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Dazed !!!
Dazed !!! Mese fa
I cried a little when I saw myself in the video no 🧢
Julian Lazo
Julian Lazo Mese fa
My carrer pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
Grand5k Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the “Seeing Double Challenge” Rules - Must rebuild either the Knicks, Rockets, Heat or Magic for the Van Gundy brothers - Fantasy draft but you must have pick 2, 11, or 22 - Must sign a coach with the exact same offense and defensive grade (ex: a and a not a- and a+) - Must Keep all 2022 draft picks - Build a roster of at least 2 sets of brothers and also all of the Holidays - Challenge complete when you win 2 championships
TJ Johnson
TJ Johnson Mese fa
THAT WAS HIM!!!! I dare you to play myteam if you did that
Rov Nathan Caguimbal
Rov Nathan Caguimbal Mese fa
Kenny:I suggest you to become a PG 6"3 195 lb and the shooting playmaking pie chart,and any physical piechart you want,you should minimum you wingspan, and choose shot creator takeover
NY Finest
NY Finest Mese fa
Dope concept
Jordan Stine
Jordan Stine Mese fa
Bro Kenny’s Zion in 2K looks about as burly as Zion in real life 😂
HypedUpPro Mese fa
Kenny should start playing my career with my league and park
Eric Willis
Eric Willis Mese fa
I know these videos are proly slowing down but how bout a challenge where you make a team based on a country that you randomly generate from a wheel or something then try to win it all with that team. Only rules are no trades for guys outside of that country and the USA cannot be a country of choice.
Anderson Dickey
Anderson Dickey Mese fa
Zion is 6’7 lol
Will Mitchell
Will Mitchell Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the 7’7” challenge Make everyone in the nba 7’7” Win a three peat
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia Mese fa
The Walking W challenge In honor of flights new album you well be tested with a challenge of extreme difficulty. In order to beat this challenge you need to do all of the following. -Put flight on your team 95 ovr max contract (He must be starting) BTW this might seem easier after what I gave you but we know 2k simulation - Flight must play with Stephen Curry (look at curry man) - Put simulation difficulty on 35-40 or then it would not be possible - Flight must have the best drip on the court (You have to confirm it) - Flight said he was a walking W so you need to go 82-0 and 16-0 in the playoffs - Also you are not allowed to have luka, gobert, jokic, ja, bam, or sabonis - Flight has to be 1 scoring option and flight must have ball handle, shooting, finishing, defense at 90 or higher cause according to him that’s what he’s best at. You are allowed to have 2 season if you like But one of them flight needs to do all these challenges.
Larry King
Larry King Mese fa
And people will still buy it lmao
John Massa
John Massa Mese fa
Damn no Steph this better just be this year cause if it is also last year the damn bleacher report is cold
Devilkrow Mese fa
This would actually help a lot of people in 2k21
Faiz F1icks
Faiz F1icks Mese fa
He 6 11
Needle_Man Mese fa
Man all the comments are is garbage challenges can y’all not
Needle_Man Mese fa
Man nah I’m not effing buying this garbage
Tarik O'Neal
Tarik O'Neal Mese fa
The “Dwayne and Rufus Vs The World Challenge” You put Dwayne Neal and Rufus Bishop on the same team you can only draft and trade for players that are 80 overall or lower. Players you draft or have that overalls go up past 80 overall you can keep but then have to keep :0. Win a ring within 3 seasons. Like if you wanna see 2 GOATS team up and do the impossible!!!
This was a dope vid ngl
adzattack1 Mese fa
Day 10 of asking for "Trust The Process" Challenge: 1. Fantasy draft 2. Tank your first season. You cannot send players to the reserves and your best players must always be started. 3. Keep your first round draft pick and use it OR you may trade up in the draft. The player you draft cannot be traded and must always be a starter. 4. No max contracts in free agency. 5. Win a championship in 2 years (not counting the tanking year).
H1WILLIAMS 18 Mese fa
Should do this again
Skeakerhead_peeinthebed Machado
Skeakerhead_peeinthebed Machado Mese fa
play park
Shortiy Mese fa
yall remember when kenny making bangers in 2k17. Or dropping quiziz in creasing our knowledge. Now our boy is almost at a mil.
