i have $15 to build the best KOT4Q Meme Team in NBA 2K20

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hey guys
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i have $15 to build the best KOT4Q Meme Team in NBA 2K20


jaaadon 5 giorni fa
i’m proud to know that i understood all of these
Charlie Harber
Charlie Harber 16 giorni fa
cow lory
Guhan Gargya
Guhan Gargya 25 giorni fa
Leo dinley is from the 8 90 overalls video
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
ItsCxzmical Mese fa
1:30 Cedi Osman - Puts a photo of Semi Ojeleye
michael Pace
michael Pace Mese fa
Leo Finney was from 8 90 overall team
Aceman303 Mese fa
How are you recording on xbox?
Rogue Natty
Rogue Natty Mese fa
You gave him Rudy goberts defense
Fati Liamidi-Bynum
Fati Liamidi-Bynum Mese fa
Leo Finley from 8 90 overalls
Keeno Mese fa
ALL TEAMS REBUILD CHALLENGE RULES: 1. Fantasy Draft 2. You are only allowed to have 1 player from each team in real life 3. Random team 4. You have to win at least 3 Championships in 10 years (cuz we love the long ones) GGs Kenny, good luck
Conal King
Conal King Mese fa
literally only getting a comment for the Alec Burks trade abuse 🙃
ETERNAL Games Mese fa
1 like=1 memory of leo finley
Lil Veggie
Lil Veggie Mese fa
Didn’t Dwayne Neal have Isaiah Thomas defense lmao
Grady Knechtly
Grady Knechtly Mese fa
Nobody. Kenny: shut up
Elijah M
Elijah M 2 mesi fa
Pretty sure otto porter should be Michael porter jr
Dean McWilliams
Dean McWilliams 2 mesi fa
Kenny Leo Finley is one of your rookies that was really good I don’t exactly remember the video though
Dean McWilliams
Dean McWilliams 2 mesi fa
If you don’t know why he won’t talk about Karl he impregnated a 12 year old when he was in college and then denied the fact that it was their baby
Dean McWilliams
Dean McWilliams 2 mesi fa
Fill the replies of this comment with the memes
x24-Klipz-0x 2 mesi fa
And we are taking dusty Knox *its enough to make a grown man cry*
flyingpigmonkey1 2 mesi fa
Giannis, I mean tall guy, isn't on here. Pepehands.
Logi Andreuson
Logi Andreuson 2 mesi fa
Kenny:sais 8 rebounds Dusty knox:I got 18 man u trippin
AustinBoss 2 mesi fa
My meme team would be (not to win, just purely off of comedy): Kenny Beckham, Derrick Rose, Robert Covington, Bam Adebayo, & Cristiano Felicio. Reasoning behind each player: Kenny- himself, D Rose- his favorite player, Covington- he always trades away, Bam- he always trades for, Felicio- his least favorite player.
BigRed 2 mesi fa
Leo Finley is the center in your 8 90 overalls video I believe
Tsar TV
Tsar TV 2 mesi fa
am i trash at 2k20? be honest
William Smith
William Smith 2 mesi fa
Richard (dick) wood gotta be on the team too
Reese Kennedy
Reese Kennedy 2 mesi fa
Leo Finley was a guy you drafted in the 8 90 ovr rebuild video
Thomas Sadberry
Thomas Sadberry 2 mesi fa
you win
Landon Chambers
Landon Chambers 2 mesi fa
Gobear was the defence given
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee 2 mesi fa
Kenny cant count lul
henry simmons
henry simmons 2 mesi fa
Challenge make jim b the best coach of all time
Parker Rawlins
Parker Rawlins 2 mesi fa
I'm taking Kenny Shai The GOAT Keith bates And Finley
Parker Rawlins
Parker Rawlins 2 mesi fa
Also leo finley is in the 8 90 overall video
Beam Toreal
Beam Toreal 2 mesi fa
Tacoooooooooooo Tuesday🤣🤣🤣🤣
Someone Someone
Someone Someone 2 mesi fa
When he said Riggie Miller I died 🤣☠
Eric Huang
Eric Huang 2 mesi fa
What video is the one where alec burks got flipped for deaaron fox, Zach Lavine, and Jokic? ( the vid in this vid for the alec burks part) Pls I wanna watch it again.
