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xToX Crae
xToX Crae 7 ore fa
I know this is an older video but get luka
Trent Fisher
Trent Fisher 11 ore fa
aye that Giannis trade was dope
Roer Damgo
Roer Damgo Giorno fa
Kenny is a real basketball fan because he know almost every player in the nba
johntheGoat 23
johntheGoat 23 Giorno fa
These the kinda losses we need “ was pretty funny 😄
SpongyKid8 2 giorni fa
Yo Kenny you spelled impossible wrong
It’s_Stealth 6 giorni fa
why was ur starting lineup basically team giannis
HoleNewLvl 6 giorni fa
Pick only challenge 1.if you get a player thats above 73 trade it for a pick 2. Use the picks to get players you need 3. You cannot trade above 86 overall 4. If you get offered a pick for a player even if hes your best one, accept the trade.
Landon Spillman
Landon Spillman 7 giorni fa
The hardest part about this challenge is not winning a game I always lose to the Hornets 😂😂😂 sorry hornets fans of course the coach has my name f***. And of course then lost to the bulls
GSW Golden State warriors
GSW Golden State warriors 7 giorni fa
Kawhi trade is too much
Jeremiah Pensyl
Jeremiah Pensyl 9 giorni fa
17:15 his eyes tho
Finesser Finn
Finesser Finn 10 giorni fa
Bruh Kenny was heated at the end😂😂
IanJCorder 24
IanJCorder 24 15 giorni fa
Anyone notice how the 6th projected pick is the one that jumped to #1. The 1st projected pick still fell to #5 😂😂
Evan Hunt
Evan Hunt 15 giorni fa
How many times have you actually seen someone go 82-0 think about it
UnknownTy 17 giorni fa
funny how his first pick moved from 1-5 and the second one moved from 6-1
Telekitosh 18 giorni fa
Imagine being markelle fultz and u see a team of 5 all stars walk on the floor then by a miracle you beat them...
Misho Paverman
Misho Paverman 20 giorni fa
I am from Georgia 《b i' t a dz e 》 this is how you say it
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli 24 giorni fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Nathan Zapanta
Nathan Zapanta 25 giorni fa
Guys look at the title it is spelled Impossibe
Spencer Weltyk
Spencer Weltyk 28 giorni fa
If kenny does another runback of this challenge, he needs to focus on flipping assets from good teams and distributing the good players across various teams. If there is a big three on a team, even if its not as good as his god squad, they have a good chance of upsetting.
Kevin Lujan
Kevin Lujan Mese fa
James curry klay kd and ad
Daniel Dilawri
Daniel Dilawri Mese fa
Bro, 2-80 to 77-5 is incredible
Alejandro Porras
Alejandro Porras Mese fa
U should of done like Isaiah Thomas a center and stuff like that
aaron4094 _
aaron4094 _ Mese fa
Andryache Mese fa
Why don’t you make your players play out of position? Then you would for sure go 0-82
Ro1373 Mese fa
17:12-17:13 he didn't notice what was about to happen
Lucas Panem
Lucas Panem Mese fa
2k gets on their hands and knees for donakick
Luca Mese fa
i went 82-0 in 2k18
Thomas Lawton
Thomas Lawton Mese fa
How do you sim so fast
aaron4094 _
aaron4094 _ Mese fa
He speeds it up in editing
Mingming Feng
Mingming Feng Mese fa
No it was the 6th pick that got the first overall. And the first pick got the 5th
Nathan Melak
Nathan Melak Mese fa
The way you said Goga Bidatze LOL
WhoEvenCares Mese fa
18:00 You giving up 2 first rounder AND Harden for Antetokoumpo? You can’t afford to do this if you tryna get 82-0
Joshua Lester
Joshua Lester Mese fa
Imagine how many points Harden would have put up a game on that junk team?
Tyson Felder
Tyson Felder Mese fa
Lochz Mese fa
u can just lose all and win all next season w the max fixing thing
Christian Morales
Christian Morales Mese fa
Can someone tell me what video when Kenny kept on trading alc burks for all stars plz and thank you
Jalapeño Mese fa
U have to put team intel on contenders and the more u pay the coach and players the better they play
Get Shaggy'd
Get Shaggy'd Mese fa
How to go 0-82 1: Fantasy draft, select all teams in nba history 2: select the worst player 3: you're done
Theonemelon Your mudda
Theonemelon Your mudda Mese fa
I went 78-4 with Ben and luka
Theonemelon Your mudda
Theonemelon Your mudda Mese fa
The key is to draft luka trade for Ben Simmons surround with shooting and defense get an elite scoring 6 man
Micah Radke
Micah Radke Mese fa
I haven’t ever even got 82-0 only 81-1
New longcat
New longcat Mese fa
22:34 I was in a MyLeauge game and Lebron went for 109 points, I blew the other team out, and they take a timeout with like 3.6 seconds on the clock, and right when they called it, the game crashed. I was THIS close to SLAMMING MY DAMN CONTROLLER on the ground.
