a nba 2k20 rebuild but its literally the easiest ever...

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a nba 2k20 rebuild but its literally the easiest ever..

Kyree Clayton
Kyree Clayton 17 ore fa
When Kenny doesn't post I fill depressed
KrAz-Sxvage 5 giorni fa
How do I put this setting on
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 19 giorni fa
Wtf 23 giorni fa
12:06 What he sad
Jesus 69
Jesus 69 28 giorni fa
Who hit the dislike on this amazing man kenny
sans fortnite
sans fortnite Mese fa
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
With Klay:4-3 With beal:72:3
With Klay:4-3 With beal:72:3
Yung Dookie
Yung Dookie Mese fa
Me making vids: 0:28
Fives OW
Fives OW Mese fa
De la salle high school has a win streak of 151 games
B. RICH Mese fa
cquick 3
cquick 3 Mese fa
Austin Ashcraft
Austin Ashcraft Mese fa
This was a great video thank you!!
Jacko_RW Mese fa
Why was the LUKA! So agressive 🤣
Pulse Kidfox
Pulse Kidfox Mese fa
Luka always trying to win
Expand Yaser
Expand Yaser Mese fa
49 arsenal in England
Jake Gaming
Jake Gaming Mese fa
This is how many times Luka has ruined his games ⬇️
sulthon azkafarros
sulthon azkafarros Mese fa
a soccer team(arsenal) was undeafeated
Meme Acc
Meme Acc Mese fa
Right side Kenny needs to stay😂
Jeff Holmes
Jeff Holmes Mese fa
Do the same thing but with it fixed and you have the last pick and trade difficulty on 100.
Skelpix Mese fa
kot4q/kenny hardaway legit just pick a random team and do a rebuild and win 2 championships thats it
Echo N00B
Echo N00B Mese fa
These the settings the gsw front office playing on
Luca Yepez
Luca Yepez Mese fa
Asking Kenny to have a only 90 overall team Rules: fantasy draft You have to start with your team and have your entire roster 90 and above overalls But you have no picks
Elijah M
Elijah M 2 mesi fa
Hardest challenge ever: 1. 30th pick in a fantasy draft 2. Set all difficulties to 100 (simulator difficulty, trade negotiator difficulty, etc.) 3. You can't have any players 80 or higher overall on your roster 4. Every time you lose, you must send your highest scoring player to the G-league 5. You cannot use any picks in trades 6. See how good you can make this team Good luck Kenny!
Sepo Hiiemäe
Sepo Hiiemäe 2 mesi fa
Fax yo👇
Big BananaCongolese
Big BananaCongolese 2 mesi fa
Using only white players
blake aderman
blake aderman 2 mesi fa
Should’ve traded for nunn
Sean Pavich
Sean Pavich 2 mesi fa
Luka always gets wins in simulation
Nathan tang
Nathan tang 2 mesi fa
Do a all Center rebuild challenge.
gaming pizza
gaming pizza 2 mesi fa
Underrated ITpostr
Jacobbrogan 15
Jacobbrogan 15 2 mesi fa
Klay is better than Beal
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 2 mesi fa
First things first, finna fire this man.
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 2 mesi fa
Man that lebron respect you have is refreshing to see. To me bitch ass haters tryna spit on a mans success. Liking this video
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 2 mesi fa
That thump nail bro 😂😂👏🏼
Ice 2 mesi fa
Try to win 6 championships in 6 years, only requirement is turn ‘Trade override’ on and that’s the challenge
Lucid Clipz
Lucid Clipz 2 mesi fa
Kenny why didn’t you get Chris Paul to get him a championship he’s my fav player I’m literally crying right now
stevensrsgmailcom 2 mesi fa
Easy on my B-day lol
YigaJohn 2 mesi fa
Kenny: That pick is 4 stars and so valuable Kenny Earlier: *Trades a 4 star and 3 star pick for Klay*
Dannydid531 YT
Dannydid531 YT 2 mesi fa
How you gonna do a rebuild to get a bulls a ring and not get drose!!!!!!??????!?!!!!!!
