A NBA 2K21 Rebuild, But Every Team is Selling...

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K.Zarembiak 3 giorni fa
Hey Kenny, I feel like you are always trading for the same guys, try going for some others
PhantomFang 3 giorni fa
Love the shirt
Joseph Manley
Joseph Manley 7 giorni fa
i got a great idea. 1. fantasy draft. 2. all trades are 3-team trades. 3. you have 3 seasons to win the chip. 4. you must make at least 10 trades per season
SUNday ?
SUNday ? 9 giorni fa
This game is ass and a waste of money but Kenny’s rebuilds always have me considering buying it
king lewis
king lewis 9 giorni fa
nah the best part is when he said a to comment the 12:16 thing about his dyslexia, he said roco's last name wrong. Great call kenny.
Jacob Laufer
Jacob Laufer 13 giorni fa
Day 5 of asking the goat to do the double challenge 1. Make trade difficulty 75 2. Rig the draft to get last pick(serpentine). 3. Can’t trade best player. Must win him two championships and he must be playing all minutes.
Andy Moss
Andy Moss 14 giorni fa
AGAINST THE ODDS CHALLENGE: Last pick Fixed Draft Assistant GM Picks Your Team Can ONLY Accept trades Offered to you during the season (No Other Trades) Assistant Signs your FA in Offseason YOU MUST DRAFT and Play 1 Rookie 25+ Minutes Every Season 1 Computer Generated Player on your Team Must Win MVP OR Make All NBA 3 Times 10 Seasons to Win 5 Championships With Atleast 1 Repeat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bobby Roberts
Bobby Roberts 16 giorni fa
Bro kenny is the goat
Skuba Lik
Skuba Lik 18 giorni fa
15:10 offense*
TeO_Paradox 21 giorno fa
Kenny what’s your opinion on okc like what do you think they best move is
YourBoyMike 21 giorno fa
erick should not be a D on offense, they made it to the finals WTH
Braydzsta 22 giorni fa
Here is a challenge for you Kenny -must have a 90+ overall at all times unless it is the off-season -if you don’t during the season even when the first game hasn’t been played, you must trade your best player, for a team’s next 3 2nd round picks -you must win 2 championships minimum -must have a season with 60+ wins -must have minimum 2 players from the 2000-2006 draft classes. -must have one of your drafted players in the starting lineup at all times (for example, if golden state is your team, anyone that golden state drafted can play for you) -must sign or trade for an ex/current Chicago bulls player -you cannot be $15 million dollars over the cap at any stage in the rebuild except for right after the expansion draft -5 seasons to complete -1 player can cover multiple roles.
Shavar Midgyett
Shavar Midgyett 23 giorni fa
Hey Kenny can you do a all state challenge like make a championship team from a starting lineup all from the same state
Sebastian 26 giorni fa
Offensive consistency is why RoCo is always so bad they always have him at like a 35 offensive consistency
Young Red
Young Red 27 giorni fa
How did you get Durant on that difficulty
Luke Weber
Luke Weber 29 giorni fa
14:50 did 2k just forget that rick Carlisle and Erik spo won chips?
Devon Nimerfroh
Devon Nimerfroh Mese fa
Hey Kenny!! Big fan, huge fan, fellow Chicagoan!! Quick question, What recording software do you use for 2k rebuilds, and what kind of web cam are you rocking for these videos? :)
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds Mese fa
So... did anyone clip it? 👀
Le'Roy Sulfaro
Le'Roy Sulfaro Mese fa
Celtics rebuild please but keep Jayson Tatum jaylen brown and marcus smart the whole video
Le'Roy Sulfaro
Le'Roy Sulfaro Mese fa
Celtics rebuild please but keep Jayson Tatum jaylen brown and marcus smart the whole video
xxCrimsonxKnightxx Mese fa
Does 2k have any plans to fix player models for d-lo russell, gary trent jr, trevor ariza and all the others who need it?
I ball right
I ball right Mese fa
Good vid
Jarren Flowers
Jarren Flowers Mese fa
Try to win a championship with players that are under 85 overall
Tyler Jarosz
Tyler Jarosz Mese fa
Chicago has Kris Dunn not Kendrick Nunn, he’s on the the heat
GamingContent Mese fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the " Birthday Team" rebuild. Rules: -Make/find a wheel with every NBA players birthday on it. -spin it 14 times for 14 players. -you have three years to win as much championships as you can. -must have all players of different ages (21,23,29,etc.) Goodluck Kenny been a fan since 2k19 videos.
Hyperboy2k Mese fa
I wanna see Kenny rebuild the bears in madden
Basketball_Playz Mese fa
make a 60 overall team but get 10 first-round picks. Try and get 5+ 90 overall players by the end of 3 years
Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones Mese fa
Kenny his offense is a D- not his defense
Gavin Wheatley
Gavin Wheatley Mese fa
Love the video... like so Kenny can see.
Levai Higa
Levai Higa Mese fa
Turn off untouchables more often?🤷‍♂️
Nate the Castle
Nate the Castle Mese fa
Who has been here since 2K18.