ggs ggs
ggs ggs 2 mesi fa
Connection: *bad* ITpost: whatever Connection:*full bars* ITpost: lag mode activate
ggs ggs
ggs ggs 2 mesi fa
Pg Kenny Sg drose SF dwaaaaaayyyyyyyyneeeeeee neeaaal Pf the goat keita bates diops C Arron baynes
General Chew
General Chew 3 mesi fa
The ultimate kot4q meme would’ve been his team #1 seed getting eliminated by the 8 seed because that happens a lot to kenny
Preston Steinke
Preston Steinke 3 mesi fa
Challenge day called my team there is a roster on ps4 called myteam by prestonmontclair rules are You win 3 rings You haft to change your starting 5 every which every player is a backup for the whole year or is traded Finally You have to have to win every award once in those 3 years Keep making awesome content my dude your doing great
Anthony Hood
Anthony Hood 3 mesi fa
Rudy Gobert defense
Evan Kamin
Evan Kamin 3 mesi fa
The unbuild team Rules: You have to unbuild a team but win championship No one can be over 80 overall Do it in 7 years
colin gibson
colin gibson 3 mesi fa
Covid-19 team: Fatasy draft. Must make a team with players who have?have covid-19. Must get Two championships in three years or get MVP, DPOY or MIP
Scubzie 3 mesi fa
Me 👁👄👁 will he shorten the rotation again even with max out min on the starting 5
NickDaRobloxian: The Revival
NickDaRobloxian: The Revival 3 mesi fa
Coach for 5 dollars, Lucas Lucas If you know you know
ATDUDE25 3 mesi fa
came back to this video just to hear kenny say “cow” lowry. kills me every time hahaha
AP Shrable
AP Shrable 3 mesi fa
Leo Finley was on the 8 90 ovr video I think
Cathy Littrell
Cathy Littrell 3 mesi fa
Leo finley is a person
Emmanuel Perez
Emmanuel Perez 3 mesi fa
Day 4 2.0: add the 92 dream team to a random team and then build a team of current players to meet them in the finals and beat them. Salary Cap included. You can pick the team to start with. Good luck
Jonathan Cargile
Jonathan Cargile 3 mesi fa
I thought D-Rose was his fav player?????!!!!!!
JishAFish 3 mesi fa
He is
LeBron James
LeBron James 3 mesi fa
Sorry Kenny, I’m too much for you 🤴🏿
Pikachu 4 mesi fa
Hey kenny so i was rewatching your old vids and i was watching the eight 90 overall challenge and i recognize leo finley he won finals mvp over like ad and people cus you traded kristaps
Deven Patel
Deven Patel 4 mesi fa
Leo Finley was the guy u drafted #1 in the 8 90 overall rebuilding challenge U r the goat keep up the amazing work
Lost in Sauce
Lost in Sauce 4 mesi fa
Leo Finley is from the 8 90+ players challenge
DLO Aryan ,
DLO Aryan , 4 mesi fa
Treble Maker
Treble Maker 4 mesi fa
The like box: 1-50 likes- Kenny is a decent youtuber 50-100- Kenny is the best youtuber 100-500- Kenny is a great youtuber 500 plus- Kenny da GOAT P.S- I doesn’t matter Kenny always the GOAT
_ JimmyGod _
_ JimmyGod _ 4 mesi fa
Lazer 4 mesi fa
Currys a meme Look at curry man just look
IcXey 4 mesi fa
Why does Kenny’s player look like polo g 😂
Haris Mirza
Haris Mirza 4 mesi fa
Leo is from 'THE 8 90+ OVERALL REBUILDING CHALLENGE IN NBA 2K20" Like the this up so the GOAT can see it
DLO Aryan ,
DLO Aryan , 4 mesi fa
Otto Porter is probably there because u trade his contract every time he ends up on your team.
Sohan J.
Sohan J. 4 mesi fa
Why does he not like karl malone
The Neighbor Boys
The Neighbor Boys 4 mesi fa
Leo Finley is from the eight 90 overall rebuilding challenge. You traded for the 1st overall pick and got him. He ended up being a 90 overall player after 5 seasons.
