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kinggalexandre Giorno fa
So jealous of Kenny man. 😭😭😭 the goat 🐐
BrownyTV 2 giorni fa
Bro you should dm 100 nba players and make it vid !
Lee Amezcua
Lee Amezcua 2 giorni fa
Any time Kenny mentions Caruso he earns my like
O G 2 giorni fa
Weird thing my dad met Charles Barkley around 30 times and all those times where in a bathroom
Thomas Heller
Thomas Heller 3 giorni fa
didn’t giannis say he liked ur vids?
K J 3 giorni fa
I met you at a subway
Derek Shanklin
Derek Shanklin 3 giorni fa
Bro I’ve been around since the summer of 2017 and you’ve been my favorite ITpost since then, and I’m so happy for u bro. U went from getting like 5.6 or 7.8k likes on videos to consistently getting 20-25k or more👏👏
bannana_ man77
bannana_ man77 3 giorni fa
Lonzo challenge:in 3 years make lonzo win MIP,MVP and FMVP
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 3 giorni fa
Day 9 of Challenge for Kenny- Name: The Allstar Challenge Challenge: Your team can only consist of past all-stars. It doesn’t matter the rating just only allstars. Goal: 70+ win season, and back2back championships
Geoff Raeyon Sulit
Geoff Raeyon Sulit 3 giorni fa
I mean Kennys btter on some analist I watch before
Angelo Tan
Angelo Tan 4 giorni fa
Kenny "analyst” Beecham
Trace Sims
Trace Sims 4 giorni fa
You should rebuild the best team with as many superstars but with 0 badges and see if you can win a championship but if you lose you have to make them all 60 overall and max badges
Carter Downey
Carter Downey 4 giorni fa
didnt zach lavine wink at your girlfriend though
Jayson Tatum #1
Jayson Tatum #1 5 giorni fa
This is proof that Trae Young has championship DNA
Camden Mitchell
Camden Mitchell 5 giorni fa
Kenny you met lauri and passed up on a trade for him
Brayden 4
Brayden 4 5 giorni fa
does anyone know if it’s kenny that says what’s the word bird?
Rohan Sharoon
Rohan Sharoon 5 giorni fa
I’ve talked to Rudy gobert
George Neatherly
George Neatherly 3 giorni fa
I didn’t
KingB Simmons
KingB Simmons 5 giorni fa
R we going to talk about lebron being on the warriors
Justin Sanchez
Justin Sanchez 5 giorni fa
How did you forget lauri markkanan
Christian Williams yeet
Christian Williams yeet 5 giorni fa
Christian Williams yeet
Christian Williams yeet 5 giorni fa
hE fElL iN mY lAp
Kenny Simmons
Kenny Simmons 5 giorni fa
change challenge: do a season on 14 games after every game you must have a whole new starting five. must go until you win a chip. . turn off trade deadline .must win a chip like so kenny can see, also yall sub so kenny can get that one mil
davin dubose
davin dubose 5 giorni fa
Hey Kenny I love the content imma huge fan and I love all the my league videos that you do and I do a lot of my league stuff like tweaking sliders to try and make the game I’m more challenging offline, removing intangibles from every player a idea I got from you and I also make myself and my friends in the game but unlike when you did it I like to make us nba size by adding 10 inches and 60 pounds and that’s all that I change still keep the real skill and badges. I would love for you to revisit your nba career again using my method even tho this time you would not be a short king 😂😂😂
Jeff Coggin
Jeff Coggin 5 giorni fa
The favorite players challenge . you can only get people jerseys you have,shirts you have ,shoes you have and autographs you have . you have to do a fantasy draft and you can do a legends . And you can't end the video tell you win a finals.
