i reset the nba to 2010 and rebuilt the worst team...

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Roster By: unbredsauce
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Tosten Christenson
Tosten Christenson 8 giorni fa
On behalf of most timberwolves fans, we hate butler
Clip Cards & Predictions
Clip Cards & Predictions 11 giorni fa
You actually could of got klay first draft
Theo Debbink
Theo Debbink 12 giorni fa
chauncey billups in melo trade
Josiah Sklarsky
Josiah Sklarsky 12 giorni fa
they made yao ming 41 because he retired that season irl and they needed to make him retire
Jon Wiffen
Jon Wiffen 14 giorni fa
Melo mvp on the raptors did I die and go to heaven
Shnaggy 2K
Shnaggy 2K 22 giorni fa
Brook Lopez had a d-rebound????
Elian Kelly
Elian Kelly 26 giorni fa
bruh russell my fav playa nd when u was goin try to get em i got so happy lmao
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
z DuKeMaN z
z DuKeMaN z Mese fa
I was hoping you’d put love at center and Beasley at the 4
KOT4Q Ideas
KOT4Q Ideas Mese fa
29:09 thank me later
Yoanna Binder
Yoanna Binder Mese fa
only 40 overalls and win a championship
Yoanna Binder
Yoanna Binder Mese fa
Win 11 championship with Bill Russel
MrCarl Mese fa
Brandon Roy was on the Trailblazers in 2010-11.
Jaridan Finch
Jaridan Finch Mese fa
I kinda want to see Kenny do a rebuild on madden
Jude Wyant
Jude Wyant 2 mesi fa
Brooo miss this background
Carson Dockery
Carson Dockery 2 mesi fa
He really stole Anthony Davis from Charlotte twice
Squidskid 2 mesi fa
That was the last season of Yao Mings career I like how he made him 41 to force that retirement
Derek Wang
Derek Wang 2 mesi fa
12:45 Kenny: Any upsets? *Mentions Magic vs Celtics and Hornets vs Raptors and Spurs vs Grizzlies Me: Um, did you not see the big three just get killed by Ama're Stoudamire twice?
Tiki Tiki
Tiki Tiki 2 mesi fa
Dead cap 5 time mvp 🥵
Evan Parker
Evan Parker 3 mesi fa
Dirk being a 92 the year we win the chip and him getting finals MVP is a shame
Bobo Smrad
Bobo Smrad 3 mesi fa
So no one saw the warriors get the 1st pick of the draft with 1% odds?
Yessir 3 mesi fa
Johnny Flynn wasn’t even bad when he was playing. He just hurt his hip and he never came back.
nmb Memphis beast24
nmb Memphis beast24 3 mesi fa
Drose overall too high Noah too low
I wanna know so could you just get the super okc team back and see how many wins they get but with the players ovr the same noe
Gage Scott
Gage Scott 3 mesi fa
Kenny says accurate like dj Khalid
Rose Moche
Rose Moche 3 mesi fa
Today when I was at a golf course I saw Ron artest
Fortnight All day
Fortnight All day 3 mesi fa
Go to 26:32 minasodum
Christian CJ
Christian CJ 3 mesi fa
Kenny back when he did quizs and he wear that white socks hat
Brody Allen
Brody Allen 3 mesi fa
What if kenny actually became a gm
Mark Jemuel Gonza
Mark Jemuel Gonza 3 mesi fa
32:42 damn big pause
Joseph Buckelew
Joseph Buckelew 3 mesi fa
Where is Allen iverson. Was he still in the league
Coby Means Something
Coby Means Something 3 mesi fa
That moment you realize Yao was still in the league
Johnathan Linville
Johnathan Linville 3 mesi fa
Hold uppp, how was Danny granger such a low rating😂
Tealios CP
Tealios CP 3 mesi fa
Could’ve sworn I heard him say ray Allen Paul peirce and Kevin Garnett were asians
Lawtha God
Lawtha God 3 mesi fa
I’m one of. The ogs
RaDe Chaos
RaDe Chaos 3 mesi fa
Dwight Looks Like That because Short Hair Dwight Isn't In The Game. Not even all time Magic Dwight
Andreas Larsson
Andreas Larsson 3 mesi fa
I just wanted to see one more year, just one more and you would have the most lethal team in history
Dirkules74 4 mesi fa
Yao MIng did Play 5 Games in 2010-2011
