the playoffs is the exact matchups and seedlings in today’s playoffs? 👀
Max Levine
Max Levine 2 mesi fa
The first simulation before going to Detroit
Ben Snyder
Ben Snyder 2 mesi fa
I have never seen a TNT broadcast
Ethan Fleak
Ethan Fleak 2 mesi fa
Kenny: we in season 5 already so he’s not hitting 90 overall Reality: halfway through 3rd season 😂
J-Boogie _
J-Boogie _ 2 mesi fa
Nobody Literally nobody Screen: 68 ovr Kenny: he’s a 86 ovr🤣🤣🤣 I’m playin, love you Kenny no homo tho
Zolf Nathan
Zolf Nathan 2 mesi fa
He's lonzo
Skits Yeets
Skits Yeets 2 mesi fa
Kenny: 2 years in the G-league and that’s all. Also Kenny: ‘looks at the G-League stats.’
bryanlaabs 2 mesi fa
How about the 30 years 30 teams 30 Championships Challenge? Long video needs editing but could be fun.
Fortnight All day
Fortnight All day 2 mesi fa
He sed zack was a 86 ov 14:33
Leandro 2 mesi fa
When you said pistons point guards you didn’t say Derrick Rose 😨
c roach
c roach 2 mesi fa
1st time suggesting a scenario, replicate the boston celtics domination of the 60s by winning 8 rings in a row!
Tanner Gray
Tanner Gray 2 mesi fa
Let’s see a new challenge like a rebuilding challenge take a full team of the lowest overall players and try to turn the team into then into the best nba team in nba history
BeanzSZN 2 mesi fa
Tan tran
Tan tran 2 mesi fa
Can u show me how change team when u in myleage. Said u pick one team then u want to change to another team please
Dztboy 2 mesi fa
Lovely 86 overall
YungArn 2 mesi fa
Isiah Thomas?
Alecia Ampy
Alecia Ampy 2 mesi fa
14:35 he said "he is a 86 ovr"
Howard Lewis
Howard Lewis 3 mesi fa
What mods do you use
slime ball gaming
slime ball gaming 3 mesi fa
the "3 way or no way" rebuilding challenge can only make 3 team trades must have a big 3 win 3 championships
slime ball gaming
slime ball gaming 3 mesi fa
oh yh same rules as the big 3 challenge but 3 championships instead because who doesn't like the long vids
HudzsinsMindset 3 mesi fa
Alex Boyd
Alex Boyd 3 mesi fa
Marquese Norris
Marquese Norris 3 mesi fa
14:37 hes an 86 overall?
NasDaDawg 3 mesi fa
Had to go to comments when he said 86 ovr when he was 68😂
JMH Productions
JMH Productions 3 mesi fa
Kenny honestly would be a better GM then the pistons
Caden Hall
Caden Hall 3 mesi fa
Do the best team to the worst team
Chachie 3 mesi fa
86 ovr 😂I am dead. 14:46
Chachie 3 mesi fa
Sorry 14:40
Justin Sanchez
Justin Sanchez 3 mesi fa
change your team training
Kloudy White
Kloudy White 3 mesi fa
A roster full of players with the same initials and win a championship 🤷🏼‍♂️
Nikki Belleli
Nikki Belleli 3 mesi fa
tako fall carrear sim
Mathew Lawton
Mathew Lawton 3 mesi fa
14:40 86 overall?
shawn d
shawn d 3 mesi fa
hero to zero challenge
Mazen Wael
Mazen Wael 3 mesi fa
Sees zack averaging 7.6 MY MAN IS AVERAGING 6 AND A HALF A GAME Zack's overall is 68 HIS IS 86 OVERALL Y'ALL
Adam Kotob
Adam Kotob 3 mesi fa
You have to make a Stephen Curry, Flight duo career sim
lil dash too fast
lil dash too fast 3 mesi fa
Can you do a rebuilding challenge on me my name is Iso Green
Brian Silvester
Brian Silvester 3 mesi fa
You should create a player with all 25 stats then you aim games And then see how much better he gets by the end of the season and then keep Simming in till you get him to a 90+
Larry Anton
Larry Anton 3 mesi fa
Is the score thing only for pc because mine is different on switch
Matthew Hofmann
Matthew Hofmann 3 mesi fa
love the dick rose shirt
JaheimKing00 3 mesi fa
Can we see a career sim on Zach Logan
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller 3 mesi fa
The future challenge.. You sim 15 to 20 years in the future and rebuild the worst team in the league you have 4 years to take them from number 1 pick to back to back champions
Kix 3 mesi fa
kenny gonna clap em
Maddox Lakin
Maddox Lakin 3 mesi fa
Do a draft only challenge
girldavineso fresh
girldavineso fresh 3 mesi fa
Do a Magic Johnson and MJ duo
Joao Victor Sarkis Alcantara
Joao Victor Sarkis Alcantara 3 mesi fa
Finaly my sixers win something
Bobby Zimmerman
Bobby Zimmerman 3 mesi fa
You know basketball and that is a fact
Ashton Mapes
Ashton Mapes 3 mesi fa
5 to 7 years it’s 2025 still has two more years
Squirrelrabbit 4
Squirrelrabbit 4 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of ask to do the “Player Comparison Challenge.” It’s not all as mich a challenge as it is an extreme to but still. Take a team, preferably one with multiple good players like the Celtics. Then swap them for who ever their draft day comparisons. See how they do and how they grown or gotten worse than people expected.
Soft cover
Soft cover 3 mesi fa
my man i dont think he gon see this peep the date
Brax Schmitzer
Brax Schmitzer 3 mesi fa
At 14:36 he said he a 86 Overall lol
Jamal ahmed
Jamal ahmed 3 mesi fa
Hi I'm one of your biggest fans and I just want to make a suggestion why dont you do a mycareer series with your face scan.
jaawwuunn__ On’Instagram
jaawwuunn__ On’Instagram 3 mesi fa
Rebuild the okc thunder when they had kd Russ and harden see what happens if harden stays
Tyler Erickson
Tyler Erickson 3 mesi fa
Next time you should have had your player mentored by a veteran with badges. Love the vid btw
Heat central
Heat central 3 mesi fa
Kenny best vid ever
marqy 3 mesi fa
*silence* Ignas Brazdeikis... looks... different than what I remember... *confused scrolling* Why is Ignas Brazdeikis... black?
Jakub Ryl
Jakub Ryl 3 mesi fa
Damn though averaging 10 ppg as a 68 overall is pretty amazing
Axel Bensaddek
Axel Bensaddek 3 mesi fa
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