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When u switch a players position it changes the “target list” so when u changed chris boucher position the nuggets probably didn’t want him anymore
Kenneth Hewitt
Kenneth Hewitt 10 giorni fa
it said 6'10 and up. meaning simmons was supposed to play 36 mins
Alex Gutierrez
Alex Gutierrez 11 giorni fa
11:55 okay kawhi
Mazamud 12 giorni fa
he cheated he frogtot to chage minutes
Tapfuma Saruchera
Tapfuma Saruchera 16 giorni fa
0:00 i believe i can fly
Everett Chapman
Everett Chapman 21 giorno fa
I did a 3 team trade with Lebron Luca and CP3 with other bad contracts to make the more money 💰 work
Mary Deveaux
Mary Deveaux 24 giorni fa
Yeah i have 5
Spencer Harrison
Spencer Harrison 26 giorni fa
I have 12 periods
Jake Rosenbaum
Jake Rosenbaum 27 giorni fa
damn kenny we got 6
Luxud Gaming
Luxud Gaming 29 giorni fa
Nuggets wanted Chris Boucher in his other position
Justin Morrison
Justin Morrison Mese fa
Not a long challenge idea and unsure if it has been done before (kinda new to the channel), but do the Waterbiy Challenge: You must have a 78 or lower overall starter for the entire season. He must play at least 32 minutes a game and he cannot be changed/traded throughout the season. His back up position cannot be better than him hence "The Waterboy" and your team is all out of options for that position.
I'm Brandon
I'm Brandon Mese fa
10?! i have 6 periods
Abhir Gokhale
Abhir Gokhale Mese fa
IDK why but Karl Anthony Towns ends up on the Miami Heat each and every time Steph Curry is always on the Spurs Bam Adebayo is on the Denver Nuggets Lauri Markkanen always remains on the bull even though it's a fantasy draft Come on 2k
Futchybird Mese fa
Yo I have 7 periods
HamDog 2006
HamDog 2006 Mese fa
Do the corona draft Rules: players on the bench and the starters have to have or have had covid Rudy Gobert (UTA) Mar. 11 (story) Donovan Mitchell (UTA) Mar. 12 (story) Christian Wood (DET) Mar. 14 (story) Kevin Durant (BRO) Mar. 17 (story) Marcus Smart (BOS) Mar. 19 (story) Nikola Jokic (DEN) Jun. 23 (story) Malcolm Brogdon (IND) Jun. 24 (story) Jabari Parker (SAC) Jun. 24 (story) Buddy Hield (SAC) Jun. 24 (story) Alex Len (SAC) Jun. 24 (tweet) Derrick Jones Jr. (MIA) Jun. 25 (tweet) Spencer Dinwiddie (BRO) Jun. 29 (story) DeAndre Jordan (BRO) Jun. 29 (story) Landry Shamet (LAC) Jul. 4 (story) Taurean Prince (BRO) Jul. 7 (story) Thomas Bryant (WAS) Jul. 10 (story) Gary Payton II (WAS) Jul. 10 (story) Russell Westbrook (HOU) Jul. 13 (story) Harrison Barnes (SAC) Jul. 14 (story) Michael Beasley (BRO) Jul. 14 (story) James Ennis (ORL) Jul. 15 (story) Eric Bledsoe (MIL) Jul. 16 (story) Pat Connaughton (MIL) Jul. 20 (story) Justin Anderson (BRO) Jul. 22 (story) Aron Baynes (PHO) Jul. 22 (story) Ricky Rubio (PHO) Jul. 22 (story) Bam Adebayo (MIA) Jul. 24 (story) Kendrick Nunn (MIA) Jul. 24 (story) Luc Mbah a Moute (HOU) Jul. 27 (tweet) Ivica Zubac (LAC) Jul. 27 (story) Mo Bamba (ORL)
Adam Timmons
Adam Timmons Mese fa
How many boxes does giannis antetokounpo on his own?