Garrett Ohlmeyer
Garrett Ohlmeyer 4 mesi fa
Jimmy Butler: Laid back
osahon omozee
osahon omozee 4 mesi fa
he just called marcus camby old old bit lebron is almost the same age let that sink in
HCT45 Gaming
HCT45 Gaming 4 mesi fa
pressed like when i saw kyrie drafted at 4
Big Stretch35
Big Stretch35 4 mesi fa
Cow Lowry
sukka sakke
sukka sakke 4 mesi fa
Kenny PLEASE use user created draft classes we dont want to see those 2k generated players
Colin Curatolo
Colin Curatolo 4 mesi fa
Hb then Knicks eliminating the Heat twice in the playoffs
Alex 4 mesi fa
So now we know the real reason he made a 2nd Channel, was so that he could pit subscribers against each other to get more likes
Ethan Lail
Ethan Lail 4 mesi fa
Yao Ming 41 Kenny “nothing too big” Um yeah he’s 7’6😂
BLJLLA24 4 mesi fa
They made Yao Ming 41 bc he retired after the season and if they used his real age then he wouldn’t have retired in 2k
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 4 mesi fa
I think he put Yao as a 40 year old so he would retire after the season like he did in real life
John And Damian Tv
John And Damian Tv 4 mesi fa
Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez 4 mesi fa
Max Auerbach
Max Auerbach 4 mesi fa
kenny you should use the draft classes that are made by other ppl cuz 2k doesn’t have the rights to a lot of players (stupid fucking game😂) and there are created draft classes that have like 70+ players in each draft
YaBoiEpidimic 4 mesi fa
@dbrownshinhan MAGIC MAYNOR !!
Bigboy170 1
Bigboy170 1 4 mesi fa
9:09 🤦🏻‍♂️that meant eric bledsoe was the mentor
Tennessee Caudill
Tennessee Caudill 4 mesi fa
Only 90s kids remember this setup
Mqrlen_ 4 mesi fa
5:59 he recreated Dwight because they don’t have the prime Dwight look with the buzz cut
Mqrlen_ 4 mesi fa
Shoulda done this on PC so you could get the real face scans and everything
Evan Buwalda
Evan Buwalda 4 mesi fa
As a wolves fan, this makes me happy
Dreamy 4 mesi fa
And we back
MavzFanGaming !
MavzFanGaming ! 4 mesi fa
remember kyrie sat out all year in college damn near lol he was hurt so thats y his draft stock so low maybe
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 4 mesi fa
I think he made Yao 41 so he’d retire on time
CozyBoyKey 4 mesi fa
If you want people to develop faster go to player training select a player and you can set what stats for that player to train and put the intensity on very high and he’ll develop LIKE SO HE CAN SEE
Andrew1Collins 4 mesi fa
Creating a very very Acura roster
Zach Fell
Zach Fell 4 mesi fa
Yao is probably 42 because he’s supposed to retire after the one season
Lost in Sauce
Lost in Sauce 4 mesi fa
“Ogs remember this...” That’s og? I’ve been here for years my guy
IHoriZon 4 mesi fa
Bro nobody cares
TTV Lucky shooter
TTV Lucky shooter 4 mesi fa
24:06 Pause
TTV Lucky shooter
TTV Lucky shooter 4 mesi fa
22:35 Kenny saying let's go Bulls I'm saying let's go Lakers
James Studley
James Studley 4 mesi fa
Idk how many ppl will see this, cuz I’m posting it 6 days after the drop, but Greg Oden was destined for injuries where Brandon Roy had a freak injury. There’s a difference. Greg Oden had a short leg that screwed him over, but it wasn’t preventable. Brandon Roy got hurt during a game that yes he didn’t expect, but for example, Derrick Rose’s injury was 100% preventable if his coach took him out of the game. There’s a difference
Reign Jordan
Reign Jordan 4 mesi fa
He made yao 41 so he would retire early
Young sacue Marquise
Young sacue Marquise 4 mesi fa
Yeaaaa og gang
Aiden Quintana
Aiden Quintana 4 mesi fa
He traded vucevic for mirotic I'm done
IGetBuckets90 4 mesi fa
What was the background sound called at the start if the vid?
