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Mimi Sacko
Mimi Sacko 2 giorni fa
Why does this dude hate jimmy
SourChezBurger 11 giorni fa
Does everyone forget that Kenny traded for Luka once.
Exclusive Eli
Exclusive Eli Mese fa
Aye Kenny! You should do a rebuilding challenge on this simulation game called Astonishing Basketball 20 and Its kinda trash to trade on there but because of that I give you 3 Seasons to win a championship and you can use top teams so that trading will be easier because you will have players that other teams want 👌🏿🏀🦾💯
3vo8965 Mese fa
And we back
FaZe AJ55
FaZe AJ55 2 mesi fa
I’ve hit 81 wins but it was when I made it so there’s no salary cap
Kiing Clan
Kiing Clan 2 mesi fa
I know Kenny won’t see this but Aron baynes goes up to an 82 when you make him a power forward
BaBy Criminal
BaBy Criminal 2 mesi fa
*aNd We BaCc*
rome8180 2 mesi fa
Why would you need a point guard so badly when you've got Booker and Van Vleet? I don't understand the logic.
Nico Nicster
Nico Nicster 2 mesi fa
He basically started with the suns
Devarsh Vallabhani
Devarsh Vallabhani 3 mesi fa
bansy ?
Andrea France
Andrea France 3 mesi fa
It sounds like he is saying klt4q
Jansen Gayffin
Jansen Gayffin 3 mesi fa
Kenny do a draft where you switch a center to a guard and a guard to a center and try to win a chip
Jackson York
Jackson York 3 mesi fa
Aaron Baynes is not one of the greatest
Silvio Dionisotti
Silvio Dionisotti 3 mesi fa
Does he have a problem with Jason tatum? I swear he just goes over him every time. Literally says “I need a forward and center” goes right over tatum on a team he HAS to trade with?
Daddyhomer Isfat
Daddyhomer Isfat 3 mesi fa
I have the same shirt as kot4q
Mari Millo
Mari Millo 3 mesi fa
74 dubs!!!!!!!!!!!
Spencer Higinbotham
Spencer Higinbotham 3 mesi fa
This might be the first time in NBA Playoff history where a team's only loss was to an 8-seed.
Ian Ivy
Ian Ivy 3 mesi fa
use the wheel to pick nba all time stars to build a team with
ZedzAAR Zaidan
ZedzAAR Zaidan 4 mesi fa
Bruh lillard was on okc after he ended their franchise
Prodigy Pheonix
Prodigy Pheonix 4 mesi fa
One time 2k19 wanted me to start Matthew Dellevodova over Jamal Murray
Kaleb Cottrill
Kaleb Cottrill 4 mesi fa
asking Kenny to do the "MyTeam opal pulling" challenge. Rules: 1. go onto MyTeam and find some packs. 2. open one 20 pack box from each box that has opals. WARNING: may be vary expensive
Dan Tamulonis
Dan Tamulonis 4 mesi fa
Anyone notice how many Duke player the Grizzlies had? Holy
N 4 mesi fa
did this man just call his fans chat? you've been streaming too much man
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas 4 mesi fa
Whole video chat chat chat chat chat
Carter Bales
Carter Bales 4 mesi fa
Pau is a 79 at PF just for future reference
Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan 4 mesi fa
Did you just call Aron Baynes one of the greatest Centers of all time? 😂
Steph Curry And Surfing
Steph Curry And Surfing 4 mesi fa
Kenny: TwEvL
500L 4 mesi fa
LITERALLY MY FAV U TUBER GO KENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #NICE SHOE GAME
Maiaaa 4 mesi fa
2020 has been rough lost Kobe Bryant and wes unseld
bilal cassac
bilal cassac 4 mesi fa
i love the way how he said "Sekouuu!" iss my fav player lol anyways great video once again bro
bilal cassac
bilal cassac 4 mesi fa
im still disappointed he traded sekou away for Devonte doe
Damm God
Damm God 4 mesi fa
Challenge: make a wheel that has all NBA teams in it and spin the wheel to choose a team, then make another wheel that has a number 1- how ever many players are on that roster, and 1 being highest overall and 13 being lowest (depending on how many players there are) and spin that to see which player you get, do that until you have a full roster.