MarkFresh 5 giorni fa
Weird flex but ok
Oliver Thumén
Oliver Thumén 5 giorni fa
Why tf would a nba player take the subway lmao
Sharon Whitaker
Sharon Whitaker 5 giorni fa
Who is better Stephen Curry or lonzo ball
Eddie Myers
Eddie Myers 5 giorni fa
I know this might not seem like a good challenge but this is one I’m curious about and i gonna try myself. Try and rebuild a team around Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown.
kenny mccall
kenny mccall 5 giorni fa
I will always like kenny videos even if it is not basketball related
Kieran Light
Kieran Light 5 giorni fa
Here’s a justice league challenge (inspired by the avengers one) -Batman: He’s the greatest detective in the world, very quiet, and he keeps to himself. This player must be someone who doesn’t talk that much in the media/social media and must have a pass iq or shot iq of 85+ -Superman: High flying, super strong, has frost breath, and from another planet. This player must have a strength rating of 85+, has the ice in his veins badge, and has ether been in the dunk contest or is a foreign player -Green lantern: The green lanterns represent will. This player must be someone who never gives up and has played for a team that wears green at any point including city jerseys and the SuperSonics (not Marcus smart) -Wonder woman: The daughter of Zeus. This player must be the son of a former player -Cyborg: Most of his body has been replaced by metal thus giving him super strength, speed, and stamina. This player must have had suffered a season ending injury and has a strength rating of 83+, a speed rating of 80+, and a stamina rating of 80+. Or just kawhi. -The Flash: A speedy youngster who shows much promise. This player must be 24 or younger, has a speed rating of 85+, and has silver or higher quick first step badge. -Aqua Man: From the ocean and is the king of Atlantis. This player must be a career 40% three point shooter or higher. Or just Stephen Adams -Hawk man: Uses his wings to to defy gravity. This player must have a dunk rating of 80+, has the intimidator badge (bronze or higher), and has played for the hawks. -Martian manhunter: A Martian who can shape shift to many different sizes often large. This player must be a foreign player 7 feet or taller -Green Arrrow: Straight shooter from anywhere at any angle. This player must be a career 40% fg shooter and has gold range extender. -Doctor Fate: A great sorcerer. He has magic awareness to sense other magic users and go to their locations. As well he can tune into the cosmos to sense when certain events are going to happen. This player must be a defensive monster. He must be averaging 1+ steals and has both the clamps and lightning reflexes badges (bronze or higher). -Shazam: Actually a young kid who turns into a man with super strength when he says the word “Shazam”. This player must be a rookie with a strength rating of 80+. Or just Zion. And one more thing. You must us the raptors
Austin Mulka
Austin Mulka 5 giorni fa
I got to meet Draymond because he was doing some gym event in Detroit 2 minutes from my house. Never met his dad though.
Challenge idea for Kenny The Mcdonalds challenge rules: do a fantasy draft 1. Cashier: this person is getting the dollars, trade for someone with a salary of over 30 million per year 2. Frier: you must trade for someone who has lead the league in any stat 3. Waiter: This person is serving up people this person has needed to have a career average of 5 assists or more 4. Chef: This person must have had a season where they have averaged more than 25 ppg 5. Cleaner: your cleaner must have had a game where they have had at least 4 blocks 6. The barista: baristas deal with hot drinks, trade for a player that has hit a game-winner 7. Drive-thru manager: drive-thru managers are quick in action, your player must have an 85 speed or more 8. Delivery man: The delivery man keeps the food hot and delivers, trade for a player that can deliver at the rim having an 85 or higher driving dunk rating and this person must have contact finisher 9. Crew trainer: this person's a vet, your player must be 35 years or older 10. Paddie maker: this person loves a good burger, this person must be over 230 lbs 11. New employee: this person is new and young, your player must be 23 years old or younger 12. Party host: this person loves children, this person must have kids 13. food taster: this person likes to try their new recipes and approve, your player must have played for 5 at least different teams 14. Manger: this person is a busy man, trade for a player that has started for over 150 games 15. Ronald Mcdonald: Ronald is literally a clown, trade for someone who social media talk bad about (eg. lonzo KD) Thank you please like so kenny can see cuz this took a long time to do
