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Colin Fallon
Colin Fallon 19 giorni fa
Kenny: like the video Me: ok you Convinced me
Tan 22 giorni fa
OK so Kenny finally got that D Rose jersey he wanted
Bailey Atkinson
Bailey Atkinson Mese fa
When Kenny says 12-0 in the playoffs 🤦🏻‍♂️
Joseph Ibrahim
Joseph Ibrahim Mese fa
ONLY 71 WINS he said 😂
Goose Mese fa
Do the fortnite challenge where you play fortnite in your house and don’t record it and don’t upload a video
Maxgamingsavage Mese fa
Please trade for giannis
Toy Rich
Toy Rich Mese fa
This Mane Face When he Saw Bam On The Trade Finder Brought Me Back A 2nd Time 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀
Kaylon Traylor
Kaylon Traylor Mese fa
Do a challenge to get only 80 overalls no untouchables
King Do
King Do Mese fa
Did u see cris Paul in all the trade offers
Matthew amaya
Matthew amaya Mese fa
Did you turn off the salary cap lol
Robert Martin
Robert Martin Mese fa
No way, he skipped a barnes and morris trade for CP3
Fan Adventures
Fan Adventures Mese fa
imagine nba general managers throwing around players like this 😂 😂
Talon Payne
Talon Payne Mese fa
You should do a untouchable challenge and see how many championships you can win in a row but keeping your first year roster.
david grigorjan
david grigorjan Mese fa
The "and we back" energy is something we all need in our lives 9 9 Mese fa
Did anyone see him pass a Chris Paul trade fro Harrison Barnes and Markieff Morris at 3:50?
Jakes Custom Shoes
Jakes Custom Shoes Mese fa
Do this but with no salary cap and no trade rules
Dwayne Jones
Dwayne Jones Mese fa
Dawg 2k be doing' Robert Covington wrong in EVERY video. EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO 😂💀
Blaez26 2 mesi fa
Luka and bubble Jesus lmao
Seal R6
Seal R6 2 mesi fa
Jevon Carter Rebuild Rules: Do a fantasy Draft with a random team You must draft Jevon Carter with ur first pick Put his potential at 99 Give him badges to your knowledge on his game Play him 35min a night Goal: Get Jevon a ring 1x MVP Bonus: Go against Trey Young(Jevon’s Rival) in the playoffs and beat him
Young Rn
Young Rn 2 mesi fa
The "Complete Reset" challenge: Change everyone's overall in the league to a 40 and then make the draft class quality 0. Try and rebuild your previous team of 40 overalls through the rookies of a bad draft class, and try to win a championship. Good luck Kenny, love your vids 💯
Xavier Simpson
Xavier Simpson 2 mesi fa
Can you play with no untouchables every vid please?
Elijah M
Elijah M 2 mesi fa
Hardest challenge ever: 1. 30th pick in a fantasy draft 2. Set all difficulties to 100 (simulator difficulty, trade negotiator difficulty, etc.) 3. You can't have any players 80 or higher overall on your roster 4. Every time you lose, you must send your highest scoring player to the G-league 5. You cannot use any picks in trades 6. See how good you can make this team Good luck Kenny
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia 2 mesi fa
Glory days bull Challenge Choose The Bulls Add D-Rose, Jimmy, and Noah All have to be starters and play 36minutes or more And have to put better teams Bonus You won’t like this Have Felicio be your starting power forward Don’t worry he can only play 24 minutes max
crconor4 2 mesi fa
If 2K fix RoCo in 2k21 myLeague it’ll be so bittersweet, he deserves to be decent in the game like he is in real life but there’s nothing funnier than hearing Kenny hate on 2K RoCo
Anirudh Mukkamala
Anirudh Mukkamala 2 mesi fa
Could u talk about the spurs playoff streak ending
Yo Boy GOAT 2 mesi fa
Kenny: we have 5 all stars Derrick Rose: am I a joke to you?
