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big baller brock
big baller brock 21 giorno fa
u can really tell how much of Kenny's stress got released at 1:24
MVG Minecraft boxes 0
MVG Minecraft boxes 0 26 giorni fa
Kenny that’s offensive if you don’t live in Chicago your not a die hard bulls fan wow Kenny I cant believe you I really can’t
Tico 2 giorni fa
Honestly can’t tel if this is a joke or not
Praveer Rao
Praveer Rao Mese fa
You sure have a lot of bull’s hats
xPolarroidd Mese fa
Saw jim boylen fired before this video came out
Luke Gould
Luke Gould Mese fa
i am so happy for Kenny and now they have the 4th pick
Johan Mese fa
Firing Jim Boylen is equal to 10 championships, idc what anyone says
Mustafa Che
Mustafa Che Mese fa
LETS GOOOO!!!!Arguably the worst coach just got fired.LETS GOO BULLS!!!
Mustafa Che
Mustafa Che Mese fa
Wow so it’s like that u took my life from me
Adam Hammoudeh
Adam Hammoudeh Mese fa
He's lying he killed my pet dogs sister helppp
Mustafa Che
Mustafa Che Mese fa
Ur trying to Accuse a 10year old this is my first ever comment.
Mustafa Che
Mustafa Che Mese fa
Lol I don’t even know u.
Adam Hammoudeh
Adam Hammoudeh Mese fa
I was forced to like plsss help
PrimeTime356 2 mesi fa
Do a Chicago Bulls collection tour!!!!!
Jeff Assassin
Jeff Assassin 2 mesi fa
The Bulls are finally heading in the right direction the ass clown Jim boylen is gone gar pax are over the bulls will get a much better coach and better players thanks to Arturas and Marc Eversly the future of the bulls is bright and the 4th pick in the draft is going to help the bulls win more games right away.
Benjamin Bearce
Benjamin Bearce 2 mesi fa
What do you think of Jeff Hornacek as a head coach ?
Rov Nathan Caguimbal
Rov Nathan Caguimbal Mese fa
Mxthew FD
Mxthew FD 2 mesi fa
Bro I’m a bulls fan LETS GO JIM BOYLeN IS GoNE now we got the #4 round pick so let’s use it we’ll!
andrewey 2 mesi fa
At least they didn’t get the 7th pick this year
Seal R6
Seal R6 2 mesi fa
Jevon Carter Rebuild Rules: Do a fantasy Draft with a random team You must draft Jevon Carter with ur first pick Put his potential at 99 Give him badges to your knowledge on his game Play him 35min a night Goal: Get Jevon a ring 1x MVP Bonus: Go against Trey Young(Jevon’s Rival) in the playoffs and beat him
BOOMDAWG 44 2 mesi fa
Jim Boylen is from my area, he literally had a camp earlier this year
ElVader- 2 mesi fa
Finally a new chapter of the Bulls 😁 now we can #seered
Elijah M
Elijah M 2 mesi fa
Hardest challenge ever: 1. 30th pick in a fantasy draft 2. Set all difficulties to 100 (simulator difficulty, trade negotiator difficulty, etc.) 3. You can't have any players 80 or higher overall on your roster 4. Every time you lose, you must send your highest scoring player to the G-league 5. You cannot use any picks in trades 6. See how good you can make this team Good luck Kenny
Cheezyyy2k _2k
Cheezyyy2k _2k 2 mesi fa
trippna anppirt
trippna anppirt 2 mesi fa
NothingButLoveForBol 2 mesi fa
I think Nate McMillan of the Pacers would be a great fit for Chicago
J. Wade
J. Wade 2 mesi fa
Reinsdorf is an absolute embarrassment. No marquee superstar will sign with the bulls while that clown is there.
Prince Scille
Prince Scille 2 mesi fa
What word does he not represent?
De1ta 2 mesi fa
Dear lord Jordan, please don’t give is another bad coach.
