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Ånthony Çhiåppe
Ånthony Çhiåppe 2 giorni fa
Lol March 13th is my sisters birthday
Brandon Willams
Brandon Willams 2 giorni fa
Thank you Kenny for bringing us this great video spending money for our entertainment thank you
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli 2 giorni fa
This was a great video 🔥🔥🔥🤘🏿
Game of Groans-Bad NBA jokes
Game of Groans-Bad NBA jokes 2 giorni fa
Carson White
Carson White 3 giorni fa
Bro you can’t tell me you actually believe in psychics
Max Levine
Max Levine 4 giorni fa
Bro you missed an absolute BANGER of a performance by Mitch Rob 22 11 and 7 blocks on 11-13 shooting what a fucking god 28:55
The High-rophant
The High-rophant 5 giorni fa
Lol ima psychic i could've gave u numbers bro
Sebastian Terris
Sebastian Terris 5 giorni fa
Ljs Gaming
Ljs Gaming 5 giorni fa
Kenny: I knew it you weren’t subscribed Me:🙁
Andrew Gibson
Andrew Gibson 6 giorni fa
i love these challenges like the old omegle one these are goated idk they just so cool (kenny lets do annother omegle for 2k21)
Matthew Chernesky
Matthew Chernesky 7 giorni fa
But Kenny, I am subscribed!
cameron clark
cameron clark 7 giorni fa
Ngl. Odd concept
SuperSkills101 8 giorni fa
Kenny: "NO, NOT ANOTHER MINUTE!" Also Kenny: *Drops $2500 on basketball cards*
Marcello Nascimento
Marcello Nascimento 8 giorni fa
Hi welcome to Kenny gets scammed over and over again
Qavas 8 giorni fa
My man spent like 300$ on this video lmfao
Caleb Peterson
Caleb Peterson 9 giorni fa
Kenny's about to get some weird ads for a while now 😅
Emmanuel Sheriff
Emmanuel Sheriff 9 giorni fa
He didn't make LaMarcus a power forward. I'm disappointed.
Xiyea Official
Xiyea Official 9 giorni fa
Wtf this vid just come up in my notifications and it said 2 minutes ago.
Ryker Scott
Ryker Scott 9 giorni fa
kenny using my birthdate🤝🤝🤝🤝
Voltage 9 giorni fa
What if they could only sense a good jersey number since that’s what you were limiting them too 😳
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 9 giorni fa
Kot4q you should do this but on Omegle
E -man
E -man 10 giorni fa
Do the short king rebuild Must be 6’7 or shorter
Dan D
Dan D 10 giorni fa
“The day Kenny got his credit info stolen “ 😂
Brent Hamby
Brent Hamby 10 giorni fa
Wheel of weight do itttttt!!!
Gmack 10 giorni fa
Appreciate all the time, effort Nd creativeness in ur content kenny..ur the go4t!
houston rockets
houston rockets 10 giorni fa
Day 4 of asking Kenny to do the flipping assets challenge: 1. Fantasy Draft 2. You draft your team but what ever team you land on you can’t draft people from that team (E.G. if you get the Rockets you can’t draft any players from the rockets) 3. Have to flip all players on the roster. Can’t trade for players that have played on the selected team. Hard Mode: Turn trade difficulty up to 75. Can’t trade for players that have played for the selected team in the past. Keep up the great videos
Luke Koh
Luke Koh 11 giorni fa
This is the funniest kot4q video ever hands down
Soapy's Thoughts
Soapy's Thoughts 11 giorni fa
Should've put Dejounte on Dinwiddie
Swag 02050
Swag 02050 11 giorni fa
Day 5 of asking Kenny to do the Underdog Challenge 1. Only allowed to have second-round or undrafted players on the roster 2. Must win a championship within first 3 seasons, but can’t be a top 4 team in their conference 3. Fantasy Draft
dead SpaceX56
dead SpaceX56 12 giorni fa
This whole video my man's was saying "let's go with the budget option "
Go Cryptic
Go Cryptic 12 giorni fa
Kenny if you put Murray on Dinwiddie in the finals you win broooo
Kyron Garrett
Kyron Garrett 12 giorni fa
Why didn’t he just put his “name and dob” into the paragraph 😭
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 12 giorni fa
Dylen Melgar
Dylen Melgar 12 giorni fa
I liked this video it was fun to watch
Ryan Mullen
Ryan Mullen 12 giorni fa
Who else thought the title was physics?