Thomas Evans
Thomas Evans Mese fa
I got 5 periods wtf
Sean Baker
Sean Baker Mese fa
My school is 7 periods but 4 periods for online school
ur moms side dude.
ur moms side dude. Mese fa
bruh wtf. this dude had 10 periods ????? i have 6
Josh Taziole
Josh Taziole Mese fa
you should of moved Ben Simmons to SF
Dylan Lam
Dylan Lam Mese fa
Do the Big Little Challenge: - your PG and SG have to be at least 6'11 and your SF, PF, and C have to be shorter than 6'10. Please like so Kenny sees this and does this challenge :) Love ur vids bro
Mansi 34
Mansi 34 Mese fa
The Rage Challenge. The only thing you gotta do, is turn the Sim difficulty to 100 and trade difficulty to 75, and make the playoffs
Sebas Sitez
Sebas Sitez Mese fa
Kenny looking like Thanos
Liam Spang
Liam Spang Mese fa
Bruh u had 10 periods? We got 6
Evan Macaulay
Evan Macaulay Mese fa
Go for a three-peat where everyone in the league has 99 potential
Will Longanbach
Will Longanbach Mese fa
Alright Kenny here it is: Spin the wheel of states and you have to trade for a player from that state.
Progress Ty
Progress Ty Mese fa
I had 6 periods in high school
Progress Ty
Progress Ty Mese fa
Do a rebuild you actually play every game and show the ups and down of the season. You can play all 82 or shorten the season.
Bryce Smoov
Bryce Smoov Mese fa
We have 6 periods 😂
Hayden Car
Hayden Car Mese fa
Yo Kenny I’m with you when I was in school we had nine periods so when you said 8 I’m scratching my head.
Kolter adventures🔥
Kolter adventures🔥 Mese fa
Day 55 of asking Kenny to do the young only challenge first you take control of a random team fantasy draft and you can only use players 23 and younger you have three years to win a chip it doesn’t matter if they get older
I Love Knives
I Love Knives Mese fa
7 classes in my high school.
swagrichard3 Mese fa
Chef pee pee
Tanner Collins
Tanner Collins Mese fa
Bruh I have 6 periods in high school
Baby Xectorite
Baby Xectorite Mese fa
I got 6 periods lmaoo
iBeeELTee Mese fa
10 periods?! Man I had 6
Resy Mese fa
It said under 6’10 maxes at those minutes
B.o.D. Talks
B.o.D. Talks Mese fa
I got 9 periods
Ethan Mese fa
“PA Tucker” - Kenny
Scott Ultra Motive
Scott Ultra Motive Mese fa
Hey kenny 10 lessons per day in england we have only 5 that are 1 hour long
Icy Soda
Icy Soda Mese fa
Y’all got ten? We got four!
Bawcoli Mese fa
When she say I gotta give head to get it 2:27
Richard S
Richard S Mese fa
Welcome Kenny if your reading this good luck for you :Day 1 of asking Kenny you have to try to make 2014 Milwaukee Bucks win a championship but you only have 3 years :Rules 1: have to keep Gianni's on your team 2:have fun 3: don't trade Gianni's 4: you can't have James harden Cause Gianni's would have beef with James harden If U read have a good day kenny And you can make Gianni's potential 99
Mr. Mugwo
Mr. Mugwo Mese fa
I had 6 periods
Waymond McCulley
Waymond McCulley Mese fa
10 freaking periods!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!?!?!? i only got 6 bro
Alejandro Anaya
Alejandro Anaya Mese fa
What??? Kenny bro I got only 6 in hs and middle school
Camden West
Camden West Mese fa
Kenny u should do my challenge so the rules are u have to build your own as best as u can get and u have to get a 7 peat
blazes brother
blazes brother Mese fa
I had 6 50 minute periods 3 times a week. And 7 2 times
Crux Mese fa
Yall got 8 periods???? I got 4
Fun Rush 617
Fun Rush 617 Mese fa
Day 5 of asking Kenny to do the "KD/Jeff Green Sonics Challenge". Rules: -put the Sonics in the NBA through expansion. -Trade for KD and Jeff Green(since they're the last 2 Sonics players in the NBA) -Both should start and play at least 30 minutes per game -Trade away the rest of the team and fill out the roster with 12-13 auto-generated players(you can choose) -Rebuild the team. You can trade the auto generated players but KD and Jeff Green must stay on the roster for the entire challenge. -You can't let them retire either until you win a ring. -Good Luck Kenny!🍀 PLS. LIKE SO THE GOAT🐐 CAN SEE. (P.S. I'M A BULLS FAN TOO CAUSE OF D-ROSE)
Bryon Quitorio
Bryon Quitorio Mese fa
“And we back.” Is the most iconic sentence that ever existed
Ethan Mese fa
“And we back” comments are the most overused, cliche, and unfunny comments that ever existed.
