okay, this wheel is going to END our nba 2k21 challenge...

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Devin Ruiz
Devin Ruiz 15 ore fa
Charles Spence
Charles Spence 7 giorni fa
Here for Kenny's intense threats
Will Fuller
Will Fuller 9 giorni fa
“Jimmy butler is a star” nah after these finals he’s superstar quality
Sean McNamara
Sean McNamara 10 giorni fa
It’s 2k don’t worry about ur bench, just need a 7 or 8 man rotation! Real life yes, u need a 10 man rotation in real life!
Bob Sanders
Bob Sanders 12 giorni fa
The wheel is goated
Sanji Vinsmoke
Sanji Vinsmoke 12 giorni fa
Damn Kenny you went for the heart with that threat
Jayden Harris
Jayden Harris 13 giorni fa
Let’s get to 1m he deserves it
Brodie Manson
Brodie Manson 13 giorni fa
happy to hear you giving trill such high praise for the backup potion really made my day thanks kenny xoxo
Andy Moss
Andy Moss 14 giorni fa
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 AGAINST THE ODDS CHALLENGE KENNY: Last pick Fixed Draft Assistant GM Picks Your Team Can ONLY Accept trades Offered to you during the season (No Other Trades) Assistant Signs your FA in Offseason YOU MUST DRAFT and Play 1 Rookie 25+ Minutes Every Season 1 Computer Generated Player on your Team Must Win MVP OR Make All NBA 3 Times 10 Seasons to Win 5 Championships With Atleast 1 Repeat
Tom Laundry
Tom Laundry 14 giorni fa
Lonnie Skywalker is his nickname
Vahan Hovannisian
Vahan Hovannisian 15 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to do the Baseball Rebuild: Start with a fantasy draft and build your team with the positional guidelines below. One year to win the chip. 1. Pitcher: This core of your team - Trade for a player who has an overall rating of 90+. 2. Catcher: Typically only good at catching - Trade for someone who scores 7+ “Catch and Shoot PPG” (stats.nba.com/players/catch-shoot/?sort=CATCH_SHOOT_PTS&dir=1). 3. 1st Baseman: The heaviest players on the team - Trade for someone 270+ pounds. 4. 2nd Baseman: Typically the weakest player on the team - Trade for someone with a Strength rating below 40. 5. Shortstop: In the name - Trade for someone under 5’10”. 6. 3rd Baseman: Typically defensive stars - Trade for someone with Interior AND Perimeter defense of 70+. 7. Right Fielder: The tallest position in baseball - Trade for someone 7’ or above,. 8. Center Fielder: Always leaping for catches over the fence - Trade for a center, but his vertical must be 85+. 9. Left Fielder: Typically not a lefty… but - Trade for a left-handed player. 10. Designated Hitter: Trade for a player who is known for having hit an opponent in a game. 11. Pinch Runner: Subbed in for the sole purpose of running - Trade for a player with speed of 90+. 12. Closer: Finishes the game - Trade for a player who has made 3 or more game-winners in his career. MLB Trade Deadline is always chaotic - You can make ONE trade on the day of the trade deadline. All assets are free to be traded. (Yes, I know you won’t be able to pronounce my name - call me V, good luck!)
Saeed Elmohandes
Saeed Elmohandes 15 giorni fa
When Russ gets a finals MVP before Steph😂
Xzander Graves
Xzander Graves 15 giorni fa
Jesus #1 no cap all fax
Saucey TJ
Saucey TJ 15 giorni fa
Lol lakers heat
1999mwm 15 giorni fa
Superhero rebuild DC comics Batman- (money can be a superpower) must make 18 million+ for contract The Flash- (speed can save) speed over 90 Superman- (face of a franchise) current leading scorer for a team Green lantern- must play currently for a team with green in their logo Cyborg- (body repair) must have recovered from season ending injury Marvel comics The Hulk- (always angry) over 10 technical fouls Hawkeye- (doesn’t miss from far away) shoot over 40% from 3pt Deadpool- (can heal from injury) didn’t miss a game last season Thor- (god of thunder) must have played for the thunder during career Ant-man- (height adjustment) player can be either under 6’ tall or over 7’ tall Extra challenge: one comic company is starters other company is bench rotation or everyone plays equal minutes
Finn Garrard
Finn Garrard 15 giorni fa
Kenny acting like curry, bam, tatum, and lauri are bad
Ibrahim Sajjad
Ibrahim Sajjad 15 giorni fa
How the freak did he skip the whole year and to the rewards qtf
Jack Borok
Jack Borok 15 giorni fa
Xion _
Xion _ 16 giorni fa
So we not gon speak on how curry a 93 at pf😭😭
Charles Post
Charles Post 16 giorni fa
kenny my boi
David Omiye
David Omiye 16 giorni fa
why did he pause after jah, he said we dont need jah...... lil okafor
Ariel Wexler
Ariel Wexler 16 giorni fa
Post more mycareer
Conor Sheehan
Conor Sheehan 16 giorni fa
Day 92 of asking Kenny to do the “Out of Place Challenge” Rules: Turn off the trade deadline and Fantasy Draft your team. Make trades prior to the start of the season until you have a team you like. Create a wheel of all positions and spin it for each player in your rotation, then make whatever the wheel lands on that players position. Simulate 30 games. After 30 games make whatever trades to help better your team if needed, spin the wheel for the new players acquired to see what position they get. Simulate until there’s 1 game left in the season. Make anymore trades to help your team in the playoffs, then spin the wheel again to change their position. Play until you win a championship, Good Luck!