Josh and Ryan
Josh and Ryan 2 mesi fa
Do it with no salary cap
Kiri Smith
Kiri Smith 2 mesi fa
clevland fans see lbj curry and klay
Jan Vince Ashley Agrade
Jan Vince Ashley Agrade 2 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do a "Free Agents Only" rebuilding challenge 1. You only need to have current free agents in your roster and try to win a championship.
Dztboy 2 mesi fa
Bruh. Pick giannis. Lebron is so boring
Solidify_Trip 2 mesi fa
rebuild the hawks with the current roster but only around trae young he’s the only untouchable everyone else isn’t safe not even john collins
Fiona Galvin
Fiona Galvin 2 mesi fa
The longest win streak in mlb
MATHEW SOLER 2 mesi fa
Why has luka always ruined his rebuilds like if you agree
Carter and Gabe Daniels
Carter and Gabe Daniels 2 mesi fa
A football team had a 111 game win streak
Dk Pierce
Dk Pierce 2 mesi fa
This should have been a longer, more season's and go 82-0 for as many seasons in a row you can do.
Gabriel Valladolid
Gabriel Valladolid 2 mesi fa
Defense team rebuild The whole team can only have been in all defense 1st team
maui wowiii
maui wowiii 2 mesi fa
Whys Atlanta always take klay in fantasy draft? Like every time injured or not😂
Lights Out Highlights
Lights Out Highlights 3 mesi fa
UConn Women’s Basketball had like 110 or 130 they were undefeated for like 3 1/2 seasons lmao.
Henry Marais
Henry Marais 3 mesi fa
this was rape
Clxtch Dribble
Clxtch Dribble 3 mesi fa
Who’s watching this in 2035
Graham B
Graham B 3 mesi fa
The easy hard challenge rules you have to put trade difficulty at 0 but you have to the mvp defensive player of the year and every starter has to be 90 pulse over all and every bench payer has to be 85 or up
Graham B
Graham B 3 mesi fa
Graham B
Graham B 3 mesi fa
Graham B
Graham B 3 mesi fa
Graham B
Graham B 3 mesi fa
Graham B
Graham B 3 mesi fa
Like this
wanda schramm
wanda schramm 3 mesi fa
why he look like lamar jackson
Chachie 3 mesi fa
Do this with salary cap off
herobrine 3 mesi fa
day 1 of Asking Kenny to do the imposble challenge do a fixed draft and get the last pick in the draft
Miki Loreta
Miki Loreta 3 mesi fa
Arsenal FC went on a 49 unbeaten run in the English premier league across 2 seasons
Max Swaisgood
Max Swaisgood 3 mesi fa
De la Salle HS won 151 straight games in football.
peter parker
peter parker 3 mesi fa
Mr. Man of the people I've been asking for a BJ Armstrong career sim for quiet awhile now please and thank you
santo 3 mesi fa
Bruuh why do u hate Drose maaan
Julian Urbina
Julian Urbina 3 mesi fa
Video idea: you should try to rebuild but you only start off with 0 overalls
Edward Marshall
Edward Marshall 3 mesi fa
Do this for five seasons
BlynkSzn 3 mesi fa
Liverpool the soccer team was on a 56 game win streak
Roberto Brockman
Roberto Brockman 3 mesi fa
What will happen if you put lebron and Giannis as teamates
Andrea O'Callaghan
Andrea O'Callaghan 3 mesi fa
Do the 10 90 challenge where you try get 10 90 overall players in 20 minutes You can chose to do seasons or not
Andrea O'Callaghan
Andrea O'Callaghan 3 mesi fa
P.S you can change your settings
Reichen Thorpe
Reichen Thorpe 3 mesi fa
Make season 2 plz
Seth Kettel
Seth Kettel 3 mesi fa
I did the same challenge by myself; Kenny’s record: 76-6 My record: 80-2
Yeetus Da Fetus
Yeetus Da Fetus 3 mesi fa
Dwayne Neal jr plz Like for Kenny to see
At 4:32 the trade value for that pick is three and a half stars which seems like it would be a trade for 50 trade negotiation
Flight Stop Smoking
Flight Stop Smoking 3 mesi fa
Hey Guys :) Its Dusty Knox!
