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Praveer Rao
Praveer Rao 12 giorni fa
11:16 he calls Eric Gordon Eric Bledsoe
Dash 12 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking for the “ reading challenge” it’s a regular challenge but you have to read the names of players correctly and call them who they are. WARNING: IMPOSSIBLE
Yeeet ok T
Yeeet ok T 16 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the I’m serious challenge Rules are you can not have any Kot4q memes example roco felicio fantasy draft and you have to give yourself 30th pick in a serpentine draft you have to win 3 championships in 4 years
Yeeet ok T
Yeeet ok T 16 giorni fa
Kenny what’s poppin also Kenny we got options
Samuel Fortier
Samuel Fortier 18 giorni fa
Do a rebuild whit the team of your choice a fantasy draft and try to rebuild it at 75% difficulty of trade
Aidan Mullane
Aidan Mullane 22 giorni fa
Did you trade Robert Covington to your other team
jawad Fayzul Haq S. Sarip
jawad Fayzul Haq S. Sarip 26 giorni fa
12:12 Kenny is officially a rapper.
Asaf Pelleh
Asaf Pelleh 28 giorni fa
It sounds like you're saying "KLT4Q"
Papa Moose
Papa Moose Mese fa
Subscribe to me and I will sub to you
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the “Astonishing Basketball Rebuilding” challenge. Rules: You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Its Zawawae
Its Zawawae Mese fa
dang og deserves some respect
Rick Pickle
Rick Pickle Mese fa
His name is pronounced Allen smielagic
Ibnu Jahsy
Ibnu Jahsy Mese fa
Kenny make 2 team go to final, me playing with the laker and not even make it to the playoff
Kush Desai
Kush Desai Mese fa
Who else said you flip them 👇
shamiara horton
shamiara horton Mese fa
Just Subscribe I love the videos already 💪🏾
Agnibha Misra
Agnibha Misra 2 mesi fa
anybody else notice he wrote "the" twice in the tittle.
Michael Crayton Baker
Michael Crayton Baker 2 mesi fa
day 6 of asking Kenny to do the "all teams together" rules... 1.fantasy draft must have a team that together has played for every team in the NBA 3.they have to had played at least ten games with team 4.sweep the finals bonus:sign Ish Smith (played for 11 different teams)
Michael Crayton Baker
Michael Crayton Baker 2 mesi fa
why is highlited
Kieran M.
Kieran M. 2 mesi fa
7:52 lol
Metaquaza25 2 mesi fa
Is it just me or are devin booker and bam part of every rebuild team
Will Mitchell
Will Mitchell 2 mesi fa
Y you hate Robert Covington
Mandy Golden Goddess Fan
Mandy Golden Goddess Fan Mese fa
He's not good in 2K when I mean he I mean Robert Covington
Leroy Mikel D
Leroy Mikel D 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the Luka challenge U have to win back to back MVPs and 3 peat It's not creative but I tried
Fallen Kingsman
Fallen Kingsman 3 mesi fa
Do the young challenge! Make everyone in the league 18 and see how much everyone improves
Cameron Murray
Cameron Murray 3 mesi fa
someone dm on insta and explain how to do this random teams stuff and all that i’m new to the game ig: cammy_murrayy or damnedvibes
Wesley Harville-Fry
Wesley Harville-Fry 3 mesi fa
Carsen Edwards was underachieving, if you know you know.
Thor CL14
Thor CL14 3 mesi fa
IAG Creations
IAG Creations 3 mesi fa
Why does Kenny hate Robert Covington so much
Ironclad Gaming
Ironclad Gaming 3 mesi fa
He needs to move chapels to PF
Lucy Gade
Lucy Gade 3 mesi fa
Do you know the difference between semi ojeley & cedi Osman
Trevor Asher
Trevor Asher 3 mesi fa
Idk why Kenny calls LA "Mr. 20-10" he's only ever done it twice 😂
buke igboeli
buke igboeli 3 mesi fa
why do you have to trade robert
Seth Kettel
Seth Kettel 3 mesi fa
Give the Cavs some credit!
