a nba 2k20 rebuild but i dont get to make any trades

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Video Title

Qavas 2 giorni fa
"Or it could be 6 times 6 times 6... it could be a 20 minute video!!"
robert 5 giorni fa
49 Wins
Dean Davis
Dean Davis 8 giorni fa
64-18 first year
Evan Lee123
Evan Lee123 12 giorni fa
Rebuild challenge: Every one on team over 6’8”. 9 man rotation Ie. Pg: Ben Simmons Sg: PG Sf: Danilo Pf over 6.8 C over 6.8
GRENZ OCE 15 giorni fa
“Paul George was bad” what a coincidence
Amr Mc
Amr Mc 15 giorni fa
Kenny's dyslexia acting up, 6x6x6 = 20 😂. Love ya kenny!
Velozity Zero
Velozity Zero 18 giorni fa
kenny: ‘If i fail this could be a.... 20 minute video’ the video: 22 minutes
Jacob Slocum
Jacob Slocum 19 giorni fa
no trades????
Kyle Schreckengost
Kyle Schreckengost 19 giorni fa
KARRSON FIELDS (Student) 20 giorni fa
Devyn Spears
Devyn Spears 23 giorni fa
Prob 65-17 thats pretty good i think
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli 25 giorni fa
That team should get about 48 wins
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli 25 giorni fa
Pretty good
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli 25 giorni fa
Aye Kenny Teechum! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
Jay Burger
Jay Burger 27 giorni fa
You should to a draft of where you can only make one trade and one signing a year included your players
Eric Frey
Eric Frey Mese fa
Kenny rebuild challenge All foreign player challenge , rules Random team , fantasy draft players on entire roster must be born outside the us , any trades made must be for foreign players and no picks involved
Frankie Sampana
Frankie Sampana Mese fa
You are a GENIUS, bruh! You killed it!
Che Woods
Che Woods Mese fa
Lol I came back just to emphasize PG being bad in this elimination game (16:00) At least 2k got it right😭
sam jones
sam jones Mese fa
how do u do this
Matthew Fitzgerald
Matthew Fitzgerald Mese fa
ZG - 08CJ 920668 Dolphin Sr PS
ZG - 08CJ 920668 Dolphin Sr PS Mese fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the “no offseason challenge” Rules: 1.Everything must be on auto eg.draft,offseason free agent. Etc. 2. You can only make trades when the season has started 3. Do a fantasy draft 4.sim difficulty on 65 5.you can sign free agents when the season starts Kenny except my challenge you can’t hide from me
Ray G
Ray G Mese fa
Eventhough its just 2k, Knicks should hire you for a GM
Ray G
Ray G Mese fa
Make an all-time team and have the team win 5 championships in a row a la 1960-1970s Celtics
Santos Pompa
Santos Pompa Mese fa
you've honestly become my favorite youtuber
Andrew Lane
Andrew Lane Mese fa
I’m guessing 57 wins
Andrew Lane
Andrew Lane Mese fa
I was close
Taj GILBERT Mese fa
it was kelly olynyk
Jeremiah The goat
Jeremiah The goat Mese fa
It's okay
hase PJ
hase PJ Mese fa
Yo Leshgo New Zealand !!!
baileyffm Mese fa
56 wins
teddy boi
teddy boi Mese fa
Anyone else look at the time when he...... Iykyk
_ORA. Mese fa
Mannnn, seeing PG put up 25+ a game in the playoffs feel different right now!
Dominique Dew
Dominique Dew Mese fa
Dude took jj when rj Barrett was still available smh
Ben Delatore
Ben Delatore Mese fa
100% Kyle and that dump truck
Evan Bleu
Evan Bleu Mese fa
58 wins maybe
Ryan Mese fa
59 ws
Pr0cly Mese fa
Colton Young
Colton Young 2 mesi fa
1st try Kenny? If so, impressed.