Daniel Tomaev
Daniel Tomaev Mese fa
Kenny, I want to ask you for a simple in terms of understanding but difficult to complete challenge: Get yourself a Rebuilding team NO Fantasy Draft Injuries are ON- All 50 All the Difficulty settings on 70, besides Injuries Just curious how quick you can get a championship. I've tried it by myself and I failed with the 5 seasons. Guys, please support this message so he can see.
Brazin Mese fa
Zarcram Mese fa
Man I wanted to see if Luka was going to lead the Hawks to win the ring lol
Billey Brooks
Billey Brooks Mese fa
I only had 4 periods a day in school.
Phil Chil
Phil Chil Mese fa
All time teams rebuilding challenge...
Lachy Hughes
Lachy Hughes Mese fa
In Australia we have 6 periods lmao
Phillip Nielsen
Phillip Nielsen Mese fa
Am i the only one screaming at the screen that Ben Simmons is 6’10?! LOL
KrayKez Mese fa
Day 193947827239229 of asking Kenny to not play 2k21 current gen
kot4q suggestions2
kot4q suggestions2 Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the flight reacts challenge Rules 1. Do a fantasy draft your 1st pick has to be flight 2. Bulid a good roster around flight 3. Flight has to play 48 minutes 4. Win a championship in 3 trys
adzattack1 Mese fa
Day 8 of asking for "Trust The Process" Challenge: 1. Fantasy draft 2. Tank your first season. You cannot send players to the reserves and your best players must always be started. 3. Keep your first round draft pick and use it OR you may trade up in the draft. The player you draft cannot be traded and must always be a starter. 4. No max contracts in free agency. 5. Win a championship in 2 years (not counting the tanking year).
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses Mese fa
Giannias has Toronto all over him Imagine in a couple years it’s Giannias and siakiam Vs Kd and kyrie That would be so entertaining
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses Mese fa
Why in the vid Kenny face so red I checked in other vids it’s fine
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses Mese fa
For me in Ontario school starts this Monday but it’s Monday school Tuesday day of wed school Thursday no school Friday school but on the day of you have to do work
MonkeyOnFire108 Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
reticulatingGreene JUNIORAli
reticulatingGreene JUNIORAli Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
boehserbob Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
TheMichcio666 Mese fa
"2:43" If you guys needs some VC just look it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Dylan Mese fa
24:14 I really thought it was Kenny Hardaway
Grady Walker
Grady Walker Mese fa
Rebuild idea: all players have to be linked together in someway having been teammates before. Ex: you get ja Morant, so now you can get Zion, now hat you have Zion you can get rj.
Fortnite Beast
Fortnite Beast Mese fa
What happened to kot4q reacts huh Kenny.
Sharp Young
Sharp Young Mese fa
cool video. your channel is awesome. I play a ton of Basketball.
