a nba 2k20 rebuild but every player is in their prime...

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a nba 2k20 rebuild but every player is in their prime...

The Darnell Deshommes show
The Darnell Deshommes show 7 giorni fa
14:07 Kendrick nunn is Robert pack
Steven Kubick
Steven Kubick 11 giorni fa
did he rlly j skip on jacob underwood for coach😭
Mason Donaway
Mason Donaway 13 giorni fa
Mason Donaway
Mason Donaway 13 giorni fa
Luke Beswick
Luke Beswick 17 giorni fa
Rebuild the nets
Zyro-_-lnkww 18 giorni fa
Should’ve got Indian pg😩
Crystala alatsyrc
Crystala alatsyrc 19 giorni fa
Max Davies
Max Davies 23 giorni fa
I gotta 15 peat with the Celtics it’s not hard
Yohan Delisle
Yohan Delisle 25 giorni fa
Just make a series on that until you get that three-peat
JaeGotKicks 26 giorni fa
Why don’t you ever play elimination games sim only is boring
peterjhamill 27 giorni fa
Bro the Pistons be so good lob city griffin and mvp rose
SxpremeGrxnds 28 giorni fa
If he don’t trade for d rose ion now if Kenny Kenny 😭
the mighty Spoiler
the mighty Spoiler 29 giorni fa
Those high ratings don't really matter when your shot tendency is 20.
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Chris Ade
Chris Ade Mese fa
This is what it takes to be a coach in an NBA team
Chris Ade
Chris Ade Mese fa
This guy gotta stop talking at the start of the video
Findley McRae
Findley McRae Mese fa
They saying that prime Marc gasoline was better than prime Pau- nope
Jimmy Serevitch
Jimmy Serevitch Mese fa
“Have pascal be the best sixth man in the league” this didn’t age well 😂
NotJason Mese fa
What’s the name of this roster
Aidan Dube
Aidan Dube Mese fa
6:06 who is that picture for Eric Paschall
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins Mese fa
im surprised LA is only 89
John Baemmert
John Baemmert Mese fa
Watched for t Evans a shame
RIP juice WRLD
RIP juice WRLD Mese fa
How is J.L 86? Linsanity???
Clutch Smokey
Clutch Smokey Mese fa
Amazing content
Joseph Townsend
Joseph Townsend Mese fa
rebuild but you cant spend more than 20 million on a player, and you have to one rookie starting when you win the championship
Jules6F Mese fa
Where’s Kobe!? Rebuild invalid
William Hough
William Hough Mese fa
16:40 don’t disrespect #damianlillardisthegreatestplayerofalltime
fran laris
fran laris Mese fa
Finals MVP Ben Simmons shot 50% from 3
Spencer Misfeldt
Spencer Misfeldt Mese fa
“He, she, they” Kenny is the best ❤️
DrowzyLuvsComp Mese fa
Rebuild but everyone is in their worst for so idk lebron 96 or 97 what ever his worst overall was and back to back championships
James Paltoglou
James Paltoglou Mese fa
How does this man not have 1 mil yet
Conner Hindsley
Conner Hindsley Mese fa
Where tf is Bradley beal
Darius Pugh
Darius Pugh Mese fa
Aye. Kenny. Take a quiz
Darius Pugh
Darius Pugh Mese fa
Any quiz
jimihemijames rolleston
jimihemijames rolleston Mese fa
Do this without fantasy draft
Cloaked Tricks
Cloaked Tricks Mese fa
U talk to much
And we back
Olz33 2 mesi fa
prime bogut is so much better than 73
ethoforster 2 mesi fa
Bron really the only 99, roster is scuffed
Iso- Byte
Iso- Byte 2 mesi fa
Makes it to the finals: "year one is unsuccessful"
Leo Ansari
Leo Ansari 2 mesi fa
“Ah Isaiah Thomas! That makes me feel good!”