Zac Margolis
Zac Margolis 16 giorni fa
0:55 Y’all better like the video for Kenny
Brendan Browne
Brendan Browne 16 giorni fa
The “point guard” challenge Rules: 1. You must have only point guards on your roster 2. You need too win a championship 3. You can’t have less then 2 all - stars on your team Just like too say your videos make me happy when I’m not 100%
Connor Jones
Connor Jones 16 giorni fa
You’re gonna have to end like 160k relationships
Aniket Talanki
Aniket Talanki 16 giorni fa
bro does no one know that if you make Steph curry a shooting guard he becomes a 97.
Samuel Cahill Farella
Samuel Cahill Farella 16 giorni fa
“69 wins which...if you ask me...is nice”
Youtube Doctor
Youtube Doctor 16 giorni fa
Lonnie Walker aka the Pineapple hair king would be my nickname for him. 😂😂
Youtube Doctor
Youtube Doctor 16 giorni fa
I know he cut off his hair though.
Javontay Baynes
Javontay Baynes 16 giorni fa
Nba Finals rebuild: All the players you trade for have to have played for the lakers or heat!!!
Alberto Medina
Alberto Medina 16 giorni fa
Baseball Team Challenge: Make a Fantasy Draft and give yourself a top 10 pick on the New York Knicks (so you can break their curse and give them some of that Yankees glory) 1. Ace: most elite pitcher on the team- trade for a top 10 shooting guard according to 2k. (Ex: James Harden) 2. Catcher: the pitcher's counterpart- trade for a player with an B+ or more defense and IQ (Ex: Ben Simmons) 3. Closer: finishes the game off- trade for a player that has 100 or more clutch points in total this season. (Ex: Chris Paul) 4. 1st baseman: receives the majority of the assists- trade for a player that is left handed and has 85 or more hands rating. (Ex: Julius Randle) 5. Infielder (3rd baseman, 2nd baseman, shortstop): all around player: trade for a player that averages at least 15 pts, 5 assists and 5 rebounds, and a B- or more defense. (Ex: Draymond Green) 6. Outfielder: fastest player on the field- trade for a player with 88 or more speed and hands rating (Ex: John Wall) 7. Designated Hitter: expert batter and doesn't defend- trade for a player with below average defense, and above average offense. (Ex: Luke Kennard) 8. Pinch Hitter: comes in to bat-in runs- trade for a 6th man of the year winner. (Ex: Jamal Crawford) 9. Pinch Runner: comes in to score in runs- trade for a player that shoots over 40% from three and 85% from the free throw line. (JJ Redick) Make it a 9 man rotation (like a batting lineup) Try and win a championship, you the man Kenny. Comment what i could change to make it more interesting, harder, easier or something else.
Austin O'Kelly
Austin O'Kelly 16 giorni fa
“We won 69 games and if you ask me, is nice” Nice
Elias Tapia
Elias Tapia 16 giorni fa
How is Kenny not a 1 mill yet? 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️
Adrian Guevara
Adrian Guevara 16 giorni fa
Kenny, do the DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS Challenge - Top 10 guys in rotation should have a defensive rating not lower than A- (perimeter/post, steals/blocks depending on position) - Hire a defensive coach, set active system to defense. Edit coach to have player preferences to heavy on defense; defensive aggression to play physical defense, set offense to patient offense - Finish best defensive team and win championship for 3 out of 5 years
bmdove86 16 giorni fa
Sup Kenny, enjoy the videos man. Always look forward to them. So I have a challenge and it isn't on NBA 2k. Go to basketballgm.com and be the gm of your team the Bulls. You have been hired for 5 years and they want an improvement. You could possibly get fired. Check it out.