Bob Sanders
Bob Sanders 12 giorni fa
Bro this was hilarious fire vid
OsoArrogant 00
OsoArrogant 00 12 giorni fa
Should’ve made Lamarcus a PF
Aydin Frazier
Aydin Frazier 13 giorni fa
December 3rd is my birthday but if you’re born on that day in 02 you’d be 17 not 18
TeamTLWTrilll GRC
TeamTLWTrilll GRC 13 giorni fa
Lmao good shit bro but DO NOT give they ass any more money g 😭😭. You should know how the scammers are 😂😂 You from the Chi g
Nathan Sauerwald
Nathan Sauerwald 13 giorni fa
Bro you should’ve just used siri
Nate The Great 28
Nate The Great 28 13 giorni fa
#KOT4Q do an updated house tour please!!!
Alexander Tejada
Alexander Tejada 13 giorni fa
Why did master enigma look like Jonny sins 😂😂😂
OFFERF DES TV 13 giorni fa
AND WE BACK! #NEWCHALLENGE Aye Kenny I got a good one for you. Win a championship with a starting 5 of overseas nba players. You got.....3 years And can’t use the Mavs.
Christian Warner
Christian Warner 14 giorni fa
Day 39 of asking KOT4Q THE GOAT to do the no awards challenge rules: 1. Do a fantasy draft 2.Can't have a single player who won any of the main awards (MVP, ROTY, DPOY, SMTY, MIP, all NBA and defense team, championship, scoring title) 3.Have to win a championship and win 1 main award Like so he can see
Kyle Malekebu
Kyle Malekebu 14 giorni fa
happy birthday dusty!
truviak fan
truviak fan 14 giorni fa
Kenny can you do another tier list of all the postitions
Skelpix 14 giorni fa
The 2007 Lebron challenge but you win a ring. you must have one player 90+ overall. the max has to be a 78 for every other player. you have to make the finals 1-3 times. (whatever you feel like) you must win a championship. like it up so kenny can see!!!
moneyman2m2 14 giorni fa
Kenny made this video for the culture from his own pocket. That’s why we love you #goatstatus ❤️
Owethu Nala
Owethu Nala 14 giorni fa
Great vid as always Kenny. Also Yea Dusty left to Toronto bc you couldn't give him the money😔. He won Mip(averaged 21 and 10)right after and made the all nba 3rd team I'm pretty sure
Zach Gunter
Zach Gunter 14 giorni fa
Anne KNEW you were bullshitting 🤣🤣🤣
Tyler Harder
Tyler Harder 14 giorni fa
I read this as physics and was rly confused
Derek Banks
Derek Banks 14 giorni fa
Buffalo Knicks
Buffalo Knicks 14 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to do the 90 bulls challenge U must have a 90 overall shooting guard (in there prime ) U must win mvp 4 times U must have a 80 or higher power forward and small foward Good center has to be a defensive player of the year Canitdite Must win 6 finals in 8 years 1 player has to win finals mvp 2 times U must use the bulls Plot twist I can’t use him boylen or Robert Covington U must use a winning coach @kot4q
GTD_ Blaze
GTD_ Blaze 14 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the 2k makes your team challenge 1. You have to accept all cpu trades 2. Let 2k pick how many minutes your players play 3. You can’t sign any free agents only 2k can 4. To use trade finder you have to get 5 wins in a row 5. To make your own trade it’s 7 wins in a row 6. If you lose 5 games you have to accept the worst trade for your best player Try to win a championship Fantasy draft Good luck Like so Kenny can see
Hardcore 94
Hardcore 94 14 giorni fa
Hey Kenny, can you do the “Trading Stars” Challenge? -Fantasy Draft as always. -Turn off trade deadline. (Bonus 1: Turn trade frequency up to 100) - Always put your 2 best players on the trading block. - Can only accept trades that involve one or both of your best players HOWEVER you can make counter offers to that team. (Your one/two best players cannot be removed from the final trade) - Every 10 wins you can make one trade of your choice. - Every 10 games you lose you have to make a trade finder for any of the following players AND must give away a 1RP (Two 2RP if out of 1RP) on top of the initial trade: C. Felicio, IT, Ro-Co, T. Burke, CP3, J. Noah, A. Drummond, -Win a championship. -Bonus 2: Do a second season and win the championship. (Likely won’t have many assets to flip my guy) Let’s see if you really are the re-building king 👑
Kyle Mack
Kyle Mack 14 giorni fa
woooow you did my birthday december 2nd. but mine is in 2001
Marpin Alfeche
Marpin Alfeche 14 giorni fa