PremePaul 2 mesi fa
This is the amount of times Kenny has said “Everything in My Power” | | \/
Drake Brown
Drake Brown 2 mesi fa
Use only 6th man rebuild
Hunter Staton
Hunter Staton 2 mesi fa
Where’s Dwayne wade?
Grant The Amazing
Grant The Amazing 2 mesi fa
you look like damion jones
Aaron A
Aaron A 2 mesi fa
Noah should've been higher- he was in MVP discussion in his best year
Rhalstan Vlogs
Rhalstan Vlogs 2 mesi fa
Kenny u should do a challenge we’re u create the best possible defender, with no offensive skills, put him in the 2020 draft class with lamelo etc. and see how his career will go. P.S no fantasy draft, and u can only do one trade or one signing during the whole challenge
Red Plays
Red Plays 2 mesi fa
Ironic that Isaiah Thomas ended up on the Pistons. Given his namesake was too.
Benjamin Carson
Benjamin Carson 2 mesi fa
Hes not leading the league in steals. Hes 6th behind kawaii, andre Drummond, fred vanvleet, khris dunn and ben simmons
Kobe_hoops 24
Kobe_hoops 24 2 mesi fa
So no one gonna talk about how cp3 was 99 and Zach Randolph was 97 😳
Phoenix 2 mesi fa
8:00 Can someone explain why multiple players (I've seen it in other videos) have that face? I have no idea who that is too
Kole Desotelle
Kole Desotelle 2 mesi fa
I love your videos
Accelli 2 mesi fa
Kenny with the mods tho 😳😳
Tristan Frame
Tristan Frame 2 mesi fa
Garrett zell
Garrett zell 2 mesi fa
What if the second channel people are the main channel people?
Martin Garcia decker
Martin Garcia decker 2 mesi fa
Do the Guards challenge: ALL The players on the team are shooting guards or point guards Fantasy draft
Kauezito 2 mesi fa
Do the NBA RESTART CHALLENGE You start a season without any players or just 40 overalls and use the oldest drafts 1960, 1965, etc...
wenis prinkle
wenis prinkle 2 mesi fa
what’s the roster
AL- DUSTY23 2 mesi fa
Can we get a petition to retire Derek roses number retired at the Bulls
Uncle Joe
Uncle Joe 2 mesi fa
I love when people put NBA stars in their prime great vid
Prajnav Yadana
Prajnav Yadana 2 mesi fa
Present vs future vs past (long vids are the best) Do a each rebuild in that time (what ever time you think is old) have one 90 or better player in each time 1 championship each and For the memes put all of the teams in one league
Guitar Riffs11
Guitar Riffs11 2 mesi fa
We want a 2 hour rebuild. We love the long rebuilds😢
Trashmong will win World cup
Trashmong will win World cup 2 mesi fa
He is essentialally doing second round only players
Sid Sathya
Sid Sathya 2 mesi fa
6 peat 10 trades max u got this
cole mcmillin
cole mcmillin 2 mesi fa
He should’ve went one more year just to see what happens
The Prophet
The Prophet 2 mesi fa
How do I get this roster?
KC McNeil
KC McNeil 2 mesi fa
Bruh went through damn near all the players
Elian Bersamin
Elian Bersamin 2 mesi fa
How to download this roster please help me
Avery Dauer
Avery Dauer 2 mesi fa
Dankee 2 mesi fa
You should do this again
Turner G
Turner G 2 mesi fa
Stop d riding d rose
Aaron Owens
Aaron Owens 2 mesi fa
Rebuild Challenge: Super Tall Team -All Players Must be 6'6" or Taller -at Least 4 Players 7'0"+
Jay TooFunny
Jay TooFunny 2 mesi fa
4:39 gonna be a meme
Josh Hoyt
Josh Hoyt 3 mesi fa
Sorry you lost that first chip but im a boston fan and i feel like they always suck in your videos so i was straight up jumpin up and down after they won 😂😂😂😂
Josh Hoyt
Josh Hoyt 3 mesi fa
Aaannnddd they dont even make the playoffs the next year. Pain.
