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About KOT4Q:
This is the ITpost channel of the King of the Fourth Quarter himself. He is a basketball ITpostr, bball connoisseur, and Cohost of The Through The Wire Podcast. Subscribe for all things basketball!
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CryingCauseImACavsFan 16 giorni fa
As a fellow short king, I must say... I stood up
Swiftyz C
Swiftyz C 23 giorni fa
Day 2 of asking kenny to the "In the show rebuild" Rebuild that meets the following the requirements for stereotypical characters in a show the main character-must be a 90 an above overall The mysterious character-NBA player with a hidden talent example: steph curry=golf, brook lopez=drawing etc The sidekick-must be good friends with your highest overall The grandfather-must be over 31 The aspiring hero- must be younger than 25 and have over a 79 overall The leader- must average 5 assists a game The hothead-has to have gotten kicked out for a technical foul irl The traitor- must have been on at least 4 teams Bonus Make the championship good luck :)
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny🤘🏿! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Jerebov Mese fa
"Vucecic over Embiid as center?" Well kenny, you made embiid a power forward, thats why
Bradley Scott
Bradley Scott Mese fa
Kenny: Moves Joel to PF Also Kenny: How did Joel not make an all NBA Team as a center
Lucifer 2 mesi fa
When lebron activated his finals game 7 mode
Griffin Gresge
Griffin Gresge 2 mesi fa
I like how he traded for Rodney hood to get klay then didn’t use him in the klay trade
Kris Batts
Kris Batts 2 mesi fa
At 6:45 the 76ers put a counter offer
Isaiah Rachel
Isaiah Rachel 2 mesi fa
U da goat keep up da good work
Matthew Leung
Matthew Leung 2 mesi fa
Kenny on trade finder: trades Jabari Parker for Patrick Beverly instead of Derrick Rose???
Gaming with Santi03
Gaming with Santi03 2 mesi fa
Kenny: The first 20 min of this video, I didnt have a plan Me: the vid is 20 min
TeO_Paradox 4 mesi fa
It was that damn klay trade that screwed you😂
Lucas Savard
Lucas Savard 4 mesi fa
9:32 he missed d rose😅
khalil Gaming
khalil Gaming 4 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking Kenny to do the lottery challenge Rules. You have to do a fantasy draft and let your assistant GM draft your team and then simulate a season without any changes to your team , then you trade every single player on your team for all fifteen lottery picks and keep at least 5 of those rookies and you can rebuild the rest and win a championship in two years
SwayNBA17 4 mesi fa
Braydon The Awesome
Braydon The Awesome 4 mesi fa
Asking kot4q to do the 87 overall challenge rules You can only have players who are in 87 overall or lower
Jeremy Baumann
Jeremy Baumann 4 mesi fa
Here’s a challenge to test your knowledge and ability to create a championship team. You can only keep the guy on your team if you know where they played college basketball or European ball. In trades if you have a multi player trade you must know the info for both players or the trade is voided and neither player can be traded for again. I doubt you can create a championship team in this challenge.
GOATED trent
GOATED trent 4 mesi fa
You should do the “OUT OF POSITION PLAYERS” Challenge, Rules: Everyone on your roster must be at their worst Overall position, For example a Center at PG Next you must have Draymond and LeBron bc of the MyTeam Promo. You Have 3 Years to Win a Championship
Brando 4 mesi fa
Sheesh those elbows got a mind of their own
Falbright54 4 mesi fa
Start The Bench Challenge
Andrei Santos
Andrei Santos 4 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny for “Everyone is at their prime” Challenge Rules: 1.) Simply every player will be at their prime (even 35 y.o and above players should be at their prime)
Thiccc Boiii
Thiccc Boiii 4 mesi fa
Did anyone else see a trade of galanari and ayton for Rudy Gobert and Donovan Michel
Mason Mickelsen
Mason Mickelsen 4 mesi fa
Why you always hate on Paul George. You trade for him every video then trade him away
April Howell
April Howell 4 mesi fa
Are those burpees😅😅
Hayden Gradstein
Hayden Gradstein 4 mesi fa
1:52 “Dalino Gallinari”
Zach Redgate
Zach Redgate 4 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the "last player in the draft" rebuild -Randomly pick a team for fantasy draft -You select a player in the forst round With the rest of the picks, go back to your past videos and select the last person drafted in the last round -rebuild the team!! Good luck
ThatOneWeirdGal 4 mesi fa
Stop trading Trez away all the time...