John Hartrey
John Hartrey 5 giorni fa
How is Gobert a better overall than Kemba
Elikem Buame
Elikem Buame 5 giorni fa
Rookie champs challenge: draft for five picks so in the second season you have five draft picks and use them as starters and use them to win a championship in 7 seasons
Tia Wamsley
Tia Wamsley 5 giorni fa
Braddox Pham
Braddox Pham 5 giorni fa
Hero to Zero(solid player or less) - Rules your starting 5 and 6th man must have been a key contributor to a team in the past then declined massively. Example Rajon Rondo
Wild Badoola
Wild Badoola 5 giorni fa
I just made a top 10 video of ronnie2k’s lies😂 check it out you won’t regret it
Dinosaur flashlight
Dinosaur flashlight 5 giorni fa
Day:1 of asking Kenny School yard challenge(I’m thinking of this as of typing,btw this is high school and up) P.S you can have more then one of each category ex: you can have more then one freshman) Fantasy draft but you have to use the hornets Freshman: self explanatory get your self a rookie. Sophomore: get a player that’s been in the league for under 3 years Junior: get your self an all star (HAS TO BE A PF) Senior: the best of the best, get yourself a superstar Teacher: gotta teach the youth, get a mentor to teach your student Security officer: protect the school, Get a defensive BEAST Assistant principal: player of your choice Principal: player of your choice But this wouldn’t be a rebuild without a challenge DETENTION: You can’t have any 1st round picks,can’t trade for any and you can’t have any in the first place. At the all star break trade your 3rd best player for the worst trade you get in trade finder. Has to be a 3 peat, MEANING IF YOU HAVE A SENIOR AND LOSE ANY OF THE YEARS YOU MUST GET RID OF THAT PLAYER BECAUSE THEY GRADUATED EX: year 2 you lose the championship and you have a senior that offseason you must release that player. That goes with every other year so the 2nd year your junior is now a senior etc please like it up so Kenny can see
Zion Randolph
Zion Randolph 5 giorni fa
Rapper challenge 1. Jay Z Must use Brooklyn nets 2. Drake . Must of a player from Canada 3. Big Sean. Must have won most improved player 4. Denzel curry. Must have cut there hair off (De’Arron fox elfrid Payton ) 5. Migos. Three team trade 6. Rod wave must be over 250 lbs 7. Kanye west must have dated a Kardashian 8. Lil Wayne must be 36 or older 9. Future must be under 22 10. 50 cent must have had a 50 point game 11. Chance the rapper someone from Chicago 12. Eminem must have a speed rating of 85 13. Kendrick lamer must have either been on all nba first team or on the all nba 2010s team 14. Dame D.O.L.L.A must have a player that made a song 15. Da baby must have of the youngest player in the nba
camel boi
camel boi 5 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to do the “big boi salary challenge” Rules: fantasy draft 1. No salary cap 2. Must only use players with a salary over 15 mil 3. 2 year rebuild 4. Win 2 championships Like so Kenny can see 👍🏼
Neal neal
Neal neal 5 giorni fa
the bulls rebuild (LIKE SO HE CAN SEE) 1. you must rebuild the bulls throught this decade 2010-2020 2.once you get the option you must put trade diffuculty to 100 can onley do 5 trades scince the bulls don't trade a lot 4.if you don't win a ring the first year go back and do it again and you must sign 5 or more free agents and over pay for them 5.SUBCRIBE
Zack Watt
Zack Watt 5 giorni fa
Why is Kenny on HouseOfHighlights Instagram page so much?
Mack Moore
Mack Moore 5 giorni fa
Do a rebuil with jeidel
Read McStravick
Read McStravick 5 giorni fa
Rebuild the saddest Franchise: the Charlotte hornets
j vg
j vg 5 giorni fa
Last dance rebuild Bring Michael jordan back on the bulls but make everyone else 40 rating and get a 3 peat
GB for life -Lucas
GB for life -Lucas 5 giorni fa
I have actually been in the same room as brook lopez at Disney and I also met him at universal, but at universal he was with his brother robin
Brayden Murch
Brayden Murch 5 giorni fa
Bro I did this a little while ago idk if y’all remember it was da homies rebulid
Deathtrap 101
Deathtrap 101 5 giorni fa
Make a rebuild of only using small forwards
Lennon McAfee
Lennon McAfee 6 giorni fa
Get this man to 1 mil like the vid and sub
GF Styles
GF Styles 6 giorni fa
Kenny sounding kinda sus in this one
Bittarae Fatahillah
Bittarae Fatahillah 6 giorni fa
Second place challenge: Your starting lineup must consist of former runner-ups for the MVP, ROTY, DPOY, MIP, and Finals MVP (best player on the team that lost in a finals series). Your sixth man must also be a former Sixth Man runner-up. Coach must be a former runner-up for the Coach of the Year. Win a championship and win at least 3 of the awards for the respective runner-up players/coach.