Big Boy
Big Boy 2 mesi fa
14:57 “n*gga this Knicks team” 😂😂
REALTRAINER .13 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking 13eecham to do a normal WNBA rebuild. (If you like please like so kenny can see this)
Joseph Rink
Joseph Rink 2 mesi fa
Asking kenny to do the: lowest overall challenge Rules: You must do 13 trades (cause there is 13 players in the lineup) Every trade you make u must take the lowest overall (if they are the same overall u can chose) Fantasy draft ( u give urself the 2 overall pick aswell) Make sure kenny sees this so plz like Btw i am a super fan
Prince Dinero
Prince Dinero 2 mesi fa
Derrick Rose & Lebron played together in Cleveland
Jack Maccarone
Jack Maccarone 2 mesi fa
ball all day o
ball all day o 2 mesi fa
Here's the 1team challenge rules: you can only trade with 1 team that is determined by a wheel no fantasy draft.
Nascar Boi24
Nascar Boi24 2 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny 2 do the all trades rebuild rules 1:accept all trades (duh) 2:win a championship Like this so Kenny can do this
Luke Redding I
Luke Redding I 2 mesi fa
LeBron and D Rose have been on the same team, the cavs
Dustin Pham
Dustin Pham 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny doing the Double-Double Worst to First challenge Rules: fantasy draft. Sim the first year, rebuild the worst team from both conferences. Have them meet in the finals. Then rebuild the worst team of both conferences of that season and have them meet in the next year’s finals. Also in the 2nd year, you can’t trade with the previous teams that you rebuild. Extra challenge: in the first year of rebuilding, your rotation must be form with players with more than 1 year in their contract (expect players on rookie deal with the team option)
Derek T
Derek T 2 mesi fa
Your not crazy. I've always said Curry is a SG not PG
ndogninja 2 mesi fa
1:11 Viewers: Wait we were all 2k Kenny: Allways Were
Grayson Gardner
Grayson Gardner 2 mesi fa
I love these rebuilds man, it’s awesome seeing you strategize and go about it!
Felix Wall
Felix Wall 2 mesi fa
NO PROGRESS CHALLENGE -Progresstion rate at 0 -Regression rate at 100/MAX -you have to use the oldest nba team in MyLeague -Trade Restrictions on -Stephin rule on GOOD LUCK YOU WILL NEED IT
Ross Mungcal
Ross Mungcal 2 mesi fa
Do the "Win a Championship with only bench players" Rules: -5 seasons to complete -Use 80-75 overall players -You can change their positions if you want to Keep it 💯!
Saki Pathmasiri
Saki Pathmasiri 2 mesi fa
Kenny, have you tried a rebuild challenge, where you end up with a bad-ish team, but you start the rebuild in year 2? Just to see what happens in year 1 with the original team?
Andrei Quiambao Yamat
Andrei Quiambao Yamat 2 mesi fa
Challenge: Sign 'em up You can only have players that are in the free agents list. Note:They are in their prime position.
Jetblast X
Jetblast X 2 mesi fa
Day 21 of asking Kenny to do a reverse lineup rebuild Rules: Your point guard must be your center Your shooting guard must be your power foward Your small foward stays the same The power foward must be your shooting guard The center must be your point guard Also you cannot change the player’s position Good luck
Aryan Desai
Aryan Desai 2 mesi fa
3rd Video of asking Kenny to do a nba brothers rebuild Do a fantasy draft The team needs to have all brothers
King Gamer
King Gamer 2 mesi fa
Do the youth challenge - Rules you can’t have a player older then have to when a championship twice you need 4 rookies on the team
Jaden Climie
Jaden Climie 2 mesi fa
Bam can be a good trading asset Kenny
Richard Crews
Richard Crews 2 mesi fa
You shouldn't be allowed to trade for Roco anymore because you said how many times you wasn't anymore
Chickpeaz 2 mesi fa
The “fun guy” rebuild challenge Fantasy draft Pick Brandon Ingram and of course Kawhi Sim the rest of the draft Trade for someone that has beads or used to de Aaron fox, collin sexton, jaxon Hayes or if u know any. Trade for someone that wears glasses 🤓 To make it even more fun trade for someone that has a blonde spot Mattise thybelle got it over quarantine, Clint capela and Dennis Schroeder These are the only people u can trade for for the fun guy challenge Good luck! Plz like this so Kenny can do this Btw Brandon Ingram ready has beads so ur good kenny