Stoyan Georgiev
Stoyan Georgiev Mese fa
bih galin
Ayden Russell
Ayden Russell Mese fa
I still got 10 periods
Nat Buskirk
Nat Buskirk Mese fa
The 1 Year one Move Rebuild Rules: Fantasy draft You can make AT MOST 1 trade a year. You can make an extra trade on draft night, but it has to be for picks, not a players You can only sign a free agent if you lose a free agent and they have to be in the same overall area. For example if you lose a 90+ overall you can sign any replacement. If you lose an 80-89 overall you can only sign players in that range or lower. You have to simulate until you win a championship. NO WAY AROUND THIS RULE. YOU MUST WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES
I been with Kenny since 100k😅 A real fan 🤝.
Gunnar Johnson
Gunnar Johnson Mese fa
Do a rebuild where you have to get luka and giannis on the same team and win a championship you have 4 years to complete
Mariah Smith
Mariah Smith Mese fa
10 periods what the- I only have 7
RDTriple Mese fa
Definitely Not
Definitely Not Mese fa
Ten classes? How long were your damn classes, son? Ten classes would've meant I'd stay in class until 7 PM every day.
Kaiden Hanna
Kaiden Hanna Mese fa
Day 13 of challenging Kenny to a 1 on 1 rebuild challenge
Lord Mese fa
Rebuild till you lose to Luka
KDPlayz Mese fa
Kenny should do the young ones challenge All your players must be under 25
Erik Hobart
Erik Hobart Mese fa
i think when u switched boucher’s position, the nuggets didn’t want him anymore
cole banks
cole banks Mese fa
Rebuild a team using another team
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass Mese fa
Asking Kenny to do the Barter Challenge Sign the worst player in free agency to a max contract and trade him up for a top 10 overall player in the league. You can add picks but you can’t put another player in the trade. Whatever you receive from the trade is what you must use to trade up
Salvatore FUSCO
Salvatore FUSCO Mese fa
Ernesto Guzman
Ernesto Guzman Mese fa
Dinasty forever 1. Get all of the top ten picks in a fantasy draft use the top 5 to draft the best player at every position and then use the rest of the picks to draft the best rookies (less than 3 years in the NBA) at every position 2. For the first 5 years the top 5 picks as the starter and use those years to devolp the young players 3. For the other 5 years the young players are the starters 4. Make the playoffs every year Winn at lease 6 rings
Prod. by OPG
Prod. by OPG Mese fa
Literally commented on this guys challenge
Cooper Balogh
Cooper Balogh Mese fa
11:56 sounds like a kawhi laugh ngl
Career sim for Rufus Bishop
Ian Adkinson
Ian Adkinson Mese fa
i had 5 periods
Jesse MacCarl Joslin
Jesse MacCarl Joslin Mese fa
Can u do the old player rebuild
Krispy Krenzy
Krispy Krenzy Mese fa
Do an embid rebuild
Hey kot4q i have a challenge for you and the challenge is the all nba challenge rules: the rules are this you have to have a team is gonna be have 5 players one player for each position every player need to be in the all nba first team. The second rule is the 5 player There overall is gonna be more of 90 overall a d the last rule your bench not gonna be have a player with more of 80 overall and that's the challenge
Jcoob 5
Jcoob 5 Mese fa
10 periods? Damn I had 6
parteek dhami
parteek dhami Mese fa
You should do a enemy rebuild where you have to have a starting 5 of players that don’t like each other. Bonus points for have a bench with people that don’t get along. All of your starters need to have at least one player on your starters that they don’t like.
Ludicolo Mese fa
Kenny when a trade doesn’t get accepted: *How about some seconds?*
Your Father
Your Father Mese fa
Do the troydan rebuilding challenge start with 0 players and 3 picks and manage to win a championship but you can’t trade to get your first player
Seth Hudson
Seth Hudson Mese fa
Do the “Championship Reunion” challenge -Spin the wheel with the past 5 championship teams to choose your team -Rebuild the team and get all of the players that were on the team at the time of them winning the championship -If a player is retired trade for a player with a similar play style -Win a championship -If unsuccessful spin the wheel and try to rebuild one of the other teams -2 year rebuild Good luck GOAT
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