Dear Detroit Pistons, Hire Me As Your Next GM

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Mimi Sacko
Mimi Sacko Giorno fa
I’m am from Detroit and I would be happy if you were the GM
Gr8LksKilla 3 giorni fa
I love the coach but not the let's rebuild and let Blake go to Brooklyn.
Gr8LksKilla 3 giorni fa
U get my vote!!
Hell Fridge
Hell Fridge 8 giorni fa
He said we are up 3-1 and we have kwahi we are not gonna blow this Little did he know.....
Darsh TV
Darsh TV 12 giorni fa
"We dont blow 3-1 leads" "We have kawhi on our team". Umm well that played out well😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mason VGO
Mason VGO 23 giorni fa
"We ain't gonna blow this 3-1 lead, we got Kawhi" uhhh
Jericho Vasttiano
Jericho Vasttiano 25 giorni fa
"we're not gonna blow this we got leonard at our team" LOL
DomDaBomb20 26 giorni fa
Drazen had a son, yessir
Im Cinco
Im Cinco 29 giorni fa
Is up 3-1 "Were not gonna blow this we got Kawhai on our team"
Bryant Peñasco
Bryant Peñasco Mese fa
18:00 “3-1 us, yea we are not gonna blow this, we have khawi” Yikes, that aged poorly
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Teo Balderrin
Teo Balderrin Mese fa
How do you simulate the calendar so fast?
UrSoxUntyd Mese fa
“Kawhi leonard, whole city of detroit on his back!” Well, maybe thats why his back hurts kenny.
will iamgaming
will iamgaming Mese fa
I’m a Detroit pistons fan can y’all please hire my man Kenny
ftb Mese fa
gotta love firing your coach for winning defensive player of the year 25:40
alex lefrancois
alex lefrancois Mese fa
barkley was a crying baby....bro, mahorn had to help him pick up the pieces..........bad call...
Builder Dog
Builder Dog Mese fa
if the pistons hired kenny the pistons would win the playoffs
sadboy_muge Mese fa
yall think he could do it tho?????? I believe in him
Joseph Parkes
Joseph Parkes Mese fa
You should have changed settings to make the trades more realistic. Getting Conley for griffin is a unlikely no?
juss Horrify
juss Horrify Mese fa
Will asking for job says that the team is bad
Kevin Frye
Kevin Frye Mese fa
GM Kenny in the building
Jaxon Goddard
Jaxon Goddard Mese fa
i have just come across this guy in the last day and he is now my favourite youtuber
陳希恩Anderson Chen
陳希恩Anderson Chen Mese fa
"I don't care David"😂
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen Mese fa
Hire this man!
Daniel Faust
Daniel Faust 2 mesi fa
You'd want LaMelo Ball... oof 😳
Trent Newman
Trent Newman 2 mesi fa
Does Kenny not know that American is a college?
blake aderman
blake aderman 2 mesi fa
Kenny: why’s his second position pg is there something I don’t know Go watch some maker film dog 😂
Fan 1
Fan 1 2 mesi fa
D I 2 mesi fa
True GM resume challenge: Advance 5 years and pick the worst team (maybe longer if the team is too good), trade difficulty at 90, no flipping assets and drafting is as close to NBA as you can get
Mini Minecraft
Mini Minecraft 2 mesi fa
Turn off mods
JMH Productions
JMH Productions 2 mesi fa
As a Detroit pistons fan, ur hired
RIZ4RO _1202
RIZ4RO _1202 2 mesi fa
Best rebuilder 💯
Squirtle Fan
Squirtle Fan 2 mesi fa
Why didn’t he pick Scotty Barnes
Frederick Butler
Frederick Butler 2 mesi fa
Mike Conley going up is more realistic than Kawhi signing with the Pistons
H311O :l
H311O :l 2 mesi fa
2021 draft lottery no one jumped or dropped every team stayed where they were projected
Shiven Jayaram
Shiven Jayaram 3 mesi fa
Jake Wood
Jake Wood 3 mesi fa
Deven Patel
Deven Patel 3 mesi fa
In the 2021 draft, the top three players are PG Cade Cunningham out of Oklahoma state, C Evan Mobley out of USC, and SG Jalen Green who signed a contract with the g league and is not going to college Just thought u might want to know Kenny!
Jacob Lehrhaupt
Jacob Lehrhaupt 3 mesi fa
If Warriors don't get 1st Pick. #1 Overall Pick
Mason Schu
Mason Schu 3 mesi fa
Please fix us!!😩😩
RWG Trio
RWG Trio 3 mesi fa
Melo going 1st overall pick!
Kid Renegade
Kid Renegade 3 mesi fa
Andre Roberson has insane defense
Johnathan Henson
Johnathan Henson 3 mesi fa
Oooofffff let's do a 30 person gm pool...I call dibs on the Hornets
Roman Lamouelle
Roman Lamouelle 3 mesi fa
I challenge you with a gm mode rebuild you only get one allstar on your team of your choosing. But the rest of the team on gotta be 74- 66 overall. And your one allstar has to score the half the points from the rest of the team per game
The Big Brain Podcast
The Big Brain Podcast 3 mesi fa
as a Detroit Pistons fan... I would hire you
Maximilian Weinstock
Maximilian Weinstock 3 mesi fa
You maybe should have trade up to draft cade Cunningham..
JP theGR8
JP theGR8 3 mesi fa
I am 4 seconds into this video and they should hire you. And honestly? This is a place they should be looking for their front office staff. Out of the box thinkers needed.