Wellperegrine02 3 mesi fa
Ninjas in Pyjamas won 80 something in a row at lans at one point
Emmanuel Carrancho
Emmanuel Carrancho 3 mesi fa
If you trade a splash brother i will unsubscribe
Zack Hurts
Zack Hurts 3 mesi fa
Fun challenge... You have to win in one year starting cp3, carmelo, and dwight howard and as a bonus try to have vince carter on the roster. I call this the "Get my boy a ring" challenge. Normal settings though
Seth Kettel
Seth Kettel 3 mesi fa
“User Expansion Team Challenge” Create an expansion team and user that team only. Do not use fantasy draft and win a championship by signing no free agents. You have 5-7 years to win a championship. Also, please do not tank.
Kobe Baller
Kobe Baller 4 mesi fa
Here is a challenge, Put trade difficulty all the way down but, but put simulation difficulty all the way up
benmxiley _
benmxiley _ 4 mesi fa
Arsenal went 49 unbeaten
ItsKevinWin 4 mesi fa
the UConn’s women’s basketball team actually went on a 111 game winning streak that ended 3 years ago
Jelyn Gaming
Jelyn Gaming 4 mesi fa
Bra stop sleeping on him he’s one of the best 2K youtubers
Bro Savage
Bro Savage 4 mesi fa
Do a rebuild where you pick a letter from the alphabet and only pick up players with that team till you win
Wesley Harville-Fry
Wesley Harville-Fry 4 mesi fa
The UConn huskies won 121 in a row playing NCAA basketball
JonathanDorikt 4 mesi fa
I was playing 2K when I heard this to the side of me 7:06 I immediately knew what time it was.
Taylor Stolworthy
Taylor Stolworthy 4 mesi fa
12:30 laughs in UConn women’s basketball
Boisketball Drain
Boisketball Drain 4 mesi fa
it’s roody gobort
Oliver Church
Oliver Church 4 mesi fa
Yo Kenny do the CashNasty rebuild you create one of the worst players and put them in a draft. You slowly rebuild a team around them and let the player progress overtime eventually win multiple rings and complete the challenge
Andrew 4 mesi fa
the like dislike ratio is always crazy on these vids
john jacobs
john jacobs 4 mesi fa
UConn women’s basketball win streak dog
happiness kinchiro
happiness kinchiro 4 mesi fa
Kenny can u please do my team rebuild it goes like u have to have the best player from each confrense then the rest are 85 overall’s then rebuild that team u can use the bull’s
TTV Lucky shooter
TTV Lucky shooter 4 mesi fa
The longest win streak in any sport is 555 from squash player just found out what that sport was
Minister Rob
Minister Rob 4 mesi fa
Wolfer The Gamer
Wolfer The Gamer 4 mesi fa
Kenny why you trade my favorite player Klay Thompson ???
Aidan Khan
Aidan Khan 4 mesi fa
Falbright54 4 mesi fa
30th overall pick in a fixed draft, on 25 trade difficulty
Kyha 4 mesi fa
You should do this concept with the trade difficulty and things but simulator difficulty on 100
Jasmit Vlogs
Jasmit Vlogs 4 mesi fa
Garrett H
Garrett H 4 mesi fa
I think this is the longest sports winstreak. From 1992 to 2004, the De La Salle Spartans, a high school football team in California, did not lose a single game. They won 151 games in a row, spanning 12 years with no losses. There's a pretty poorly crafted movie that has some stuff about it.
Gaming Prodigy
Gaming Prodigy 4 mesi fa
Thomas Han damn
TeO_Paradox 4 mesi fa
Aiden stop
ClusterShuck 4 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the Hinkie challenge. Set all guards to bigs and vice versa, and lose as many games as possible to get top draft picks.
gm Gutierrez
gm Gutierrez 4 mesi fa
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