NBA 2K20, But NO ONE Plays Any Defense...

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James Boone
James Boone 20 giorni fa
Dude you forgot to change Boogie's defense. Probably because he is a free agent.
David Burchardt
David Burchardt 21 giorno fa
No offense but everybodys really good at defense
HawkOn120 hz
HawkOn120 hz 29 giorni fa
At the beginning of every video Kenny goes “ and we back” it’s legendary
Luke Goldberg
Luke Goldberg Mese fa
2k sim loves the cavs I swear every time. I once rebuilt a team in 2k12 a few months ago for fun and the cavs has nobody over an 84 overall but went 64-18 with Darren Collison winning mvp with averages of 18 and 7. Then in 2K20 I simmed years into the future and the Cavs got Cole Anthony and we're immediately top seed. Then they signed Giannis and won a chip.
Gabe Fife
Gabe Fife Mese fa
Jacob B
Jacob B Mese fa
So my man is making the entire league James harden, nice challenge
This dude needs 2 be a real GM
DARYGEO 17 Mese fa
Too late I just got my braces off last month
Ry Ry
Ry Ry Mese fa
brugh sry idk how to spell warriors and cavs in the finals again
Ry Ry
Ry Ry Mese fa
does anybody realize kennys shirt
ThatOneWeirdGal Mese fa
The disrespect to Damian Lillard tho! 2K really thinks he's still gonna average only 30 ppg in a league with no defense? Dude averaged 30 THIS year in real life!!
sfugarise Mese fa
2k is not realistic, nothing should have changed, they don't play deffence any way.
Felicia Patrick
Felicia Patrick Mese fa
Your hair is dope
Upper 91
Upper 91 Mese fa
take this roster and turn down the tendencies too
Spidy_30 Mese fa
Ssythez Mese fa
No Defense No offense
Raw gaming Ig
Raw gaming Ig Mese fa
I wanted to see Klay D
Stealth MW
Stealth MW Mese fa
Not Tryna Cap I Didnt Know Kenny Said Curse Words. But Troydan Told Me Otherwise.
Jaxon Gartzke
Jaxon Gartzke Mese fa
kenny what the hell I wish you would've been sponsored by them before I got my braces
_Hxsqy_ Mese fa
So harden is still a 96
Young Deku
Young Deku Mese fa
James harden should score 100 points
Jack Hillman
Jack Hillman Mese fa
Did you leave badges on????
Daryll Lara
Daryll Lara Mese fa
Omri casspi have a defense
Jackson Mese fa
Did you turn down the badges
LG Mese fa
day 43 of asking Kenny for the Brad Stevens challenge Rules: You have 3 years After each year trade every point guard on your team your starter MUST be an All-Star Win a chip Good luck
Thomas Maynard jr
Thomas Maynard jr Mese fa
Boogie defensive stats were not turned down
Rapid Mese fa
Video 18 of asking Kenny to do the "Larry and Magic Challenge" During the 80s either Larry's Celtics or Magic's Lakers make the finals every year Winning 8 of the 10 combined (Lakers with 5 & Celtics with 3) We love the long rebuilds so this should be a banger Rules: Fantasy Draft 1 team from each conference 1 of the teams must go to the finals every year (or just 10 straight if you need a year) No trading between your 2 teams Choose 1 superstar on each team remain on the roster for all 10 years (Before the 1st season If you want to make it harder than you could have it so you win 8 or more chips between your 2 teams
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu Mese fa
This video game predicted the lakers trailblazers series
William Weisbeck
William Weisbeck Mese fa
This man is gunna hit 1 mil thus year
Brayden Stubbert
Brayden Stubbert Mese fa
new video idea: the “one and done challenge” where you can only attempt a trade once, you can trade for as many people and anyone you want but you can only attempt a single trade once. win 2 championships in 4 years.
Rynard Gordon
Rynard Gordon Mese fa
Hey kenny, if you read this comment I would like you to know that I live in Cape Town and that you make my day just by making a video, but thats not all, I have a rebuilding challenge where you are only allowed african players on your team. Good luck Kenny. Btw im 5'7 and im 13 years old😂
Raiden N
Raiden N Mese fa
I think Kenny should do everyone with no defense and have a team with everyone 99 over all and see if they can get 200 pts😁
Mackie W
Mackie W Mese fa
I’m pretty sure he didn’t touch luke kennards ratings
Tanner Neyedly
Tanner Neyedly Mese fa
You should do a defence and no offence
Jack Scannell
Jack Scannell Mese fa
Do the Anthony Bennett rebuild. Go back to 2k14 and rebuild a team around anthony bennett when he was still supposed to be good.