Logan Weakley
Logan Weakley Mese fa
You can go 82-0 if you get all created players with max badges
Sebastian Partida
Sebastian Partida Mese fa
Do a vid with bengal he’s like the madden version of you
Noah Foot
Noah Foot Mese fa
ULT Culture
ULT Culture Mese fa
He just filmed his facecam after the vid omegalol
Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson Mese fa
Putting people in reserves is cheating, change my mind. You can put on an 8 man rotation of 50 OVR. And put the 7 best players in 2k in your reserves then you go 0-82, but your team isn't actaully an 0-82 team. Change my mind
Alexgotgame _YT
Alexgotgame _YT Mese fa
PC and PS4 always be crashing when you barely do anything on MyLeague
Alexgotgame _YT
Alexgotgame _YT Mese fa
Im only 1 minute in but he was talking about how some people got the 0-82 to 82-0 but my best was 4-78 to 76-6
Charlie Duffy
Charlie Duffy Mese fa
Kenny is the goat
Yeli dongs
Yeli dongs Mese fa
I gotta know if Kenny smokes, I feel like smoking with Kenny would be so funny 🤣
1 Survivor
1 Survivor Mese fa
2-80 to 77-5 is still damn impressive tbh
1 Survivor
1 Survivor Mese fa
Jim Boylen LOL
G Paps
G Paps Mese fa
PF needed help 😂😂😂😂 he had porzingis adeybaby and Giannas
Connor Cristy
Connor Cristy Mese fa
Big Play Slay
Big Play Slay Mese fa
And we back great content
Random_CJ24 Mese fa
CEO of “and we back”
Jackaholic Mese fa
Fun fact you can’t put pizza the hut🍕 (Read my name btw🤸🏼)
Christina Agar
Christina Agar Mese fa
Did anyone realise that he got the number 1 overall pick with the 9 percent chance
Gracio Bintang Wijaya
Gracio Bintang Wijaya Mese fa
He actually mispelled the title. Impossible not impossibe
Edward Martinez
Edward Martinez Mese fa
pie man
pie man Mese fa
“This is why Jim Boylen needs to be fired” Your wish shall be granted my good sir
Alex Ramos
Alex Ramos Mese fa
you gotta start getting luka on your team. giannis and luka in 2k are crazy
Ziik Mese fa
As a Pacers fan: news is we're having a sizable rebuild before next year. Giannis, Kawhi + co inc? Pleeeeeeeaaassseeeeee
GoColts4 Mese fa
I found would've put pgs at center and centers at pg it wouldve been easier to go 0-82
Evan Wassup
Evan Wassup Mese fa
I made a team that was averaging 50 points a game and the team ended with Giannis Paul George ja morant bam
Борис Петров
Борис Петров Mese fa
It can help if you put a center on a SG position and vise versa change up the matchups
swagrichard3 Mese fa
It’s funny how he said “there’s no shooters on this team” when the was LaVine and Jordan Poole was right there lol
shotcallin king
shotcallin king Mese fa
Role play challenge Have your assistant gm pick your team The higher overalls must come off the bench and have limited minutes With the highest overall having the least minutes You can make trades Must win a championship
andrew walker
andrew walker Mese fa
U suck for not picking harden
Eddie Nolan
Eddie Nolan 2 mesi fa
Bruh the 6 pick moved up to the 1st and the 1st dropped to 5
Liam Bujimans
Liam Bujimans 2 mesi fa
I like how the thumbnail is when the warriors could have went 82 and 0 it said 0 and 82 but when the warriors could have gone 0 and 82 it said 82 and 0
RIP juice WRLD
RIP juice WRLD 2 mesi fa
I liked
RIP juice WRLD
RIP juice WRLD 2 mesi fa
AirMamba 823
AirMamba 823 2 mesi fa
I’ve gone 82-0
Daveed Schell
Daveed Schell 2 mesi fa
Dang giannis akumpo and kawhi
Jude K
Jude K 2 mesi fa
I think the more impossible challenge for this guy is to spell impossible ffs
Zzye 2 mesi fa
2-80 to 77-5. Not bad. I think you can do it. I like this vid. Would love to see you complete the challenge.