J A H 999
J A H 999 4 mesi fa
Day 7 of asking Kenny for the derailing defense rebuild challenge No one can have 85 or higher steal or block No one can have 15 or more defensive badges No one could've average over 1.5 steals or blocks last season Good luck
Mike Long
Mike Long 4 mesi fa
That Blazers trade was horrendous. The one you should have done was Butler and Baynes for PG
Ramon Rodriguez
Ramon Rodriguez 4 mesi fa
Yeeter Tusha
Yeeter Tusha 4 mesi fa
How many times did Kenny say chat
Steph Curry
Steph Curry 4 mesi fa
Lol Kennys like me we are basketball nerds
Lil Sparky
Lil Sparky 4 mesi fa
this man never wanna keep jimmy on the team man
Reginald Remington lll
Reginald Remington lll 4 mesi fa
Kenny do an all time fantasy draft rebuild where you give yourself pick 1 take mj and sim the draft then try and rebuild with all sliders turned up to 60 (trade negotiations, contracts) I’d love to see you try the mj all star rebuild challenge
Swift Aspect
Swift Aspect 4 mesi fa
Hell nah FV got more badges than... i had to pause the vid and walk away
Connie Campbell
Connie Campbell 4 mesi fa
Day 44 of asking Kenny to do a rebuild where his bench has starter minutes and his starters have bench minutes
Hesston Hoggan
Hesston Hoggan 5 mesi fa
Do you like chandler Hutchinson Kenny
NillA BeanE
NillA BeanE 5 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do the “LIMIT YOURSELF CHALLENGE” fantasy draft, you can only do 8 trades and you can only use 1 draft pick a trade
Max Finlaw
Max Finlaw 5 mesi fa
Boston fans pumped
Gavin Todd
Gavin Todd 5 mesi fa
Day 1 one of asking Kenny for the OP Team. Nobody can be below a 80. Starting five needs to be a 89 and higher. Has to make the playoffs every year. 3 years. If you want to make it easier then use a legends.
TheWrestlingSavage 5 mesi fa
steve remo
steve remo 5 mesi fa
bro go to they have listed the top 50 players for each position. i challenge you to build your team from there. Rules are you have to build a team with the guys listed but they can only be below the top 25 i.e 26-50 and have siri randomly pick a number. out of 15 picks you can choose in the top 25 twice, you pick the position but siri picks your player. Make all the trades you want but you cant have any of the top 5 guys from any position. Win a chip.
Jerico Leandro Cortado
Jerico Leandro Cortado 5 mesi fa
Asking kenny to do the "3-team trade only" challenge. Rules: 1. Do fantasy draft as always 2. Use the team who gets the 30th pick in the draft. 3. Do at least 5 trade transactions a season. BUT you can only do 3-team trade every time. 4. Stop til you win a championship If that's too easy, you might want to add that you can't change a player's position to improve ratings.
David Aldrich
David Aldrich 5 mesi fa
Kenny bring back quizzes, I really like those
Viscid Johnny
Viscid Johnny 5 mesi fa
Nobody.... Kenny saying Aron baynes one of the greatest center of all time 3:30
GoeyplayZ Games
GoeyplayZ Games 5 mesi fa
Day 2 of asking Kenny to do the “grandpa” challenge, rules have to have every person the team be 30+ years old 2.they have to be be making 20M plus dollars (if there’s not enough people you can use other people but they have 0 mins a game) 3. WIN A CHAMPION SHIP 4 have funnnnnn!!!!