Ethan B
Ethan B 4 mesi fa
At around 9:34 he went pass a trade for D rose 🌹
Midrity should die
Midrity should die 4 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the “jr only challenge” you have to do a fantasy draft and can only pick people who are juniors or they’re name is jr
JordanFilms 4 mesi fa
9:32 Kenny missed out on d rose
Jules 4 mesi fa
The “One Position” Challenge You must: Make a team of only point guards shooting guards etc Make sure there is a reason they are playing that position with those type of players like (Exp) point guard team Ben Simmons is the center or Nikola Jokic is point guard for the centers team Each team must have at least one good player You may flip for other players if you don’t get what you want in fantasy draft Hope you see this BIG FAN!!
Connie Campbell
Connie Campbell 4 mesi fa
Day 46 of asking Kenny to do a rebuild where his bench has starter minutes and his starters have bench minutes
lexs forehead\ big head bus
lexs forehead\ big head bus 4 mesi fa
Of course you finally use my team the pistons and you don’t even win a ring
Deacon Mott
Deacon Mott 4 mesi fa
Grayson Smith
Grayson Smith 4 mesi fa
Kenny trade for de’aaron fox brother
eric 4 mesi fa
Clarke is insane in this game especially if you play the games just crazy
Wes Brindle
Wes Brindle 4 mesi fa
what website did you use to get the list of players
Dylan Plays!
Dylan Plays! 4 mesi fa
For who’s not subbed u sleeping 😴 sub. He DROPS BANGING
Kaden Hughes
Kaden Hughes 4 mesi fa
It’s not klay it’s pronounced clay
Kenny Morgan
Kenny Morgan 4 mesi fa
Big blue nation challenge. Use and only trade for player that attended university of Kentucky.
Dylan Terry
Dylan Terry 4 mesi fa
Capela and embiid were fould out
Nick Prez
Nick Prez 4 mesi fa
Do the Patrick Mccaw goat challenge get him championships every year till he retires GET THIS TO THE TOP
Break Through Gaming
Break Through Gaming 5 mesi fa
Kenny do a rebuild where you have siri/google/Alexa choose a number 1-5 and whatever number she chooses every player you sign must match the system with that many stars matching
The Baseball Kid
The Baseball Kid 5 mesi fa
So Kenny quick question what did you do with the players on the pistons do you just release them to free agency or do you like delete them from the league? Yall like this so Kenny will see and we can find out
FocusMystic 5 mesi fa
Lebron stay ruining kot4q's videos 😤
2EmsFromTheDot 5 mesi fa
Day 901 of asking kenny to do a what if Toronto drafted Curry rebuild :)
Gena Alysa Bariuan
Gena Alysa Bariuan 5 mesi fa
kot4q, you sound like micheal jackson
Saad Hasan
Saad Hasan 5 mesi fa
As a pistons fan I’d love if you tried rebuilding with them again, this is the first time in forever and we didn’t get a ring lol
J Red
J Red 5 mesi fa
Am I the only one that thinks 2k made a mistake when a 99 ovr can have 50 points in a game and my my player as a 80 ovr can drop the same
Jose Santiago
Jose Santiago 5 mesi fa
Lebron made up for his lack of touches in Game 6 during Game 7. That’s what Bron does.
Hannah Greene
Hannah Greene 5 mesi fa
never disrespect pg 13 like that again
busyballin 1
busyballin 1 5 mesi fa
Your the most growing ITpostr I ever watch
Claudio Barakat
Claudio Barakat 5 mesi fa
At 6 minutes and 49 sec you could have traded for embid they just wanted picks like for Kenny to see haha
Jordi Berkhalter
Jordi Berkhalter 5 mesi fa
Dude your videos be off the hook bro keep it up
Roach Abdul Jabbar
Roach Abdul Jabbar 5 mesi fa
I bet you $100 Kenny won't pin this comment
K Y Я E 5 mesi fa
u got cashapp?
plays_madJacks13 5 mesi fa
Love your videos Kenny, keep grinding!
