i turned off salary cap in nba 2k21 and a new super team formed...

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i turned off salary cap in nba 2k21 and a new super team formed...

Boss2119 •
Boss2119 • 21 ora fa
Brooo the one time the knicks can go crazy with the money and signings... and they hit rebuild??
NoPPLeft Giorno fa
he really pronounced keefe as caffy lol dyslexic kenny back at it again
Asaf Pelleh
Asaf Pelleh Giorno fa
Why are you wearing hospital's pj's?
Abhir Gokhale
Abhir Gokhale 3 giorni fa
21:50 look at Kenny man so dyslexic 😂😂😂😂
deez hands
deez hands 5 giorni fa
called game
Cooper Hodgeman
Cooper Hodgeman 5 giorni fa
Ae just not gonna talk about "they got a white man named Darell, that's interesting"😂💀 that killed me hearing that
Icecoldwater66 yeet
Icecoldwater66 yeet 6 giorni fa
1-10 how stacked is my my league team: PG - 93 OVR Russel Westbrook SG - 99 OVR James Harden SF - 96 OVR Kevin Durant PF - 90 OVR Andre Drummond C - 84 OVR Ivica Zubac 6th - 88 ovr Jaylen Brown two 80 ovr rookies and some 75 and below scrubs
Antics Gaming
Antics Gaming 8 giorni fa
6’9 240 so close yet so far
Xklsv J
Xklsv J 9 giorni fa
Just watched a couple month old jxmmy video and he said there isn’t really a super team it’s just teams that stacked there cards right and it’s been a thing since the like 60s
Will Fuller
Will Fuller 11 giorni fa
“JJ Redicks on the roster but he’s old as dirt” Bruh 😂
Chandler Burge
Chandler Burge 12 giorni fa
“They are having Trae young come off the beach this season...for Lonzo ball...why woul they do such a thing... idk..”
Lucas Sulzbach
Lucas Sulzbach 13 giorni fa
Cod game
Bob Sanders
Bob Sanders 13 giorni fa
Imagine if this was real
Elizabeth Hutton
Elizabeth Hutton 13 giorni fa
Romansk1 15 giorni fa
Called game from 🇩🇪
Death GT300
Death GT300 16 giorni fa
DeMarcus Cousins got traded straight up for Elfrid Payton😂😂😂laughable
Death GT300
Death GT300 16 giorni fa
Christopher Pender
Christopher Pender 16 giorni fa
Called GAME
upnextt rambo
upnextt rambo 16 giorni fa
called game
ethan Wood
ethan Wood 17 giorni fa
Kenny you should do the mycareer challenge: First you go all the way to the right in myleague, then you press the quit button. Next you’ll be going over to the mycareer section and then all you gotta do is load in and play mycareer
Yo Uncle & Yo Daddy
Yo Uncle & Yo Daddy 17 giorni fa
When you override retirement, they go to the team they retired with. It's stupid.
Kid Per
Kid Per 17 giorni fa
Called game
Joe Smart
Joe Smart 18 giorni fa
I still can’t figure out how to turn off salary cap
SanFranFan30 18 giorni fa
Kenny: "Warriors never had a center" Andrew Bogut: *laughing in australian*
Mason Ethridge
Mason Ethridge 18 giorni fa
My celtics stocked up on talent🤘🏼
Skytech Sippin
Skytech Sippin 18 giorni fa
you know kenny don’t smoke that good when he can’t pronounce “keefe” right 🤣🤣
Lewisjax 18 giorni fa
Called game
Vince Lee
Vince Lee 18 giorni fa
Not enough people calling game
_ AustinTalksSports
_ AustinTalksSports 18 giorni fa
Pelicans fr didn’t sign anyone but decided to make the playoffs every year😂😂😂
Liam Rooney
Liam Rooney 18 giorni fa
Oh man Cavs got another 6 foot pg, yeah they should've gotten a 7ft one this time 5:54 Edit: I thought he meant in the 6 foot range not exactly 6'0"
Jeff McDowell
Jeff McDowell 18 giorni fa
Plz like this comment
Jordan Pope
Jordan Pope 18 giorni fa
Called game
Mitchell Demoise
Mitchell Demoise 18 giorni fa
Kenny trash and unrealistic
Mr MattDeezy
Mr MattDeezy 19 giorni fa
MightyMEGA 19 giorni fa
We need a part Two
Tim Arvin
Tim Arvin 19 giorni fa
AD and JT got tired of not making the Finals in Boston so they got the hell up out there
Nonstop Knicks
Nonstop Knicks 19 giorni fa
Called Game
Marcello Nascimento
Marcello Nascimento 19 giorni fa
Ad really called game like that tho
Owen Boulanger
Owen Boulanger 19 giorni fa
If this isn’t proof that the 2k sim hates the Celtics idk what is
Jimmy G
Jimmy G 19 giorni fa
Day 1 of Asking Kenny to do the "Wheel Of Draft Picks" Like so Kenny can see Rules: -Must have a fantasy draft -Spin a wheel with 1-30 or 1-60* 14 times -You then have to trade for players that got drafted in that position -Each draft position must be used -Keep to threatening people to like Goal: Win a Championship Good luck Kenny! * I would suggest doing the 1-30 as there arent many great active players that were drafted in the second round
Y&A NBA 19 giorni fa
called game
Tyler Paul
Tyler Paul 19 giorni fa
Called game
LostnNotFound 19 giorni fa
called game
Jae P.