Yashay Smith
Yashay Smith 2 mesi fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Greeny Wolf
Greeny Wolf 2 mesi fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
pauluskka 2 mesi fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Christopher Holmes
Christopher Holmes 2 mesi fa
If ur mom Utah u also hate Jim boylen
Christopher Holmes
Christopher Holmes 2 mesi fa
If ur from* lol
bob joe
bob joe 2 mesi fa
Trust. It won’t matter y’all will be on the same level as the Cavs
Tyler Murray
Tyler Murray 2 mesi fa
Kenny’s point abt team success being more important than the players is how I feel abt losing Kemba as a hornets fan he’s my fav player in the nba and I understood that we would never be great (still probably will not be) while he was our best player
Noah 2 mesi fa
All defense challenge: -Fantasy Draft -All players must have a A or better defense -All players must have all B or lower scoring stats (finishing, mid range, three pointer) -Win a championship
Ogie2011 2 mesi fa
I am a sad Knicks fan 😔
Erin Rupolo
Erin Rupolo 2 mesi fa
Day 36 of asking Kenny to do the GOAT challenge:No fantasy draft, Choose auto generated draft class, And look at who is the best player in the draft based on overall grade (B+,A-, etc) on draft night look to see what team drafted that player (he may not go first of course because 2K can be stupid) Now control that teams that he’s on. Make sure to do everything in your power to make him the greatest of all time (training camps, trades for help, make him the first scoring option,etc) Just don’t change his overall by that I mean don’t go to edit player and give him more badges, better tendencies, or better attributes. The challenge is over once he retires. You decide if he is the GOAT/ next Dwayne Neal. Good luck:)
Marshall Bustin
Marshall Bustin 2 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do an "Brand New" rebuilding challenge. Rules: You can only use players you haven't traded for before, you must to use a custom team, you have to change everyone's position to the lowest possible overall, you have to go at least 70-82 and do three peat. And you only have 6 years. Good luck KENNY !! Haha your G.O.A.T
Marshall Bustin
Marshall Bustin 2 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do a "Five" rebuilding challenge. Rules: You have to do a fantasy draft and select the 5th team , also you can only use trade finder but when you do use trade finder you have to pick the 5th offer and if you only have less than 5 offers you cant use it, you have to pick the 5th coach,gm,trainer,etc, you have to win 5 championships in five years and win coach of the year all five times. Yup that's it love ya Kenny Good Luck
Roberto Del Río
Roberto Del Río 2 mesi fa
Hello Everyone
Hello Everyone 2 mesi fa
Day 10, of asking Kenny to do the Bro’s before Hoes challenge. Rules 1. Must get players that doesn’t have a girlfriend currently 2. Must be a 3 peat ( we love the long vids Kenny) 3. Must have a trade negotiation of 30 4. Need a big 3 5. Fantasy draft of course Please goat I have been waiting for you to do this come on this one might be impossible
Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson 2 mesi fa
Day 29 of asking kenny for “chris paul” challenge The challenge have a undrated and overrated in roster Undrated must dont have any achievement But overrated playes must apper 5 all-star and one time all nba and rookie team at least And your are the best ITpostr im see
Basketball Nerd
Basketball Nerd 2 mesi fa
The Dynasty Challenge: First: have all of your play 90 overall or over (even the bench) Second:make a 3 peat Three: have 5 championships Fourth: make the coach Jacob Underwood ( if he retires for no reason pick Lucas Lucas) I am a warriors fan, but congratulations to Bulls fans!
