I assembled The Avengers in this nba 2k21 rebuilding challenge

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12 giorni fa

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Banjo •
Banjo • 5 ore fa
As an Australian I love the shirt Kenny, first thing I noticed
Tan 8 ore fa
This is torture for Kenny Sixth man: Lou Williams already taken Season ending injury: D Rose already Iron Man Most Improved Player: Pascal Siakam already black panther Has to have his height edited: Draymond shrunk 2 inches
WhiteDreeam 15 ore fa
Joel Embiid and Giannis would've fit for black panther too (joel embiids is a african - idk the country - and Giannis parents are nigerians
ChickenMAYO 20 ore fa
Pryax/ /Swee
Pryax/ /Swee Giorno fa
Diangelo russel started in la / nets / golden / and now wolves ....
Tj Anderson
Tj Anderson Giorno fa
bol bol
FlaccoIsElite Giorno fa
Hello 👋
Gaming Galore
Gaming Galore 2 giorni fa
The currys TRASH
WhoEvenCares 2 giorni fa
Does Kenny know that he can sort by badges?
Malik KING
Malik KING 3 giorni fa
Kenny: I dont know anyone else related to africa Joel Embiid : exists
botzing123 botzing123
botzing123 botzing123 3 giorni fa
You forgot about giannas he was born in Nigeria
Jace Murray
Jace Murray 3 giorni fa
Giannis parents are from Nigeria
Michael Huguley
Michael Huguley 3 giorni fa
man you failed this challenge immediately lol
Arash Khakshooy
Arash Khakshooy 3 giorni fa
dope g
Matthew Zimmerman
Matthew Zimmerman 4 giorni fa
sitting here screaming for DLOW for 4 teams
Evan 3057
Evan 3057 4 giorni fa
Kenny could have had jimmy butler for black widow. (Bulls, timber wolves, 76’rs, heat)
Maik3 it Ra'n
Maik3 it Ra'n 4 giorni fa
Giannis has African parents and has alpha dog. Rajon Rondo has started for 4 teams
Aviyon Hill
Aviyon Hill 4 giorni fa
Kenny: forgets Paul George leg injury
Oliver Brattemark
Oliver Brattemark 4 giorni fa
I mean Danny green is loved by miami
Noah Ray
Noah Ray 5 giorni fa
When he said “pictures leaked of steph’s” and hesitated I wasn’t sure where he was going with it 😂
saveon thomas
saveon thomas 5 giorni fa
danm kyrie that's fucked 4q
MESS Art 2 giorni fa
Kyrie fits the media criticism 5 assists or more one
saveon thomas
saveon thomas 5 giorni fa
Btw for the idiots kyrie has his own shoes
Kael schiller
Kael schiller 5 giorni fa
This guy missed out on so many opportunities for this challenge
_.thatboicres._ 1
_.thatboicres._ 1 5 giorni fa
Jimmy butler Stars for 4 teams
Johnny Manning
Johnny Manning 5 giorni fa
You have the best fan base
Matthew Kijowski
Matthew Kijowski 5 giorni fa
Joel Embid was from Africa
Tyler Dority
Tyler Dority 5 giorni fa
“Always smashing” Jamal Murray 😏
TheChosen PurpleKyuubi
TheChosen PurpleKyuubi 5 giorni fa
Fire videos, you get my subscribe
hallo mama
hallo mama 6 giorni fa
Prime boogie as hulk
SxpremeGrxnds 6 giorni fa
Dame has a shoe
lilk1515 6 giorni fa
For somebody that started on four different teams he could got Chris Paul because he started on the hornets, clippers, rockets and okc
KC H2 6 giorni fa
Jontay Porter
BlakeDoesStuff 6 giorni fa
hello Lucas
Dylan_Holmes07 6 giorni fa
Lmao chandler parsons played for team USA
Brauwow 6 giorni fa
Lonzo saved the season
Parker Roe
Parker Roe 6 giorni fa
Joel embiid was born in Africa
Pam Ray
Pam Ray 6 giorni fa
With the black widow one u should of picked Jimmy butler because he played for the heat bulls Timberwolves and 76ers
Branden Edwards
Branden Edwards 6 giorni fa
Giannis was born in Africa. Could've been your Black Panther
Swagg Master
Swagg Master 6 giorni fa
Kenny I am late but Zion’s naruto shoes are 👌
FaZeBigPeen_69 6 giorni fa
lmao they gave paul george A+ perimeter defence
Joe Blanton
Joe Blanton 6 giorni fa
Diangelo Russell played for 4 different teams; best Scarlett witch possibility lol
Temron Payne
Temron Payne 6 giorni fa
Starter on 4 teams i figured you would go your man Jimmy Buckets
samseabornfangirl 6 giorni fa
BRUH I was playing MyLeague and an injury notice for Ty Jerome came on EXACTLY at the same time Kenny said it at 6:53 😳😳😳
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses 6 giorni fa
In 1 rebuild I gave the thunder 4 first round picks and some valuable players for Chris Paul said no wtf
Jason Laracuente
Jason Laracuente 6 giorni fa
15 jr smith
Santana Ghee
Santana Ghee 6 giorni fa
18:15 when someone asks for ur gum
Matthew Mazza
Matthew Mazza 6 giorni fa
He had Jokic
James Kroeger
James Kroeger 6 giorni fa
Jimmy Butler as black widow he started on the bulls, the Timberwolves, the 76ers, and the heat
It’s_Stealth 7 giorni fa
what a movie! i would 100% watch in theaters
BBE Tooley
BBE Tooley 7 giorni fa
No one: Kenny: “so we’re gonna make some more trades”
D Waugh
D Waugh 7 giorni fa
How you miss Jimmy butler as black widow
Fatality CS
Fatality CS 7 giorni fa
You gave Lonzo his minutes back and then started winning
Joel Bessett
Joel Bessett 7 giorni fa
Respect for the marvel bri
King Taurus 6
King Taurus 6 7 giorni fa
Kenny Literally forgot Dame has his own shoe 🤦🏾‍♂️
Garrett DeLong
Garrett DeLong 7 giorni fa
Shouldve kept Danny green, he can be “The Thing” seeing as hes built out of bricks
Thomas Ramos
Thomas Ramos 7 giorni fa
Create the banana boat squad👀
Kaden Pehrson
Kaden Pehrson 7 giorni fa
Snags 7 giorni fa
My Career is gone😂
Seductive Bard
Seductive Bard 7 giorni fa
Day 22 of asking Kenny highest overall You can only trade finder And you have to take the highest overall no matter salary or position unless you can’t actually get them like CP3 for some low salary guy
Earl Sweatshirt
Earl Sweatshirt 7 giorni fa
Should’ve kept Danny green as the media criticism
Luke Conti
Luke Conti 7 giorni fa
Joel embed Africa
Neo Fanen-Acho
Neo Fanen-Acho 7 giorni fa
Tyler herro was traded to mavs??