Elijah M
Elijah M 2 mesi fa
Hardest challenge ever: 1. 30th pick in a fantasy draft 2. Set all difficulties to 100 (simulator difficulty, trade negotiator difficulty, etc.) 3. You can't have any players 80 or higher overall on your roster 4. Every time you lose, you must send your highest scoring player to the G-league 5. You cannot use any picks in trades 6. See how good you can make this team Good luck Kenny
it all about luck
Julian Loewen
Julian Loewen 2 mesi fa
His shirt 🤮🤮🤮
Lazer 2 mesi fa
Easy it’s way is to put everyone at pg and pg and sg to center
Xavier Brisson
Xavier Brisson 2 mesi fa
the speed at which he says goga bidadzi
KroniK Assassin
KroniK Assassin 2 mesi fa
Fred VanVleet is not "Cheeks"
Jo and Ty bro vids
Jo and Ty bro vids 2 mesi fa
Kenny sees Giannis in the trade finder 👁👄👁
Marshall Bustin
Marshall Bustin 2 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do a "Five" rebuilding challenge. Rules: You have to do a fantasy draft and select the 5th team , also you can only use trade finder but when you do use trade finder you have to pick the 5th offer and if you only have less than 5 offers you cant use it, you have to pick the 5th coach,gm,trainer,etc, you have to win 5 championships in five years and win coach of the year all five times. Yup that's it love ya Kenny Good Luck
Marshall Bustin
Marshall Bustin 2 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do an "Brand New" rebuilding challenge. Rules: You can only use players you haven't traded for before, you must to use a custom team, you have to change everyone's position to the lowest possible overall, you have to go at least 70-82 and do three peat. And you only have 6 years. Good luck KENNY !! Haha your G.O.A.T
Landon Roby
Landon Roby 2 mesi fa
when the worst coach in the leauge has your name:
Varrdoo 2 mesi fa
I usually don’t like videos like this but I absolutely loved yours ❤️
Henry Haupt
Henry Haupt 2 mesi fa
Can someone do a challenge with no fantasy draft
Guy Echols
Guy Echols 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the reverse rebuild challenge set everything except trades to its easiest setting set trading to its hardest setting do a fantasy draft and take control of the best team then make them the worst team
Big Kesh
Big Kesh 2 mesi fa
It had to be the bulls, how poetic. 😂😂😂
The Show Sim League
The Show Sim League 2 mesi fa
Can we all take a second and look at his shirt it says "Bet on Women"
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp 2 mesi fa
Hmm giannis antetokounmpo or james harden I'd go giannis because harden bricks way too many shots
Grant H
Grant H 2 mesi fa
that KL trade was ass
Mr Potatoshrimp
Mr Potatoshrimp 2 mesi fa
Your green screen jank
l Big Green l
l Big Green l 2 mesi fa
i love how kenny didnt realize the his 1st pick dropped to 5 and it was his 6th pick that jumped to 1
24 Productions
24 Productions 2 mesi fa
32:14 lol
Do the future challenge where you sim 20 years into the future than rebuild the worst team from the future and same rules as usual but the only twist is you have only 1 trade override
Joe 2 mesi fa
The Chicago native challenge - Fantasy draft,all players must be from Chicago and you need to win a chip in one season
Kenneth Duran
Kenneth Duran 2 mesi fa
I'm challenging Kenny to do the "6peat challenge'' with a twist Rules: 1. Choose a random team in a Fantasy draft. 2. You get to pick your first round pick and choose a player that will carry your team through the years(Choose wisely). 3. You need to win the championship in your first 3 years, you need to win a 3peat basically. 4. The very next offseason, find the worst team in the opposite conference and trade your chosen player(first round pick) for 1 of their starters and current year's first round pick(s). 5. Then win another 3peat. Twist: 1. you must not make a trade with your old team. 2. Your 'chosen' player must be your highest overall player. 3. If your player became a free-agent, you need to sign him or trade for him if he signed with a different team. Kenny would complete my 2020 if he accepted this challenge
Nevan Cremascoli
Nevan Cremascoli 2 mesi fa
The “Worst Position” challenge -make every player their worst position(ovr) -fantasy draft -rebuild a team in the new league -win a championship Like so Kenny can see this!
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