A NBA 2K20, but I Can Only Trade For Players I Never Had Before...

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Lol Boy
Lol Boy 2 mesi fa
Not hate but you traded for kat in the 3 pointe video
SGx Genesis
SGx Genesis 2 mesi fa
Hey Kenny love the content, just wondering if you answer how do you do a fantasy draft with the normal rosters on Xbox it doesn't let me scroll down to turn fantasy draft on
Kenneth Duran
Kenneth Duran 2 mesi fa
I'm challenging Kenny to do the "6peat challenge'' with a twist Rules: 1. Choose a random team in a Fantasy draft. 2. You get to pick your first round pick and choose a player that will carry your team through the years(Choose wisely). 3. You need to win the championship in your first 3 years, you need to win a 3peat basically. 4. The very next offseason, find the worst team in the opposite conference and trade your chosen player(first round pick) for 1 of their starters and current year's first round pick(s). 5. Then win another 3peat. Twist: 1. you must not make a trade with your old team. 2. Your 'chosen' player must be your highest overall player. 3. If your player became a free-agent, you need to sign him or trade for him if he signed with a different team. Kenny would complete my 2020 if he accepted this challenge
Rhalstan Vlogs
Rhalstan Vlogs 2 mesi fa
Kenny u should do a challenge we’re u create the best possible defender, with no offensive skills, put him in the 2020 draft class with lamelo etc. and see how his career will go. P.S no fantasy draft, and u can only do one trade or one signing during the whole challenge
DLO Aryan ,
DLO Aryan , 2 mesi fa
Adolfo Rios
Adolfo Rios 2 mesi fa
No bam . No Robert covington?? Is this a fake video?
Raiden Charles
Raiden Charles 2 mesi fa
Bam has no end
They Luvrob
They Luvrob 2 mesi fa
Ngl Kenny the smartest out there.Makes money by you guys giving him ideas so he never has to come up with and idea.I respect him so much
APC 3 mesi fa
1:36 Kenny’s face tho lol
Derek Botted
Derek Botted 3 mesi fa
krispy boutta hit you for what you said about luke kennard
Jay HuZe
Jay HuZe 3 mesi fa
You should do a small ball challenge make a team with all sf or higher
The name The name
The name The name 3 mesi fa
i’ve commented this exact idea and now i’m sad
liuxuchen fang
liuxuchen fang 3 mesi fa
If you watched halftime production, you won’t say deandre bembry can’t hit a jump shot
Luke Noose
Luke Noose 3 mesi fa
Day 41 of watching Kenny
Oscar Murphy
Oscar Murphy 3 mesi fa
You should do a challenge where you randomly pick a team and you can only trade for players that have played for that team before
Mav3ricks Streams
Mav3ricks Streams 3 mesi fa
Doesn’t Kenny trade for Klay a good amount or am I trippin
I always use to pronounced yo name as coat4q. Sorry kenny
Big Dawg Deonte
Big Dawg Deonte 3 mesi fa
A Nba2k20?
King Malik
King Malik 3 mesi fa
Bam Bam is a great center
Cyber 3 mesi fa
I hope Kenny’s ok with me posting this late Day 61 of asking Kenny to please attempt my version of the Impossible Challenge To complete this challenge, you must make a team of all 40 overalls and turn them into a championship team. The team must win 5 championships in a row, with the streak starting whenever you win your first championship. By the end of the challenge, your top 5 players must have 2 99 overalls, 2 players that are 92 overall or higher, and 1 player that is 90 overall or higher. During the streak, you must have 2 players win MVP, and one of your championship runs has to be a 16-0 sweep of the playoffs. You should probably make a checklist for all of the goals.
SG Edltzz
SG Edltzz 3 mesi fa
Can try my team
Mr.gaming 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the 2003 nba rebuild. Ruls: u put the 2003 roster(the earliest roster with all the 30 nba teams we have today) and u rebuild a team from 2003 till 2020 in a long video that we will all love to watch. U need to put player progression on 35 because they improving like crazy
Avery Lowe
Avery Lowe 3 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the Steph Curry challenge -build around 1 player -make it to the finals 5 straight times and win 3 of them -win 2 MVP’s with that player -get that player in all 5 all star games -that player must get 50/40/90 one season -get the best record in NBA history for one season
Lucifer 04
Lucifer 04 3 mesi fa
bryanlaabs 3 mesi fa
Gonna ask for the veteran challenge. Win a title with no players on your team under 30.