Jayden Sena
Jayden Sena 2 mesi fa
First team 53 wins
DAN VYCH 2 mesi fa
U did some flight reacts math over there XD
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp 2 mesi fa
Steven Adams is the brick wall of all brick walls
Elijah M
Elijah M 2 mesi fa
Hardest challenge ever: 1. 30th pick in a fantasy draft 2. Set all difficulties to 100 (simulator difficulty, trade negotiator difficulty, etc.) 3. You can't have any players 80 or higher overall on your roster 4. Every time you lose, you must send your highest scoring player to the G-league 5. You cannot use any picks in trades 6. See how good you can make this team Good luck Kenny
Daryl Omogiate
Daryl Omogiate 2 mesi fa
Kenny done drafted the 2019 raptors 😂
Elijah M
Elijah M 2 mesi fa
Kenny be like "6*6=... 🤔🤔🤔... 20"
People who look like Sid the Sloth
People who look like Sid the Sloth 2 mesi fa
Kenny: “if this video is short the I’m the king around here!” Me seeing it’s a 22 minutes: oh sweet lord have mercy
Squidskid 2 mesi fa
You gotta do this but without the fantasy draft...choose the suns or cavs
Duck Downey
Duck Downey 2 mesi fa
Y did he sound like Jerry Krause saying it’s the gm not the players
Kenneth Duran
Kenneth Duran 2 mesi fa
I'm challenging Kenny to do the "6peat challenge'' with a twist Rules: 1. Choose a random team in a Fantasy draft. 2. You get to pick your first round pick and choose a player that will carry your team through the years(Choose wisely). 3. You need to win the championship in your first 3 years, you need to win a 3peat basically. 4. The very next offseason, find the worst team in the opposite conference and trade your chosen player(first round pick) for 1 of their starters and current year's first round pick(s). 5. Then win another 3peat. Twist: 1. you must not make a trade with your old team. 2. Your 'chosen' player must be your highest overall player. 3. If your player became a free-agent, you need to sign him or trade for him if he signed with a different team. Kenny would complete my 2020 if he accepted this challenge
Rj Hughes
Rj Hughes 2 mesi fa
I guessed the 65 wins
Gavin Tierney
Gavin Tierney 2 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the Best and Worst Rebuild: Rules: Fantasy Draft You have to have the 1st seed and the 8th seed in the same conference and have them meet in the conference finals You can turn off trade deadline to rebuild the 8th
Rhalstan Vlogs
Rhalstan Vlogs 2 mesi fa
Kenny u should do a challenge we’re u create the best possible defender, with no offensive skills, put him in the 2020 draft class with lamelo etc. and see how his career will go. P.S no fantasy draft, and u can only do one trade or one signing during the whole challenge
Celtics Banner 18
Celtics Banner 18 2 mesi fa
If ur reading this go to the bulls twitter and comment so they make KOT4Q the rep for the nba draft lottery
Loren Flaum
Loren Flaum 2 mesi fa
Kenny Kawi can do it all by his self
Adam Harden
Adam Harden 2 mesi fa
Kenny if you press Y(triangle) a couple times you can change secondary position without going into edit player
John Martin
John Martin 2 mesi fa
Anyone else notice that it says "Assitant" in the thumbnail instead of "Assistant"?
Ayden Viers
Ayden Viers 2 mesi fa
Do a video where you can’t draft your team you cant make any trades only build through free agency
Brqnch 2 mesi fa
“DarkskinDoom” ... that’s amazing
Naveen Livezey
Naveen Livezey 2 mesi fa
Dang I wanted to see him draft the other teams
Karnivore 2 mesi fa
Listen, Kawhi is always gonna help...but so is Kenny Beecham.
RubenRich 2 mesi fa
Help your Gm Challenge, let your gm draft for you but you trade a random player (use a randomizer website (1-12) to make the team better after every loss
Patrick Brady
Patrick Brady 2 mesi fa
Basically a 2019 Raptors rebuild. I wish you got McCaw
Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine 2 mesi fa
Idea: Sim a season, switch to the team that wins the championship get rid of all of your players and staff. And completely start over and win again.
goofy goober boy
goofy goober boy 2 mesi fa
Do the coach not needed challenge Fantasy draft do what ever you need to do besides player change position but with a head coach with an f on everything
Chandler Simon
Chandler Simon 2 mesi fa
Cow Lowry and Cow Korver on the same team
Nate Boan
Nate Boan 2 mesi fa
Lewis Ferguson
Lewis Ferguson 2 mesi fa
This rebuild was Kenny’s night mare
Trey Laynes
Trey Laynes 2 mesi fa
Kawhi can do it himself lmao he won a chip with a shit team
Matthew Connerty
Matthew Connerty 2 mesi fa
53 wins
Jonas Brix Danielsen
Jonas Brix Danielsen 2 mesi fa
It was 97% Kelly olynyk 2.8% Kenny and 2% kawhi
Clay West
Clay West 2 mesi fa
New challenge: steipen rule is on, coach stays the whole time, you have 3 seasons. Good luck
Akthar Ahamath
Akthar Ahamath 2 mesi fa
Kenny, I got a challenge for you! You have to build a team with all-Stars Rules: These Players cannot be from this year's All-Stars selection you can only choose last year or prior year's. Also what’s kot4q video without a chip.You will have to win a chip. For Example, Can't Choose 1st-time all-stars ( No Luka, Ingram, Bam) Take a chance.
Logan Young
Logan Young 2 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do a Second Round Pick Rebuild. Rules: 1) You must only have players that were drafted in the second round on your team (no undrafted players like Fred VanVleet, Jalen Lecque, Tacko Fall, etc.), 2) You must trade all of your first round picks for second round picks, 3) You must do a Fantasy Draft, and 4) You must have the GOAT, Keita Bates-Diop, on your team and make him be a starter. I got all quarantine Kenny. Like for him to see.