ImFan YT
ImFan YT Mese fa
Day 13 of asking Kenny to do the "Hometown" challenge. Random select a team, whatever team you get, you have to make a roster where every player on the team has to be from that teams state. (you have to win a championship)
Definitely Not
Definitely Not Mese fa
There was a 173-point game ON YOUR SCREEN while you were saying they weren't happening anymore.
Gregory Fung
Gregory Fung Mese fa
The only guy that got affected on the Raptors was Matt Thomas
Lil Veggie
Lil Veggie Mese fa
Racist GM challenge: full roster of white players... 1) make it to the finals 3 times 2) at least 2 of your players become all-stars Optional: win a championship
Hotdog Jam
Hotdog Jam Mese fa
How the 80-90's player think of the nba now:
I have no common sense But
I have no common sense But Mese fa
Nobody talking about how the rockets aren’t a contender without defense, just me?
Smashdown Mese fa
Kenny stays disrespecting us Pistons fans😞
Trendsetter Ent.
Trendsetter Ent. Mese fa
Reduce the shot clock to score more points
Jaquawa Goat Clan
Jaquawa Goat Clan Mese fa
Giannis is still a god
Jayarie Gordon
Jayarie Gordon Mese fa
ii Am Meat
ii Am Meat Mese fa
11:15 anyone else notice the 56 ovr on the blazers??
Aaa Aaaa
Aaa Aaaa Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the duo challenge rules make a new duo you have 2 seasons to win a championship good luck
Raph 14
Raph 14 Mese fa
Family member rebuilding challenge : -Rebuild a team and try to win a championship with only players that have a family member (dad, brother, cousin, dog...) who is/was is the NBA I'm a french suscriber and i barely never watch videos in english but i like yours !! Big up kenny hope you'll do this challenge
pc27 Mese fa
Pistons are winning it all next year
Phillip Wittenberg
Phillip Wittenberg Mese fa
thevolpe2 Mese fa
Do the Luka Doncic challenge: put Luka Doncic on every team and win a championship.
Loudyy N
Loudyy N Mese fa
Do this but no offense
Sameeh Shafi
Sameeh Shafi Mese fa
Kenny be disrespecting Memphis rn. 6:14
James Hartman
James Hartman Mese fa
You should do the opposite
Jérémy Beauregard
Jérémy Beauregard Mese fa
Boogie being great makes my day, best comeback story of 2020.
Bryson Moses
Bryson Moses Mese fa
This is just a simulation of the all star game
Eternal Nick
Eternal Nick Mese fa
7:08 Devin harris still had a C+ perimeter defense
Jonathan Winstead
Jonathan Winstead Mese fa
Ben Simmons should be an 40 overall because the defense went away and there all ready was no offense for him!
Alex Alleweireldt
Alex Alleweireldt Mese fa
Should’ve turned defensive progression to 0. I’m sure people’s defense progressed throughout the year. And then boogie was probs a free agent that didn’t get his stats changed which is why he was killing it.
David 32
David 32 Mese fa
Amazing thumbnail I clicked on the video because of the kawhi overall
samir Mese fa
Chetna Jain
Chetna Jain Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny Do the reverse rating challenge in the NBA So how this works is the ratings of the player will be swapped For an example - Steph's rating is 98, after reversing it will be 89 Rules - 1) Fantasy draft 2) You have 3 years to win the title Good luck!!!
Andrea Ulmer
Andrea Ulmer Mese fa
Kenny you NEED to do the school video idea please 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Rowen Woelke
Rowen Woelke Mese fa
So its the 2019/2020 Warriors?
Bogan_Hunter 420
Bogan_Hunter 420 2 mesi fa
James harden would have the same rating
Xron Pixel
Xron Pixel 2 mesi fa
IDEA:make a team of players by their birthday month that's has to be the same as yours anyone agree
Romet Lempu
Romet Lempu 2 mesi fa
Man as a cavs fan it was so great to see that lol. Brings back memories. Also, I wish he looked at the lakers a more.