Dunfee 88
Dunfee 88 3 mesi fa
Day 8 of asking Kenny to do the 15 man challenge. All players must get 3 mins and all players must be 80+ overall. 4 years to win a chip
Jrsportzfan 3 mesi fa
Kenny had me dead. Tatum can't do everything. He almost did do everything lmao
Aiden Pridemore
Aiden Pridemore 3 mesi fa
Do nms again
Hayden Chilton
Hayden Chilton 3 mesi fa
i have been waiting so long to see him use the nuggets
Lucy Gade
Lucy Gade 3 mesi fa
Why don’t you just do a fantasy draft rebuild
Abedaone 24
Abedaone 24 3 mesi fa
Cow Lowry and cow kuzma
Joe shepard
Joe shepard 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the one man show get one 96 overall or higher and your other players have to be under a 78 overall like so Kenny can see
Jakub Petrzela
Jakub Petrzela 3 mesi fa
Day 11 of asking kenny to do the "coach pop" challenge. You have to win 5 championships. Get 3 coach of the year award the catch is that you can only trade players to opisit conference to you're team. West > east. East > west
Mike Marino
Mike Marino 3 mesi fa
Day 7 of asking Kenny to do this experiment. Put the 5 best players of all time in a draft class and re simulate their careers who ever has the best career wins
Aydan Gray
Aydan Gray 3 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the 1 height challenge Rules are simple, everyone on your team has to be the same height For example PG Lonzo SG D-Book SF Iggy PF Draymond C PJ Tucker You have to win to championships
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 3 mesi fa
Hahaha cmon Kenny u always trade for Westbrook
john johnny
john johnny 3 mesi fa
Players I never trade for.. not even going to mention Tatums name. Kenny hates greatness. Fanboying over Ben Simmons bum ass
Abedaone 24
Abedaone 24 3 mesi fa
Day 22 of asking Kenny to do the "Switching spots" rebuilding challenge. Rules: You choose 2 random teams to control in a fantasy draft season. The team that you think is better is the team you will bring a championship to. Meanwhile, you have to make the other team finish last place. The next season, the team you won a championship with is going to finish last place, and the last place team from the season before will win a championship.You are not allowed to trade between user teams. Example: you are controlling your bulls and my Raptors. The first season: Bulls win a championship and Toronto finishes last. Season 2: Toronto wins a championship and Chicago finishes last. No trades between the Bulls and Raptors.
darkhawk_35 7
darkhawk_35 7 3 mesi fa
I just subbed I love Kenny’s videos
ThatBoyDoug —
ThatBoyDoug — 3 mesi fa
Lowkey upset bc u could’ve just put Dwight at the 5 and Jarret Allen at the 4
Aidan Martz
Aidan Martz 3 mesi fa
Why does Westbrook have a D+ REB. When he averaged 10 or more boards a game for 3 yrs straight
Valley View Bandits
Valley View Bandits 3 mesi fa
Brock Kemper
Brock Kemper 3 mesi fa
Kenny you da real GOAT
Yo Boi Chase
Yo Boi Chase 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to the “cameo” draft. Ask cameo for 13 players and trade every single player you drafted. Good luck!
Filip Vukic
Filip Vukic 3 mesi fa
What happened to the quizzes It's been a real long time since Kenny did one We want them back
Evan Schaffer
Evan Schaffer 3 mesi fa
Here’s an idea. Take a player that doesn’t have a ring. Build a team around them. Kinda like how you did for Westbrook in this vid.
Bryan Welsh
Bryan Welsh 3 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the Kobe & Shaq rebuilding challenge you have to use the Lakers and do a fantasy draft while drafting every pick You have the twist is you have to win a 3-peat
Zeidan YaCin
Zeidan YaCin 3 mesi fa
Day 15 of asking Kenny Do the around the league challenge Rules: Fantasy draft You have to do a trade with every team But you can only do it once
1don2012 3 mesi fa
I call this MVP puppets challenge. Rebuild LeBron on the Cavs and Kobe on the Lakers in their Primes and it give us the Finals we always wanted😭. Bonus: One of the players must win MVP or DPOY every year🤷🏽‍♂️.
I l0V3 FE4LESS 3 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking kenny to Do the “8th seed” Rebuilding Challenge Rules: Simulate 2 years after fantasy draft, take the worst team in the east and west, then make them both get in the playoffs as the 8th seed for their conference. Make both teams overcome the 1st seed and meet each other in the finals. Twist: You cannot trade for players that are notoriously known for the MVP award (Luka, Giannis, etc...)