xudong yu
xudong yu 2 mesi fa
The 0 sim difficulty challenge
A K 2 mesi fa
Once I saw the notification for him being fired i know Thered be a video on this channel 😛
Tyrique Streeter
Tyrique Streeter 2 mesi fa
Lookin like Coby White with all the hats on
Nascar Boi24
Nascar Boi24 2 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny 2 do the all trades rebuild rules 1:accept all trades (duh) 2:win a championship Like this so Kenny can do this
Kostas Kontidis
Kostas Kontidis 2 mesi fa
Asking the G.O.A.T to do the easiest/hardest rebuild. 1 fantasy draft 2 simulation difficulty 35 trade difficulty 35 3 give your best player minimum contract and your worst max contract 4 you should keep your worst player 5 you should have Felicio on the roster and give him 20 minutes per game
Casey Dooley
Casey Dooley 2 mesi fa
Imma be real bulls aren’t getting any big free agents kenny just going crazy bulls fan mode lol
BanksofAmerika 2 mesi fa
What do you think about Kris Dunn and Lauri being good trade pieces?
AJ TVz 2 mesi fa
Do a madden rebuild
Justin Ejercito
Justin Ejercito 2 mesi fa
Do a random all star challenge Rules are you can only get player that were all stars this season on your team but off the bench you can use 85 and lower players You can trade assets and you flip them you have to turn on team chemistry you have 3 seasons
Basketball Guru
Basketball Guru 2 mesi fa
Bro I'm the Nuggets fan and I told you how good AK GM is. Don't worry he's going to create a great franchise there. And bro he waited for last day of the season, that's legit!
Noel Vargas
Noel Vargas 2 mesi fa
Bro hearing him talking about the bulls got me excited for next season
Kenny Hardaway
Kenny Hardaway 2 mesi fa
Yoooooo bulls replied😍😍
Squirrel's nest Cards
Squirrel's nest Cards 2 mesi fa
Still asking... i see your awesome at the rebuild challenges and stuff.. but can you actually play...?
Kaiden Hanna
Kaiden Hanna 2 mesi fa
Day 5 of challenging Kenny to a 1 on 1 rebuild challenge. Also congrats on 800k
Jackson Vlogsandstreams
Jackson Vlogsandstreams 2 mesi fa
So this, “challenge,” isn’t really a challenge but who would win challenge. So you have everyone in their prime, Cavs: D-rose, Wade, Lebron, k love, tristian Thompson, Thunder: Westbrook, harden, Durant, Ibaka, and Steven Adams.
Ralph Segismundo
Ralph Segismundo 2 mesi fa
I’m a Laker fan but I’m so happy for you Kenny and the rest of the bulls fans. Congratulations!!!
noahwesley__ 2 mesi fa
Kenny I love your videos so much u don’t understand I get sooooo bored during covid I have been only watching u I have been for abt 2 years and you just make my day I love your vids on my worst days you make me feel good
karhunt401 2 mesi fa
Still ass
Blanca John
Blanca John 2 mesi fa
I'm a warriors Fan but we could all agree Jim boylen was doing bulls fans an injustice
blind monkayyy
blind monkayyy 2 mesi fa
KOT4Q: I'm the biggest bulls fan on ITpost. NickTheBullsFan:am I a joke to you?
Michael Leahy
Michael Leahy 2 mesi fa
Have you ever done a review of Bulls Championship Edition Newspapers (Tribune and Sun Times?)
Xijian Jiang
Xijian Jiang 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the "Biggest System Cheater" challenge Rules: 1. Turn the salary cap to its largest and do the fantasy draft 2. Find which team has Mitchell Robinson, the 82 overall Center 3. Since in Kenny's rebuild, changing the position of players is fine, so the next step is to change Mitchell Robinson's position to PG, which will drop his overall to 67 and his trade value to one-and-a-half star. Then use trade finder to trade him to the team you're at. 4. Change Robinson's position to PF, getting an 86-overall PF with three-and-a-half star trade value. Then repeat the follow steps until you get at least six first round picks with each at least having two-and-a-half star trade value: (1) Trade PF Mitchell Robinson to get first round pick (2) Turn Robinson's position to PG and trade him back 5. Now you have Mitchell Robinson still on your team and several valuable first round picks. Go to find Anthony Davis, and turn him to a PG to drop his overall to 82. Turn build your own trade to trade him to your team. (Based on my own testing it is reasonable no matter whether he's untouchable or not.) 6. After getting AD, repeat the method in Step 4 until you get Mitchell Robinson and those picks all back on your team. 7. Now you get all the assets you need. Change those untouchable players' position to their worst, and repeat the Step 5 and 4 to make at least five successful trades with those untouchable players. (The reason to get AD first is that AD is the only five-star asset that you can get it back through changing his position to PG after trading it away for other five star players like Giannis. ) 8. Your goal: make a ten-man all-star rotation with at least five untouchable players, and go 82-0. Hint: The rookie-contract star players are the key to this challenge. Good Luck!