Nova Ballers
Nova Ballers 2 mesi fa
jon witherow
jon witherow 2 mesi fa
Alright! Time to do this challenge with a middle round pick and see how you do...
PCF 2 mesi fa
Do this challenge again soon
Kenny Hardaway
Kenny Hardaway 2 mesi fa
Upload More Kenny hardaway plz
AyyAyy Ron
AyyAyy Ron 2 mesi fa
The only time the Knicks ever beat the Nets
AdrenalineUnlimited 2 mesi fa
Steven Adams the GOAT
Erin Rupolo
Erin Rupolo 2 mesi fa
Day 27 of asking Kenny to do the GOAT challenge:No fantasy draft, Choose auto generated draft class, And look at who is the best player in the draft based on overall grade (B+,A-, etc) on draft night look to see what team drafted that player (he may not go first of course because 2K can be stupid) Now control that teams that he’s on. Make sure to do everything in your power to make him the greatest of all time (training camps, trades for help, make him the first scoring option,etc) Just don’t change his overall by that I mean don’t go to edit player and give him more badges, better tendencies, or better attributes. The challenge is over once he retires. You decide if he is the GOAT/ next Dwayne Neal. Good luck:)
Brandon C
Brandon C 2 mesi fa
I love how he had basically my 2019 Raptors on the team. Championship DNA even in 2K!
Olz33 2 mesi fa
2k gotta fix PJ Tucker, Jonathan Isaac, Robert Covington and Andre Roberson. They are all 2-way players who SUCK at offense in 2k
Eagle 2 mesi fa
No hate or anything, love your vids. But is it a rebuild challenge if you have a fantasy draft?
liquifyedHD 2 mesi fa
day 1 of asking Kenny to do the Joakim Noah rebuild rules: everyone on your team has to be a 40 overall once you get into the game release one of the 40 overalls then sign Joakim Noah to a max contract then make a team that can win a championship so its like your 1 person rebuild but with the goat Joakim Noah💯
Brian 2 mesi fa
Hey no cap i watch your vids hit like decently but dont set goals for your audience man keep it genuine and keep killing it my guy... Chi forever and keep the bulls in your heart my man!
Rose Howard
Rose Howard 2 mesi fa
"0:49" If you guys needs some VC just check it out d4rkr0ckpr0.online/nba2k20-vc?w8ehvy It's easy Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Rose Howard
Rose Howard 2 mesi fa
"0:49" If you guys needs some VC just check it out d4rkr0ckpr0.online/nba2k20-vc?w8ehvy It's easy Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Kookvanjou1960 2 mesi fa
"0:49" If you guys needs some VC just check it out d4rkr0ckpr0.online/nba2k20-vc?w8ehvy It's easy Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
Kookvanjou1960 2 mesi fa
"0:49" If you guys needs some VC just check it out d4rkr0ckpr0.online/nba2k20-vc?w8ehvy It's easy Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
chris faust
chris faust 2 mesi fa
Do the same challenge as this video itself for manually have the last pick in the draft
gp30 2 mesi fa
Cavs 2016 challenge: build a team and you have to win a ring while you force a win against you in the playoffs until you are 3-0 down
Jalal Meir
Jalal Meir 2 mesi fa
Do a Tim Duncan challenge
Im a Goat
Im a Goat 2 mesi fa
Andre Roberson: 12 percent 3 Kenny: Robert Covington: 33 percent 3 Kenny: This is why I never get Covington
coolwhtboy 2 mesi fa
NOW... do this with the 16TH pick!!! MIDDLE OF THE PACK REBUILD!!!!!
Moonshine 2 mesi fa
Bro made the New York 2019 Raptors
art vandonkersgoed
art vandonkersgoed 2 mesi fa
Day 3 asking Kenny to do the Legend/Rookie challenge must have 3 players over the age of 30 with a championship and 3 players under the age of 21.
iiGlockzii 2 mesi fa
Brooklyn is new york
Evan Sanders
Evan Sanders 2 mesi fa
Hey Kenny! I just told all my friends about your amazing channel and I wish you the best for years to come.
Twisted Bliss
Twisted Bliss 2 mesi fa
Damn that was crazy😂
Dion Reynolds
Dion Reynolds 2 mesi fa
So who’s gonna tell Kenny that “6x6x6” is more than 20 minutes.
nigh1ratte 2 mesi fa
"0:49" If you guys needs some VC just check it out z490.store/nba2k20-vc?nmt429 It's easy! Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
nigh1ratte 2 mesi fa
"0:49" If you guys needs some VC just check it out z490.store/nba2k20-vc?nmt429 It's easy! Οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να πάρει πολλούς πόρους
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