Jordan Lerner
Jordan Lerner Mese fa
Can we see you do park challenges this year
Dekari White
Dekari White Mese fa
Kenny shouldn’t Zion be a finish defense build
nj abaya
nj abaya Mese fa
do a part 2 of this kenny
Sebastian Sonmark
Sebastian Sonmark Mese fa
kenny..kenny... giannis official height is 6'11 not 6'10
Justin Boschee
Justin Boschee Mese fa
2K: It’s a wrap guys good job on the new game. Let’s celebrate, we worked hard. Yeahhh Also 2K: Roster update, few changes, horrible my career name, new cover Athlete. Slaps 60 dollar price tag on box. ✅ Got’em again. 😂 2K Fans face when they get the same game: Priceless. Smh, man. 🤦‍♂️
Werner Smit
Werner Smit Mese fa
Make a small rebounding finisher like Rodman
Galaxy WRLD
Galaxy WRLD Mese fa
Alright bruh so you gonna tell me that Bradley Beal on the wheel but Steph curry ain’t on the list🤦🏻‍♂️
Itz Xeqzi
Itz Xeqzi Mese fa
Giannis should be blue and green
ChaCha Mese fa
asking kenny to do the BLM ✊
Casey Bragg
Casey Bragg Mese fa
West vs East challenge: -must be an east team and a west team -do a fantasy draft -can only make trades from Eastern to eastern: example if you are the pacers you can only make a trade with an eastern conference team and same with the west -both teams need to meet in the finals
Casey Bragg
Casey Bragg Mese fa
Like so Kenny sees
Royalty Mese fa
Do a part two
Royalty Mese fa
Why do I get exited when people mention lillard that’s how yk he to underrated
Ryan Neal
Ryan Neal Mese fa
Kenny should do the crazy crazy challenge where he has to make a dream team with no limits and see if he can go 82-0 and win all Awards in the season.
Devin Hutchins
Devin Hutchins Mese fa
I wanna see a kd LeBron duo career sim
Conor Sheehan
Conor Sheehan Mese fa
Day 66 of asking Kenny to do the “Out of Place Challenge” (I know he has done one similar but this one is still different) Rules: Turn off the trade deadline and Fantasy Draft your team. Make trades prior to the start of the season until you have a team you like. Create a wheel of all positions and spin it for each player in your rotation, then make whatever the wheel lands on that players position. Simulate 30 games. After 30 games make whatever trades to help better your team if needed, spin the wheel for the new players acquired to see what position they get. Simulate until there’s 1 game left in the season. Make anymore trades to help your team in the playoffs, then spin the wheel again to change their position. Play until you win a championship, Good Luck!
Braylenplays Mese fa
Honestly this vid was fun to watch
Aaron McKinley
Aaron McKinley Mese fa
Bruh, when I was new around here, shit was lit. I swear all I did in my spare time for like a month was watch all of his old videos.
$ecret$quirrel Mese fa
This mane make Zion so unaccurate!!
$ecret$quirrel Mese fa
Zion offensive rebounding is alteast 75 stop playing!
Christian Warner
Christian Warner Mese fa
Day 3 of asking KOT4Q THE GOAT to do the no awards challenge rules: 1.Do a fantasy draft 2.Can't have a single player who won any of the main awards (MVP, ROTY, DPOY, SMTY, MIP) 3.Have to win a championship and win 1 main award Like so he can see
S1X6 Boomy
S1X6 Boomy Mese fa
Day 5 of asking for the Draft Only Challenge rules are no trades or signings, start with all 40 overalls, goes till you win a chip
Jake Pacquing
Jake Pacquing Mese fa
Day 38 of asking Kenny to do the "One and done" challenge. Rule 1. Every player on your team has to have gone to college for 1 year then went to the NBA. Rule 2. No one on your team can be a 90 overall or higher. Rule 3. The challenge ends when you win a championship. Like so Kenny can see!