Aurorus 3 mesi fa
so thankful I can now support my family thanks to this here, *P a i d T o B e H o m e .c o m*
Jimbo 3 mesi fa
You pick rebuild you pick your team on a fansty draft but you must trade Everyone on your team and your picks one year rebuild
BAT MAN 3 mesi fa
You should do a rebuild to where everyone has to have won rookie of the year
MistahT SexyFly
MistahT SexyFly 3 mesi fa
You crazy horny about them 2012 bulls player lmao smh
Rose Moche
Rose Moche 3 mesi fa
I like the one year rebuilds better
Lait Yumemi
Lait Yumemi 3 mesi fa
Aaaaaaaaaaaaight seeing Prime Pau in there against the current NBA is pretty sick. Love that guy.
Juan Elias Newlands Chiriboga
Juan Elias Newlands Chiriboga 3 mesi fa
Muggsy bogues rebuild challenge. Only the smaller players ever.
Mama Veeds
Mama Veeds 3 mesi fa
Prime Rose was better than all primes except lebron no cap
Basty Villamor
Basty Villamor 3 mesi fa
This could be in the top 5 teams that kenny built
Levi Black
Levi Black 3 mesi fa
Do a rebuild where everyone is their rookie form and do a fantasy draft you have 5 years to win a championship
Chi- City
Chi- City 3 mesi fa
I only clicked on the video to see drose knowing Kenny was going to try to get him and I was not disappointed
Braedon Brakke
Braedon Brakke 3 mesi fa
Challenge - Have assistant coach pick fantasy draft picks - Play with the Knicks - Have Ja morant on you're team
Aiman Alkadi23
Aiman Alkadi23 3 mesi fa
Do the "Same Name"challenge: Every player that you try to trade for the same amount of letters in your name which is Kenny Beecham which is 12 letters. Lets make it easier, their name must be within 3 letters of your name. Now we can make it harder, you can only make trades in the first year and you can only sign players within 2 years and win a 2 championship within 3 years. and your top 2 players must be above 95 overall. Just some random rules that i thought of. Enjoy
S550 Rosa
S550 Rosa 3 mesi fa
Do this but no fantasy please
Urmum Is fat
Urmum Is fat 3 mesi fa
This team is really good defenseivly also has melo
ambes ogbe
ambes ogbe 3 mesi fa
We all know why Kenny turned off injuries while he has prime Derrick Rose 😂😂
Too Complicated
Too Complicated 3 mesi fa
It physically hurts me every video I watch Kenny get Ben simmons and not try to trade finder him for a Superstar that man legit unlocks the upper echelon of players😔
Jeff Richardson
Jeff Richardson 3 mesi fa
anybody else realize Isaiah Thomas was on Detroit
Louis jennings
Louis jennings 3 mesi fa
Ricardo Bonilla
Ricardo Bonilla 3 mesi fa
Jennifer Rourke
Jennifer Rourke 3 mesi fa
Kenny day 52 what if Steve Nash never went to the suns / never left the Mavericks
Little lord Lord
Little lord Lord 3 mesi fa
Do all buks team
Troy Taylor
Troy Taylor 3 mesi fa
Nobody: Kenny: CoW LoWry
Anthony Federico
Anthony Federico 3 mesi fa
love yr channel!!!
Owen Garcia
Owen Garcia 3 mesi fa
Do a rebuild challenge but every nba team is their best one ever and see who wins
Sebastiaan haverhals
Sebastiaan haverhals 3 mesi fa
I need this roster
Leslie Cunningham
Leslie Cunningham 3 mesi fa
I have dearon fox, luka, brandon ingram, wendell carter jr. 90 overal, and bol bol and i lost.
Mr.Franchise 3 mesi fa
U should make a rebuild from 2000-2020 and try to get the most champs in 20 years
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