The Master
The Master 3 mesi fa
bruh yall ignoring makur maker over here with the C/PG cheese
Creed346 3 mesi fa
At this point Kenny gotta be the GM of every team
Javier Gamboa
Javier Gamboa 3 mesi fa
Why haven't you gotten more camps? I've done like half the amount of rebuilds and I have 11 camps
EL Determination5
EL Determination5 3 mesi fa
You should of got Lonzo and then you will have The Balls
Bruh Man
Bruh Man 3 mesi fa
Makur Maker has C/PG
Harrison Petersheim
Harrison Petersheim 3 mesi fa
Center/Point Guard?!?!
big_gucci_chris 3 mesi fa
I’m sorry, but I think I could do a better job than Jim Boylen. You would have seemed like Poppovich compared to him
Tom Laundry
Tom Laundry 4 mesi fa
Everyone is buff as hell in this mod
REF TACO 4 mesi fa
12:50 his backup positionis PG and he is a center XD
butch magnus
butch magnus 4 mesi fa
Why do the graphics in his game look soo different
Rosalie Santome
Rosalie Santome 4 mesi fa
Imagine Kenny do this with the Knicks
SourChezBurger 4 mesi fa
When semi ojelye and cedi osman are on his team 🤔
rj benjamin
rj benjamin 4 mesi fa
Kawhi would never play in Detroit doe
Eoin Bourke
Eoin Bourke 4 mesi fa
lamelo ball goes third in the draft due to his family but he has the talent of the No.1
Muhammad Khutubul
Muhammad Khutubul 4 mesi fa
kenny as pistons GM kenny: meeting players also kenny: and you get traded and you get traded
Ben Xenos
Ben Xenos 4 mesi fa
>Wants to be employed by an NBA franchise >Drafts Lamelo 2nd overall 😂 U still cool tho no worries Kenny
Si Rup
Si Rup 4 mesi fa
Makur Maker Plays Pg in the College
Greg Jennings
Greg Jennings 4 mesi fa
He wants to be the Pistons GM so he can trade all of Detroit’s assets to the Bulls and then dash.
Maxwell Burleson
Maxwell Burleson 4 mesi fa
Isaiah Todd is the best center in High School right now
Zack Breazy
Zack Breazy 4 mesi fa
Lamelo will go one or two depends who has the pick imo
Thad Mosley
Thad Mosley 4 mesi fa
IMG_0668.PNG What type of celebration Is this
P Church
P Church 4 mesi fa
No one likes Isaiah Todd
Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells 4 mesi fa
Should of signed Lonzo 2021 free agency 14:45
P Church
P Church 4 mesi fa
If only it was that easy. (Hiring Kenny I mean)
Frenzy - TLOPO
Frenzy - TLOPO 4 mesi fa
Not sure why actual teams don’t use the methods you use to get good players.
Tua SZN 4 mesi fa
Pistons should definitely hire Kenny as GM.
GarageBoyz420 4 mesi fa
Grind grind grind
Shoma Sewdarsan
Shoma Sewdarsan 4 mesi fa
Me during quarantined 28:12
montana01 4 mesi fa
I'm pretty sure the Kings aren't giving up a lottery pick for Rose, and i'm pretty sure it will be a lot harder to move griffin's contract.... but moving in the right direction.
Cole Emery
Cole Emery 4 mesi fa
DerTapi 4 mesi fa
I like that .420 FG%
Raze SWB
Raze SWB 4 mesi fa
Every sub the Kenny gets more chances to get the GM job
Alex K
Alex K 4 mesi fa
You’re not qualified
Steve Davidson
Steve Davidson 4 mesi fa
I think he goes 4th, Edwards and Toppin and then some team who needs a center will pick Wiseman. Then lamelo.
David Carvill
David Carvill 4 mesi fa
Day 67: 1st pick in first round in a fantasy draft and last pick in every round for the fantasy the players have to be 1 (90+) and the rest have to be (75-) then rebuild the team
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson 4 mesi fa
Ok I might not like pistons before but if they hire him then I’ll like them
Roderick McKenzie
Roderick McKenzie 4 mesi fa
Thank you I'm a die hard pistons fan. We need l the help
Eric Weisbauer
Eric Weisbauer 4 mesi fa
Yo the draft stayed the same 9:41
Eric Weisbauer
Eric Weisbauer 4 mesi fa
Donny Montebello
Donny Montebello 4 mesi fa
Kenny deserves the job
iiChxnger 4 mesi fa
Carter Myers
Carter Myers 4 mesi fa
sharife cooper out of auburn?
Carter Myers
Carter Myers 4 mesi fa
Kenny: he has a player option so... Ad: Buy a zax pack
Grandpa Atlas
Grandpa Atlas 4 mesi fa
Darkskin Doom💀
RJ Jones
RJ Jones 4 mesi fa
David Aldridge when Kenny skips him: 😢
Nick LeRoy
Nick LeRoy 4 mesi fa
Isaiah Todd snubs Michigan then has to come play for the Pistons. Seems fair to me.
Cameron G
Cameron G 4 mesi fa
Picking Ball second over all would be your first mistake
Zakaryah Scruggs
Zakaryah Scruggs 4 mesi fa
"Mike Conley's shooting .420 from the field and .420 from 3 *Smiles* "that's nice."
Sub Me In Coach
Sub Me In Coach 4 mesi fa
11:08 - Cade Cunningham, remember the name...
PS2 Gamer
PS2 Gamer 4 mesi fa
Gaming Potato
Gaming Potato 4 mesi fa
Pistons are my favorite team and the gm sucks. I want the pistons to atleast make the playoffs next year and hopefully be healthy. I just want to see bad boys again
Andrea France
Andrea France 4 mesi fa
Your the goat
Andrea France
Andrea France 4 mesi fa
Your the goat
andre bastian
andre bastian 4 mesi fa
I had to guard Makur Maker's little brother Mapur. He is like 6,7 at 14 and im only 5'10 :(
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