Raj Mathur
Raj Mathur Mese fa
Kenny you need range extender to make threes
josh losh
josh losh Mese fa
Kenny u should do the Alec burks rebuilding challenge Rules make a team of only Alec burks (since he is the most valuable asset in 2) Win a championship
Jaxson Bennett
Jaxson Bennett Mese fa
Do a regular fantasy draft in 2k09. Like so kenny can see.
EJ Mese fa
Day 59 of asking Kenny Only lefties challenge Rules: You have to win a championship in 3 years You can pick any left handed player to start with
Will Downey
Will Downey Mese fa
In the video dynasty rebuild you asked have a team won a championship and got the first pick. In 1990 the Celtics won the championship and picked Len bais who died that day.
Hank Hutcheson
Hank Hutcheson Mese fa
try making luka bro. 6'7 PG with dunking, playmaking, shooting and defense in the mid-high 80s
Voitekas Mese fa
Kenny, worst championship team challenge: Fantasy draft Your star player must be max 87 overall Role players must be at least 77 overall Rebuild a team only with 2nd round picks Must win a championship in 2 years
jasonfire34 Mese fa
Challenge idea for 2k20 or 21, the “Mega Trade” Challenge -No trade finder -Every 2-team trade must involve at least 3 players per team (excluding picks) -Must do one 3-team trade -Must trade highest overall player drafted -Turn on team chemistry Win a championship
Marcus hill jr
Marcus hill jr Mese fa
Zion has wonderful strength but kenny put his pie chart for only agility and vertical. Giannis is the most dominant in the league and his strength is worse than agility.
Deveren Judon
Deveren Judon Mese fa
uhhh so were not gonna takl about how he said PIEVERT
Hayden Willeford
Hayden Willeford Mese fa
Polar opposite challenge: You can only use players 6' 10" and up or 6' and below. Bonus if you use IT and/or Tacko Fall
Ryder Vargas
Ryder Vargas Mese fa
Yung Quanzaa
Yung Quanzaa Mese fa
Pls do a KENNY HARDAWAY series again we’re desperate
Isaiah Prom
Isaiah Prom Mese fa
Why did your subscriber count fall way down
PS2 Gamer
PS2 Gamer Mese fa
Brendan Luongo
Brendan Luongo Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the "MVP" Challenge. -Fantasy Draft -You must have 3 MVPs on your roster (regular season or Finals) -Each of them has to play at least 30 minutes -You have to win one championship
Russell Clark
Russell Clark Mese fa
Do a madden 21 rebuild
Ovven AKA #1DeniAvdija Fan Account
Ovven AKA #1DeniAvdija Fan Account Mese fa
Yooooooo my comments in the video
bronson hedden
bronson hedden Mese fa
Day 2 of asking for the 2nd round rebuild must rebuild a team using only players who were 2nd round picks Rules you must win 2 championships You must trade all first for seconds
yeonwoo's nam
yeonwoo's nam Mese fa
nobody: absolutely nobody: kenny: :0 6:14
Loren Flaum
Loren Flaum Mese fa
Advanced Ninja Gaming
Advanced Ninja Gaming Mese fa
Eughhhhh kenny I liked this
Victor Silva
Victor Silva Mese fa
Giannis is 6’11
MaikuLaKilla Mese fa
Personally I think Zion is a Slashing Defender
Liam JN
Liam JN Mese fa
cant find any actual comments just fucking “day whatever of asking kenny to do some rebuild idea”
Ben Halevi
Ben Halevi Mese fa
day 3 of asking to do an all PG team you have to have a team full of PG fantasy draft and win 1 championship you cant change their position like so Kenny can see
MaikuLaKilla Mese fa
The game is worse than 2k20
Vision_ Coco
Vision_ Coco Mese fa
Oh. Never mind. Wait maybe he is
RiceDumpling420 Mese fa
sucks that Kenny got Jokic cause the passing stats don't matter that much
Vision_ Coco
Vision_ Coco Mese fa
Zion 6”9
Gio Bermudez
Gio Bermudez Mese fa
New Challenge: New year new me: 1. Fantasy Draft that your assistant gym drafts. 2. Rebuild the team to the worst possible team. 3. After the years changes, e.i. December 31 2019 to January 1 2020. 4. When the new year hits, try to rebuild to get the best championship team you can get. 5. Win the Championship 6. 2 season max to complete
Tdjdj Tesfns
Tdjdj Tesfns Mese fa
2k is so fucking trahs
ImFan YT
ImFan YT Mese fa
Day 16 of asking Kenny to do the "Hometown" challenge. Random select a team, whatever team you get, you have to make a roster where every player on the team has to be from that teams state. (you have to win a championship)
Antwon Vlogs
Antwon Vlogs Mese fa
How doesn’t the goat have a mil subs yet
Pelayo Agag
Pelayo Agag Mese fa
Kenny should start uploading park on his third channel
DJ CROSS Mese fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the best dunkers challenge, rules are you have to do a fantasy draft, every body (everybody) on your team must have to have a dunk rating of 80 and above. You must also have the best dunker in the league on the team and you have to have Vince carter on your team playing at least twenty minutes you have 3 years to finish this rebuild, oh and one more thing out of those three years you have to have at least one of your players to win a dunk contest.Don’t back out if this Kenny.