Graham Newberry
Graham Newberry 16 giorni fa
KOT4Q Challenge: Hey new challenge. You can’t trade draft picks. You can receive picks but you cannot use them to trade for a better player.
Frag 17 giorni fa
Happy birthday Kenny❤️
Marcmwai8 Mwai
Marcmwai8 Mwai 17 giorni fa
Bill Russel challenge 11 rings in 13 season love the long videos
smoke241_ 17 giorni fa
The No All-Star Challenge -pick random team -any all stars in your roster have to be traded -they cannot be more than a zero time all star (idk if hes already done that)
Christian Warner
Christian Warner 17 giorni fa
Day 18 of asking KOT4Q THE GOAT to do the No Awards Challenge rules: 1. Do a fantasy draft 2.Can't have a single player who won any of the awards (MVP, ROTY, DPOY, SMTY, MIP, all NBA and defense team, championship, scoring title, all-star MVP) 3.Have to win a championship and win 1 main award Like so he can see
baller 72
baller 72 17 giorni fa
Pau from spain
Noah Lewis
Noah Lewis 17 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the wheel pick rebuild Rules : Spin a wheel with all positions 1-5 Spin another wheel to see what year you get 1990-2020 Spin your last wheel to see what team you pick from 1-30 You have to keep your first 3 people you select Three year rebuild Like so Kenny can see
Silas Wellenius
Silas Wellenius 17 giorni fa
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNY 🥳 You’re in your Kobe year
JOSEPH MARIETTA 17 giorni fa
Kenny do the baseball challenge Pitcher: Someone who is consistent at shooting 1st: Teammate IQ over 75 2nd: Rookie or sophomore 3rd: Someone with an assist percentage over 7 4th: Post Scorer Outfielders must all be lefty DH: Whoever you want
Dolphin 17 giorni fa
Happy bday kenny
Bleed Green
Bleed Green 17 giorni fa
Is it just me or is Jason Tatum a god in 2K21
KARRSON FIELDS (Student) 17 giorni fa
Jeremy 17 giorni fa
Who else remember the 2 truths and a lie series😭😭 Kenny bring it back please
khalil Gaming
khalil Gaming 17 giorni fa
Hey Kenny It's day 4 of asking for you to do 'the Derrick Rose challenge' Rules: 1. Do a fixed fantasy draft, then select D Rose (in his prime) first pick 2. Let your assistant GM draft the rest of the team 3. When the draft is done trade all players except D Rose for players that have only played for the teams that D Rose played for eg. Cleveland, Chicago, New York, Minnesota and Detroit 4. Win a chip in 2 years Like so Mr Beecham can see
Trent Newman
Trent Newman 17 giorni fa
Why didn’t Kenny just make another trade in the second season after he signed willie Cauley stein. That technically wasn’t a trade
TheHBKandCMPunk Fan
TheHBKandCMPunk Fan 17 giorni fa
2:30 Kenny sounding like Tony Chimel doing Edge’s entrance
Whose_mans_is_this 2
Whose_mans_is_this 2 17 giorni fa
Anthony Abrakmanov
Anthony Abrakmanov 17 giorni fa
Kenny lookin like flight out here with that curry praisin
Navet 17 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the "Meme Team to Dream Team" Challenge Rules/requirements: - Make a team full of players that are or were a meme in the NBA (JR, Tacko, AC Fresh, Etc.) - Turn that team into a 2Peat team - Start with maximum of 1 All Star (92 Ovr and Under)
HENRY DAVIDSON 17 giorni fa
He didn't do it for Pau Gasol 😔😔
Double AA
Double AA 17 giorni fa
Hey Kenny I got a challenge for you. It’s called The “Big Brain GM challenge” here are the rules - you have to do a fantasy draft -win at-least 2 championships in 4 years - have to have atleast 2 90+ overall players before starting the season -must trade for a superstar player, but it has to be through a 3 way team trade -no untouchables Good luck!! Get this likes, so he sees it
K Y 17 giorni fa
Day one of asking Kenny to see this challenge: pls rebuild the heat fam that’s all I ask
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 17 giorni fa
Day 3 of Challenge for Kenny- Name: The Allstar Challenge Challenge: Your team can only consist of past all-stars. It doesn’t matter the rating just only allstars. Goal: 70+ win season, and back2back championships
Gravijah_ 17 giorni fa
The Every 5 25 Challenge: This would be a long challenge but your goal would be to win a championship every 5 years apart over a 25 year period. It doesn't matter if you win a championship in year 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, etc. This would challenge your longterm team building skills and make longterm asset growth even more important. The goal would be to win a championship year 1, year 5, year 10, year 15, year 20, year 25. Seeing how many of those years you can actually hit would be interesting.