Nikhil Sahu
Nikhil Sahu Mese fa
Can u please do a sports rebuild. You need to have a fantasy draft. U will draft ur team. 3 -5 year rebuild and u need to have one of the players that fit the role for at least one season. Football: get a player who played football in high school or college Soccer: get a player who is known for flopping. Golf: get a player who is over 36. Tennis: get a player who is getting paid over 20 million dollars Basketball: get a top 20 player in 2K. Baseball: Get a player who is signed with Jordan. Because he played baseball if u know u know Hockey: get a player who has got over 7 techs this season. You also need a kot4q meme player who needs to be on the roster at all times. If you get Robert Covington you can make his offensive tendency a 75. You need to run a 9 man rotation. You can pick the 9th man. In the playoffs you need to keep it a nine man rotation but they do not need to have the same amount of minutes. This took me a while to think of this. Like it up so the goat 13eecham can see.
Wish V2
Wish V2 Mese fa
Little did he know that Covington still sucks in 2k21
Jace Huckins
Jace Huckins Mese fa
Dusty Hannahs Challenge: 1. Fantasy Draft 2. Give Dusty Hannahs a max contract 3. Start Dusty and have him play atleast 30 minutes a game 4. Most importantly set Dusty's potential to the max *Goal of the challenge is to build around Dusty and try and win a championship
CSD 7 Mese fa
Wait a minute. It said Rick Carlisle had a D- for offense but sat 17:17 in the video it says he has 93 offense and 92 defense. 2k fix your game😂😂
Faded Psycho
Faded Psycho Mese fa
I thought u already had 1 mil ur content is that good
john johnny
john johnny Mese fa
2k needs to update the Celtics. Wearing white accessories for away games. Brown with the old kid n play flat top in cutscenes and practice. Brad Stevens face... 2K gave Boston less love than Kenny does
EAS Illinois
EAS Illinois Mese fa
I got one MY BACK HURTS! Challenge Fantasy draft Highest OVR player is untouchable For every loss, players on your team with the highest points scored other than the untouchable get traded. Goal: win a ring by 2023
Justin McCarthy
Justin McCarthy Mese fa
Love this channel
NKG Mese fa
everybody come to this video in 2021 16:50
Shawn Mercer
Shawn Mercer Mese fa
U can only use 80
ozo _
ozo _ Mese fa
Dang kenny your dyslexia kicked in at 12:16 again
Theodore Bervoets
Theodore Bervoets Mese fa
this isn’t a challenge but can y’all give me a lot of likes i want to feel cool
Chubbz Robinson
Chubbz Robinson Mese fa
Giannis on the Bulls is a true true dream . i need it to be reality as a Bulls Fan
Chubbz Robinson
Chubbz Robinson Mese fa
S/o Kenny for getting me thru my entire 10hr work shift off his videos ‼️💪🏽
Leoj Skymaster
Leoj Skymaster Mese fa
Day 1: Make a video of three peating with current lebron
Ethan Tridle
Ethan Tridle Mese fa
Kenny, do the different overall challange. Rules: -No players can have the same overall -keep the players at their set positions -use a 12 man rotation
Solamander1 Mese fa
challenge: next video look at all comments of this video and pin all the ones which make fun of you.
Young PMB
Young PMB Mese fa
Kenny do a challenge where the average overall of your roster cant be higher than 75. (Add the overall of each player and it and divide the number of players)
Matz Franken
Matz Franken Mese fa
I love you! Just was eating my breakfast with my kd Jersey on, thinking about you trading for him.. and guess what? YOU DID!
Andrew Gambino
Andrew Gambino Mese fa
I hope you’re doing great my guy!!
Ryan Warne
Ryan Warne Mese fa
They disrespect melo so bad in 2k21
CrisptToast34 Mese fa
win a championship with your fantasy basketball team
Aseph 66
Aseph 66 Mese fa
16:55 I’m a bulls fan too and really I hope I get used to it
Jacob Santos
Jacob Santos Mese fa
For a million you should rebuild every team in hard in one video
Jaridan Finch
Jaridan Finch Mese fa
How about 25% trade difficulty but 75% simulation difficulty
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad Mese fa
Dylann Windler 2k21 god
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad Mese fa
Anyone realize the legends for the clippers has Chris Paul and Chris Paul was on There team
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad Mese fa
Try to get Robert Covington to average over 40 percent for the field and get a game
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad Mese fa
Kendrick nun just went to 78 ovr then stayed there the whole year then fall 2 ovrs lol
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad Mese fa
When he dont remeber when h elaready traded for KD
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad Mese fa
Bro mid range been glitched since 2k16 bro mans demar one year had a higher three then his mid range and had a higher three then steve novak
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad Mese fa
The thumbnail is pretty good lol
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad Mese fa
Micheal buttcrack Jordan was my favourite actor in creed
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad Mese fa
Beat rebuild of all time alert
Sean McNamara
Sean McNamara Mese fa
At 14:50 Kenny freaks out about his coach’s low offense rating, and calls 2k trash.