Davit Badalyan
Davit Badalyan 3 mesi fa
Control 2 teams(1 east 1 west), Do a Fantasy Draft, Have Both Of Your Teams Have a Player That Is The AllStar Draft Capitan, (Optional: Have 3 peat with one team and then the other team)
Vinny75 3 mesi fa
The Alec Burks rebuild challenge Basically you start off with a team of all alec burks’s and trade them all into a team and have 3 years to win a championship Good luck if you do this
Erin Rupolo
Erin Rupolo 3 mesi fa
Day 19 of asking Kenny to do the GOAT challenge:No fantasy draft, Choose auto generated draft class, And look at who is the best player in the draft based on overall grade (B+,A-, etc) on draft night look to see what team drafted that player (he may not go first of course because 2K can be stupid) Now control that teams that he’s on. Make sure to do everything in your power to make him the greatest of all time (training camps, trades for help, make him the first scoring option,etc) Just don’t change his overall by that I mean don’t go to edit player and give him more badges, better tendencies, or better attributes. The challenge is over once he retires. You decide if he is the GOAT/ next Dwayne Neal. Good luck:)
WavyyFN 3 mesi fa
Just got tooth surgery and watching ur videos are helping me get through it
Anas Souabni
Anas Souabni 3 mesi fa
Challenge Draft the worst player of an auto-generated class, give him 36 min minimum and make him MVP
Freaky baby Fan Page
Freaky baby Fan Page 3 mesi fa
Only players from outside of North America
JAkEy BAby_1
JAkEy BAby_1 3 mesi fa
day 4 of asking Kenny to do the 1 player from each team challenge. first season you use 1 player from each team for obviously you cant do all teams. So then you must get a second season team with the next 15 teams in the nba. Rules: must get a finals appearance in both seasons. Twist is that you must end up with Jim Boylen and Tom Thibodeau as ur coaches.
The Theories of Life
The Theories of Life 3 mesi fa
Day One of asking Kenny to do the only point guards rebuild Rules are Fantasy Draft Can only pick point guards I’ll be nice I’ll give you 2 years to win a chip Like so he can see And also you can only make 4 trades a year so be careful on who you’re trading
erik smith
erik smith 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a bubble challenge rules are you gatta use players that are in the bubble and 65 % sim difficulty
Grubby Hank
Grubby Hank 3 mesi fa
You should do a rebuild were 3 of your players have to be in the mvp race
Manav Bhatia
Manav Bhatia 3 mesi fa
Do the “San Antonio Spurs Challenge” You have to win 4 championships with one big three. One part of your big three should come off the bench and has to win 6th man 3 times. And one player has to win 2 mvps Your coach should be Greg Popovich(if possible) I love the vids Kenny
Jack_Ftbl 3 mesi fa
The Expansion Rebuild: Has to pick 1 expansion team and has 3 years to win a championship
James Hawkeye
James Hawkeye 3 mesi fa
Kenny you should do a challenge where you can only rebuild a team that never won a championship and see if you can get them a championship within 5 years. There is a catch, no fantasy draft. Good luck
Ya Moms
Ya Moms 3 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the "Dream Team Challenge". Rules: You do a fantasy draft with all of the members from the 1992 Dream Team. Once the draft is over you pick the worst overall-wise team and you have one year to rebuild it to the exact 1992 Dream Team.