Craig Steelman
Craig Steelman 17 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to do a realistic 76ers Doc Rivers rebuild where you can’t trade Ben, Joel or Tobias Harris
Angomatic 760
Angomatic 760 17 giorni fa
Kenny should do my team Tuesday
Lewis Williams
Lewis Williams 17 giorni fa
Anyone else notice that Luka always play for the nuggets when ever he does a rebuild challenge
A Fox Above Water
A Fox Above Water 17 giorni fa
I enjoyed his duo challenge he did a couple months ago, so I dont expect him to do this, but itd be pretty dope if he did (anything Kenny does is dope let's be real). Heres the challenge: Duos for all teams. Use every team's top two players of all time regardless of chemistry, height, etc. Twist: No salary cap, so players can be traded if eligible Optional: Take control of a random team, make a trade, and win the finals
isaiah dittbenner
isaiah dittbenner 17 giorni fa
Anyone know his background music
Zo Zo
Zo Zo 17 giorni fa
Y’all remember the days he use to wear that hat all the time ?
ballaholic fan
ballaholic fan 17 giorni fa
happy early 24th bday
kylo_ren223 17 giorni fa
kenny can you rebuildthe worstwnba team
Crystal Moreno
Crystal Moreno 17 giorni fa
I was watching all his videos and I just realised I wasn't subbed
Ya Yeet
Ya Yeet 17 giorni fa
listen i have a mygm weird but fun and Pau is my backup center and he played outstanding for a 40 year old man, he averaged 2, 8, and almost 2 blocks but he’s 40! we’re in our playoffs and we’re 5-0 so far
Bidus 17 giorni fa
24:08 lmaooooooooooooooo
Sathvik Rajesh
Sathvik Rajesh 17 giorni fa
birthday fun challenge: fantasy draft, all time roster trade override on no salary caps have fun : >
Tony Gillette
Tony Gillette 17 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a rebuilding challenge of all stars The concept of this challenge is to only use players that is all starts or former all stars
Apollo Ice
Apollo Ice 17 giorni fa
Do a all rookie rebuilding challenge all you can have is rookies on your team and no trades
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan 17 giorni fa
do the "Tall Ball" challenge. Rule 1. starting PG has to be at least 6'6 or taller Rule 2. Starting SG has to be at least 6'7 or taller Rule 3. Starting SF has to be at least 6'9 or taller Rule 4. Starting PF has to be at least 6'10 or taller Rule 5. Starting C has to be at least 7'0 or taller Rule 6. every single bench player has to be within 1 inch and 20 pounds of any given starter Rule 7. You can only switch 2 player's positions in the entire video unless it is to get more trade value. Also Happy Early Birthday Kenny!
Aryeh Kohn
Aryeh Kohn 17 giorni fa
Before the video I said I hope he gets Tatum, bam, and dragic and I was like holy shit I’m a god
Ayden Hopper
Ayden Hopper 17 giorni fa
We won 69 games. Which... If you ask me... Is nice
Micah Fry
Micah Fry 17 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the shaqtin a fool rebuild. Fantasy draft. You can only use players that have been on shaqtin a fool. You get the 30th pick on fixed draft.
Alex Rizk
Alex Rizk 17 giorni fa
The "Average" Rebuilding Challenge: Rules: 1. Fantasy Draft however you need to draft you team 2: the Drafted team has to have an average overall of 75 3: 10 man rotation only all the time and only the 10 man rotation counts towards the average 4: After trades you team must have an average of 90 5: 3 year challenge must 3 peat and for all 3 years you must have an average of 90 good lucky kenny
Cameron Mysliwicz
Cameron Mysliwicz 17 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the “Last Pick” Rebuild Rules : - Fixed Draft 30th pick - Rebuild the team and win in 3 years - During every offseason you must trade for the 30th pick and the 60th pick. Those players must play 5mins each. -Must trade for the short King IT and have him play 5 mins.
