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this is the most complicated rebuilding challenge ive ever accepted | nba 2k21
KOT4Q nba 2k21 mygm 2k21 rebuild nba 2k21 myleague

Joseph Newago
Joseph Newago Giorno fa
Kenny doesn’t get a like, for the sole fact that he didn’t just move Curry to Salesman
Sean McMillan
Sean McMillan 11 giorni fa
Day one of asking for the young blood challenge - You must keep players under 21 ( You May trade for older guys but must flip) - You must get a 3 championships in 4 years - Must Must have Tako Fall ( for the memes) - You can’t keep a player for more than two years - And must have sim difficulty at 50 and trade at 25
PS2 Gamer
PS2 Gamer 17 giorni fa
Austin_ Beast
Austin_ Beast 19 giorni fa
Dusty was balling
Stone Man
Stone Man 22 giorni fa
Why didn’t he get che for the 4 year college one 🙄
B Thegoat
B Thegoat 23 giorni fa
Fantasy draft do a team that has won a ring in the last 7 years win a ring with the same exact roster
Trent Sione
Trent Sione 23 giorni fa
TXC ShrimpDubzz
TXC ShrimpDubzz 24 giorni fa
Mike Scott has made a game winner
TXC ShrimpDubzz
TXC ShrimpDubzz 24 giorni fa
Jokic Murray and Gallinari were all teammates like 4 years ago and now they are on the nets together
Mason Elford
Mason Elford 26 giorni fa
Yo why my guy kyle on like all these lists
Chase Mcginty
Chase Mcginty 26 giorni fa
When your a sixers fan and Shake Milton hit the game winner in the bubble against the spurs
Steve from Undertale
Steve from Undertale 7 giorni fa
mjwoodworth 26 giorni fa
The 2k20 Overall Cheese Challenge. Starting 5 play every minute of the game. Nothing but 60s on the bench.
Chris Norris
Chris Norris 26 giorni fa
I paused the vid right before you traded curry so idk if you actually did.. but if you did, why didn’t you just make curry the guy that was making over 20 mil and go get a veteran like Kyle Korver😂 but I’m not at that part of the vid yet so we’ll see😂 :edit.. Paul George Kenny?? Smh🤦🏾‍♂️😭😂 Jkjk edit part 2: then he goes and gets Kyle korver😂😂
Tyler Levitan
Tyler Levitan 27 giorni fa
Tj McConnell hit a game winner over melo That was the trade with Duncan Robinson
J Cali
J Cali 28 giorni fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a rebuild with trade difficulty on 100
Chace R
Chace R 29 giorni fa
Very interesting challenge; good job making the moves to make it work
BackWhereYouStarted 29 giorni fa
The Old Man Challenge: Nobody under 30 years on your team
Sniperry 15 ore fa
This is it
Tim Woods
Tim Woods 12 giorni fa
Chandler 26 giorni fa
that’s the rockets basically
Spooderman 29 giorni fa
Kenny should have just signed a vet and made curry his 20 mil
J Best23
J Best23 29 giorni fa
He traded for a meme player while having Felicio on the team smh Kenny not thinking
ThatOneWeirdGal Mese fa
Yo, you dumb sometimes. Why didn't you just move Steph to the 20 mil guy?? and then sign a cheap vet or something.
sKillsy 6828
sKillsy 6828 Mese fa
Don’t trade steph, make him your 20 million guy, trade for a lower end veteran
Daniel Dilawri
Daniel Dilawri Mese fa
You could’ve kept Steph and just traded for another doctor
Daniel Dilawri
Daniel Dilawri Mese fa
You shoulda got Bol Bol 😭
damen summers
damen summers Mese fa
Is it me or did he sign 2 free agents? Did he ever trade for Hannah’s? He signed two free agents.
Samdaboss Mese fa
so felicio just not a meme no more?
Adam Timmons
Adam Timmons Mese fa
Javale mcgee shaq had beef their moms got involved over it
Mohamed Nur
Mohamed Nur Mese fa
16:38 he could’ve done the trade cuz he’s trading a meme Robert Covington for cow Lowry
Eternal Radiant
Eternal Radiant Mese fa
Matheus Pinto
Matheus Pinto Mese fa
Why is Dusty Hannah's averaging 33 points per game?