Blake Howells
Blake Howells 2 mesi fa
I understand, I am a cowboys fan and we have had a trash coach for 10 years, and when he got fired I was so excited
day 1 of asking Kenny to do the letter rebuild challenge. This challenge is where EVERY YEAR you have to do is take a random number generator (or random letter generator?) 0-27 and whatever letter of the alphabet it is that the position u have to do it as. You have to win a championship and every year you have to do it again, meaning your roster changes a lot. Plus 0 and 27 are wild cards but 27 is any player your able to trade for and 0 is ANY player in the NBA at that position. Reminder your position has to be decided before you do the rng. Stuff I forgot to mention, fantasy draft to start with, 4/5 of your starters you have to trade for, the 5th can be anybody with that letter. No player that's 1st and last name doesn't have the letter? You have to get Robert Covington. Also, have to do bench. Basically, if you get 5 from your random number generator your 1st position has to have their or last name start with an E, then next position u rng again. Win a championship btw.
Logan Young
Logan Young 2 mesi fa
Do a Second Round Pick Challenge Rules: 1) You must only have players that were drafted in the second round on your team (no undrafted players like Fred VanVleet, Jalen Lecque, Tacko Fall, etc.), 2) You must trade all of your first round picks for second round picks, 3) You must do a Fantasy Draft, and 4) You must have the GOAT, Keita Bates-Diop, on your team and make him be a starter. Like for Kenny to see this comment.
Christian Townsend
Christian Townsend 2 mesi fa
the second i saw the notification i was waiting for this vid to drop
2EmsFromTheDot 2 mesi fa
Let's see where Jim ends up lol. I wonder which team would hire such an incompetent coach
Silvano Andreoli
Silvano Andreoli 2 mesi fa
ive never seen someone so happy over someone being fired
JoshPoz VT
JoshPoz VT 2 mesi fa
Petition to get Kenny to do a 0 to Hero Challenge. Rules: Start as the Bulls and Fire Jim Boylen first thing. Have 14 players at a 40 overall and 20 years old with 4 year 10 million dollar contracts. You get one roster filling player from the range of 75-78 to have on your team in year one. You have 6 years to go Back to Back NBA Champions No Fantasy Draft (Download the most realistic sliders since it’s a long term rebuild)
Chris Duggr
Chris Duggr 2 mesi fa
Alvin gentry
SuperDfar 2 mesi fa
Congrats on 800k
Awesome sauce
Awesome sauce 2 mesi fa
Do the last five rebuilds challenge Rules: Your last five rebuilding challenges has to be combined into one single video. Your goal is win the championship. Good luck
Kaden_Mellon 2 mesi fa
Challenge- You have to make a team with players who fell off and try to rebuild the team. Example make a team with people like Jeremy Lin and d rose.
Shawn S.
Shawn S. 2 mesi fa
Honestly, now I’m a little scared to see the bulls in a few years. They have a great core and if they hire someone who’s even remotely competent they’re gonna be good in a couple years
JJ Highlights
JJ Highlights 2 mesi fa
Kenny do a 2020 playoff predictions video
Lucas Shaw
Lucas Shaw 2 mesi fa
Bulls 2025 chip?