lada shamelashvili
lada shamelashvili 2 mesi fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Paula ortegaprotes
Paula ortegaprotes 2 mesi fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
ReydMusic 2 mesi fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Denise Kelly
Denise Kelly 2 mesi fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
alex zarifi
alex zarifi 2 mesi fa
I love Kenny just having fun at the beginning of the video
Griffin Kovarie
Griffin Kovarie 2 mesi fa
Kenny do a challenge where your best player has to miss the entire regular season but you can have him back for the playoffs
Braden Court
Braden Court 2 mesi fa
Great video kenny
Hunter Exline
Hunter Exline 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the “Shoe Brand” Rebuild. You spin a wheel of shoe brands, and whatever shoe brand you get is the only type of player you use. For instance, get adidas, only adidas players. Three years to win a title
Matthew Cedillo
Matthew Cedillo 2 mesi fa
Kenny needs a real challenge, must win a summer league championship
Hatch McNabb
Hatch McNabb 2 mesi fa
The impossible rebuild challenge All difficulties put at the max. Every player must be untouchable. You have to draft the worst players possible
Warriors FTW 1019
Warriors FTW 1019 2 mesi fa
Do the “no lottery picks” challenge. Pretty self explanatory
Asher Sedwick
Asher Sedwick 2 mesi fa
How do u turn off untouchables for my league I want to do a rebuild without untouchables
dodgers ALL day
dodgers ALL day 2 mesi fa
You only traded for one player that would usually be untouchable, kind a boring and unnecessary rebuild
Adam Pon
Adam Pon 2 mesi fa
Hey Kenny big fan I have a challenge for u called team redemption find 3 so called bust and develop them into a good players and a big three players like Johnny Flynn and Greg oden u can use any year roster whichever bust was your favorite over the years and you must win two championships and turn one into an mvp
K Williams
K Williams 2 mesi fa
In MyCareer, Curry averages 30+ until he tears his Achilles at 38 yrs old and comes back as a 78 overall
timjenkins502 2 mesi fa
How about the wounded warrior rebuild challenge! Turn injuries all the way up and hire the worst trainer in the game.
R Carter
R Carter 2 mesi fa
Why does Kenny never get Capela
Tdot 1105
Tdot 1105 2 mesi fa
Ok build a team of only free agents then turn off the untouchables then make a all-start team
LG 2 mesi fa
day 39 of asking Kenny for the Brad Stevens challenge Rules: You have 3 years After each year trade every point guard on your team your starter MUST be an All-Star Win a chip Good luck
Marcmwai8 Mwai
Marcmwai8 Mwai 2 mesi fa
Sticks vs bricks rebuild. You have to select 2 teams from opposite conferences and they have to meet in the final. One team must have only players under 200 pounds and the other must have only player over 220 pounds. Good luck🤣
Dytrell Mcewen
Dytrell Mcewen 2 mesi fa
70 wins watch
Dytrell Mcewen
Dytrell Mcewen 2 mesi fa
71 I was close kenny
ArmadilloLover27 2 mesi fa
Do a video where u have to start players who are vlogging their bubble experience like javale, Matisse, and Troy Daniels. It’ll be hard but if anyone can do it it’s u
Squirrel's nest Cards
Squirrel's nest Cards 2 mesi fa
Ok.. what it do Kenny..? So ive been watching you build team after team, rebuild after rebuild etc. but can Kenny actually ball on 2K... not on easy...? We wanna see you actually play a real game on hard and see what's up.. even hardest level.... #RealRulesChallange. Challenge: win best out of 5 games on hardest level of play with original roster not with the top 4 teams.
Higuys 2 mesi fa
There was a much easier way to do this in the settings if I’m not mistaken😂
Jackattack 07
Jackattack 07 2 mesi fa
The Patrick Mccaw challenge! Rules: Must pick a 70-75 overall player. Then do a fantasy draft with a random team and you have to get the player you chose and add him to your team and rebuild a team with him on the roster (he can be a benchwarmer) Then choose a new random team do the same thing rebuild with that player on the team and then choose a new random team and rebuild again. Enjoy good luck and this gives us another long video👍
Denzel Fasaye
Denzel Fasaye 2 mesi fa
15:48 did anyone see mpj make the rookie team.