-.-Lanxe 1212
-.-Lanxe 1212 5 mesi fa
when kenny watch the game in real time he gains vc and he probably has so much
Sum Above
Sum Above 5 mesi fa
11:18 he could have traded for d rose
YBN MAGIC 5 mesi fa
"balls to the wall"- kot4q
Eamonn Plays
Eamonn Plays 5 mesi fa
Bro Kenny didn’t take Jamal Murray for spida
Hani Ottallah
Hani Ottallah 5 mesi fa
We need more 2K Myteam
Coco Puffs
Coco Puffs 5 mesi fa
Just some advice when you make Joel a Power forward he goes to a 94
Bentley M.
Bentley M. 5 mesi fa
Another saved day because of Kenny
Levi Nice
Levi Nice 5 mesi fa
I play on Xbox. does his sim just go so much faster because he is on PC?
Ali Bomaye
Ali Bomaye 5 mesi fa
3 first rounders rj and gallanari bunch of 2nds for klay thompson and u call urself a great gm and all that u funny bro
Lewis Scott
Lewis Scott 5 mesi fa
Day 18I have a challenge for Kenny called “Your Worst Nightmare” You must get Kevin Love with your 1st pick and you cant simcast at all must get Robert covington can’t get assets and flip them can’t get nobody from Chicago and no 90 overalls must have a 69 overal or lower play at least 10 minutes can not look for who’s selling or rebuilding must get the Knicks get a 60 overal with your 2 pick can not use no picks and got to get cristiono Felicio nobody who even played for Chicago make 60 overal or lower your first scoring option keep your staff the same and win at least one championship.
1Kishibe0 ___
1Kishibe0 ___ 5 mesi fa
If Kenny was a scumbag ITpostr then he would just rig the randomizer, glad to know there is one legitimate ITpostr on this platform
Kevin Freeman
Kevin Freeman 5 mesi fa
First day of my challenge. Trade away all of your players for only draft picks. Then draft those players yourself and build a championship team using those draft picks. Of course you can trade those picks for established players.
Music Playlist
Music Playlist 5 mesi fa
Positionless Basketball Challenge! Rules: Make a wheel with the 5 positions and spin for your top 10 players on your team starting with starters, then fill the positions with the players that match. (So your starting PG could be a Center)
Egemen Güven
Egemen Güven 5 mesi fa
So we all going to ignore that Luka didn't win the MIP
NTA ON YT 5 mesi fa
Kenny took an L from my favoriteplayer LOl
Sports Nut
Sports Nut 5 mesi fa
When i here and we back it makes my day
darkhero630 5 mesi fa
asking kenny to do the reverse stereotype rebuild: Pg: worst playmaker Sg: worst shooter Sf: worst finisher Pf: worst defender C:worst rebounder Rebuild a team to these qualifications Win a chip with this starting 5 within 3 years No changing positions Noone on the bench can be better than an 85
Camron Nanez
Camron Nanez 5 mesi fa
Challenge idea: pick the worst 14 players in a fantasy draft, and rebuild until you win a championship
Kevin Ding
Kevin Ding 5 mesi fa
So we not gonna talk about how 34 year old LeBron scores 54 points?
Alex Yuncker
Alex Yuncker 5 mesi fa
Kenny of the blow this vid
Hesston Hoggan
Hesston Hoggan 5 mesi fa
Do you like chandler Hutchinson Kenny
Elijah Mitchell
Elijah Mitchell 5 mesi fa
Hate to say it. Not every player was on the list. Where was Guershom Yabusele
Santiago Rivas
Santiago Rivas 5 mesi fa
Kenny, if you trade for Russ and make him starting SG he puts up crazy numbers alongside someone like collin sexton
The Goat
The Goat 5 mesi fa
You should put yourself at a 0 overall with 99 potential
Yan Nimuzima
Yan Nimuzima 5 mesi fa
Day 27 of asking Kenny to do the Backwards Lineup challenge Rules: You have to make your lineup backwards, has to be a fantasy draft of course, for example your center has to be a point guard, you point guard has to be the center, I think you get the point. Like if you want to see this ⬇️
Adrian Diaz
Adrian Diaz 5 mesi fa
Day 64 of asking Kenny to do one of my challenges. Rules: This challenge is called “NBA players that Kenny met”. All you need to do is draft a team.And trade for the players that you met in real life. It’s quite simple.