Ricky Muniz
Ricky Muniz 6 giorni fa
Unclutch challenge: Rebuild a team with the worst shooting and performance in the 4th and o.t. so it would the opposite of kot4q
Hoodie Shadow
Hoodie Shadow 6 giorni fa
Challenge for Kenny" 2nd rounders For this challenge you cannot have any first round picks on your team. You have 3 years to complete this challenge Fantasy Draft Only second round picks and under 3 years at least one nba championship Please like so Kenny can see
Mal B
Mal B 6 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do a build of allen iverson's handles steph curry range and Michael Jordan athleticism.Then win a championship with him
Will Gleeman
Will Gleeman 6 giorni fa
Sneakerhead rebuild. Only use players that have a huge sneaker collection. (PJ Tucker needs to be on the team)
Shawn Roco
Shawn Roco 6 giorni fa
Guess the Stat, you get the player: 1.Fantasy Draft 2.Guess the stat of the player to get the player(main player to trade ) 3.To know the stat you are guessing, spin a wheel with every stat line 4.1 year only :)
Regier Productions
Regier Productions 6 giorni fa
18:19 had me a little mad when he didn't trade for Lauri
AR FiNESSE 6 giorni fa
Banger video 🔥🔥🔥
AR FiNESSE 6 giorni fa
Foreigner Challenge (Not a great idea but I seen worst) Basically no American players not by ethnicity but by birthplace and for the real challenge 65 trade difficulty 3 year challenge
Mike Gildon
Mike Gildon 6 giorni fa
The generic rebuild challenge Sim 10 years into the future with generic draft classes take over the team with the worst record and rebuild with only generic players. Also adjust tendencies to match player skills since 2k is just lazy
cole egner
cole egner 6 giorni fa
Do a WNBA rebuild😂😂😂
LordYesser 6 giorni fa
Good video
Jack Franey
Jack Franey 6 giorni fa
This guy had the most athletic team ever, and then he got Trae Young
Musi 6 giorni fa
Center challenge: win a championship with only centers on the roster, you have 5 years to complete the challenge.
AeroDOTexe -_-
AeroDOTexe -_- 6 giorni fa
First time seeing this Guy and as soon as he said D Rose was his personal GOAT I had to sub
mrfrogo 111
mrfrogo 111 6 giorni fa
The "Family tree" challenge: 1. dad-get someone who had a dad in the nba. 2.Mom-get someone who had a mom in the WNba.3. Brother- get a person who has a brother in the nba. 4. Sister- get soneone who had a sister. 5.Pet- Get someone who is allergic to a dog/cat. 6. Crazy uncle- get someone who had a uncle teach them to play basketball. 7.Aunt- get someone who's aunt became their mom. 8. Cousin-Get a rival of a player on your team and put him on the team. 9-Grandma- Get a player who was fat (grandmas spoil us lol). 10. Grandpa-get someone who had a grandpa and a dad in the nba. Its a 10 man rotation. Enjoy!
3rdEyeWatcher 6 giorni fa
Kenny: ignores the thousands of challenge requests to choose a challenge from "GlizzyKing" Also Kenny: proceeds to make all of these weird comments about how he's talked to guys.....or guys falling in his lap Kenny for 3: Says his starting 5 is looking snackish 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Christian Andrade
Christian Andrade 6 giorni fa
just do longer videos Kenny❤️
Efrain Arias
Efrain Arias 6 giorni fa
Lowest rating challenge: put every player at the position that gives them the lowest overall.