Jake McFarlane
Jake McFarlane 3 mesi fa
Instead of a rebuild why don’t we get scientist Kenny back for an experiment and see what area has the best team based on players born there. If there’s not enough players born near one team maybe use all time rosters? I know it’s a whole lot of work and set up but being from Scotland we only ever had one man make the NBA and you talk about Chicago all the time. But yeah, every team made up of local stars and see who’s the best
Danny Evan
Danny Evan 3 mesi fa
The "The winning coach" Rules: - Every two month you have to trade one of your players. - You have to follow the team they got traded to. - You have to make sure that every team you traded with has to win at least 30 games, if one of teams you traded with does not get at least 30 wins you lost. - You can not trade with the same team after you traded with them. - You have to win at least 1 championship, I will give you two years. - Each trade has to involve at least one 80 overall
Samuel Kayode
Samuel Kayode 3 mesi fa
Day 7 of asking Kenny to do the dunkers only challenge Rules: Everybody on ur starting lineup must have a 80 overall dunk Das it
Conor O'Donoghue
Conor O'Donoghue 3 mesi fa
Back-to-front challenge: Fantasy draft, take control of worst team in the league. Can only trade for players who did not make the playoffs the previous year. 2 seasons to win a Championship (Bonus - can only trade for players who haven't made playoffs in previous 3 years (IRL), max 2 rookies in starting 5)
NoIqNeeded-_- 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of trying to get Kenny to play in the Neighborhood/Park it would be something different and I think a lot of people would like to see it for a change of scenery it would be amazing if you played with me but you could play with whoever Please like this it would be amazing to see kenny play in the neighborhood if you wanna play with me I’m on PlayStation and my name is KenyonBeVibin- -
King Towns
King Towns 3 mesi fa
Kenny do th me NBA with only big men
Mark Elorde Aquias
Mark Elorde Aquias 3 mesi fa
Lebron and Durant Rivalry Rules: Build a team of Durant and Lebron, both in thier present teams. The rivalry face 7 times of Nba Finals in just 10 seasons. Lebron and Durant in their prime.
Teja Hanumolu
Teja Hanumolu 3 mesi fa
There are so many comments to do a challenge that it took me a good 5 mins to find a comment that is not asking to do a challenge.
shawn d
shawn d 3 mesi fa
do the all g all rebuild challenge and win a champship
Kawhi is the GOAT
Kawhi is the GOAT 3 mesi fa
react to projecting every nba team’s starting 5 in orlando by bleacher report
Zach T
Zach T 3 mesi fa
Know im late, but ill post my idea again. Play through star challenge: You get 1 90+ overall to build a team around If any other player gets above a 90 they must get traded immediatly Of course trade deadline turned off. You get 3 years to get 1 championship Good luck!
kwhea 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do to Hometome challenge: - You can only trade for players that are either from Illnois or players that played for the Bulls - Also you must be on the Bulls
AJ de Leon
AJ de Leon 3 mesi fa
Awards Challenge: Simple, win all of the awards. - MVP - DPOTY - ROTY - 6MOTY - MIP - COTY - And of course, win the OBJ. Day 5
_ JimmyGod _
_ JimmyGod _ 3 mesi fa
Asking for Kenny to do “Robert Horry Challenge”: Rules: -Do a fantasy draft -You can only have players that have played with Robert Horry in the past, or players that CURRENTLY play for a team that he has played for before (Rockets, Suns, Lakers, Spurs) in either real life, or in the Fantasy League -Win 7 championships
Josiah Green
Josiah Green 3 mesi fa
Day 8: Of me asking Kenny to do the “John Reserve” challenge! Rules: Start off with 15 John Reserves. Each must be a 45 overall or the lowest overall possible and rebuild that team without drafting a player or signing free agent’s! The video doesn’t end, until you 3-peat. Why? BECAUSE WE REALLY DO LOVE THE LONG REBUILDS!!!!!!
Taj Outten
Taj Outten 3 mesi fa
You should do a Antetokounmpo rebuild. Get all three brothers on a team and when the championship. (They all must start)
Obi 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to sim 10 years into the League and rebuild a team off of a wheel but you can only do a trade with 5 teams
steve Reighard
steve Reighard 3 mesi fa
Build a team with DeAngelo Russel, Zach Lavine, Kyle Kuzma, Aaron Gordon, and Deandre Jordan. 3 have to start and all have to get minutes. Win a championship.