Linda Williams
Linda Williams 5 mesi fa
"3:33" If anyone desire wants many VC just go It's good for all devices ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය
Linda Williams
Linda Williams 5 mesi fa
"3:33" If anyone desire wants many VC just go It's good for all devices. ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය
romanishena yevangelina
romanishena yevangelina 5 mesi fa
"3:33" If anyone desire wants many VC just go It's good for all devices. ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය
Zande Vaza
Zande Vaza 5 mesi fa
"3:33" If anyone desire wants many VC just go It's good for all devices. ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය
illope78 5 mesi fa
"3:33" If anyone desire wants many VC just go It's good for all devices. ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය
romanishena yevangelina
romanishena yevangelina 5 mesi fa
"3:33" If anyone desire wants many VC just go It's good for all devices. ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය
Linda Williams
Linda Williams 5 mesi fa
"3:33" If anyone desire wants many VC just go It's good for all devices. ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය
_GeorgiaKidd _
_GeorgiaKidd _ 5 mesi fa
can we get another hour long video kenny
Falbright54 5 mesi fa
Start The Bench Challenge
Shahmeer 5 mesi fa
One of the best rebuilds done in a long time👊🏽
EJ Fishing Adventures
EJ Fishing Adventures 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the 69 to 99 overall rebuild Rules: you start with a 69 overall on the team and trade finder him for a higher overall player until you get to a 99 overall or the highest overall in the league. You can add other players and picks to the trades to get better players.
Georgie Garrard
Georgie Garrard 5 mesi fa
should do a challenge where you have to put your starters in reverse order, for example pg in c and c in pg, or maybe one where none of your starters are allowed to play in their own positions, idk man😂😂
Caden McCormick
Caden McCormick 5 mesi fa
Kenny “ Awards only” Any NBA award
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 5 mesi fa
23:08You win a championship
Michael Lefeber
Michael Lefeber 5 mesi fa
When you land on yourself, I would say you can’t do a trade and it counts as one (just to make it a little more challenging)
A.J. 5 mesi fa
Day 3 of asking kenny to do the “5 trade rebuild” rules: - you can only make 5 trades per season - you only have 2 seasons to win a championship and if you don’t win a chip in the 2nd year, you have to restart with a new team - hopefully you see this and use the idea
I 5 mesi fa
Day 21 of asking Kenny to be GM of the bulls, and make them go 6-0 in the finals. After every win you can choose one player to keep, and add a bench player to keep, but must trade everyone else. Do so until you go 6-0. If you make it to the finals and lose you must trade your #1 option. If you get eliminated in the first, second, or ecf/wcf there is no penalty, you can retry with the same roster.
Adam Stoflet
Adam Stoflet 5 mesi fa
Wheel is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
RUBIKS COOBS 5 mesi fa
Let’s take a moment to appreciate how many awesome vids he has. 200,000,000 views and his most popular vid is 2m!
Victor S
Victor S 5 mesi fa
The “ I couldn’t think of a name” challenge You pick fifteen teams before the draft and cannot trade with any of those teams
Nick Weimer
Nick Weimer 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do a random trade rebuild challenge... Rules: 1. You have to use trade finder for every trade, 2. You have to spin a wheel or ask Siri for a random number between 1 and however many trades there are. 3. Whatever number is chosen, you have to do that trade. 🔥
Jayson Walker
Jayson Walker 5 mesi fa
You do shout to people who Are in nba
BoardA Hallic
BoardA Hallic 5 mesi fa
You should do the trade finder only challenge You can only do trades from trade finder and you can’t change position
Bryson Kilian
Bryson Kilian 5 mesi fa
day 32 of asking kenny to do a 1v1 in 2k with yo chic
Mohammed Kanneh
Mohammed Kanneh 5 mesi fa
Kenny please I have an idea On the first year everyone on your team needs to be 30 or more years of age and you have 3 years to win a championship but if you dont then the very next year everyone on your roster needs to be 20-25 years if age and you have 3 years to win a championship so please respond thanks
Hunter Wood
Hunter Wood 5 mesi fa
*Loses first game of playoffs after winning 74* *Kenny just ignores it*
Ethan Kwon
Ethan Kwon 5 mesi fa
alec burcs the goat
Fvalens F
Fvalens F 5 mesi fa
Asking Kenny to do a Kentucky alumni only rebuild. Like so he can see!