Jackson Campbell
Jackson Campbell 4 mesi fa
Lebron: 57 Points Lakers: 114 Points Kenny: He BASICALLY Scored half there points Me: He DID score half there points
Michael 4 mesi fa
Where’s “sekouuuuuu”
John Mauro
John Mauro 4 mesi fa
Yo I added Jontay on snap and he blocked me lmao
Danny McCurdy
Danny McCurdy 4 mesi fa
i thought he was gonna sign jacob underwood as the coach but that’s a Clique Productions meme 😭
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 4 mesi fa
TBH I would switch Carter with SGA, then Malone at PF(yes, I know).
f5 love fortnut
f5 love fortnut 4 mesi fa
Lol 21:45
briannac41 4 mesi fa
Leo Finley was in the eight 90 overall video
Dylan Terry
Dylan Terry 4 mesi fa
Andre Roberson
1000 subs with 6 vids
1000 subs with 6 vids 4 mesi fa
I live in Rockford ill I met fred vanvleet
jamie patterson
jamie patterson 4 mesi fa
U shoulda got leo Finley he was in the challenge where u needed 8 90+ overalls
owen brown
owen brown 5 mesi fa
Leo is from the 8+ 90 ovr challenge
owen brown
owen brown 4 mesi fa
Kenny see this please
Gordon Pawinski
Gordon Pawinski 5 mesi fa
Kennys face scan looks like lil Tecca
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 5 mesi fa
kenny how u say derrick rose is ur favorite player of all time but then u say chris paul ur favorite player😂😂
Ethan The Sneaker Head
Ethan The Sneaker Head 5 mesi fa
Leo Finley was the guy in the video where you had to have 7 or 8 90 overall players
Kieran Regehr Reddy
Kieran Regehr Reddy 5 mesi fa
18:39 you got on all defence first team
Spxrkz 5 mesi fa
Yo Kenny look like he high no cayyup
Jack Walsh
Jack Walsh 5 mesi fa
Your defense is Rudy gobert
Itz Spiral
Itz Spiral 5 mesi fa
Kenny: I am guarding Ben Simmons so he won't score over 10 Ben Simmons: Imma stop you there
Itz Spiral
Itz Spiral 5 mesi fa
Kenny: I love my dogs Also Kenny: SHuT uP DOgS
Gabriel Moreira
Gabriel Moreira 5 mesi fa
Dwayne Neal exposed
KxshGotNext 5 mesi fa
Leo Finley>Dusty Knox
Chasemotto ???
Chasemotto ??? 5 mesi fa
You should make every team have there All-Time lineup and see who wins the championship
Icy Clutch
Icy Clutch 5 mesi fa
i’m so confused, why does kenny not mess with karl malone
Asaf Pelleh
Asaf Pelleh 5 mesi fa
Shout out from Israel! #Bullsfaithful
Ishaan Vora
Ishaan Vora 5 mesi fa
No one will ever know how I got this many likes
big boi
big boi 5 mesi fa
Dwayne neal almost average a quintuple double he needed .2 more steals a game
GOATED trent
GOATED trent 5 mesi fa
You should do the “OUT OF POSITION PLAYERS” Challenge, Rules: Everyone on your roster must be at their worst Overall position, For example a Center at PG Next you must have Draymond and LeBron bc of the MyTeam Promo. You Have 3 Years to Win a Championship
jerry Arunga
jerry Arunga 5 mesi fa
Wich is the charlotee video
Chibike Ijomah
Chibike Ijomah 5 mesi fa
Kenny: "in the picture William sent us it was 50 YEAR OLD VINCE CARTER."
Dat boy Miles
Dat boy Miles 5 mesi fa
Somebody please make a compilation of Kenny talking about Kelly oubre 😂🤣
BigDave 5 mesi fa
Ayy shai is my favorite youngster too
Laces Basketball
Laces Basketball 5 mesi fa
I am better than Dwayne Neal
Tyler Schaefer
Tyler Schaefer 5 mesi fa
Kenny: why would I lose now when Dusty Knox puts up 30-17-13 Also Kenny: reads Dwayne Neal's stats Me:🤦🏼‍♂️
Milan Skoro
Milan Skoro 5 mesi fa
Kenny should put a comment every video that says: leave your suggestions here. And anyone who has a rebuilding challenge idea can just reply to his comment
Arturo Balanzar-Perez
Arturo Balanzar-Perez 5 mesi fa
yo, where can I put my broom guy resume?
Jadonn Williams
Jadonn Williams 5 mesi fa
"Riggie Miller" shit had me dead😂😂
Tyler Hart
Tyler Hart 5 mesi fa
Cal Laurie*
Stuart Thorn
Stuart Thorn 5 mesi fa
snub challenge sim a season and see who was a snub of an award or team selection and get them on your team and win
peip buup
peip buup 5 mesi fa
Can somebody explain the Karl Malone thing
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