i read it like physics instead of psychics lol
John Zamites
John Zamites 14 giorni fa
Clicked this because i thought it said "PHYSICS" lmao i was so confused
Collin Hoyt
Collin Hoyt 14 giorni fa
my birthday is december 3rd 😂😂
Fearless BLaZ
Fearless BLaZ 14 giorni fa
I'm just glad you not wasting money on MyTeam. But, I blame Agent00 and them Cameo vids. 🤔🤭
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 14 giorni fa
Day 5 of Challenge for Kenny- Name: The Allstar Challenge Challenge: Your team can only consist of past all-stars. It doesn’t matter the rating just only allstars. Goal: 70+ win season, and back2back championships
Fearless BLaZ
Fearless BLaZ 14 giorni fa
Kyrie the Prophet! 😭
Lawrence Scott
Lawrence Scott 14 giorni fa
Opposite Conference Challenge. Randomize your team Fantasy draft Trade your whole team to a team in the opposite Conference. So if you have the bulls you can only trade with western conference teams. No eastern conference trades. And vice versa if you have a western team. You can only trade with a team once. Must trade every player on your original roster. Win the chip.
Jeff Clifton
Jeff Clifton 14 giorni fa
Everyone gets a ring challenge: Alright hear me out it will be a very long video but the video doesn’t end until kenny gets every nba team an nba championship
Natan de Barros
Natan de Barros 14 giorni fa
*NBA 2k21 it's all the same Kenny won't be able to create new content* Kenny:
jmcfizzles95 14 giorni fa
My dumbass thought it said physics and I was really confused
JWAC Cards and Reactions
JWAC Cards and Reactions 14 giorni fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the Avengers rebuilding challenge: Rules: -Fantasy Draft -12 men: 1. Captain America: Very patriotic. Pick someone who played for Team USA. (ex. Carmelo Anthony) 2. Thor: God of Thunder. Pick a player who brings the thunder down when they dunk. Select someone who has competed in the dunk contest (ex. Zach Lavine) 3. Hulk: Trade for someone over 7 feet (ex. Rudy Gobert) 4. Iron Man: Trade for a player with a signature shoe, and a backup source of income (ex. Paul George) 5. Black Widow: Someone who is flexible and can pass and @t for someone who averaged 15 points and 7 assists (ex. Malcolm Brogdon or Devonte Graham) 6. Hawkeye: Pick a player with the dead eye badge. (ex. Steph Curry) 7. Black Panther: Trade for a player born on the continent of Africa. (ex. Evan Fournier (Algeria) ) 8. Doctor Strange: Very mystical. Pick someone who doesn't have any personality badges (ex. Kendrick Nunn) 9. Ant-Man: Pick a short king. Someone under 6 feet. (ex. Isiah Thomas) 10. Spider-Man: Young kid who recently joined the team. Trade for a player who is in his first 3 seasons in the NBA (ex. Collin Sexton) 11. Scarlett Witch: Daughter of Magneto. Trade for a player whose father also played in the NBA. (ex. Larry Nance Jr.) 12. Vision: Someone who sees the play before it happens. Trade for a player who has the "Dimer" badge (ex. Lonzo Ball) Win a championship in your first season! Good luck
lilfear 12
lilfear 12 14 giorni fa
Kenny made me unsubscribe in the beginning lol, still hit the button after
Ronald Holma
Ronald Holma 14 giorni fa
My birthday is October 7th which is today lol
Wolf- 14 giorni fa
14:55 *FAME??!!*
Owen Schindler
Owen Schindler 14 giorni fa
Did anyone else read physics and phsycics
Yanzi 14 giorni fa
Kenny cheating on Siri with Phychics 🤣
andhi reza
andhi reza 14 giorni fa
it feels like watching troydan video wiith these kind of challenge
Ycg_ Sj
Ycg_ Sj 14 giorni fa
Day 1of asking Kenny to bring Kenny Hardaway or a my career player back in some form
Zachary Lunoe
Zachary Lunoe 14 giorni fa
People always say 7 when they randomly guess a number, in case u ever believed in any of this it shows they’re just plucking it out of thin air
Jack Green
Jack Green 14 giorni fa
A wheel rebuild idea is trade every single teams best player 26 and under and see who wins the championship
Mr Swag Bagley
Mr Swag Bagley 14 giorni fa
Kenny you should do a "7" draft. You take the 7th team you see after randomly scrolling, you give yourself the 7th pick in a fixed draft, and you always do the 7th option in the trade finder. Like so he sees!