Jae P. 19 giorni fa
Seeing this just makes me excited for the offseason Heat signing. They have enough cap space to sign 2 max deals. Meaning theoretically, they could land 2 all-stars. I think the Heat definitely need to look into Rudy Gobert. They need Rim protection, and they already run zone. They won’t be missing the floor-spacing because Bam already doesn’t shoot. 2nd free agent.. You really can’t lose this free agent pool is stacked. Giannis, AD, (Jrue holiday would be again, a seamless fit.) Beal, Oladipo, Derozen, Dinwiddie, or Nurkic would be a nice fit too. Plus the possibility of trades, and a draft sleeper.
Elamaaran Babu
Elamaaran Babu 19 giorni fa
The Celtics are good in Kenny’s video and Cliques video
Hiyeeople Getrecked
Hiyeeople Getrecked 19 giorni fa
Called game
bentley Jordan
bentley Jordan 19 giorni fa
Any other player goes to the suns. They where the one seed now they are stacked. KD goes. Kevin they where the one seed what are you doing?? Lmao
Supreme Hoops
Supreme Hoops 19 giorni fa
This should tell u that Curry is really the goat and this is going to be Giannis league 🐐 ‼️
Nate The Great 28
Nate The Great 28 19 giorni fa
21:58 Kenny’s dyslexia kickin in again!🤣😂
Ducker Williams
Ducker Williams 19 giorni fa
The hardest rebuild ever The "Kenny Can't Do It" challenge. step 1- Simulate 5 years and rebuild the worst team step 2- With that team go through 22 straight playoff appearances and and you must make 13 finals appearances and must win twelve of them
Joshua Banks
Joshua Banks 19 giorni fa
Realistic rebuild ?
Tristan Frame
Tristan Frame 19 giorni fa
Called game
Rory Banta
Rory Banta 19 giorni fa
I did this on 2k20 and the Rockets had CP3, Harden, Butler, Durant, and Capela as the starting 5.
John Que
John Que 20 giorni fa
Death, taxes, and bol bol as the sixth man of the year
dollabizz 20 giorni fa
Called game!
Ethan McGinn
Ethan McGinn 20 giorni fa
As a Hawks fan all I can say is if we sign giannis in the off season it might make me cry
Slime Guy
Slime Guy 20 giorni fa
Called game
Thomas Sadberry
Thomas Sadberry 20 giorni fa
Dusty Knox
Z3Gaming 20 giorni fa
called game
JMoses 20 giorni fa
Gianiss still has an 84 Mid Range which is way higher than Anthony Davis
Tyler Mcwethy
Tyler Mcwethy 20 giorni fa
Called game
Forgotten Son
Forgotten Son 20 giorni fa
*Did anyone notice DeMar Derozan was bald in 2K21?*
Kylie Boell
Kylie Boell 20 giorni fa
called game
phillip kay
phillip kay 20 giorni fa
We love you Kenny
Joshua Zange
Joshua Zange 20 giorni fa
Would love to see a video with the best 3 players of each franchise. You did duos, let’s see trios. Players can be from all decades. Like MJ, Pip, and D Rose.