GoColts4 17 giorni fa
bet u cant get 100 trades in 1 vid
Jordan Makes Finance Videos
Jordan Makes Finance Videos 17 giorni fa
And we back baby!
Meditation Music
Meditation Music 17 giorni fa
And We Back
TJ BOMB 17 giorni fa
you should build a team around Steph and Klay
Nathan Clayton
Nathan Clayton 17 giorni fa
Looo at Curry man
Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks 17 giorni fa
1,000th comment
Serena Khaira
Serena Khaira 17 giorni fa
late upload
Wxvyking 17 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the Dwyane Neal jr career sim
Joshua Varghese
Joshua Varghese 17 giorni fa
1000th comment
Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker 18 giorni fa
The All Seed Challenge - In one video or a series of videos - You must win 8 championships as all 8 seeds.
Liam Rooney
Liam Rooney 18 giorni fa
Lonnie Walker nickname could Elfrid jr if u know u know
David Hsueh
David Hsueh 18 giorni fa
Asking Kenny to do the "Birthday Party" Challenge. Requirements: - 3 players that are born on the same day (ex. If one player's born on January 18, 1997, and one is born on March 18, 1994, the two players are eligible for this requirement.) - 3 players born on the same date (Same month and day, but year could be different) - 2 players born on the same month (Same month, day could be different and year could be different) - 3 players born on the same year (Same year, month and day could be different) - 2 current teammates that were born on the same day/month/or year - 1 player who's birthday is the same as yours (Same day and month, doesn't have to be year) - 1 player who's birthday is on the day you are recording (Same day and month as the day you are recording) Rules: - Fantasy Draft - If a player's birthday is in the month of your sim, that player must play at least 24 minutes (For example, if the sim is in September, and the player was born in September, he must play at least 24 minutes in each game of September.) - If a game is a day before, on the day, or a day after a player's birthday, that player must start, play at least 36 minutes, and be the first, second, or third option. (For example, if the game is on October 8, and the player was born on October 9, that player must start and play at least 36 minutes. If there's a game on October 10, and that player has already started and played 36 minutes on the game of October 8, he must start and play 36 minutes again on the game of October 10) - If a playoff game is a day before, on the day, or a day after a player's birthday, that player must start, play all 48 minutes, and be the first, second, or third option. (For example, if a playoff game is June 9, and a player's birthday is June 8, he must start and play all 48 minutes, and play as the first option.) - If two players have the a birthday a day next to the other player, you get to choose who is the first, second or third option. If there is only one on the game next to the game, you have to put him as the first option. - Win 60 games and the chip.
Void Formal
Void Formal 18 giorni fa
Day 64 of asking Kenny to do the NBA draft challenge you must start in the offseason and load in the 2020 rookies you must then end up with the top three picks and take the three best players in the draft you can trade 2 of them but one has to start for your team this is a 2-year challenge and you must win a championship you have 1 year to make trades and everything and the 2nd year you must win a championship P.S. Turn off-trade deadline
Silvio Dionisotti
Silvio Dionisotti 18 giorni fa
I have never seen kenny trade for Jayson tatum. I am now complete
Silvio Dionisotti
Silvio Dionisotti 18 giorni fa
I’ve never seen kenny rare for tatum, I am now complete
Big papa Cheese
Big papa Cheese 18 giorni fa
Dude changing the positions is CHEATING.
Joshua Ornelas
Joshua Ornelas 18 giorni fa
24:07 Nice
Wiggy 18 giorni fa
why dont this man Kenny have a mil
Roberts Bebris
Roberts Bebris 18 giorni fa
Do "The always unhappy GM rebuild challenge." Goal - 3-peat Rules : Each offseason you hire new staff; Each season at the trade deadline you have to trade your entire starting five! You can chose your team to start with. Let's go!
Ferssey Breezy
Ferssey Breezy 18 giorni fa
My birthdays tomorrow
Astolic _
Astolic _ 18 giorni fa
Kyle Lowry is the king of charges sorry Ilyasova you're second
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GionnyScandal - Buonanotte (prod. Sam Lover)
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iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro UNBOXING & Prime Impressioni!
Andrea Bentivegna - BlackGeek
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