Archie Edwards
Archie Edwards Mese fa
Anyone else realise Steph curry isn’t on the weel
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Mese fa
Hey Kenny for the Giannis build you should have done the playmaking and defensive pie chart to where you get a two way slashing play maker. That’s what my league says he is so I was just putting in my two cents
Jackson Rupp
Jackson Rupp Mese fa
Kenny do the every team challenge: ,You have to have 1 Player from each team: , any team you want for the 13 teams ,then you have to win 1 Championship in 2 years.
Doug hyslop
Doug hyslop Mese fa
I didn't see Alex Caruso on the wheel
legolex 2005
legolex 2005 Mese fa
Who else is hype for Kenny Hardaway in 2k20 v2
Avery Husk
Avery Husk Mese fa
Start uploading Park man
Fraser Posford
Fraser Posford Mese fa
Do the Kendall Jenner build. Fantasy draft, Trade for a team of D'Angelo Russell, Devin Booker, Ben Simmons, Kyle Kuzma and Blake Griffin with Jordan Clarkson as the 6th Man. Play a 6 man rotation. See if you can win a championship. Can turn Salary Cap off if the money makes it impossible to do.
Rocksunic Mese fa
POV: your trying to read comments about the vid and irs just video suggestions
Daniel Reeves
Daniel Reeves Mese fa
ok so yall dead tellin me zion and jrue holiday and kyle lowry are better than ja? ok
Logan Young
Logan Young Mese fa
Do a Second Round Pick Challenge Rules: 1) You must only have players that were drafted in the second round on your team (no undrafted players like Fred VanVleet, Jalen Lecque, Tacko Fall, etc.), 2) You must trade all of your first round picks for second round picks, 3) You must do a Fantasy Draft, and 4) You must have the GOAT, Keita Bates-Diop, on your team and make him be a starter. Like for Kenny to see this comment.
Jack Higgins
Jack Higgins Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the “versatility challenge” - Rebuild a team with all players positions changed Players cannot be their primary/secondary position. - example: Zach Lavine is a SG/SF so he must be edited to either PG/PF/C -So players like Ben Simmons will be vital to trade for. Maybe even running players in completely different positions, such as jokic at PG. - Win a championship
uhhh kevin
uhhh kevin Mese fa
Don’t forget to follow his twitch !
Justin Sanchez
Justin Sanchez Mese fa
Disrespected zion with his shooting 🤦🏽‍♂️
Stibar Mese fa
Imagine putting Zion in your top 30... BR really took the L here. An overweight, injury-prone guy that has basically achieved nothing yet should not be near any top 30.
Custom Vegan
Custom Vegan Mese fa
When kenny choses the one with the lowest strength for zion
Luca Dumitru
Luca Dumitru Mese fa
Hey Kenny do "The destroyer" challenge You take a team , do fantasty draft . Than trade all players on the roster But trade them for the worst trade available Sim the season, then rebuild the team and win a chips the next year
Im a Hooper tho
Im a Hooper tho Mese fa
Do a kd typa build
Noah Pike
Noah Pike Mese fa
Wheel of wingspans, as easy as that