Rafael Figueiredo
Rafael Figueiredo 3 mesi fa
The series actually happened like that with warriors and cavs 15-18 4-3 4-1 4-0
Crayola Cup Series
Crayola Cup Series 3 mesi fa
Can you do a Challenge were you have to win a championship with only 89 overall and under
HatTrickSpence 3 mesi fa
he rlly picked up jontay tho
Deven Patel
Deven Patel 3 mesi fa
Who else noticed that LaMarcus was almost 50 40 90 in year 1
8D Audio Tunes
8D Audio Tunes 4 mesi fa
6:45 you flip em
Blanset7 4 mesi fa
Grizzlies blew a 3-1 lead
Andrea Welyczko
Andrea Welyczko 4 mesi fa
Did anyone else have a my league where kris Dunn was on the all star team
IcedKunik14 4 mesi fa
up side down controller rebuild
Crayton Wright
Crayton Wright 4 mesi fa
Hoodie Kenny
Clutch-VA 4 mesi fa
Rebuild 2003,2004 bulls
Steven Rooney
Steven Rooney 4 mesi fa
Isn’t he supposed to be doing Warriors-Cavs?
No one Actually cares
No one Actually cares 4 mesi fa
Nice vid
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 5 mesi fa
Idea, put career ending injuries frequency to 100 and see what happens Like so Kenny can see
Sammy Frankel
Sammy Frankel 5 mesi fa
I’m still laughing how he fired the coach right before game 7
Kenzo Pettet
Kenzo Pettet 5 mesi fa
Kenny looking hella burnt
Colton McDowell
Colton McDowell 5 mesi fa
Kenny: *puts hood up* Also Kenny: Ok so now we got Bam an D-book
Rory Gadhia
Rory Gadhia 5 mesi fa
I think the Lakers are going to win the challenge
Anthony Morris
Anthony Morris 5 mesi fa
I hate when some YT beg for likes. But Kenny puts so much work into his videos its like a reminder because I mean to like every video.
Joshua Hayes
Joshua Hayes 5 mesi fa
Derrick Favors is a pretty good PF in simulation on 2K should've got him to run the 4 and put Joel Embiid at the 5
Holly Ray
Holly Ray 5 mesi fa
Cedi ojele
Izaiah Schloss
Izaiah Schloss 5 mesi fa
T J 5 mesi fa
I don’t understand why he hates Robert Covington
Elliatto 5 mesi fa
as much as i love the raptors and O.G. , i got to go with the lakers as the better team here
Person Human
Person Human 5 mesi fa
So for some reason my game will not let me do more than 1 season for myleague
Person Human
Person Human 5 mesi fa
Can anyone help me out here
Caleb Staunton
Caleb Staunton 5 mesi fa
Why does he hate Robert Covington so much? I thought he liked defenders
LaggingBTW 5 mesi fa
Why he hate Robert
ItzVazor 5 mesi fa
Yo wtf happened to embid this is the first video where i lost track
Jae Gaming
Jae Gaming 5 mesi fa
He looks red
Sean Baker
Sean Baker 5 mesi fa
That a cm punk sweater? If so where'd you get it
Ryan Bowlin
Ryan Bowlin 5 mesi fa
I liked bc you asked in an intriguing way
Cheers Bobby
Cheers Bobby 5 mesi fa
Imagine how Phil Jackson would have felt if the Jazz fired Jerry Sloan before game 6 and then went on to win.
GJC 5 mesi fa
Day 6 of telling Kenny to do the “Michael Jordan” challenge, Rules: Choose 1 current NBA player to be “ Michael Jordan”, and win a 3-peat with him, trade him away and get the worst record in the league for the next 2 years, then get that player back and win another 3-peat.
liam doughty
liam doughty 5 mesi fa
why does he hate robert covington?
Mike3N14 5 mesi fa
He never said 4 out of 4, he said 4 in a row. You probably would have had it if you ran one more season lmfao. Honestly, that would have been a better video, everyone enjoys successes more then failures. Gotta think about marketing to build the success of your brand my dude
LakeManeuver 5 mesi fa
Kenny checks overpaid players Kenny sees Eric Gordon Also Kenny: " We don't need Eric Bledsoe on the squad neither"
chocomint 5 mesi fa
Shoulda done this with rival teams like GSW and Cleveland or Lakers and Celtics
Asa Lawson
Asa Lawson 5 mesi fa
That hoodie is fireeeeeee
Cedric Whitley
Cedric Whitley 5 mesi fa
You should’ve switch embid and bam positions bam goes up at PF
JC Basketball
JC Basketball 5 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the one NCAA team challenge rules:pick one NCAA team and you can only trade or sign people who went there you cant pick: Duke Kentucky or Kansas
Colton O’Neill
Colton O’Neill 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a Out of position rebuild Only play players at a different position than there player card
Kieran M.