llHarryll 6 giorni fa
Do a challenge where you can only get players whose last name start with A-J
Super Swoly
Super Swoly 6 giorni fa
playoffs got me rambling challenge is called Lost Potential Rules:win a ring Have guys who had injuries or been on bad teams and never enough help like AD D booker Dame but injuries D rose and Blake Griffin :) Turn on injuries but in the playoffs turn it off chose the KNICKS like so kenny pick this one
nooo it bryce
nooo it bryce 6 giorni fa
the 911 challenge You must have a auto drafted team. there must be atleast 9 people that are a police call code code 10-11 (dog chase) the person must have a rate over 85 in speed and strength. code 10-15 (Civil Disturbance) a person who post on any social media every day code 10-22(Disregard) danny green has to be on the team code 10-34 (riot) someone who has had a 45+ point game in the playoffs code 10-40 (Silent Run - No Light, Siren) an under rated player (2k rate under 74 but is good irl also a 15+ point irl) code 10-74 (Negative) a player who has there 2k rating gone down every year code 10-80 (Chase in Progress) a person who has a 90+ speed rating in 2k code 10-89 (Bomb Threat) draymond green has to be on the team(Steve Kerr said he will play his best) code 10-101 (What is Status?) sign free agent player. the rest of the team are just there cause the team is a 9 player rotation. please do this challenge cause it took long to make this.
Noah Bauman
Noah Bauman 6 giorni fa
NHL Lineup Challenge Playmaker/Scorer: Must average at least 5 APG and 12 PPG Sniper Forward: Must shoot at least 50% FG and 30% 3pt% Two Way Guy: Must average at least 0.7 blocks a game and 1 assists per game and 10 points per game Stay at Home Defender: must average at least 1.5 blocks and 0.6 steals Offensive D-Man: must average at least 7 assists and 30 minutes a game Sixth man/Goalie:This one was hard to think of anything so get a sixth man who averages at least 9 rebounds a game This took a long time to think of everything to make this work so I’d appreciate some love in helping Kenny see this!
K Fox
K Fox 6 giorni fa
The only NBA players I ever met were Lebron and Terry Rozier. Terry went to my school and my sister was friends with two of Lebron's hs teammates in college.
Zkdm912 6 giorni fa
Hey guys! wishing you guys the best. Happy holidays!
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong 6 giorni fa
Kenny ThIs WAs tO EaSY U DIdnT HaVe tO fAce LukA iN tHe FInAls
Emilie Jason
Emilie Jason 6 giorni fa
DAY 15 OF ASKING KENNY TO DO THE « NHL CHALLENGE » YOU NEED A CENTER------ Has at least an average of 9 assists per game Left Wing----- Has at least 25 PPG Right Winger---- Has at least 2 steals per game Left Défense--- - Has at least an 80 overall 3pt shot Right Défense--- Has at least Two Blocks per game
Jason Francis
Jason Francis 6 giorni fa
kenny should do this!!!
Jack Ruhmel
Jack Ruhmel 6 giorni fa
U forgot about Duncan Robinson
Tristian Patton
Tristian Patton 6 giorni fa
Kenny challenge - you must build a team of all rookies and sophomores - no fantasy draft - you can only trade for picks - two years
Rage Onion
Rage Onion 6 giorni fa
Great video! Keep up the great work!
beastybad 6 giorni fa
Yo Kenny, I love the videos!