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown 3 mesi fa
This video should’ve been “the most over paid players rebuild” that’s the only reason why all these players aren’t on his teams normally
PharaohOfDestruction 3 mesi fa
Day 1 “Re-write History” Using 2010 Roster and try to win a championship with the Chicago Bulls using original roster Rules: 1-Stephien Rule On 2-Must keep D Rose, Joakim Noah and Loul Deng 3- 3 year challenge 4-Must make own trades with you using Trade Finder and Without using multiple draft picks (2 limit) 5-No using Simcast... 6-Trade Difficulty at 85
Dorien Jones
Dorien Jones 3 mesi fa
Are you still with your girlfriend
Kobe Ginobili
Kobe Ginobili 3 mesi fa
The spell my name challenge Rules *build a fantasy draft and build a team spelling your name *the first letter of the players first name should be the same as the letters in your first name (ex.K-kevin Durant) *the first letter of the players last name should be the same as the letters in your last name (ex.B-jimmy butler) *you must have a first man rotation spelling the name KENNY BEECHAM *your goal is to win a championship
Anthony Gilchrist
Anthony Gilchrist 3 mesi fa
The real player challenge where you fantasy draft and can only trade for people who got put on their actual team
Dylan Bridges
Dylan Bridges 3 mesi fa
Before the vid: I just have a felling Rudy Gay is going to end up on his final team
Dalton Wike
Dalton Wike 3 mesi fa
Do the Youth Development Challenge - do a fantasy draft - you can only draft and trade for players 23 years old or younger - you make all your trades before your first season and your goal is develop all the young players and develop them into a championship team - you have 5 years to complete (You can draft and trade for auto generated players and develop them) (the players your developing are allowed to go past the 23 years old age, you just can't draft or trade for any players over 23 years old at the time to trade for or draft them) this is all about player development!!! PLEASE LIKE THIS, WE WANT KENNY TO DO THIS!!!!! GOOD LUCK, keep it up bro #KOT4Q
gaming update
gaming update 3 mesi fa
Kenny do a no superstar rebuild... no 90ovr plus...
Zain Siddique
Zain Siddique 3 mesi fa
Every year a new team Challenge: -Fantasy Draft - Win a ring every year - After every season you must trade every player and have no players from previous year on team - Do this for 3 years
goodboyz chedda
goodboyz chedda 3 mesi fa
I got a crazy i idea 4 a challenge donno if its been done already so... Delete evreybody all 50 rating league try and win a ring in 5 years try and rebuild the first season too u know 2k gonna bring people in via draft but we lowering the quality of the draft so they not bringing in goats
Samuel Cahill Farella
Samuel Cahill Farella 3 mesi fa
Bro you never trading for Hassan Whiteside.
crazy920boat 3 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the BULLS ONLY REBUILD Rules: 1:dereck rose has to be in your team 2:the lineup must have current or former bulls players
Kayden Bowens
Kayden Bowens 3 mesi fa
Do a rebuild where you attempt to traded for the past five mvps and the twist is you have to have Cristanio Felico
Nate Dogg
Nate Dogg 3 mesi fa
“Jayson Tatum can’t do everything...he- he almost did everything
Flackser 3 mesi fa
my idea: kenny, what about a "homebrew" challenge... duration: as long as it needs to be completed - pick a team which you pleases - do the fantasy-draft - replace your roster with players you drafted over the years - win at least 2 championships now the things to spice it up: - you choose if you want to turn the trade-restriction on or off. - you may trade for picks, but, as a good gm who thinks about the future, you aren´t allowed to trade picks away (eg to add a bit of sugar to a trade) - pickswaps are ok - every player of the fantasydraft has to be 85 or lower. - every time, when the lottery gives you a number one pick in the draft, the draftee may bring a friend home, which means: then, and only then, you may trade for a high quality player, or try your luck with the free agents (later referred as extra players). - no more than 4 extra players at the same time on your roster, and the core has to be the drafted players. - the good "buddies" which are brought home by the player, have to stay in the roster until they call it a career - drafted players may be traded - this rule won´t apply when you trade up after the results of the lottery came in (so, what i meant, when the trade lottery kicks in, and you decide to climb up, the pick won´t bring a buddy to the party) you may change the trade resrictions, but everything else, like quality of the draft class etc has to stay standard the idea came when i saw one of your videos, where you made a draft(sth really high), center, who became a 90 plus and left...
NerdStuff 3 mesi fa
Bruh I remember when he had less than 100k
Ron Caguimbal
Ron Caguimbal 3 mesi fa
do the teammate challenge for example you pick the chicagobulls you can only have players that have played for chicago
Logan Young
Logan Young 3 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do a Second Round Pick Rebuild. Rules: 1) You must only have players that were drafted in the second round on your team (no undrafted players like Fred VanVleet, Jalen Lecque, Tacko Fall, etc.), 2) You must trade all of your first round picks for second round picks, 3) You must do a Fantasy Draft, and 4) You must have the GOAT, Keita Bates-Diop, on your team and make him be a starter. I got all quarantine Kenny. Like for him to see
Christian Jaramillo
Christian Jaramillo 3 mesi fa
Day 33 of asking kenny for a challenge Kenny, you need to make the wheel of jersey numbers, you can create your own rules, respects from Panama
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