Croke835 5 mesi fa
Kenny you could have done the pg trade and just moved Booker to point guard
GoeyplayZ Games
GoeyplayZ Games 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to do the “grandpa” challenge the only rule is you have to every player on the the 30+ years olddddsd
Koren Canney
Koren Canney 5 mesi fa
Just asking Kenny to do a Karl Anthony town rebuild
JDecker229 5 mesi fa
and here i am high as fuck watching Kenny in 0.5x speed
Braedyn Rea
Braedyn Rea 5 mesi fa
Kenny... Why did you do Butler like that... First of all you traded him for Ben Simmons he ex teammate, 2nd of all, you traded him to the wolves 😐
carlos Lara
carlos Lara 5 mesi fa
Kenny you should do a 3 year rebuild challenge using players who are JR’s. So like Wendell carted, Otto porter ect. Build your team through trades, draft and free agency. You have three years to develop them and win a championship!!😃😬
the asian guy
the asian guy 5 mesi fa
Kenny do the only jr players challenge
TwiZteD Phsyco
TwiZteD Phsyco 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking kenny to do the absolutely impossible challenge You can only have 10 players of 92 overall or higher and you have to put at least one 96 or higher overall in the starting lineup but it has to be a superstar out of these chooses Kawhi,LeBron,AD,Giannis or kd
Braxton Rhoades
Braxton Rhoades 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to react to top 3 clutch plays from 2010-2020 by Coshreport
UP1982productions 5 mesi fa
I won 76 games in the 2nd year of rebuilding with a fantasy draft, which I ended up with PG13 as my top player, at the end of all the trading, I had... pg- Chris Paul, SG- Bradley Beal, SF- klay Thompson, PF Steven Adams, C- Drummond... 6M- Jarrett Allen 7M Lou Williams 8M roberson ... I won 29 games without losing then lost a bunch... and 9M was Reggie Jackson which averaged 20.5 ppg !!! As the 9th man!!!!!!! Cpu probably moved him up to 7 or 6 though
Nothing 5 mesi fa Someone made a career sim of you react to it he kinda funny. like so Kenny will do it
Jo Paul
Jo Paul 5 mesi fa
Do a rebuild that starts at like 2018 but using the bleacher report redrafts
Bridgetowner Bruh
Bridgetowner Bruh 5 mesi fa
Hey Kenny I was in your lobby I know u we’re trying to play with your friends, and I know that I should have not joined but I was so excited the whole time and they made me leave all i wanted was like a hi back but sorry
Atalay Kutlu
Atalay Kutlu 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny for the Throne and Dethrone Challenge! 1. Randomly select a team from Fantasy Draft 2. Get them a ring in two seasons 3. Take the worst team on the other conferance 4. Dethrone your old squad and get them a ring too 5. No trades between your former team and your new team
Elifye 5 mesi fa
Honestly you inspire me to start doing these types of videos. i don’t have any 2k videos as of right now, but because of you, i am now considering to provide my league or my career content on my youtube channel. great content man
lil_broomstick OG
lil_broomstick OG 5 mesi fa
Do a worst player vs best player rebuild control 2 teams. 1 with Dwayne Neal and the other with Clyde water and have them match up in the finals 1 time and see who’s truly better
Violates 5 mesi fa
Day 1 of asking Kenny to make a new channel and put up videos of him actually playin 2k 🙌🏽
Gino Wilson
Gino Wilson 5 mesi fa
Day one of asking@kot4q Of doing the spin the wheels of states Rules: You get 15 spins For every state, you land on You go on Nba reference You use rng to get your player. For trades you have to trade someone from the same state
Arend Vandergaag
Arend Vandergaag 5 mesi fa
Yansziel Ramirez
Yansziel Ramirez 5 mesi fa
Aye kenny do a rebuild w/ the wnba pick a team win a ring with them
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas 5 mesi fa
you should create a player that's a trash overall but hall of fame everything on his badges
Aaron Thomas
Aaron Thomas 5 mesi fa
and sim his career
Andrew Pogue
Andrew Pogue 5 mesi fa
Ya shouldn’t have been able to pick Kenny lmao
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