Void Formal
Void Formal 6 giorni fa
Day 71 of asking Kenny to do the NBA draft challenge you must start in the offseason and load in the 2020 rookies you must then end up with the top three picks and take the three best players in the draft you can trade 2 of them but one has to start for your team this is a 2-year challenge and you must win a championship you have 1 year to make trades and everything and the 2nd year you must win a championship P.S. Turn off-trade deadline
KelsoBallers 6 giorni fa
He kept seeing Kemba and I’d get mad when he wouldn’t get him
Robert Hagan
Robert Hagan 6 giorni fa
11 Championships: Huge challenge - 11 current NBA teams have yet to win a championship. Rebuild them all and bring home the title. Start with the best ranked non title winner from last season, rebuild them. Win the title then resign and sign as GM for the worst ranked team. Continue to rebuild and win until you fail to win a championship. Bonus - Pick one player 23 or under with a rating of 80 or higher and continue to sign them to your new team each season. Bonus Bonus - Draft in a veteran, each season, who has not won a championship and win them a ring. Start with Vince Carter. Bonus Bonus Bonus (Optional) - Use historical draft classes from season 2 onwards and attempt to draft a player or trade for a draftee that played for the team you are currently GM of. (Pacers, Grizzlies, Nets, Clippers, Thunder, Pelicans, Suns, Hornets, Timberwolves, Jazz and Nuggets)
Brandon L
Brandon L 6 giorni fa
The normal KOT4Q video challenge: Must have the 30th pick in the fantasy draft Must trade for 3 short kings Must trade for 5 Chicago boys Must trade for Kate bates diop Must trade for bam adebayo Must trade for the same player 3 different times all for starters
Matthew Blain
Matthew Blain 6 giorni fa
Kot4q to the mamba challenge milord wessel
RobDifferent 6 giorni fa
Do a rebuild where you only use players that are from or played for teams in the Midwest of U.S obviously. 9 man roatation and your starting 5 have to be 83 overalls or higher
LuckyRub 6 giorni fa
anybody else proud of Kenny? I remember watching him do quizzes a few years back at his original set up. My boys and I found his videos when he was at 50k subs and I've enjoyed watching him ever since
Brian Simontacchi
Brian Simontacchi 6 giorni fa
Hey Kenny! Challenge for you: The Make Kenny's Life Harder Challenge (sorry): -Fantasy draft -You cannot trade any of your original team's first round picks -You can trade other team's first round picks if you have or acquire them -Win two championships -For Season 2 only, you cannot trade any first round picks Good luck!
DLUXTHACHAMP 6 giorni fa
Spencer Dinwiddie or Ja Morant isn't up here?
Meer Gandhi
Meer Gandhi 6 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do The Mario Rebuild Rules: You have to turn salary cap off and run a 10 man rotation with these players until the NBA Finals This is a 1 year deal Princess Peach- Get a player who has been on over 5 teams (they didn’t have to play a game on that team) Bowser- Get a player whose perimeter defense is a B+ or over and interior defence is a B- or over Mario- Get a star 90 or over overall Luigi- Get a player who averaged 7 or more assists Toad- Get a short king Yoshi- Get a player with 88 or above vertical Wario- Get a player 255lbs or over Donkey Kong - get a player with a IQ lower than a C+ Magikoopa- Get a player with a 90 or above 3 point shot Cappy(Mario Odyssey)- Get a player who left to another team them got traded back to the team they left Good Luck Have Fun Also if this is in a video don’t forget to Like and Subscribe Lets get Kenny to 1 MIL
The Saucer
The Saucer 6 giorni fa
Day 4 like so Kenny can bring back MyCareet
Graham B
Graham B 6 giorni fa
I feel like this hole vid is Kenny flexing
Ryan Greco
Ryan Greco 6 giorni fa
Kenny’s just awesome. Like seriously can we just appreciate this man
Cole BEASLEY 6 giorni fa
“He fell in my lap” Kenny that was kinda sus
MIX_JV1c3 6 giorni fa
Day :1 try to rebuild the worst WNBA team
Tony Gillette
Tony Gillette 6 giorni fa
Video 4 of asking Kenny to do an All Star only Challenge . The Rules Are that you have to rebuild of team with only current or former all stars
Karolis Jonelis
Karolis Jonelis 6 giorni fa
Yo Kenny i would suggest you to watch some euroleague games now as nba season has ended
Brian Laoz
Brian Laoz 6 giorni fa
Everybody somebody is challenging Kenny as the king of the rebuild. YOU HAVE TO GO 82-0 so nobody can challenge you anymore. Pick any team in the NBA no fantasy draft and make sure your team goes 82-0 he did it in less than 5 season and now its your turn. GET IT DONE
Naveen Livezey
Naveen Livezey 6 giorni fa
I talked to Gary Payton 2 at a bball game theywere playing the blazers and I played catch with him
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Butrint Imeri - Anlasana (Remake)
Butrint Imeri
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David Dobrik Too
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