RJ Robinson
RJ Robinson Mese fa
9:44 trade for a 20 ppg scorer 10:30-10:50 proceeds to continue to talk about getting a 25 ppg scorer 3 times when all he has to do is trade for a 20 ppg scorer
Drindley Mese fa
I stopped watching when Kenny didn't move Steph to Salesman and then sign a vet for his Doctor.... cmon bro xD
Benj Mese fa
Kenny should’ve traded Steph and Ro-Co for PG and Kyle Lowry, cos of making over 20 mil and Kyle Lowry a vet and then he could just get felicio as a meme
Weni Rafael
Weni Rafael Mese fa
Sometimes I don't know why Kenny finds he's team bad but they ballin
Felix Jordan
Felix Jordan Mese fa
Kenny you should've kept curry as the 20 mil guy and then you should've trade for a 8year vet
Bole Bole
Bole Bole Mese fa
You should trade for tj mconel he hit game winner
Freedom Ward
Freedom Ward Mese fa
This was cool
roei gepstein
roei gepstein Mese fa
could have kept curry as 20 mil guy and got another vet
ExC Bigkeoli11
ExC Bigkeoli11 Mese fa
hey Kenny i have a challenge -start in 2k15 -fantasy draft 1. pick random team 2. play 1 season and move to next 2k 3. keep same team and same pick then draft any player in the next year draft (ex: if you have first pick you could get Kat) (and yes you can do it not assistant gm) 4. keep going until you reach 2k21 5. main goal is to win as many chips as possible GOOD LUCK
Edwin Flores
Edwin Flores Mese fa
You can tell he cares about his fans
BossBanker Mese fa
he could have traded for Duncan Robinson because T.J. McConnell hit a game winner
Nick Snider
Nick Snider Mese fa
18:08 TJ McConnell had a game winner against the Knicks when he was with Philly 🤦‍♂️
Highlight Helix
Highlight Helix Mese fa
I wish he did Thaddeus Young for the meme if you know you know(Tobias Harris) since I like Georgia Tech
J J Mese fa
Build a team around alex Caruso
Lucas Lines
Lucas Lines Mese fa
Bruh does anyone else realize he won 60 games cuz he changed coaches so his minutes reset. He still had a 12 man rotation but better players got more then 20 minutes per game
no hott dogg 2.0
no hott dogg 2.0 Mese fa
Excuse my kyle lowry is a 79 what the hell
TNTWWE7848 Mese fa
if you move jokic to pf he goes up to a 95
Kristen Narotam
Kristen Narotam Mese fa
Flight moment tho
karlis rusmanis
karlis rusmanis Mese fa
Is it just me who saw that it said tacko fall averaged 25 ppg at 7:44
Lucas Lines
Lucas Lines Mese fa
My lineup (used this in 2k and one the 2nd year): Doctor-Kawhi Lawyer-Booker Politician-Lowry Waiter-Lou Will Salesman-Ibaka Software Dev-Kanter Random Trade-Dwight Howard Cashier-Rubio Buisnessman-Boogie Engineer-Tomas Satoransky Hospital Dispatcher-Melo Professor-George Hill Janitor-Kris Dunn Accountant-Niang Unemployed- Mike Scott
Jack Kryger
Jack Kryger Mese fa
he could've done the duncan robinson trade because tj mcconnell hit a game winner
Matt Lombardo
Matt Lombardo Mese fa
Challenge: Trade for Russians Sign Finnish players Take over fantasy draft and draft players who are related to Capri suns Play snoop dogg 31 minutes
Just Another papaya
Just Another papaya Mese fa
Surprised you didn’t do the curry and covington for George and lowry trade. Could’ve maybe finessed them to get Covington back with a pick and Lowry.
Aaron Mese fa
That's an L man you didn't have to trade Steph
Willie Free
Willie Free Mese fa
why you didn't just keep Mike Scott 8 years, and have Steph as the 20 Mil?
Eabeer17 Mese fa
Day one of asking Kenny to do the all rookie team Rules Only rookies from the 2019 draft class
Jaden Bennett Nedia
Jaden Bennett Nedia Mese fa
Lippe Fardin Borgo
Lippe Fardin Borgo Mese fa
one of the best videos so far
Samuel Kniep
Samuel Kniep Mese fa
I mean TJ McConnell hit a game winner for the 76ers Kenny cmon man😂
Beef Testy
Beef Testy Mese fa
Enjoyed it but had to dislike. Just a bad challenge in my opinion and i think even you realized that towards the end of it. All love though kenny keep it up
my guy curry gets no love in rebuilds
ItzSudo Mese fa
The and we back challenge you have to bring back past players from the team you get randomly
engelquenn Mese fa
"3:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Uriel Lerda
Uriel Lerda Mese fa
18:05 tj McConnell have hit a game winner
Adelio Arvin
Adelio Arvin Mese fa
26:25 why tf does demar BALD
GeoGraphicDesigns Mese fa
Golden State Warriors Challenge: In this challenge you have to rebuild a fantasy draft team and accomplish these goals in the span of 4 years: 1. Have at least one player on your squad win MVP once 2. Have at least 4 out of your 5 starters be in the all star game in the same year 3. Win 3 championships with the team 4. Have fun doing it...