J G 2 mesi fa
Fire Brett Brown
IDoSellSorry 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the WNBA rebuild challenge
Prod. by OPG
Prod. by OPG 2 mesi fa
Day 6 of asking Kenny to do the "1 team challenge" Rules are: 1. pick a team randomly 2. Sim Assistant GM fantasy draft 3. Can only have players who have played past/present for the team randomly picked Hope u do this challenge I love your vids. Kenny you already know Imma keep commenting everyday till you do it
sean fitz
sean fitz 2 mesi fa
Day one of asking kenny to do the one year contract challenge rules. Only aloud to use players on one year contracts or rookie contracts must win a championship
Justine Porowski
Justine Porowski 2 mesi fa
Day 10 of Asking kenny to do the young to old challenge rules fantasy draft your team but u have to draft all rookies after that u have to trade all your rookies for people who have been in the league for at least 4 years
Jake Miller
Jake Miller 2 mesi fa
Pelicansrumorsandnews_ ig
Pelicansrumorsandnews_ ig 2 mesi fa
“1 year deal” Rebuilding Challenge Rules: -fantasy draft -must have a team of players that have one year left in their contract -can only trade players that are on a one year deal -can only sign players to a one year deal -MUST WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP GOODLUCK KENNY!!!
The Goods
The Goods 2 mesi fa
Bulls signed Dwayne Wade
Ron Vaxhon
Ron Vaxhon 2 mesi fa
I'm so stoked. It's been a hard time being a bulls fan.
Braden Hines
Braden Hines 2 mesi fa
As a Sixers fan that lived in Chicago for a few years, I am so happy for all of you Bulls fans out there
Guy Echols
Guy Echols 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the reverse rebuild challenge set everything except trades to its easiest setting set trading to its hardest setting do a fantasy draft and take control of the best team then make them the worst team
Jun Yuki
Jun Yuki 2 mesi fa
Guys, It's over, Bulls win at the buzzer.
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones 2 mesi fa
day 1 of asking Kenny to do the impossible Challenge: there is 1 rule: 15 man roster, everyone must play the same amount of minutes 3 degrees of difficulty 1, everyone over 70 /2, everyone over 75 /3, everyone over 80
YourAverageNic 2 mesi fa
Kenny Atkinson or Alvin Gentry has to be the move
riley.dentonn 2 mesi fa
As a Sixers fan I cannot wait to have this feeling when Brett Brown is finally fired
Naz Dub
Naz Dub 2 mesi fa
Kenny should do another bill russell challenge but with realistic contract settings
devin laslo
devin laslo 2 mesi fa
This doesn’t have enough likes !
Julian Lyttle
Julian Lyttle 2 mesi fa
Switch all players heights around eg. 6ft 7 become 7ft 6 (Keep all attributes and positions the same)
Kobe Washington
Kobe Washington 2 mesi fa
More Kenny hardaway
polo boy reaction
polo boy reaction 2 mesi fa
Put gannias LeBron and Kevin Durant on the same team an win 4 championship
polo boy reaction
polo boy reaction 2 mesi fa
Make a team with LeBron Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant and win 3 championship in a row
Asaf Pelleh
Asaf Pelleh 2 mesi fa
Sup? Love you, Kenny. Walter Lemon Jr. just signed in Hapoel Tel Aviv from Israel, so how about a Deni Avdija (pronounced Av-Di-Ya) on the Bulls rebuiled?
You 2 mesi fa
Just seeing Kenny being this happy makes my day ❤️🖤
Matt Gorman
Matt Gorman 2 mesi fa
KOT4Q REACTS VIDEO IDEA: kenny reacts to his reddit
Clay Family
Clay Family 2 mesi fa
Finally jim boylen has led the bulls to nothing
If the bulls steal our assitant coach to i swear
Izanagi 2 mesi fa
The Twin Turbo Towers challenge: 1. Get two players above 7'0 as your c and pf 2. Get two players with 90 speed and above in your starters 3. Have these four players play at least 36 minutes. 4. Win a championship in 3 years:)
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