Jordan Lekeufack
Jordan Lekeufack 4 mesi fa
2k's draft classes are so bad.
Wance 4 mesi fa
J O'Quinn
J O'Quinn 4 mesi fa
Center, 40 overall, 5'4", Dead Cap 19:34
MattHobbs5 4 mesi fa
He prolly made yao old so he would retire around when he did
Ken Wray
Ken Wray 4 mesi fa
I use that same roster on xbox....dope ass roster sucks that there is 8 cap space players spread around
Braden Hines
Braden Hines 4 mesi fa
Maybe if the short kings are standing up they will be as tall as the big men are when they are sitting
G Propho Loading
G Propho Loading 4 mesi fa
“They Tweakin” - Kenny 15:00
Henrique Sena Pacci
Henrique Sena Pacci 4 mesi fa
Do the CHAMP DOWNGRADE CHALLENGE - ///// - Rebuild a team and win in the first year, now here is the catch, win the second year downgrading the rate overall of every player of the team, if you have a PG 95 overall, trade for a 94 or less, and repeat all the roster, win a championship on the second year with a worse team than the previews year - on the third year do the same, and continue to downgrade every year until you cant win anymore. see how many years you can continue to win even downgrading every year /// the only rules ( you are allowed to pick 2 players on the whole NBA to be the backbone of your team, force a trade if you have to jsut on this two players /// you dont need to downgrade ROOKIES on the first year on the league
BtotheG 4 mesi fa
I love your love for Detail...you really Show your appreciation for the Game and that Makes you Stick out from Other Good ITpostrs. Keep it like This Bro
Quad Bros Hobbies
Quad Bros Hobbies 4 mesi fa
As a good T-Wolves fan, this felt good
Robert R. Walton
Robert R. Walton 4 mesi fa
WhiteNegative 4 mesi fa
You know what would be legit, idk if someone has mentioned this before, if 2k made it so you could go back in time at the start of myleague or mygm, they have all the stats and info available to start a season in like 1996 as if nothing after that point has happened and then they could just use their historic draft classes to populate the drafts.
raykubuntu 4 mesi fa
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raykubuntu 4 mesi fa
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lavrentiy golofast
lavrentiy golofast 4 mesi fa
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lichen susanna
lichen susanna 4 mesi fa
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lichen susanna
lichen susanna 4 mesi fa
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Mario Marulli
Mario Marulli 4 mesi fa
kenny... never say "may-reo" again. it's "mah-ree-oh"
Cody Eble
Cody Eble 4 mesi fa
put in ridiculous effort into this roster, and he didnt make an error on Yao Ming being 41 because Yao MIng retired in 2011, making it accurate
Kyle Godley
Kyle Godley 4 mesi fa
As a wolves fan I’m still hurting inside from 2009
Braden Mullen
Braden Mullen 4 mesi fa
anyone see the random Guy named dead cap😂
Anthony Boscia
Anthony Boscia 4 mesi fa
The Bobcats actually won the draft lottery in the AD draft, it wasn’t rigged this time around luckily lmao
Street Disciple
Street Disciple 4 mesi fa
Kenny I had to edit that roster because the ages where all wrong he didn’t do the ages right on any of the veteran players
beau dacious
beau dacious 4 mesi fa
You should reset to 2013-14 and see if you can have Giannis evolves into the same player he is today
Santiago Falero
Santiago Falero 4 mesi fa
We gotta be in back in the future if we’re seeing this setup
Phil Ruiz
Phil Ruiz 4 mesi fa
This really reminds me of some shit I would do in BasketballGM
Kole Rogers
Kole Rogers 4 mesi fa
When you didnt pick Alec Burks in the first draft...
Alexander Temple
Alexander Temple 4 mesi fa
Is there a legit roster like this for ps4?
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