lincoln kosinski
lincoln kosinski Mese fa
when u realize he coulda kept steph 😪
Carson BoldenB2
Carson BoldenB2 Mese fa
Do a players over 30 challenge
Shawn Hliwski
Shawn Hliwski Mese fa
Could’ve did the trade for Duncan and got TJ McConnell he hit 2 game winners with the 76ers
Jack Adams
Jack Adams Mese fa
TJ Mcconnel hit a game winner 🤦🏼
ItzDemon Mese fa
bro you should of got che for all 4 years of college
Rosalia Alquicira
Rosalia Alquicira Mese fa
Nooo currry
Jake Gundy
Jake Gundy Mese fa
I'm Australian and did Kenny just cal Ryan Broekhoff Ryan Brokeanoff
Alexander Curry
Alexander Curry Mese fa
can you do the award challenge it is where you can only trade for players that have won an award
Nikhil Sahu
Nikhil Sahu Mese fa
Can u please do a sports rebuild. You need to have a fantasy draft. U will draft ur team. 3 -5 year rebuild and u need to have one of the players that fit the role for at least one season. Football: get a player who played football in high school or college Soccer: get a player who is known for flopping. Golf: get a player who is over 36. Tennis: get a player who is getting paid over 20 million dollars Basketball: get a top 20 player in 2K. Baseball: Get a player who is signed with Jordan. Because he played baseball if u know u know Hockey: get a player who has got over 7 techs this season. You also need a kot4q meme player who needs to be on the roster at all times. If you get Robert Covington you can make his offensive tendency a 75. You need to run a 9 man rotation. You can pick the 9th man. In the playoffs you need to keep it a nine man rotation but they do not need to have the same amount of minutes. This took me a while to think of this. Like it up so the goat 13eecham can see.
Saint 60
Saint 60 Mese fa
The No "I" in Team Challenge. Fantasy Draft 10 man rotation, each player getting 24 min. Balanced Offense No playing through Stars or setting scoring options. Win a Chip.
Kakashi Mese fa
dude the quality and clarity of the videos is out of this world kenny , good shit
Jake Solomon
Jake Solomon Mese fa
Mike Scott game winner last year round 1 game 4 vs nets
Blobfeesh Mese fa
Mike Scott hit a game winner
george guerra
george guerra Mese fa
could've just grabbed a veteran and left steph curry as 20 mil😔
Nick Reiss
Nick Reiss Mese fa
Thought of Bryce Harper when he said he was gonna bring a title to DC
Andres Defranceschi
Andres Defranceschi Mese fa
Luke Veenstra
Luke Veenstra Mese fa
He could have done the Duncan Robinson trade because that included tj mcconnell (game winner) and Duncan (40% 3pt shooter)
Rink Patel
Rink Patel Mese fa
Kenney we won’t be able to be forkma 😂
Rikky Here!
Rikky Here! Mese fa
11:39 that is a meme if ya know ya know about Kenny and his first round picks.
Laurence Ocampo
Laurence Ocampo Mese fa
Should’ve just made Steph the $20M player and just get a decent OVR Veteran
Sam the Gamer
Sam the Gamer Mese fa
“Great video Kenny”
Jack Krause
Jack Krause Mese fa
For the 20ppg you should’ve traded for spencer dinwiddie
reticulatingGreene JUNIORAli
reticulatingGreene JUNIORAli Mese fa
"3:17" If you guys needs some 2k21 VC just ChEck it out It's really workS!. Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
sarah1271 Mese fa
This was such a cool challenge
Dom Marano
Dom Marano Mese fa
Bro TJ and Mike Scott both had game winners
Hassan 4 life
Hassan 4 life Mese fa
YT DPbushcamps
YT DPbushcamps Mese fa
Kendall Jenner team rebuild
do the all 90 rebuild rules wole roster 90s 5 year to complete win 3 championships
Avery Catlett
Avery Catlett Mese fa
Don’t hate on Dusty! Arkansas product 🐗🐗🐗
TanO Cuna
TanO Cuna Mese fa
PG only challenge: you have to go on bball reference and have your team as the point guards that come up
MiniBOI Mese fa
Kenny you should change roco's offensive consistency to 99 for one video whether or not you trade for him, just to see how he does
Aaron E.
Aaron E. Mese fa
Aw Kenny, you didn't need to sell Steph.
Alex Bogdani
Alex Bogdani Mese fa
“Something tells me it’s gonna take a long time” - the rockets rebuild the next day is longer... 😂😂
Daniel O'Donovan
Daniel O'Donovan Mese fa
Kenny, do the “Luka Stopper Challenge.” We all know how long it took Jordan to get to the finals because of his eastern conference competition. However it was that hump he had to get over that made him the great player we know. 1. Your goal is to go 5 seasons as a western conference team keeping Luka out of the finals. 2. Must use worst western conference team to start. 3. Can not trade with the Mavs 4. Your highest overall player needs to be the same all 5 years. 5. Must win Championship 3 of 5 years
Matthew Burke
Matthew Burke Mese fa
MAX Money challenge In this challenge, turn salary cap off. You must do a fantasy draft and then make your team have 14 players on your team making over 20 million dollars. You can have as small or long of a rotation as you want. 3 yr challenge since its gonna be hard to trade for the many guys w that money in one year
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