Kieran M. 5 mesi fa
Skeezer Splash
Skeezer Splash 5 mesi fa
3:32 c’mon Kenny since when did he sign with the clippers 😂 he resigned with OKC I have no idea what your talking about
Dan Macleod
Dan Macleod 5 mesi fa
Why does he hate ro co?
Calling Jimmy
Calling Jimmy 6 mesi fa
Y’all need to back off Kenny, he has dyslexia
Blas Vargas
Blas Vargas 6 mesi fa
31:09 is it you my caruso
Blas Vargas
Blas Vargas 6 mesi fa
Jamar lackson is a nfl player Cedi Osman is nba player
Elijah Morgan
Elijah Morgan 6 mesi fa
It's hilarious how this dude calls himself a cp3 fan but doesn't really show it and also acts like he values defense but in reality he doesn't value defense anymore than any other casual... I like KOT4Q but I actually do value defense and I am a cp3 fan🤷
HaZe _
HaZe _ 6 mesi fa
Semi ojeleye: I’m you Cedi Oman: Your me
daniel pazani
daniel pazani 6 mesi fa
kenny, i wanna see the all center team challenge!! love ya from iran
Javan Russell
Javan Russell 6 mesi fa
Do the old okc big three challenge and all 3 of them have to when 1 mvp
Javan Russell
Javan Russell 6 mesi fa
You should start doing some mvp challenges
Jimmy Buffet
Jimmy Buffet 6 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a rebuild around Robert Covington
Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo
Razzmatazz hops skiddly doo 6 mesi fa
the title should be would you rather build around joel embiid or ben simmons
Taylor Williams
Taylor Williams 6 mesi fa
Similar to the LeBron challenge. Pick one player and build the team around them to make the finals, however if they choose to sign somewhere else, jump over to whichever team they sign with to continue the challenge to try and make 8 finals in a row
Matthew Skatezz
Matthew Skatezz 6 mesi fa
No cap your my new favorite 2k youtuber
Tyler Williams-rivera
Tyler Williams-rivera 6 mesi fa
Do a rebuild where u sign jontay porter and start him as well as playin him 28 minutes and win a chip in 3 years(if you know you know)
Sa'maad Tate
Sa'maad Tate 6 mesi fa
bruh Clint becomes a 90 overall if you make him power forward
Sa'maad Tate
Sa'maad Tate 6 mesi fa
Robert Covington does good if you make him a small forward in 2k20 he became a 87 overall player for me
Jordan Kruft
Jordan Kruft 6 mesi fa
Robert Covington's 2,956 time on kenny's team
CheetxhAngel 6 mesi fa
Day 9 of asking kenny to do the gap challenge that is were you can get any team you want but one position has to have a 70 or below at the position
Caiden Swanke
Caiden Swanke 6 mesi fa
What's wrong with Robert Covington?
Pete 6 mesi fa
Aye KOT4Q I am a Chicago native and I would like to know where you get ur nba card packs from. I love to collect and was just wondering.
iNasty Joseph
iNasty Joseph 6 mesi fa
I left a like at the beginning of the video and when you said leave a like for making first seed all four years I went to like again 😂
Gavin Lapa
Gavin Lapa 6 mesi fa
Day 7 of asking Kenny to do a RoCo rebuild. Rules: You have to do a fantasy draft and pick Robert Covington in the First round. You have to rebuild around RoCo and give him a least 36 mins a game. Good Luck
Petros Tokadzhyan
Petros Tokadzhyan 6 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a untrustworthy rebuild Every time you sign/ trade for a player you have to trade them by the deadline or the end of the season You must also not use any picks
Luke Noose
Luke Noose 6 mesi fa
Day 154 of holding kenny to the quote, "Jonathan Isaac will be the most improved next year."
Jared Fisher
Jared Fisher 6 mesi fa
Why does this man hate RoCo?
Drew Terrill
Drew Terrill 6 mesi fa
kenny: you always trade robert covington first also kenny: trades drummond first
Dr. Mike
Dr. Mike 6 mesi fa
Why you only doin fantasy drafts? That shit boring
Lucas Kerry
Lucas Kerry 6 mesi fa
You should sign William Floyd instead of Jontay
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