Dylan McCullough
Dylan McCullough 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the “Accept All Trades Challenge” - Fantasy Draft -Can rebuild your team any way you want -Once the season starts you must accept all cpu trade offers -Win at-least one championship
Zachary Snyder
Zachary Snyder 2 mesi fa
Kenny should do one where no one can shoot at all. Increase inside and dunks but no mid or threes to be seen.
Jdagoat S
Jdagoat S 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking why Kenny wasn’t talking that much in the troydan stream
TheGamingGeneral 2 mesi fa
The real title should be NBA 2k20, but every one is Portland.
Thomas Sadberry
Thomas Sadberry 2 mesi fa
who wins defensive player of the year
Jonah Fraser
Jonah Fraser 2 mesi fa
Hey Kenny can you do this challenge but everyones offense is a 0
Knightstealer Games
Knightstealer Games 2 mesi fa
I have a challenge for you. And it is called the hardest rebuild you will ever do. Rules are simple you have to use the hornets but no fantasy draft. You can only trade players over 30 and trade and sim difficulty at 100. Like so Kenny can see(:
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad 2 mesi fa
Man said gray clark like he good lol
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad 2 mesi fa
This man acting like people watch the bulls 11
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad 2 mesi fa
Pretty sure luke kornet is a 69 orv normally loo
shrish luitel
shrish luitel 2 mesi fa
Trae young looks like my 2k player when playing 5 min quarters
- kingholden1
- kingholden1 2 mesi fa
Do the worst contract rebuild where u have to build the team around players with the worst contracts and rebuild around them
PS2 Gamer
PS2 Gamer 2 mesi fa
Blake Halgrimson
Blake Halgrimson 2 mesi fa
Start with the Bulls and rebuild by trading every single player that is on their current roster in 2k.
Kenji 2 mesi fa
Idea all players start as rookie 2k rating
Maurice Walls
Maurice Walls 2 mesi fa
When Kenny said “out weeest” all I could hear was “SHAKE IT OUT WEEEST”
Jayden Jones
Jayden Jones 2 mesi fa
Lmao the hawks started off 9-0
Nigel Grant
Nigel Grant 2 mesi fa
Can you do the best play to never win a ring challenge
Q12 beatz inc
Q12 beatz inc 2 mesi fa
To see Kenny getting sponsored is a blessing
Kaleb Pacheco
Kaleb Pacheco 2 mesi fa
Do an all defensive league. No offense (if you haven't already)
sebas _
sebas _ 2 mesi fa
dude collin sexton is an amazing perimeter defender
Lauri Palola
Lauri Palola 2 mesi fa
Do next without offense
EJ 2 mesi fa
Day 56 of asking Kenny Only lefties challenge Rules: You have to win a championship in 3 years You can pick any left handed player to start with
Adrian Jeziorski
Adrian Jeziorski 2 mesi fa
Now do the opposite
C4D3 2 mesi fa
turn everyone shot tendency to 100 and everyone's defense to this video
ultimategoodguy53 2 mesi fa
kenny you spent half of the video going over the rosters
Lawrence Morgan
Lawrence Morgan 2 mesi fa
Collin sexton adv more than harden
Cread Neal
Cread Neal 2 mesi fa
Day one of SROS vs kot4q Rules 1. 3 season who ever has the most win in each season most wins you win the round 2. No duplicate players 3. Fantasy draft Like and comment if you would love to see this
Cread Neal
Cread Neal 2 mesi fa
Plz kenny
Mr Qwertyuiop
Mr Qwertyuiop 2 mesi fa
Three peat with Jim Boylen and have Felicio as a starter
Missil_DK 2 mesi fa
So this is basically just a video about how the game is played today...
Mr. Egg
Mr. Egg 2 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do a “No Offense experiment” Make every player’s offensive rating a 25 Shooting, offensive rebound, offensive consistency, etc. Hope you enjoy it. Peace
xavier King
xavier King 2 mesi fa
Right when I opened the vid all I saw was the pimple on Kenny’s forehead
Ben Baum
Ben Baum 2 mesi fa
I don’t think he understands why Boogie had the 25 defensive rebounds, he doesn’t start the season on a team therefore he still has his defense because he wouldn’t edit an FA
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