Dr Trummoo
Dr Trummoo 5 mesi fa
Kenny can you do a myteam video they are very entertaining
Michael G
Michael G 5 mesi fa
Let your girlfriend draft your team
Monica Vanmatre
Monica Vanmatre 5 mesi fa
kotfq you are one of ny faviotre youtubers
clem 5 mesi fa
gotta tweak the gameplan like big shirt jiedel
Pedrada Pinto
Pedrada Pinto 5 mesi fa
day 1 asking kenny to do the no 90 overrals challenge, rules: -you can't have any 90+ overral in your team -you have to do a fantasy draft -if a player in your team turn into 90+ overral you have to trade him I'm from Brazil appreciate u man
Davin Radhityo Rizaldi
Davin Radhityo Rizaldi 5 mesi fa
Try doing an expansion team rebuild
SargentSports 5 mesi fa
Hey Kenny: Day 42 of asking Kenny to do this rebuild: Do this rebuild: Do a themed rebuild by Team. Use only players who have played for your certain team. Use a wheel to decide your team. Use a fantasy draft and use all-time teams. (Old Players and current players) PS. During the regular season, if you use a 7-8 man rotation, you win more games. Also, could you shoutout my channel, I am trying to get one started up, and I could really use some support. Love your videos man, keep up the good work.
steelrspwner 5 mesi fa
Kenny: (moves Joel embiid to PF). Few minutes later gets pissed off at Vucevic because he didn’t make the Center all nba team.
Billayyy 5 mesi fa
he passed up on d rose for pat bev?!
Sam Chaim
Sam Chaim 5 mesi fa
What about a 3-0 or 3-1 comeback challenge where you rebuild a fantasy draft team and then when you get to the playoffs you force wins to be down 3-1 or 3-0 in every series and see if your team can comeback in each series. It could be a fun way to use the annoying new feature of force win.
Tvaughn2810 5 mesi fa
Kenny get a random number generator with the amount of players that are in the nba, 1 being the best in the league
BrodieDaBoss13 5 mesi fa
3:37 I could of got rudy gobert and Donovan mitchell
Cooper Drews
Cooper Drews 5 mesi fa
‪the GOAT challenge, you have to have Alex Caruso and Tacko Fall start and play 35 minutes a night. you have to win a championship‬
madi lopez
madi lopez 5 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the ‘King of the 4th Quarter’ Challenge -Rebuild your team like usual. -Get your team to the playoffs. -Once you’re in the playoffs, simcast every game but stop right before the 4th quarter. -Kenny, since YOURE the king of the 4th quarter, you have to play every 4th quarter part of every playoff game your team makes. (I understand this would be a super long video so you can just show us the highlights of the times you play) -take as many years as you need but you can’t stop till you get a championship
DNC Ent.
DNC Ent. 5 mesi fa
Deeeeeetroittt basketballllll
NillA BeanE
NillA BeanE 5 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the “LIMIT YOURSELF CHALLENGE” fantasy draft, you can only do 8 trades and you can only use 1 draft pick a trade
Carson Foust
Carson Foust 5 mesi fa
Do the "Killin Kenny Rebuild 2.0" Challenge. Rules: 1. Pick a random team and do fantasy draft BUT *YOU* have to draft your team 2. Put *Trade* and *Free Agency* Negotiation to *25* 3. No Trade finder 4. keep the 60 day recent trade/sign restriction *ON* 5. Three-Peat 6. Sim difficulty at 60 Krispy Flakes said he was down for a rebuild, so Kenny hit him up, Also I think maybe a mycareer series would be entertaining.
Emareon Briggs
Emareon Briggs 5 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the 2 team expansion rebuilding challenge Rules - Create or choose 2 expansion teams - Rebuild the 2 teams without making trades between the 2 teams - Have the 2 teams meet in the finals
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