Kadence May
Kadence May Mese fa
Alright how many of y'all remember when kenny did quizzes and not rebuilds
Andrew Castro
Andrew Castro 15 giorni fa
Kadence May fax
Kaan Gunderen
Kaan Gunderen Mese fa
My man Kenny thank you for contacting some of the people over at 2k and helping us out having a better experience with 2K21, appreciate your effort for the MyLeague community!
SilvanusEmmanuelle piculetPoumerol
SilvanusEmmanuelle piculetPoumerol Mese fa
"7:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out hug0.monster It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Thomas farrell
Thomas farrell Mese fa
Bruh rj... that’s straight up disrespectful, the guy had to play for the knicks about the worst offense. Vet that just never pass the ball
Thomas Sadberry
Thomas Sadberry Mese fa
Rick carlisles offense was a 93
Jaylen Shaw
Jaylen Shaw Mese fa
Love you kenny keep up the great videos
Danny Portes
Danny Portes Mese fa
Why tf is Kendrick nunn a 76 2k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colin Thornton
Colin Thornton Mese fa
Who else thinks Kenny should try and rebuild a team on Nintendo switch
Jedidiah Scott
Jedidiah Scott Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do The Mid Player challenge: - Every rotation player has to be between a 82 overall and a 92 overall - None of them can be a 99 in any category - Every player has to play their natural position
Daniel St-Laurent élève
Daniel St-Laurent élève Mese fa
Another sub by kenny
Daniel St-Laurent élève
Daniel St-Laurent élève Mese fa
The defending champs challenge -Do a fantasy draft -Have the starting lineup of the 2019 defending championship raptors in your team (Kyle Lowry Danny Green Kawhi Leonard Pascal Siakam Marc Gasol) You have 3 years to get a championship. Good Luck Kenny And If the raptors get eliminated tonight please know that this was commented before the game and if they get eliminated could you still plz do it
David Bauer
David Bauer Mese fa
Use the knicks no fantasy draft trade difficulty 95 and you have to trade the best player on there team day 3 of asking
Robbie Mecannic
Robbie Mecannic Mese fa
Says let’s trade for someone we haven’t traded for before and has already traded for Kd before
Mikkel Svendsen
Mikkel Svendsen Mese fa
New challenge: Like the video & Subscribe to Kenny Eyes closed: 100 Like so he can see
Void Formal
Void Formal Mese fa
Day 46 of asking Kenny to do the NBA draft challenge you must start in the offseason and load in the 2020 rookies you must then end up with the top three picks and take the three best players in the draft you can trade 2 of them but one has to start for your team this is a 2-year challenge and you must win a championship you have 1 year to make trades and everything and the 2nd year you must win a championship P.S. Turn off-trade deadline
MCEZLL 34 Mese fa
Aye yo kenny at 12:16 your dislexiya kicked in again, I don't have a challenge although. Great video tho
BananaMan Mese fa
My favorite part is where Rick Carlisle wins coach of the year
Hayden Durbin
Hayden Durbin Mese fa
The lighting on his face is way better than it usually is so keep doing it
Thadddeus Rutkowski
Thadddeus Rutkowski Mese fa
Shai giaiwowlsb Alexander has a 0 three tendency.
Mason VGO
Mason VGO Mese fa
Spoelstra D offense LMFAOOOOOO
Ginger With a soul
Ginger With a soul Mese fa
The part when the said “how bout we talk about the video!” Was magnificent
Andres Defranceschi
Andres Defranceschi Mese fa
the heat challenge
Andres Defranceschi
Andres Defranceschi Mese fa
the heat challenge
TeeboneSteak Mese fa
Rebuild idea; Use only players that are unique for the position they play, or can be moved to a position they would definitely not line up as, but could play as successfully; Think Jokic as a PG Ben Simmons at the 5 type things. Really out of their regular position, not just changing their main position to get a better overall.
Jezza Lyon
Jezza Lyon Mese fa
Roco’s shooting is bad because of his Low offensive consistency and shot IQ, dude just be taking bad shots and nvr a consistent shooter 😂
Parker Eimerl
Parker Eimerl Mese fa
22:16 kenny becomes shrek
misty Mese fa
This thumbnail is jokes 😂😂😂
Clydes Garden
Clydes Garden Mese fa
Kenny if u want people to comment u gotta show love to clever jokes we come up with and not just the challenge ideas. We in it for the clout lmao
Tucker Dunagan
Tucker Dunagan Mese fa
Damn Robert Covington is still trash
Fahad Alayoub
Fahad Alayoub Mese fa
Small ball rebuild Tallest guy being 6^5
Cookiez Mese fa
Kenny = 🐐
Cookiez Mese fa
Ty Thompson
Ty Thompson Mese fa
# breaking news Giannis Antetokounmpo signs with golden state warriors
Sam Melhuish
Sam Melhuish Mese fa
You’d think this multi-million dollar company would be able to have a portion of their staff analyzing rosters for consistency. 2K21 is insane lol
Noonz Mese fa
Missed his older videos where the comment section wasn't just "day x of asking kenny to do this challenge" comments. Shout-out to Kenny for encouraging more video related comments.
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Stray Kids 『ALL IN』 Music Video
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