Marc Gio Guzman
Marc Gio Guzman 7 giorni fa
kenny forgot Haywards injury though
Aizat Safri
Aizat Safri 8 giorni fa
Lmao the ROTY stats tho 30:28
Anthony Taliangis
Anthony Taliangis 8 giorni fa
Kenny legit could of just had D Rose as his 4 team starter...
Elijah J
Elijah J 8 giorni fa
Oladipo’s parents are Nigerian tho.... 👀
Iñigo Rosales
Iñigo Rosales 8 giorni fa
The Only using one super star The rules are: The super star is above 92 over all The surrounding players can be a 89 or lower Injuries are on Fantasy draft on Be the Mavericks. the reason for the Mavs is because dirk won like only him
D.A.M's Heartbreak Hotel
D.A.M's Heartbreak Hotel 8 giorni fa
Kenny should read the comics
Rodge Cruz
Rodge Cruz 8 giorni fa
Should have been jimmy butler for iron man
Reggie Phipps
Reggie Phipps 8 giorni fa
Giannis is Nigerian.
Reggie Phipps
Reggie Phipps 8 giorni fa
Didn’t D Rose fit the start for 4 teams requirement?
Sports34 34
Sports34 34 8 giorni fa
You are big brain on Among Us with Troydan
Marcello Mohr
Marcello Mohr 8 giorni fa
Fred Vanvleet also has a signature shoe
Marcello Mohr
Marcello Mohr 8 giorni fa
You should have done DC because Dwight Howard super man lol
Kedus Ayalew
Kedus Ayalew 8 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to the KOBE BRYANT CHALLENGE do a fantasy draft, play with the lakers, u have to do 8 trades, your players have to play for 24 min and you have to win 2 championship back to back
Chammyboygaming 8 giorni fa
Lakers champion
Sauce Walker
Sauce Walker 8 giorni fa
Is it just me or didn’t Chris paul start for 4 different teams
Laurie Yatsonsky
Laurie Yatsonsky 8 giorni fa
Serge ibaka has that badge I think and is African
Samir Ajubi
Samir Ajubi 8 giorni fa
Kenny carrying 2020
Gamer Xd
Gamer Xd 8 giorni fa
I can’t believe he forgot about delo for the black wideow
Joshua Mendez
Joshua Mendez 8 giorni fa
Do the Kardashin squad. Have every player that’s dated a kardashin or Jenner on the same team and see if they can win a title in 3 years.
I am That dude
I am That dude 8 giorni fa
18:01 Round 1 pick zero?
merlintheclownfish 8 giorni fa
Kenny mistaking Scarlet Witch for Scarlett Johannson's black widow lmao
Techmoose 8 giorni fa
Do this but do dc. like so the goat can see.
The Goat
The Goat 8 giorni fa
Didn’t chandler parsons play for team usa
Wesley Smith
Wesley Smith 8 giorni fa
Who should I choose between Lou Will and JJ Redick for a player that has started for 4 teams? Meanwhile: Melo, D'Angelo Russell, JR Smith, Isaiah Thomas, Trevor Ariza, Jeff Green, Tyson Chandler, DeMarre Carroll, Jamal Crawford & Jimmy Butler 🤷🏾‍♂️
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 8 giorni fa
Jesus loves you.
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 8 giorni fa
Jesus loves you.
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 8 giorni fa
Jesus loves you.
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 8 giorni fa
Jesus loves you.
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 8 giorni fa
Jesus loves you.
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 8 giorni fa
Jesus loves you.
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 8 giorni fa
Jesus loves you.
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 8 giorni fa
Jesus loves you.
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 8 giorni fa
Jesus loves you.
Smithy Skinny
Smithy Skinny 8 giorni fa
Jesus loves you.
hayden Pursley
hayden Pursley 8 giorni fa
kenny you the man. dropped a video about my 2 favorite things on my birthday. best present ever
CM Guz
CM Guz 8 giorni fa
Thor should have been a foreign player who had been in the dunk contest
Michael Oliphant
Michael Oliphant 8 giorni fa
It’s such a surprise it feels like you have 15 mil subs crazy you the goat 🐐
Cj Smith
Cj Smith 8 giorni fa
D lo could be black widow
Otis Ollison-Lewis
Otis Ollison-Lewis 8 giorni fa
Jimmy Butler
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