Lincoln Ambrosius
Lincoln Ambrosius 20 giorni fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the “Rebuild Challenge” Rules: Pick a team Do a randomized draft Rebuild that team by making trades Like so Kenny sees this!
ryan smit
ryan smit 20 giorni fa
Called game 🏀🏀
Philly Dior
Philly Dior 20 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the Defensive Challenge - All players must have a 70+ perimeter defense or - 70+ interior defense
Noah Binkowski
Noah Binkowski 20 giorni fa
The same thing happened on Clique’s channel. The Celtics got everyone.
HoopsTalk 21 giorno fa
Celtics always get like every free agent lol. Every time people do this thing. Then they win like 4 straight titles
Ryan Potgieter
Ryan Potgieter 21 giorno fa
Rebuild New York
Kay Dinero
Kay Dinero 21 giorno fa
Kenny should do the "David vs Goliath" challenge. This consists of: Giving yourself the 1st Pick in a Fixed fantasy draft Turning off salary cap Turning trade difficulty to 0 Building a superteam with Luka, Giannis, Lebron ect. Once this is done, sim a season and take control of the worst team in the opposite conference and try to build a team good enough to meet the superteam of your creation. You have 3 Years to complete this Challenge
Jj 21 giorno fa
They was the one seed last year Kevin had me Ctfu for no reason😂😂
Shafeeq Abdul
Shafeeq Abdul 21 giorno fa
nmb Memphis beast24
nmb Memphis beast24 21 giorno fa
I called game
Xavier Harper
Xavier Harper 21 giorno fa
“He can shoot the skin off of the peel” 😂😂
Rodolfo Maldonado
Rodolfo Maldonado 21 giorno fa
Ass taste ok
Ass taste ok 21 giorno fa
OMG these mid video ads. 30m+ videos are unwatchable
Jaimer Why
Jaimer Why 21 giorno fa
Kenny is so dramatic
Jakyb Stoddard
Jakyb Stoddard 21 giorno fa
Called game
Emanuel Hickerson
Emanuel Hickerson 21 giorno fa
Called game
snag x boards _
snag x boards _ 21 giorno fa
Hey Kenny I just want to say I've been here since 100k and keep up the good work I'm trying to become a youtuber any suggestions would help
Justin Webb
Justin Webb 21 giorno fa
Called game
Tahar Nasir
Tahar Nasir 21 giorno fa
Shout out to Bill Cartwright for being Eduardo Chavez floor 26:56
Habib Clips
Habib Clips 21 giorno fa
Called game
henning johnsen
henning johnsen 21 giorno fa
called game
Superfly 21 giorno fa
Called Game
AJORDAN1234 21 giorno fa
Called game
Yo Psycho
Yo Psycho 21 giorno fa
Curry on top
Solomon Royle Uwumagbe
Solomon Royle Uwumagbe 21 giorno fa
This man copied my guy clique
Storm of Sports
Storm of Sports 21 giorno fa
Switches to Suns... "And the Spurs sign Michel Robinson."
-TheMadInBeast -
-TheMadInBeast - 21 giorno fa
Called Game
BB PSI_KLAW13 21 giorno fa
Called Game
Brian Henry
Brian Henry 21 giorno fa
What am i gonna comment, Hint : I didn't call bank
Mikey 482
Mikey 482 21 giorno fa
Didn't call glass, called game
Michael Sylvester
Michael Sylvester 21 giorno fa
Day 4 of asking Kenny for the Wheel of 2K Draft Classes Challenge. Use players from past draft classes throughout all of 2k. Incorporating the players from past generations could be pretty interesting!
Evansville Updates
Evansville Updates 21 giorno fa
called game
Glizzy Gladiator
Glizzy Gladiator 21 giorno fa
Called game
Ameer Shah
Ameer Shah 21 giorno fa
Called Game
Quintobean42 21 giorno fa
Called game
Curto The goat
Curto The goat 21 giorno fa
Do the google challenge were you let it pick a random number from 70 and up and you have to get that overall and when a championship. And you have to get one untouchable.and it goes on until you win a championship or when you quit.
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