Michael Abner
Michael Abner 14 giorni fa
What’s crazier is Wiggins from Canada and you traded for him using Canada in ur description to the psychic 😂🔥
Ronin Wave
Ronin Wave 14 giorni fa
Honestly tell me a more creative 2k you tuber
Logan Aguon
Logan Aguon 14 giorni fa
I found the ballislife "You Have $15 To Build A Team" MY LINEUP: PG: Isiah Thomas ($3) SG: Dwyane Wade ($1) SF: Julius Erving ($3) PF: Dirk ($2) C: Kareem ($5) Total Money Spent: $14.00 USD Reply and lmk what you think!
liyam melnik
liyam melnik 14 giorni fa
"every one in the playoffs challenge" -normal rosters no fantasy draft -you select 16 random teams(8 from the east 8 from the west) -turn off trade deadline -every team you control needs to make the playoffs * If you what it even harder or even impossible in my thought so you can't trade with your teams. Good luck, you'll need it
Huncho Kieno
Huncho Kieno 14 giorni fa
Clicked the video thinking it was PHYSICS 😂😂 still a banger
Kane Talbott
Kane Talbott 14 giorni fa
mas literally said my bday😂😂🎂
Mary Rose
Mary Rose 14 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to do the perfect lineup challenge Rules:Your starters all have to be 80+ overall and your entire bench has to be 80+ overall 10 man rotation Like so the GOAT can see
Christopher LoNigro
Christopher LoNigro 14 giorni fa
Lmao i thought the video was titled "Can Real Physics Rebuild A Team in 2K21" and i was confused as hell
Thomas 14 giorni fa
December 3 2002 would make you 17 lol
Peter Atkinson
Peter Atkinson 14 giorni fa
Haha excellent video Kenny. The comments you were making about the psychics were hilarious!
Ojani Moore
Ojani Moore 14 giorni fa
Use tinder next lol
JunioR 14 giorni fa
when my birthday was one day off
nicholas todd
nicholas todd 14 giorni fa
Scott Powell
Scott Powell 14 giorni fa
This challenge is one that my buddy and I used to do. Very challenging. Do a fantasy draft. Select a team that has never won an NBA championship. You can NOT relocate them. You can NOT draft a player higher than a 75 overall. You can NOT make any trades the first season, other than for draft picks or for players that are a 75 or lower. The second season, you can only sign or trae for players 80 overall or lower. (You can draft any overall) The third season, you can officially sign or trade for any overall player that you like BUT you can’t trade your previous first round selections and you must keep the player you chose in the first round of the original fantasy draft. Win a championship by the end of year 4.
Bear __
Bear __ 14 giorni fa
Good, I want Kenny to post less often. Some people probably get tired of his videos
Ladiesman71451 14 giorni fa
Challenge: try to trade for every first round pick
Debbie Stober
Debbie Stober 14 giorni fa
Do the “all awards” challenge -similar to 2k20 you need to win all the awards. -There’s a twist you have to win 2 of the award in one year -And you have to use Jim Boyle as your coach -You has 4 years to do it Please like so he can see
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 14 giorni fa
Why did I think the title said physics I thought he was bout to have physicists draft his team lol
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 14 giorni fa
Dusty may is a pretty good pitcher for the dodgers 😂
con man
con man 14 giorni fa
Real ones know Kenny’s b day is Oct 4, 96. 6 days before I was born 😁🤷‍♂️
Kane Hinton
Kane Hinton 14 giorni fa
Kenny, I have a challenge for you. It's just an "average" rebuild. You do a fantasy draft like you normally do. Then you rebuild your team with the goal of finishing 15th in every team stat.
dusty K
dusty K 14 giorni fa
I go by dusty
Elijah J
Elijah J 14 giorni fa
Can we make a team of NBA players with the most high school hype? Or NBA players who came straight from high school into the league.
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