Jb Be killin
Jb Be killin 2 mesi fa
Do the only nba draft challenge, you can only get your players from the nba draft, you start off as your team being a full 40 overall team and you try to build a championship team with only players you draft
Eric Lovett
Eric Lovett 2 mesi fa
Myles turner, Jamal Murray, Patrick Beverley, OG Anunoby, Steven adams, Alex caruso
KreD_Creed 2 mesi fa
Kenny Do a "Second Option" Rebuild where you give a second option his own team and build amazing roleplayers around him (ex. CJ McCollum with a lineup of VanVleet, McCollum,Bogdonavic,Warren,and Ibaka or a team like that)
j vg
j vg 2 mesi fa
Do a no trade logic where u can overide the CPU and make the best team and see if go undeafted for the whole season include playoffs and have at least 7 all star
kidSAVAGE savage
kidSAVAGE savage 2 mesi fa
Bro the unpartred twist needs go
HLAM Lyrics
HLAM Lyrics 2 mesi fa
How does Luka always end up on the Kings🤔😂
Jacob Rivera
Jacob Rivera 2 mesi fa
No Jim and now no Untouchables, it’s Christmas for Kenny
BB PSI_KLAW13 2 mesi fa
I think another repeat of this with a higher trade difficulty would be FIRE
DoctorDonuts 2 mesi fa
You should try “All time” rebuilding challenge, so you change draft to all time nba teams, you’ll be surprised how hard it is
Mikey Schneider
Mikey Schneider 2 mesi fa
Kenny! How about this... The “Mr. Irrelevant Rebuild” Below are the last 14 players i was able to depict from your videos the last month without repeating the players. These 14 players were the last picks of your fantasy drafts. Rebuild this team in one year and take them to the promise land. Good Luck! Kenrich Williams Alize Johnson Dj Wilson Cj Miles Alan Williams Walter Lemon Jr Jakarr Simpson Vince Carter Jon Leuer Tyler Ulis Kent Bazemore Terrence Jones Semi Ojeleye Solomon Hill
Frank Marciano
Frank Marciano 2 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the "The 33 and Older Rebuild": - Fantasy Draft Rebuild where every player has to be over 33 years old that is drafted - Win one championships in 3 seasons - You cannot draft any young players (cant be used to trade)
Icey Warrior
Icey Warrior 2 mesi fa
Bruh nobody talking about Rodney Hoods 41 point game 😂
Leo Ansari
Leo Ansari 2 mesi fa
Kenny forgetting d rose and lebron already played together
TheMichcio666 2 mesi fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
MonkeyOnFire108 2 mesi fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
reticulatingGreene JUNIORAli
reticulatingGreene JUNIORAli 2 mesi fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
boehserbob 2 mesi fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Bingbong B
Bingbong B 2 mesi fa
day 2 of asking kenny to play the GOAT challenge. You have draft felico with your first pick and start and play him 48 minutes a game, the goal is to win two straight rings
Exoticious 2 mesi fa
Kenny : I want a 12-0 sweep in the playoffs
Eyoab Eyassu
Eyoab Eyassu 2 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do worst position challenge Do fantasy draft and let assistant gm pick your team Make each player on your original team their worst position (overall) Rebuild the team Stop at the trade deadline and make everyone their worst position Rebuild or keep your team
manit monga
manit monga 2 mesi fa
Fyi- if you're a trash to semi trash rebuilder, do these 2 things 1. WATCH KOT4Q 2. change the player's position that you're trading for to their worst position so their trade value goes down. Ex. You're trying to trade for Kyrie. Quick Edit his position to a center, and then his value will go down and it'll be easier to trade for him. P.S. change his position back once you get him. P.P.S. like so Kenny can see
feelme later
feelme later 2 mesi fa
Do a jim boylen challenge..😂😂😂
Amru Teshome
Amru Teshome 2 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the “Championship starting from the bottom team” - fantasy draft must be fixed - give yourself the 30th pick - over half the roster must have won a championship - you only have one year to do this good luck from London!
Christian Ocampo
Christian Ocampo 2 mesi fa
Beat this lineup in the Finals :D PG - Luka SG - Kawhi SF - Lebron PF - Giannis C - KAT 6th Man Dame Thaaaaanks!
Matt Endres
Matt Endres 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny, All NBA challenge. Do ANYTHING you need to do but your starting 5 has to be on an all NBA 1st/2nd/3rd team. And you gotta win a chip obviously.
Ndanji Mat
Ndanji Mat 2 mesi fa
I subbed to Kenny dec 2019 when he had 647k and I’ve never seen him more happy.
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